It’s the race all riders want to win more than any other – the British Championship with the stripes up for grabs at Derby next weekend

January 11 and 12 sees the biggest event of the Cyclo-Cross season, the British Cyclo-Cross Championships at Moorways in Derby, sponsored by Onimpex/Bioracer.

Nick Craig running in the mud at Shrewsbury. Riders will be keen to see how the course at Derby holds up to the rain we’re having.

With events on both Saturday and Sunday, it’s an action packed weekend of racing at a popular venue used for both British Championships and National Trophy cyclo-cross events. With the final round of the National Trophy held last weekend, the form guide is there for the championships … or is it?

Talking to the riders at Shrewsbury on Sunday, perhaps not because Shrewsbury was very muddy, sticky mud too with bike changes every half lap meaning that if Derby is the same, it may well be in the pits that the title is decided.

2011, bright sunshine, and the contenders for 2013 are all here, L-R, Paul Oldham, Jody Crawforth, Ian Field, Nick Craig – all former winners!

So many riders said after Shrewsbury how they hated all the running and so course conditions will be a big factor deciding where the championships are won and lost.

The racing starts on Saturday with the Veterans (Men & Women) and the Youth categories with lots of titles being decided plus even more medals for the different age categories in the Veterans events (five year age bands).

Sunday sees the headline acts race for the British stripes and a big crowd will be lining the tapes to watch the continental stars return to battle it out with the British based ‘cross riders. More so in the Women’s race where the World’s best cross riders in the form of Helen Wyman (Kona / FSA ), Nikki Harris (Telenet Fidea) (defending champion) and Gabby Durrin ( Team Rapha-Focus) will be doing their best not to be upstaged by the local stars.

Oli Beckingsale (EnduraMTB) in the sandpit at Derby.  A crash has prevented him from riding the champs which is a big loss for the race.

Paul Oldham: In the Men’s, the big favourite is Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) but Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) has yet again shown how good his form is and Field will have to be on his best to beat the Lancashire rider.

Winner of the National Trophy and a former winner of the national title, Paul Oldham, says of the event “To pull on the British Champions jersey is awesome and I’d love to do it again. Domestically, it’s the biggest event we have and to wear those stripes is very special and it’s what you aim for in whatever discipline you race.”

Paul winning the title in 2011.

“Derby is a good course too and with all this rain we are having, it’s got to be a mess. There is lot of off camber there and it could be a very difficult race. I won my championship at Derby and I’ve always had good rides there at Trophys. If there is a good omen for me, that’s one!”

Nick Craig (Scott UK), another legend in off road racing, is another who says that the British Championship is a very special event. “We’re very lucky to have a very good National Trophy series as it feels like we go to a proper well put on event but when you go to a National Champs, it’s another level up again. And it’s not necessarily just down to the organisers but the competitors too who all want that jersey.”

“When you win that jersey, defending it is one of the most difficult things ever. You look back at Steve Douce and Roger Hammond who came back and kept on successfully defending it and go wow. But, I love it when it’s more unpredictable and more competitive. Ian Field’s out in Belgium racing at a different level but he still has to come back to try and win it and that’s not easy because the whole UK scene is quite strong.”

Nick will be riding the Veterans race on the Saturday afternoon and then backing up on the Sunday to ride the Elite mens. Finishing fourth (third best Brit) at Shrewsbury shows that in the Elite race he’s a medal contender and certainly in the Vets, his rivals are already well aware they could be racing for Silver.

Is doing two races hard work? No says Nick. “The vets is only 40 minutes so it’s not too bad and I do enjoy what is a fantastic weekend. I was encouraged by a lot of people to do the Vets event and I have to say, I have never had such a fun weekend as I have had when I have ridden both races.”

Nick won the Elite title three times, twice in the 90’s and again in 2005 and he says winning that first one in January of 1996 was very special, something he really loved and admits that whilst it’s a tough sport, the atmosphere of the Nationals is great; the crowd, the cowbells and the banter. Asked about the course at Derby, Nick explained “It’s an interesting course because it does have a very long flat headwind section with some nice off cambers. It makes for some interesting tactical racing!”

Nick finally, admits that he likes the going to be heavy and slow. “It suits me. Younger guys go quicker when it’s faster. The engine I have is in there for the power and not the speed!”

Abby Mae Parkinson (RST/NFTO) admits the season 2013/14 has been really great for her. “I didn’t expect it to go so well and I have good form at the moment and I hope it’s still there for the Nationals. I won the first time I rode at Derby and then last year was outsprinted by Charlotte (Broughton). I do like the Derby course and as a junior, racing with the women, it will be very exciting.”

Darren Atkins (Team Jewsons), son of cross icon John (12 title wins). “The British Championships is a very special event that we all want to win. It’s a great event” he said on Sunday.

Darren has been pushed all season in the Trophy series but still remained the rider to be beaten which he was unusually last Sunday in a thrilling race at Shrewsbury.

