As November winds up (and plenty of you are still enjoying what’s left of the Thanksgiving weekend), Instagram continues to roll out Snapchat-style changes, we have some epiphanies courtesy of Seth Godin and Unsettle blogger Sarah Peterson, and thinking from the point of view of our customers (those of us who have them!). The internet never sleeps!

3 Ways to Incorporate Key Stakeholders Into Your Podcasts (and Benefit From It) | Entrepreneur

There’s no shying away from podcasts and their popularity these days, and getting your lineup right can really give you a boost.

How to Repurpose Content for Maximum Social Reach | Hootsuite

A friendly reminder that you should definitely be doing this – particularly if you want to have a break over Christmas!

The 5 Words That Changed My Content Marketing Strategy | The Huffington Post

I love any post with literary references and humour – but that aside, this is a pretty powerful message.

Mapping Your Customer Journey – Capturing the Complete Customer Experience | Milk it Academy

If you’re moving into selling products and services on your blog, you’re going to want to make sure your funnels are top notch. I always love Alita’s insights, she breaks them down well.

New Ways to Share in the Moment | Instagram Blog

Well it seems not much is standing still in the microblogging world these days – Instagram has now rolled out live video and disappearing stories in Instagram Direct. Hm.

Forget Filling Ad Breaks; Some Marketers Make the Podcasts | The New York Times

A new twist on sponsored content/native advertising – where the brand creates the message, but barely mentions the product. It’s innovative and interesting – and I wonder where it will lead, and what impact it will have on traditional advertising and podcast sponsorship models.

How to Improve Your Writing Speed and Quality Simultaneously | Jeff Goins

Why do one at a time when you can do both? Do you do NaNoWrimo?

How to Stay Creative in a Distracted World | Copyblogger

That’s me! I’m distracted! But I want to be creative.

10 Facebook Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season | Social Media Examiner

From content calendars to stunning visuals, we all need a little extra help standing out in such a busy time of year.

The powerful seduction of ‘powerless’ | Seth’s Blog

“knowing that we can connect, publish, inspire, lead, build, describe, invent, encourage and (especially) teach, means that there’s no one better than us and no time like right now.” YES YES YES!!

What’s caught your eye this week?

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