A scene from drama ‘The Blue Man’

KATY – For the fourth successful year, Ashirwad’s Vedic Fair 2015, themed Fun, Flamboyant, Festive drew impressive crowds on Saturday March 14th, 2015 from 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Seven Lakes High School in Katy TX. The Indian cultural expo recreated the Vedic era complete with spectacular Goloka diorama of Golok, Gokul, Mathura designed by Ashirwad’s creative team. An alluring 5 feet tall ice sculpture of Lord Sri Krishna enhanced the ambience of the fair. Sriman Sudarsana Venkatesa Iyengar Swami ji performed Sri Gopala Krishna pooja for the visitors who were also offered prasad from Dwaraka, Vridavan and Tirupati.

Gorgeous Goloka diorama.

At 4 PM India Exhibit Presentations Competition to Experience Bharath (India) began with diverse presentations on Indian lifestyle, health, rivers, dance, music, gods, temples, states, festivals, kings, scientists and sports were brilliantly presented by young generation of Indo-American descent. Bhavana Gollapudi was winner and Ayushi Sapru was runner up in 10 and above category. Ananya Bhonsley and Annika Ahuja were winner and runner up in 9 and below category.

As per polls taken for India Exhibit Presentations by Vedic Fair visitors, people’s choice award went to Srinidhi Srikalyani. Cooking Competition winner was Renu Ahuja for her healthy dishes: Quinoa/Red Rice Cutlets with Mango Salsa and Fruit Berry Drink with Chia Seeds and Manisha Mohta was runner up for her dish Haryali Paneer and Mughlai Paratha. Explore to Enjoy, Free How 2 workshops on Indian Arts and Lifestyle on Yoga, Meditation, Rangoli Art, Henna Tattoos, Classical Dance, Selfie in Saree Styles, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Dandiya Dance, Bhangra Dance, Dhoti, were well attended. Vedic Bazaar the Shopping, Soliciting, Socializing and feasting street made up of 20+ booth vendors was packed all the way till close.

Bhavana Gollapudi Winner of India Exhibit Presentations 10 and above.

Talent Showcase at Vedic Fair 4 began with Ashirwad’s Sloka-League comprising of Sravya Dutta, Karishmaa Sharat Babu, Aishani Sakalabhaktula, Srinidhi Srikalyani, Harshini Kaparaju, Ananya Bhonsley, Anika Ravishankar and Saanika HalapetI reciting Sri Vishnu sahasranama slokas without seeing. Audience well applauded Sloka-League reciting slokas by number chosen randomly by them. Abhinaya School of Performance Arts students performed flamboyant “Kunidaado Krishna” dance performance choreographed by Guru Indrani Parthasarathy. Followed by KIDS Vedic Walk, a dazzling show case of Sri Krishna Leelas, was cheerfully applauded by the audience.

KRISHNA – The Blue Man, prime time mega play directed by Ashirwad’s Chief Teacher and Vedic Fair Chair Srimathi Geetha Ravula with 50+ Houston artists delightfully depicted life story of Lord Krishna in fascinating Indian attire, dazzling jewelry, action, dialogue, drama and dance that kept audience interested.

Play started with a narration about Krishna, The Blue Man and the need for current generation to listen to the stories of Krishna that happened eons ago. Play depicted a few episodes from the life story of Krishna that delivered a message for current times. The highlight of the play is Tula Baram, where Krishna sits in one pan and was measured by his wife Satyabama in the other pan pouring all her wealth. Krishna’s pan doesn’t move a bit for all the jewelry she pours in and only goes up for a Tulsi Leaf full of devotion. This incident was precisely depicted by a real stage prop that actually moved up with a drop of tulsi leaf as seen in the picture. In this episode Krishna tells that he cannot be measured by wealth and can only be reached through devotion or love. He delivers a beautiful message that ego, jealousy, greed, anger, lust are vices that destroy our soul but devotion to GOD is a nectar that burns these vices away. If everyone loves every being on this earth and has unshaken faith on GOD then we will see a better world.

All-in-All Vedic Fair 4 was a phenomenon for show casing various diversities of Bharat (India) in high quality which is relevant to the young Indo-American generation to carry forward the torch of i-Lifestyle (Indian Lifestyle).

Ashirwad A Blessing’s Chief Teacher Geetha Ravula thanked Ashirwad’s Vedic Fair team and families, play artists, performers, How 2 Workshop Leads, sponsors and supporters: Shri Sitaram Foundation, Hindus of Greater Houston, Subhash Gupta, Sachin Sharma, Radha Sharma, Sukhi Kohli, Anand and Dr. Ashima Chauhan, Mandap Creations, Frontier Consulting, ISKCON, Sanatan Hindu Center, India Culture Center, Gujarati Samaj of Houston, Katy Indian Cultural Association, Islamic Society of Greater Houston, Sikh Center of Houston, JVB Preksha Meditation Center, Universal Door Meditation Center, Vedic Bazaar Vendors and Media friends.

Ashirwad A Blessing Temple announced Lord Rama’s abode SAKET LOK and prime time play “RAMA – LORD of 16” as Vedic Fair 2016 highlights. For updates visit FB page facebook.com/VedicFair or AshirwadABlessing.org.

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