“Having won the National Trophy three times, I’d love to win the Nationals but I know it won’t be easy. There’s a rider who could walk away with it but I’ll give it my best. In the Vets, there are so many riders in the running. You look at the likes of Lewis King, Mike Simpson and all these fellas, if the course suits them on the day, no –one is out of the running. You probably have half a dozen riders who have all been within ten or fifteen seconds of each other this year.”

“Everyone has been riding flat out and today (Shrewsbury) I was really doing my best”. Darren up until Shrewsbury had been unbeaten but Ian Taylor, out ran him on a very dangerous off camber section and got to the last corner to clinch the win. “We’re all evenly matched” Darren added. “Crispin suffers a little on the bike handling side but if he gets to grips with the course, he will be dangerous. Ian is very strong so we’ll see what happens.”

Derby, says Darren, suits him. “I have done well there. Been second in the nationals before and won two or three trophies there. I am happy with the course. We just need to see what the weather does as that could change things. I have ridden there though in all conditions so it’s not a course I’d worry about.”

Peter Harris (Pearce Cycles) : A very well known ‘local’ for the race is ‘Pete’ Harris, who lives only a fifteen minute bike ride away from the course. Pete is one of the top riders in the Over 50 category and father to the current British women’s champion, Nikki Harris. Pete explained how the course used to be a popular venue for the Notts & Derby Cyclo-Cross league before it became known for the Trophy events and then the British Championships.

He explained it’s quite a technical course complete with a sand pit and that he’ll be riding in the over 55s which he won last year. Asked about how it would feel if he and Nikki were able to win the jerseys on the same weekend, Pete replied “We’ve won the mountain bike ones at the same time so to win two jerseys on the same weekend is fantastic. It can be done but there’s Steve Davis and co to stop me as there’s only one jersey for the ten year band in over 50s. Anything can be happen on the day though especially with all the bike changes…”

Who to look out for

With hundreds of riders competing, there are a lot of ‘names’ in there to look out for in all the categories. The big stars though will be the likes of Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) who returns from Europe after having won both the Trophy events he has done this season in Milton Keynes and Bradford. He’ll be the favourite in the Men’s event but one mistake, one piece of bad luck and the likes of Paul Oldham will be all over him.

In the other big race, the Women’s Championship, this perhaps will be the most exciting event of all as Helen Wyman and Nikki Harris (defending champion) have both had fantastic results in Europe and if it came down to a final corner sprint, I for one would not be surprised.

Another clash worth taking a look at will be the Vets 40 plus (Saturday) where Nick Craig will take on the likes of Darren Atkins and company. That category has seen some of the most exciting racing of the season, the last round especially so and the only question mark is whether Craig can dominate his rivals as they expect him to.

For those early at the circuit on Sunday, you’ll quickly be woken up because the Under 23 category is probably at its strongest for many years. Not only is there strength in-depth which will make for an exciting race, these riders are also on the same level as the Elite men so as well as being close, it will be fast. The likes of Grant Ferguson, Steven James, Ben Sumner and so many others will ensure that the title has a worthy winner.

Another category with strength in-depth is the Junior one and the name ‘Craig’ is present there too, this time its Thomas. He rode, or was it run away, with the Trophy race at Shrewsbury and will be a big threat to all his rivals. There have been so many different winners in the category that where the title is going is anyone’s guess. Sunday for sure will see every race a winner for spectators!

On the Saturday, the favourite for the Men’s over 50 jersey is current champ Steven Davies (Hargroves Cycles) who was sixth in the Worlds last weekend. Riding that race cost him the National Trophy series by just two points and it was the winner of that category, Mick Davies (Pedal Power) who has shown that his form in such muddy conditions is top drawer.

In the Under 16 Boys, Dan Tullett (Hargroves Cycles) is probably the biggest favourite of the whole weekend but as ever, with so many variables are at play, there will be a queue of riders waiting to jump into the lead if he makes a mistake.

In the Girls Under 16, the battles between Jessica Roberts (RST/NFTO) and Charlotte Broughton (MG Décor) have been a Trophy series highlight and that should be a feature of the racing at Derby.

In the remaining events, the Women’s Vets is very open whilst the racing in the Under 14 Boys and Girls will also be equally unpredictable but look out for the pocket rockets Lucy Horrocks (Hope Factory Racing), Poppy Wildman (Nottingham Clarion) and Ellie Russell (Mid Shropshire Wheelers) in the Girls. An example of how close the racing will be can be seen by the fact in the Under 14 boys Trophy Series there was just one point separating Euan Cameron and Craig Rogers,

All in all, a great weekend of racing is assured and we can only now cross our fingers for some decent weather!

