In this new MOBE partner contest, Matt is going to push the limits on what our industry has seen before in terms of big affiliate cash prizes.

$50,000 of Matt’ own money is now up for grabs.

What makes this contest so different from all others… is that the playing field has been leveled:

Newbies now have a shot at winning some serious cash.


Because this contest will be divided up into 2 categories:

1.)  The main contest, open to any and every MOBE Partner.

2.)  A smaller contest, open only for those who’ve earned less than $5,000 in MOBE in the last 60 days.

The main product we are promoting here is the My Top Tier Business.


This is one of the hottest offers to hit our industry in the last 60 days.  The price point is $49, which is actually an ‘application fee.’

Once approved, they get free access to a 21 Step system which goes through how to sell high ticket programs online, as well as a 30 day traffic program.

Since it’s inception, our partner checks have exploded – we have partners pulling in over $50,000 a month with this funnel, and we’re only just getting started.

You can can read about what MTTB is here:


In a nutshell, your customers get 1-on-1 coaching on how to sell high ticket programs online, as well as the opportunity to leverage this system to make $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions.

“there’s a $25,000 solid brick of cash up for grabs for whoever can get the most sales…”

For this contest, we’ll be operating on a Points system with 4 of our core products (these are all offered inside MTTB, so, the main offer to promote will be MTTB):

My Top Tier Business (MTTB) = 1 point
MOBE License Rights (MLR) = 5 points
Titanium Mastermind (TM) = 15 points
Platinum Mastermind (PM) = 30 points

I highly, highly, highly recommend that if you’re going to promote, you at least go through MTTB yourself as a customer (Join Here).


Your marketing will be a lot better – since you’ll have direct experience with the product.

This contest is open to ALL MOBE partners… but only MOBE Licensee’s will be making the 90% commissions from MTTB (you can become a MOBE Licensee HERE).  Standard affiliates make 50% commissions on MTTB.

The contest officially began on Tuesday, August 13th, noon EST, and ends on Wednesday, September the 25th, midnight EST.

Whoever gets the most points, wins the cash.  There’s no minimum sales required – somebody is gettin’ that money!

So here’s the prizes up for grabs…

CATEGORY 1 - (for those who’ve made over $5,000 in commissions in the past 60 days with MOBE):


1st PRIZE:  $25,000 Cash



To attract the real talent in this industry, the best way I know is to offer a big ‘ol pile of cash.

And $25,000 just seemed like a really sexy amount.

Think of everything you can do with that kinda money…

You could go lease yourself a Lamborghini for a year.

You can fly around the world in first class style.

You can put one of your kids through college…

What will you do with it?


2nd PRIZE:$7,000 Cash



3rd PRIZE:  $4,000



4th PRIZE:  $2,000

5th PRIZE:  $1,000


6th PRIZE:  A Set Of Steak Knives



Is this joke getting tired yet?


And then for those who are new to MOBE – and also possibly new to internet marketing, we have…

CATEGORY 2 -(for those who’ve made less than $5,000 in commissions in MOBE in the past 60 days):


1st PRIZE:  $7,000 Cash



2nd PRIZE:  $3,000 Cash



3rd PRIZE:  $1,000



Some Useful Links If You Want To Promote:

Become a MOBE Partner Here:

MOBE partner sign up.

NOTE: If you’re already a MOBE Licensee, Titanium or Platinum partner, please do not sign up as a partner again – you don’t need to. Simply login here:

MOBE Partner Login


“So How Can You Do Well In This Contest?”

First, do not make the mistake of thinking you have no chance of winning if you’re new.

Most people seriously overestimate what number of sales they need to get to do well.

Take it from the guy who sees all the numbers:  it’s less than you think.

Personally, if I wanted to do well, here’s what I’d do:

I’d put all my effort into promoting MTTB – this main page here:


The more people you put through the system, the more backend sales you’ll get.

So if I had a list, I’d start emailing them about it right away.  I’d also start an aggressive paid media campaign – solo ads, banner ads, PPC… etc.

In fact, I’d follow all the steps taught in the 30 Day traffic plan you can find in the members area of MTTB (again, another reason to go through the 21 Step system yourself).

The way to win this contest is to maximize your backend sales (MOBE License Rights, Titanium and Platinum).  Those 3 programs are worth a lot more in points than MTTB.

So don’t just focus on getting a bunch of $49 buyers who will only ever be $49 buyers.

You’re better off targeting traffic sources with people looking to invest in real business’s (eg. those who are capable of investing in the thousands and upwards).

Another way of winning, is you might also consider teaming up with other partners!

To do this, you’ll need to create ‘channels’ in your affiliate back office tracking.  This video shows you how.


Here’s an example:

Lets say I wanted to team up with 3 others… we’d all use my affiliate account – and, they’d either have to trust me fully that I’d report accurate numbers to them – or, I’d just give them my login details for use during the contest (you can always change this later).

I’d then set up channels for each of them.  Eg. Channel-Bob, Channel-Sally, Channel-Mike

I’d then give them their unique affiliate link with the channel code on the end.

