It’s been more than a year since I finished my degree and returned from Sydney, I got used to the intense and everything-convenient Hong Kong lifestyle, but not my skin. It’s seems that they are suffering from the bad air pollution. It’s getting allergenic, itches around my chin and jaws during the night, and sometimes even more serious that they started swollen (shocking to know that many of my girl friends especially those who have studied abroad are facing similar skin problem as I do). For this, I started searching for more great skincare product to review and share, hoping to find ones that can rescue my poor skin. Not long ago I introduced a series of personal recommended organic skin care brands and products (recall), within it, FRESH LINE’s Powder mask has improved my allergenic skin, and this time I’d like to share with you a Korean well-know organic skincare brand INNIS FREE, which has just set up another beauty counter in Hong Kong.

INNIS FREE gained its fame by using 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts in creating wide range of skincare and makeup products. Most of its ingredients were found in the volcanic island of Jeju, Korea, with green tea, volcanic spring water, volcanic clay and Jeju tangerines being one of the best seller highlights. In helping myself finding the most suitable products for my skin, I’ve taken a mini skin test during the launch. The result showed that my skin are in very dry condition, hence commonly got oil flooding on my skin surface, blocking the pores. All these has been bothering me long enough that I decided to (finally) stop ignoring and start tackling my annoying skin problem….

So here’s what I’ve brought home :

• Green tea pure cream (Day Cream) & Green tea seed cream in Christmas edition (Night Cream) - Contains rich green tea complex and comes in semi-watery texture, these 2 cream can be used hand in hand during day and night to revive dry and stressed skin, super long lasting moisture that helps controlling my skin from flooding oil.

• Green tea seed serum – apply right after cleansed face BEFORE toner, the serum intensively holds moisturiser within skin layers, and gives the extra moisturiser that my dry skin needs.

• Green tea mineral mist - my number one favourite. The “Green Tea series” majors in tackling dehydrated skin problem and needless to say, this spray focus also on moisturizing the skin. Give a soft, gentle, misty spray whenever your skin feels dry, it can be apply before or after makeup, I’ve tried both, and applying it after makeup does give a great help in holding my makeup together for longer hours.

• Super volcanic pore clay mask (deep pore cleansing) - use it 2-3 times a week, this deep cleansing volcanic clay mask will be my 2nd recommendation in remove sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells, and tighten pores. It’s my solution in resolving pore concerns, leaving it dry for 10 minutes ( I mostly do facials after shower ), and your balanced skin tone will gradually come back.

• Wing peeling jelly scrub – InnisFree got a series of peeling products that suits every skin types. I apply makeup almost everyday for long hours, and therefore has chosen the ultimate scrub to lift away dead skin cells. Use it 2-3 times a week after cleansing and gently massage in circular motion around face before rinsing with lukewarm water. The jelly-like scrub smells like sweet grapes, and it’s actually one of the reasons in keeping a lazy person like me to regularly using it, as me myself is a total  red wine lover. haha

• Wine jelly sleeping pack - This super hydrating sleeping mask will be my 3rd recommendation, and its also to be used in your final stage of evening skincare routine. The clear and smooth jelly-like texture gives long lasting hydration to your skin during your beauty sleep. Enchanted with wine extracts from France, I use it almost every night and wake up the other day with an obvious improvement with a less oily face, especially around the T-zone area.

Below’s a little “map” of my weekly facial routine :

The INNIS FREE products comes in a very affordable price, and there’s always little starter kits and individual packages sheet mask for you to choose if you are not sure about which INNIS FREE products works best for your skin. With Christmas approaching, they have also launched some very cute Christmas packages such as candles, glitter nail polish, hand-creams and also other skincare items. With the fresh scent, not too juicy price and the cute Santa graphics, it’s too tasty to resist not bringing home some of it for yourself or your friends and family.

Find your closet INNIS FREE Hong Kong stores and other infos on Facebook!


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