Form Guide: With so many variables, the course, the conditions, lady luck, bike changes and riders coming into the event without having shown their cards in Trophy events, predicting winners is a mugs game but you can get a feel of who the contenders will be by checking out the National Trophy final standings and results from the last race in Shrewsbury.
National Trophy Series Final Standings
National Trophy Results – Final Round Shrewsbury

Race Programme


Veteran Women’s Championship 9:30 am 40 mins

Veteran Men 50+ Championship 11:00 am 40 mins

Youth Boys Under 14 Championship 12:15 pm 30 mins

Youth Girls Under 14 Championship 12:15 pm 30 mins

Youth Boys Under 16 Championship 1:15 pm 30 mins

Youth Girls Under 16 Championship 1:15 pm 30 mins

Veteran Men 40-49 Championship 2:30 pm 40 mins


Under-23 Men’s Championship 10:15 am 50 mins

Junior Men’s Championship 11:30 am 40 mins

Women’s Championship 12:45 pm 40 mins

Senior Men’s Championship 2:15 pm 60 mins



2001: 1. Nicole Cooke, 2. Louise Robinson, 3. Sue Thomas

2002: 1. Isla Rowntree, 2. Victoria Wilkinson 3. Susan Carter

2003: 1. Isla Rowntree, 2. Victoria Wilkinson 3. Nikki Harris

2004: 1. Louise Robinson, 2. Victoria Wilkinson 3. Rachel Heal

2005: 1. Louise Robinson, 2. Victoria Wilkinson 3. Helen Wyman

2006: 1. Helen Wyman, 2.Louise Robinson 3. Victoria Wilkinson

2007: 1. Helen Wyman, 2. Gabriella Day 3. Isla Rowntree

2008: 1. Helen Wyman, 2. Gabriella Day 3. Isla Rowntree

2009: 1. Helen Wyman, 2.Gabriella Day 3. Suzanne Clarke

2010: 1. Helen Wyman, 2.Nikki Harris 3. Gabriella Day

2011: 1. Helen Wyman, 2. Nikki Harris 3. Gabriella Day

2012: 1. Helen Wyman, 2. Nikki Harris 3. Annie Las

2013: 1. Nikki Harris, 2. Helen Wyman 3. Annie Last


2000: Roger Hammond, 2. Barrie Clarke, 3. Carl Sturgeon

2001: Roger Hammond, 2. Steve Knight, 3. Matthew Ellis

2002: Roger Hammond, 2. Matthew Ellis 3. Nick Craig

2003: Roger Hammond, 2. Matthew Ellis 3. Barrie Clarke

2004: Roger Hammond, 2. Nick Craig 3. Jody Crawforth

2005: Nick Craig, 2. Liam Killeen 3. Matthew Ellis

2006: Roger Hammond, 2. Liam Killeen 3. Jody Crawforth

2007: Phil Dixon, 2. Nick Craig, 3. Robert Jebb

2008: Roger Hammond, 2. Liam Killeen, 3. Paul Oldham

2009: Jody Crawforth, 2. Paul Oldham, 3. Roger Hammond

2010: Ian Bibby, 2. Jody Crawforth, 3. Paul Oldham

2011: Paul Oldham, 2. Jody Crawforth, 3. Liam Killeen

2012: Ian Field, 2. Liam Killeen 3. Jody Crawforth

2013: Ian Field, 2. Ian Bibby, 3. David Fletcher



Vet 40 (born 1969-73)

1 Mandie James Ashfield RC

2 Madeline Smith Bolsover & District Cycling Club

3 Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden

4 Nicola Hartle Dirtwheels Cycles

5 Maria David Dulwich Paragon CC

6 Anne Murray Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

7 Christine Howard Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

8 Andrea Rodgers Norton Wheelers

9 Caroline Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

10 Jayne Cheslin Stourbridge CC

11 Pepe Phillips Velociped-Club 1899 Darmstadt

12 Karen Summers Wrekinsport CC

14 Joanna Newstead X RT / Elmy Cycles

Vet 45 (born 1964-68)

15 Jackie Field Cycle Club Ashwell

16 Tracey Fletcher Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.com

17 Julie Phelan Club Goldtec

18 Abigail Armstrong Hackney GT

19 Rachael Mellor Holmfirth CC

20 Juliet Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing

21 Marianne Heffron Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

22 Christina White Team Milton Keynes

23 Lynn Bland Norton Wheelers

24 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC

25 Alison Holmes Run & Ride Performance Team

26 Solveig Findley Twickenham CC

Vet 50+ (born 1963 or earlier)

27 Hilary Bloor Crosstrax

28 Hilary Johnson Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.com

29 Elizabeth Clayton Lichfield City CC

30 Fiona Wilson Individual Member

VETERAN MEN 50+ – 11:00 am

Vet 50 (born 1959-63)