This way, both I and them could see their total clicks, leads, and sales.

Now, if we won the $25,000 cash, what I’d likely do is distribute that money according to the % of points they contributed.

Eg. if we got 300 points to win the contest… and Bob bought in 15% of those total points, then I’d pay him 15% of the prize money.

You’ll need to agree on all of this with your team upfront, and, you should choose carefully who you partner with.

It’s best to join forces with other partners on a similar level to where you are.

Banner Ads:

If you have a blog or any online real estate which gets traffic, consider putting some MTTB banner ads up:


Or, you can place banner ads on other peoples sites…

Solo Ads:

You can send out a solo ad that looks something like this:

Subject: Confirm Your Free Video Now: How To Get 1k, 3k, and 5k Commissions…

Free! 21 Step Program Shows How
To Get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000
Commissions Deposited Into Your
Bank Account… Without Ever Having
to Pick Up The Phone!

http://www.myonlinebusinessempire.com/YOUR CODE

Get instant access to the video now,
for no cost:

http://www.myonlinebusinessempire.com/YOUR CODE

To the top,



Here are the rules of the contest (please read them):

1.)  The  Contest officially begins the 13th August, 2013 at midday, EST, and goes to the 25th of September, 2013, midnight EST.  Leaderboards will be announced once every 3 days.

 2.)  In this case, a person who has earned less than $5,000 in the last 60 days can be eligible to win prizes in both Category 1 and Category 2.  Eg.  if a person is new to MOBE (and therefore has less than $5,000 in earnings in the last 60 days) and they finish with the most points for the entire contest, they can win both the $25,000 first prize from category 1, and, the $7,000 first prize from category 2.

3.)  The $25,000 in cash will be paid out over the course of 3 months, in 3 installments of $8,500, $8,500, and then the last $8,000.  Respectively, the dates for these amounts will be 13th October, 13th November, and 13th of December, all in 2013.  At least 70% of your buyers must remain active MTTB members at the time of the payout to be eligible for that payout (so it’s important you work on helping the retention, minimise refunds, etc).

4.)  Your own purchase of My Top Tier Business (MTTB) does not count towards your total sales (eg. you can’t buy through your own affiliate link).

5.)  No spamming.  If I notice that your links are getting a TON of leads… but, no sales (eg. you get over 500 leads, and no sales) then clearly the traffic source is bringing the wrong audience to our offer.  This will result in instant disqualification.  It’s very important, because I don’t want thousands of unresponsive leads added to my list- that lowers my open rates, increases my spam complaints, and affects my email deliverability…  which hurts all our MOBE partners.  As long as you use legitimate marketing methods, you should be fine and not have to worry about this.

6.)  No bulk buying:  eg. you can’t get one person to order 5 MTTB’s to try and get more sales… just one per customer please.  The customer must also use their own credit card (unless special permission is given by Matt).

7.)  For tracking, we go on last touch, with a slight tweak:  if your link was the last link the customer of the MTTB clicked on before ordering, you get credit for the sale… except in the case, where that customer has already bought a MOBE product from another MOBE partner.  Basically, our affiliate compensation plan tags a buyer to the MOBE partner who made them the first sale.  We do this because it’s a fairer system:  if you are the partner who gets a customer to buy, it’s not fair if you lose all the future commissions from that customer, simply because they clicked someone else’s link while browsing around (which is inevitable in this business).  We will manually review MTTB purchases: on the very rare occasion that credit was given to the wrong partner, we will make sure the commission is reassigned to the correct partner.

8.)  If you would like to form a team with a few other partners, you can – but, ALL the sales that count in that teams’ total, must be under one MOBE partners account.  You cannot just add sales of two or more separate partners together, with two separate accounts and have that count (otherwise it would not be fair).  It is up to the team manager to pay their team members the commissions (once received from myself).

9.)  It is your responsibility to make sure customers use your link before buying, for you to get credit- you cannot have a commission transferred to your account under any circumstances if they don’t order through your link- unless that customer contacts us directly within 72 hours of buying and clearly requests that you, the affiliate gets credit, because they had intended for you to get the credit when buying.  They must also notify the existing affiliate, and, this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

10.)  If you’re going to promote a bonus, please don’t offer ‘rebates’ or ‘discounts.  Doing so results in price wars- to see who can go the lowest.  At the end of the day, the entire industry suffers- you lose your profit margins, and, you can’t survive in business without those margins.  As marketers, it’s better to focus on creating more value in your offer, than trying to make an offer more valuable by reducing price. One of those options has a future, the other doesn’t.  Plus, with the work you put in, you deserve to get paid.

11.)  A sale counts ONLY if actual money is received for purchase.  A declined purchase does not count.  All sales must fall within the competition date range to be counted.

12.)  If there is a tie in sales, then we will go to the most MOBE revenue brought in per partner (for all MOBE products) during the contest dates.  If there is still a tie in overall revenue, the prize cash values will be split and divided among those who tied for that prize.











You can see the bonuses that I am offering for this contest here: MTTB Contest Bonuses


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