Arabic Qatar attractions include a variety of man made as well as natural attractions scattered all over the country.

Arabic Qatar is the place of unique cultural attractions with traditions & customs, events, beautiful museums and monuments, impressive seascapes, Singing Sand Dunes, historic forts, major universities, world-class sports, and the headquarters of Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s leading news network. The Arabic state of Qatar is predominantly desert land. Qatar is an Arab emirate in Southwest Asia, occupying territory Qatar Peninsula, located on the north coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It only land border with Saudi Arabia to the south, otherwise the area is surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf. An area rich in oil and gas, Qatar is one of the countries with the highest income per capita in the world, so luxury and wealth are at home, especially in the capital Doha. The country is also an important economic destination of the region from time immemorial. Qatar attractions include a variety of man made as well as natural attractions scattered all over the country. Have a look on several kinds of tourist attractions to See & things to Do-

Tourist Attractions to See

Doha Heritage Village

Located along the Corniche in Al Rumeilia Park, it is a skanzen based on traditional Qatari village. The visitors get to see pearl trading, weaving, and a dhow, apart from holding festivals and activities.

Top Cities to Visit

Top Attractions Arabic Qatar

The list of Qatar attractions starts with its capital city of Doha. The capital city lies on the bay and is the cultural and economic epicenter of the country. Doha also encloses half of the population of Qatar. The city is an interesting mix of old Arabic traditions juxtaposed with contemporary technological city living. The sea-side urban landscape is an adventurous seamless synthesis of timeless ancient Arab architecture situated side by side with its more modern counterpart. The high quality sporting facilities like the 18-hole Golf Club satiates the sport loving visitor to the country. Al Wakrah is a small town halfway between Doha and Mesaieed. It is a fishing town with a beautiful old port used today. Al Wakrah is famous for beautiful mosques in the city and houses the Islamic architectural style reflecting old. You must visit Al Wakrah Museum , which shows the traditional diving equipment, local handicrafts and precious antiques. City Alkham is a historic area located at 57km north of Doha, a city full of relics of bygone times, and mosques, museums with valuable archaeological, historical towers. Al Khor Museum is a beautiful two-story building that houses anthropological exhibitions, with archaeological finds is a section taken near Al Khor.

Landmark & Forts and Mosques of Arabic Qatar

Marroub Fort

Marroub fort is a marvelous item to see while in Qatar. Tourists in Qatar get attracted to its historical views and values in great content.Marroub fort is located on the western coast of Qatar. The fort of attraction was founded in time of Abbasside period.

Khor Al Udaid

The Arab country of Qatar is one of the lesser known tourist spots in the world. The natural beauty of Khor Al Udaid attracts tourists with a love of nature.

Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

Situated at 20 km north of Doha on the North Highway, Umm Salal Mohammed fort creates a vibrant impression in the visitors’ mind. The fort comes into sight after going through the Umm Salal Mohammed town.

Clock Tower

Located adjacent to the Grand Mosque, the old clock tower features Arabic numerals on its face. Located on the hill, it offers wonderful views of the Corniche.

Heritage Library

This has more than 50,000 books in Arabic and other languages in Qatar and Middle East, apart from 600 antique maps, 2000 manuscripts, 6000 original photos, all of which form the collection by Sheikh Hassan Bin Mohamed Al Thani in 1979. It is also one of the biggest research centers in the Middle East.

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers were built at the beginning of the 20th century as watch towers to protect the surrounding area from Ottomans that was already defeated but still lurked the land.


There are a number of mosques in the state that are popular with visitors:The Simaisma mosque dates back to 1938. The mosque is generally open from sunrise until late afternoon; visitors should refrain from entering the mosque or taking pictures during prayers.The Abu Manaratain mosque is noticeable because of the huge tree that looms over it. It is in Al-Wakra, one of Qatar’s oldest cities. Visitors are not allowed inside the mosque.

Beaches and islands

The sandy coastline of Qatar is home to numerous beaches. Many are popular with water sports enthusiasts. Al Ghariya, 80 Km north of Doha, has both a resort and a sandy beach with shallow water.Dukhan is home to lots of sandy beaches.Fuwairit Beach, 80 Km North of Doha, is a fine sandy bay popular for picnics. Ras Abrouq, or Bir Zekreet, is at the very tip of the peninsular northeast of Dukhan. It is a favourite spot with campers.  There are a number of islands worth visiting. Ishat Island off the southeast of Qatar is made up of three small islets. Shra’o Island is a further 48 Km offshore and can be reached in three hours by speedboat from Doha. It has a fringed reef and a beach that is used by turtles to lay their eggs. It is also home to many seabirds.

Zoo & parks

There are some top most zoos. The Doha Zoo Located 20kms from Doha on Salwa Road, it has a wide range of collection of reptiles, animals and birds and the mini amusement park for kids. The zoo remains open from 3pm to 7pm and will be closed on Saturdays.And there are some top parks. Al Rumaila Park is located on Doha Corniche with grass areas, restaurants, children rides and shopping facilities. It remains open round the clock.

Things to do


Eager shoppers can get whatever they wish for in the large shopping complexes or tiny stalls in the market. Doha, with facilities such as the Doha City Center, which is the largest shopping complex in the Middle East, offers brands of world-class reputation, in addition to various other exciting family facilities. In the markets, unlike in all other places, items are not marked with traditional price tags.

Ice Skating/Bowling

The Doha City Center has ice skating rinks, where skates can be rented and two bowling alleys with one exclusively for ladies. The Qatar Bowling Center has the ten-pin bowling in a 32-lane facility.

Water Sports and Safari in the desert

Surrounded on three sides by the Arabian Gulf, the peninsula offers many opportunities for cruises and water sports. There are two areas of artificial reef, created specifically for diving, where you can admire many aquatic creatures. Choose to spend a day in the desert. Adrenaline driving jeeps over sand dunes reaching up to 60 meters high is a feeling that only Arab countries you can offer.

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