1 Steven Davies Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

2 Andrew Moss Adept Precision Racing Team/North East Healthcare Solutions

3 Donald Gray Cardiff J.I.F. / Cyclopaedia

4 David Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden

5 Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden

6 Nicholas Kinsey De Laune CC

7 Tony Davis Dream Cycling

8 Robert Bloor Edinburgh RC

9 David Walker Elizabethan CC

10 Graham Clark Ellmore Factory Racing

11 Simon Tottle Festival RC

12 David Carr CC Hackney

14 Harry Moore CC Hackney

15 Andrew O’Regan CC Hackney

16 David Steele Hackney GT

17 Martin Eadon Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

18 Timothy Evans Harrogate Nova CC

19 Nick Mason Harrogate Nova CC

20 Sam Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC

21 Mark Ferguson High Peak Cycles RT

22 Mark Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing

23 Tim Kelly Horwich CC – 4 Seasons Cycles

24 Dave Copland Ipswich BC

25 Peter Busby Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

26 Philip Roach Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

27 Andy Webb Kenilworth Wheelers CC

28 Stuart Lockyear London Phoenix CC

29 Julian Beere Maindy Flyers Youth CC

30 Paul Dalton Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

31 Ian Robson MTS Cycle Sport / Inkland RT

32 Anthony Dyment North Hampshire RC

33 Paul Sleaford Norton Wheelers

34 Alistair Dow Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC

35 Paul Gibbs Pearson Cycling Club

36 Mick Davies Team Pedal Power

37 Peter Varian Red Kite Cycles

38 David Garrett Rugby Velo

39 Gary Hipwell Rugby Velo

40 Keith Ainsworth Sheffrec CC

41 Tim Costello Southdown Velo / Hunter Springs

42 Kevin Payton Stourbridge CC

43 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC

44 Duncan Schwier Twickenham CC

45 John Byatt Wrekinsport CC

46 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks

47 Christopher Rowe Team Zenith/www.buzzcycles.co.uk

48 Sean Beswick www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

49 Peter Bromwich Individual Member

50 Martyn Dymond Individual Member

51 Andrew Hill Individual Member

52 Grant Johnson Individual Member

53 Howard Perkins Individual Member

54 Charles Warren Individual Member

55 Steve Wilson Individual Member

Vet 55 (born 1954-58)

56 Andy Roberts Cotswold Veldrijden

57 Phil Evans Coventry Road Club

58 Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers

59 Peter Turner Derby Mercury RC

60 Ian Wright Dig Deep Coaching – Pactimo

61 Peter Douglas Finsbury Park CC

62 John Terrell Ipswich BC

63 Peter Smith Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

64 Tim Stowe Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

65 Chris Watts Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

66 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC

67 Barry Kipling MTS Cycle Sport / Inkland RT

68 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT

69 Greg Elson Rugby Velo

70 Robert Smith Stowmarket & District CC

71 Graham Atkins Welland Valley CC

72 Tony Wilkins Wolsey RC

73 David Hamilton Individual Member

74 Brian Marshall Individual Member

Vet 60 (born 1949-53)

75 Graham Edwards Abergavenny RC / Nick Lane / Govilon / Gateway

76 Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden

77 Philip Jones Crosstrax

78 Nigel Middlehurst Ellmore Factory Racing

79 Dave Dickie Finchley RT

80 Michael McDermott Heanor Clarion CC

81 Jeffrey Jones Leicester Forest CC

82 Brian Perks Pedalsport CC

83 Andrew Jones Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

84 Brian Clayton Individual Member

85 Cliff Featherstone Individual Member

Vet 65 (born 1944-48)

