As a global company we thrive on exporting around the world. We are always delighted when we succeed in new markets and welcome working more in the African continent in 2016-2017 with our network developing in Nigeria and elsewhere. We already have equipment in Angola operating with leading oil and gas EPCs and now pleased to add marine servicing companies to this. The success of our products has enabled us to expand over 108 countries and now we have managed to provide support to our customers directly where our devices are being used.

For more information about our support please refer to our distributors page.

The Rise of Coltraco

For many years Coltraco only manufactured 2 – 3 ultrasonic products. Out of these limited products, Portalevel and Portascanner gradually became world leaders. The Portalevel became famous for its remarkable results as an ultrasonic level indicator (of fire suppression systems). On the other hand, the Portascanner gained worldwide fame for being a flawless device when used for hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. Equipped with the latest ultrasonic technology, it became the very object to replace the traditional leak detection methods for ships hatch covers, Naval cable transit areas, offshore oil & gas watertight doors and scuttles respectively.
A Glimpse of the World Famous Portalevel

Here we introduce you the contents of packaging of our renowned ultrasonic level indicator
Dry Sensor

A standard sensor for all land based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of ax cable and a BNC connector.

An infrared thermometer comes as standard. Designed with portability in-mind, this device is intended for monitoring cylinders in warm climates.
Main Unit

The main unit is protected a IP65 Enclosure and weighs just 500 grams. It has a LCD Numeric Display with LED Bar Graph and 4 touch button controls.
Ultrasonic Gel

Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent for increasing the surface contact of the Sensor. Coltraco sensors have also been designed to work with water.
Extension Rod (Optional)

The Multi-Banked Extension rod comes as standard with the all Portalevel MAX Marine models. It is designed for testing the rows of CO2 cylinders 3-4 deep

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