86 Stephen Collen Coed Llandegla North Wales MTB Association

87 Michael Webb Lichfield City CC

88 Geoff Booker Oxonian CC

89 Peter Mooney Rugby Velo

90 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC

91 Philip Cooper Individual Member

92 Denis Smith Individual Member

93 John Ginley Condor RC

94 Mick Ives Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

95 Stuart Walters Kettering CC

YOUTH UNDER-14 – 12:15 pm

Under-14 Boys

1 Max Hinds 1st Chard Wheelers

2 Noah Field Cycle Club Ashwell

3 Irfan Zaman Bigfoot Go-Ride

4 Craig Rogers Birkenhead North End CC

5 Alistair Leivers Blackpool Youth Cycle Association

6 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC

7 Noah Charlton VC Deal / Hammond / Rowland / SIS / Nico Lapage

8 James Luscombe Derby Mercury CC

9 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC

10 Luke O’Connell East Bradford CC

11 Maximilian Bloor Edinburgh RC

12 Sean Flynn Edinburgh RC

14 Frank Moore CC Hackney

15 Artie O’Regan CC Hackney

16 Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

17 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova CC

18 Tom Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC

19 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks CC

20 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks CC

21 Louis Cook Holme Valley Wheelers

22 George Sloan VC Jubilee

23 Finlay Cooper-Oldroyd Kirklees Cycling Academy

24 Joshua Greenwood Kirklees Cycling Academy

25 Mason Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy

26 Felix Mackie Lee Valley Youth CC

27 Lewis Askey Lichfield City CC

28 Toby Barnes Lichfield City CC

29 Marcus Holmes Lichfield City CC

30 Oliver Beere Maindy Flyers Youth CC

31 Solomon Kerfoot-Robson Marsh Tracks Race Team

32 John Webster Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

33 Harry Birchill Mid Devon CC

34 Thomas Zygo Team Milton Keynes

35 Thomas Wood Mossley CRT

36 Tom Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC

37 Finn Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

38 James Swadling Nottingham Clarion CC

39 Matthew Taylor Pedalsport CC

40 Eddie Townend Pedalsport CC

41 Jenson Young Pedalsport CC

42 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle

43 Charlie Craig Team Scott UK

44 Matthew Ellis Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

45 Timothy Elsmore-Martin Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

46 Oliver Snodden Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

47 George Swindell Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

48 Alexander Harper Solihull CC

49 Erin Baker Southdown Velo / Hunter Springs

50 Jake Norton Spalding CC

51 Lewis Hartley Velocity-WD40

52 Thomas Durkin Welwyn Wheelers CC

53 Christian Manzi Welwyn Wheelers CC

54 Tom Martin Welwyn Wheelers CC

55 William Raymond Welwyn Wheelers CC

56 Samuel Asker West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathlon Club

57 Robert McAndrew Witham Wheelers CC

58 Ben Healy Individual Member

59 Thomas Timberlake Individual Member

Under 14 Girls

81 Megan James Abergavenny RC / Nick Lane / Govilon / Gateway

82 Nicole Clarke Birkenhead North End CC

83 Corinne Side Bolton Hot Wheels CC

84 Sarah Brunton Cambridge Triathlon Club

85 Anna Docherty Clifton CC

86 Xan Crees Derby Mercury RC

87 Ellie Park Glasgow Riderz

88 Molly Lloyd CC Hackney

89 Lorna Bowler Hillingdon Slipstreamers

90 Lucy Horrocks Team Hope Factory Racing

91 Emily Bridson Jersey Cycling Association

92 April Tacey Leicestershire RC

93 Elena Smith Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

94 Ellie Russell Mid Shropshire Wheelers

95 Poppy Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

96 Lucy Nelson Solihull CC

97 Alderney Baker Southdown Velo / Hunter Springs

98 Natalie Moore Swindon RC

99 Fiona Turnbull Tyneside Vagabonds CC

100 Annie Feetham Wakefield Junior Tri Club

101 Millie Gage Welwyn Wheelers CC

102 Josie Griffin Welwyn Wheelers CC

YOUTH UNDER-16 – 1:15 pm

Under-16 Boys

1 Mark Donovan Beacon Wheelers

2 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC

3 Tim James Bourne Wheelers CC

4 Robert Ward Bourne Wheelers CC

5 James Mitri Bristol Cycling Development Squad

6 Robert Brunton Cambridge Triathlon Club

7 Tomos Nesham Cardiff J.I.F. / Cyclopaedia

8 David Barnes Condor Cycles

9 Marcus Burnett Club Corley Cycles

10 Elliot Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden

11 Tom Easley Crawley Wheelers

12 Bailey Wilmot Derby Mercury RC

14 Finlay Robertson Derwentside CC

15 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC

16 Ben Turner Dinnington RC

17 Matthew Fratesi Dream Cycling

18 Arran Brayshaw East Bradford CC

19 George Fox East Bradford CC

20 Will King East Bradford CC

21 Joseph Parker East Bradford CC

22 John MacLeod Edinburgh RC

23 Jack Griffiths Furness Future Flyers

24 Michael Hall Furness Future Flyers

25 Jali Packer Great Yarmouth CC

26 Ned O’Regan CC Hackney

27 Oliver Dighton Halesowen A & CC

28 Daniel Tulett Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

29 Conall Brown Hemel Hempstead CC

30 Daniel Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC

31 Michael King Hetton Hawks CC

32 Ross Titherington Hetton Hawks CC

33 Joe Williams Holme Valley Wheelers

34 Luke Benn Kirklees Cycling Academy

35 Harrison Cooper-Oldroyd Kirklees Cycling Academy

36 Harry Hardcastle Kirklees Cycling Academy

37 Anthony Anderson La Fuga Sigma Sport

38 Callum Mackie Lee Valley Youth CC

39 Mostyn Taylor Crockett Lee Valley Youth CC

40 Harry Yates Lichfield City CC

41 Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad

42 James Armstrong VC Lincoln / Pygott & Crone / B & O / Impsport

43 Max Williamson Lincsquad

44 Joe Barnwell Marsh Tracks Race Team

45 Joseph Howard Marton Race Team

46 William Gascoyne Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

47 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers

48 Buauna Ball Team Milton Keynes

49 Thomas Mein MTS Cycle Sport / Inkland RT

50 Callum Baker Newark Castle CC

51 Ozzie Chmiel Nottingham Clarion CC

52 Calum Fernie Nottingham Clarion CC

53 Kieran Howarth Nottingham Clarion CC

54 Edward Gronbech Oxford City RC

55 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC

56 Robert Scott Pedalsport CC

57 Simeon Young Pedalsport CC

58 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle

59 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle

60 Thomas Clarke Red Rose Olympic CC

61 Scott Hookway Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

62 Harry Lewis Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

63 Oliver Peckover Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

64 Joshua Waters Sherwood Pines Cycles – Sram Race Team

65 Cameron Biddle Solihull CC

66 Joseph Feiven Solihull CC

67 Jake Stewart Solihull CC

68 Keir Lewis Stratford CC

69 Matthew McGovern Sutton Cycling Club/De Ver Cycles

70 Christopher Rothwell Swindon Cycles Race Academy

71 Nicholas Hamilton Teesdale CRC

72 Adam Hartley Velocity WD-40

73 Jacob Feetham Wakefield Junior Tri Club

74 Louis Killworth Welland Valley CC

75 Glenn Dossett Welwyn Wheelers CC

76 Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers CC

Under-16 Girls

81 Henrietta Colbourne Beacon Wheelers

82 Connie Hurton Beacon Wheelers

83 Emily Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT

84 Madeleine Gammons Bourne Wheelers CC

85 Isabelle Boon Derby Mercury RC

86 Rhianna Stoves Derwentside CC

87 Eleanor Strathdee Edinburgh RC

88 Emma Borthwick Edinburgh RC

89 Anna Kay Hetton Hawks CC

90 Jade Mobbs Leicestershire RC

91 Ria Mobbs Leicestershire RC

92 Phoebe Martin Lichfield City CC

93 Charlotte Broughton MG Decor

94 Joni Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

95 Rosie Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

96 Emma Pitt Palmer Park Velo RT

97 Sophie Thackray Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC

98 Jessica Roberts RST Racing Team

99 Grace Feetham Wakefield Junior Tri Club

100 Amy Garner Welland Valley CC

101 Kathryn Anderson Welwyn Wheelers CC

102 Sophia Chastell Welwyn Wheelers CC

103 Georgia Hilleard Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

104 Rebecca Simmons Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

VETERAN MEN 40-49 – 2:30 am

Vet 40 (born 1969-73)

1 Nick Craig Team Scott UK

2 Darren Barclay Arctic Sram RT

3 Graham Rogerson Army Cycle Union

4 Steven Bloor Ashbourne Cycling

5 Mark Shepherd Banjo Cycles

6 Nicholas Dorsey Batley CC

7 Marcus Spencer Batley CC

8 Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers

9 Simon Nurse Cardiff J.I.F. / Cyclopaedia

10 Jonathan Watson Charge Bikes

11 John Dalton Cheltenham & County CC

12 Richard Bennett Cotswold Veldrijden

14 Robin Wilmott Cotswold Veldrijden

15 Stuart Nisbett Crawley Wheelers

16 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers

17 Steve Smales www.cxmagazine.com

18 Matthew Crouch Derby Mercury RC

19 Anthony Glover Derwentside CC

20 Paul Bethell Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical

21 Adrian Lawrence Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical

22 Nick Shaughnessy Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical

23 Darryl Hewson Ellmore Factory Racing

24 Richard Lister Ellmore Factory Racing

25 Stuart McGhee Evans Cycles Race Team

26 Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC

27 Michael Greaves Gannet CC

28 Tim Granshaw Handsling Racing

29 Crispin Doyle Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

30 Mike Simpson GS Henley

31 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC – 4 Seasons Cycles

32 Steffan Chandler Horwich CC – 4 Seasons Cycles

33 Jerrod Hartley Horwich CC – 4 Seasons Cycles

34 Ian Taylor Jedi Cycle Sport

35 Darren Atkins Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

36 Phil Blacker Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

37 Dave Spragg Kingston Wheelers CC

38 Alan Lamont Team Leslie Bike Shop / Bikers Boutique

39 Gary McCrae Team Leslie Bike Shop / Bikers Boutique

40 Ian Watson CC London

41 Steven Drew London Phoenix CC

42 David ThorpManchester BMX Club

43 Alan Drury Mid Devon CC

44 Chris Smith Team Milton Keynes

45 Raymond Honour MTS Cycle Sport / Inkland RT

46 Robert Longden North Cheshire Clarion

47 Dave Ash Nottingham Clarion CC

48 Neil Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

49 Ricky Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

50 Iain Robertson One Life Racing

51 Dan Cook Peak Road Club

52 Tim Hyde Pendragon

53 Ronald Barker Rockhard MBC

54 Simon Pateman Saddleworth Clarion

55 Stuart Rider Skipton CC

56 Shane Norton Spalding CC

57 Timothy Berry TSBikes.co.uk

58 Richard Noble Tyne & Wear Fire And Rescue Service CC

59 Kevin Knox Vicious Velo

60 Andrew Thomson Wills Wheels Cycling Club

61 Dan Alexander www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

62 Chris Bradley www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

63 James Bryan www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

64 Robert Wimble www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

65 Gary Howard Individual Member

Vet 45 (born 1964-68)

66 Tim Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print

67 John Polak Cycle Club Ashwell

68 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC

69 David Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT

70 Stephen Whitehouse Bicicielo

71 Harvey Levann VC Charnwood

72 Patrick Alexander Cheltenham & County CC

73 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles

74 Sean Bolton Cotswold Veldrijden

75 Keith Sheridan Cotswold Veldrijden

76 Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers

77 Edward Sarmiento www.cxmagazine.com

78 Stuart Pickering www.cyclelogic.co.uk

79 John Mein Derwentside CC

80 John Wood Finsbury Park CC

81 James Melville Glasgow United CC

82 Alister Watt Granite City RT

83 Gary Boyd CC Hackney

84 Kevin Carter Hackney GT

85 Graham Freer Hackney GT

86 James Stephens Hackney GT

87 Richard Atkinson Hambleton RC

88 Giles Perkins Here Come The Belgians

89 David Watts Here Come The Belgians

90 Andrew Cook Holme Valley Wheelers

91 Andrew Peace Jedi Cycle Sport

92 Alan Buxcey Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

93 Matthew Denby Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

94 Mark James Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

95 Stephen Knight Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

96 Richard Lewis Kenilworth Wheelers CC

97 Bruce Mackie Lee Valley Youth CC

98 John McCaffery Team Leslie Bike Shop / Bikers Boutique

99 Franco Porco Team Leslie Bike Shop / Bikers Boutique

100 Neil Simpson London Phoenix CC

101 Gavin Rumbles CC Luton

102 Mark Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers

103 Stephen Wood Mossley CRT

104 Chris Taylor Pedalsport CC

105 Chris Young Pedalsport CC

106 Mike Young Pedalsport CC

107 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK

108 Dil Whetherill Team Trisports

109 Simon Whitham TSBikes.co.uk

110 Martin Winter Twickenham CC

111 Lee Edmonds Welland Valley CC

112 Adrian Killworth Welland Valley CC

113 Geoff Giddings www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

114 Jonathan Marshall www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

115 Pete Middleton www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing


UNDER-23 MEN – 10:15 am

1 Grant Ferguson Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team

2 Ben Sumner Beeline Bicycles RT

3 Iain Paton Ben Wyvis Cycling Club

4 Adam King Cardiff J.I.F. / Cyclopaedia

5 Joe Atkins Coventry Road Club

6 Edwyn Oliver-Evans www.cxmagazine.com

7 Andrew Hargroves Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT

8 Matthew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

9 Steven James Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

10 Jake Womersley Team Haribo-Beacon

11 Jack Clarkson Team Hope Factory Racing

12 Michael Thompson Team Hope Factory Racing

14 Bruce Dalton The Kinesis Morvelo Project

15 Adam Martin Metaltek – Knights of Old Racing Team

16 Joe Fox MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling

17 Hugo Robinson Neon-Velo.com

18 Chris McGovern Team Novo Nordisk

19 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle

20 James Garrett Rugby Velo

21 Luke Markham Rugby Velo

22 George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC / Chandlers / Solo

23 Joe Griffiths Strada Cycles

24 Kenta Gallagher Superior-Brentjens MTB Racing Team

25 Luke Gray Trek Cross Collective

26 Thomas Armstrong Wheelbase Altura MGD

27 Jack Humphreys Wheelbase Altura MGD

28 Nicholas Barnes www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

29 Henry Beaumont Individual Member

JUNIOR MEN – 11:30 am

1 Billy Harding Orange Monkey Pro Team

2 Mark McGuire Team Bicycles

3 Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End CC

4 Matthew Worton Blackhawk Bikes

5 Sean Dunlea Ciclos Uno

6 Brandon Stock Clifton CC

7 Matthew Clements Cyclelab

8 Jake Charlton VC Deal / Hammond / Rowland / SIS / Nico Lapage

9 Conor Palliser East Bradford CC

10 James Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers CC

11 Tomas Franklin Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

12 James Fawcett Hetton Hawks CC

14 George Baker Kings Cliffe Flyers CC

15 Thomas Figgins Lancashire RC

16 James Madgwick Lee Valley Velo

17 Joshua Wells-Walling Leicestershire RC

18 Joshua Brooks Malvern Cycle Sport

19 David Creber Malvern Cycle Sport

20 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Marsh Tracks Race Team

21 Arthur Green Matlock CC / Chubb / Farmers / Wards / Fearns

22 Tom Seaman Nutcracker Racing

23 Calum Magowan Peebles CC

24 Oliver Payton PH- MAS Cycling

25 Daniel Fox RST Racing Team

26 Jake Poole S2 Cycles / Raleigh

27 Thomas Craig Team Scott UK

28 Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC / Chandlers / Solo

29 Jack Ravenscroft Solihull CC

30 Anthony Neave Stourbridge CC

31 James Flury Vicious Velo

32 James Garratt Welland Valley CC

33 Jake Hubbard Welland Valley CC

34 Christopher Barnes www.Zepnat.com RT / Kuota / GSG Clothing

ELITE WOMEN – 12:45 pm

1 Nikki Harris Young Telenet Fidea Cycling Team

2 Ffion James (Jun) Abergavenny RC / Nick Lane / Govilon / Gateway

3 Jessica Wilkinson (Jun) Birkenhead North End CC

4 Elanor Cadzow Bonito Squadra Corse

5 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles

6 Emily Barnes Condor Cycles

7 Tamina Oliver Team CTC

8 Sarah Murray www.cxmagazine.com

9 Anna Cipullo Dame Cycling

10 Tracey Fletcher Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.com

11 Sarah Naylor Fossa Racing

12 Bethany Crumpton Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

14 Adela Carter Team Hope Factory Racing

15 Annabel Simpson Team Hope Factory Racing

16 Hannah Payton The Kinesis Morvelo Project

17 Helen Wyman Kona / FSA Factory Team

18 Francesca Morgans-Slader (Jun) Lee Valley Velo

19 Tracy Moseley Malvern Cycle Sport

20 Diane Lee Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport

21 Phoebe Sneddon Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport

22 Hannah Saville (Jun) North Midlands Youth Squad

23 Amira Mellor (Jun) Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC

24 Amy O’Halloran PH-MAS Cycling

25 Gabriella Durrin Team Rapha-Focus

26 Abby-Mae Parkinson (Jun) RST Racing Team

27 Alice Barnes Scott Contessa Epic

28 Sarah Lomas (Jun) Scott Contessa Epic

29 Rebecca Womersley Scott Contessa Epic

30 Sian Botteley (Jun) Squadra Donne-Shutt VR

31 Nikola Butler VC St Raphael

32 Isla Short (Jun) Team Thomson Cycles

33 Naomi Woodland Team Trisports

34 Rachel Fenton Trek Cycle Coventry

35 Claire Beaumont Vicious Velo

36 Delia Beddis Vicious Velo

37 Jennifer McAndrew (Jun) Witham Wheelers CC

38 Masie Duckworth (Jun) Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

ELITE MEN – 2:15 pm

1 Ian Field Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

2 Michael Butler Activ Cycles Folkestone

3 Tom Hooper All Terrain Cycles

4 Chris Pedder AW Cycles

5 James Spragg Team Bergamont Bicycles by BMC

6 Andrew Tamplin Bicicielo

7 Tom Harcourt Blackhawk Bikes

8 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes

9 Colin Ash Cestria Cycles RT

10 Chris Metcalfe Charge Bikes

11 Gareth Whittall Clay Cross RT

12 Colin Miller Coventry Road Club

14 Oli Beckingsale Endura MTB Racing

15 Scott Chalmers Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT

16 Scot Easter Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT

17 Gavin Hardwicke Fossa Racing

18 Andrew Naylor Fossa Racing

19 Lee Shunburne Fossa Racing

20 Alex Paton Team Gwb-ACTiV

21 Benjamin Lewis Hackney GT

22 Matthew Webber Hackney GT

23 Stuart Bowers Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

24 Jody Crawforth Hargroves Cycles / Specialized / Trant

25 Daniel Booth Team Hope Factory Racing

26 Dave Collins Team Hope Factory Racing

27 Robert Jebb Team Hope Factory Racing

28 Paul Oldham Team Hope Factory Racing

29 Tom Payton Islabikes

30 Darren Atkins Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

31 Peter Smith Team Jewson / M.I. Racing / Thule / Polypipe

32 James Thompson Langsett Cycles RT

33 Simon Jones Leicester Forest CC

34 Matthew Lawton Macclesfield Wheelers

35 Ian Bibby Madison Genesis

36 Scott Wilson Manchester Wheelers

37 Jonathan Harper Mansfield RC

38 William Bjergfelt Metaltek – Knights of Old Racing Team

39 David Lines MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling

40 David Fletcher Orange Monkey Pro Team

41 Robert Watson Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC

42 James Dalton Pedalsport CC

43 Paul Cox Team Pedal Power

44 Simon Maudsley PH-MAS Cycling

45 Jeremy Hicks Rugby Velo

46 Lawrence Green Velo Club Rutland

47 Nick Craig Team Scott UK

48 Tony Fawcett Team Scott UK

49 Keith Murray Team Scott UK

50 Chris Atkins Team Specialized

51 Simon Forster Tyne & Wear Fire And Rescue Service CC

52 Rob Partridge Velosure-Giordana

53 Paul Sheers Vicious Velo

54 Ben Spurrier Vicious Velo

55 Andrew Waterman Vicious Velo

56 Neil Ellison WDMBC Beyond Mountainbikes/Specialized

57 Lewis Craven Wheelbase Altura MGD

58 Ben Simmons Team Wiggle

59 Ross Tricker X RT / Elmy Cycles

60 Christopher Clark York Cycleworks

61 David Reilly Individual Member

62 Steven Roach Individual Member

63 Robert Wardell Individual Member

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