gfhgvfghfd posted an update &quot ;Guangdong Province in 2010 junior middle school history and the society teachers &quot ;the teaching design of Yuan Science and technology and maritime trade review of the third class Longgang school Wang Qian ,moncler outlet,curriculum standard: 3m3 examples of cultural dissemination ways ,to understand the history of cultural exchanges between different regions .

4m1 lists history representative the invention of science and technology ,knowledge of how they are to promote the progress of history .5M3 to select specific examples, demonstrating the contribution of women in the history of women ,understand the significance of 6m3 from political economy, culture and other aspects ,to illustrate a specific historical period, the Chinese civilization to the world civilization .

The outstanding contribution ( Times New Roman ,No. four paragraph indention ,moncler,2 characters) ,moncler,two teaching objectives: 1 ,knowledge and ability: students are able to know the four great inventions of ancient China and its meaning; understanding of song and Yuan Dynasties of China Science and technology development ;to understand Chinese Song Dynasty maritime trade prosperous situation.

Students can review the consolidation of previously learned knowledge ,2 focus .Process and method :through the analysis of material ,students can exercise the ability of analyzing the materials ;through identify the images ,pictures, students can acquire knowledge Drawing ability.

Through the current material practice ,students are able to exercise a comprehensive analysis of material ,and to use the knowledge to infer historical phenomenon ability. 3 ,emotion ,attitude and values : through the study of Song Dynasty China leading technology and maritime trade prosperous situation ,cultivate students national pride and pride of &quot how to face the international competition of China ;&quot ;problem discussion ,training students in reading for the sense of responsibility and mission.

Three ,the focus and difficulty of teaching .( No. four ,Arial BOLD ) teaching emphasis :( 1) and guide students to master the four invention and its significance. ( 2) and guide students to master the Silk Road on the sea in Yuan Dynasty ,and open to the outside world .

Teaching difficulties: ( 1) to guide the students to recognize the Song Yuan period is the ancient Chinese science and technology development of the peak. ( 2) to improve the students analysis ability ,teaching material four .

( No. four ,Arial BOLD ) 1 ,teachers lead students review :clues from summer to clear cues ,while simple emphasis on Knowledge :①establishmenttime ,founder of the Xia Shang ?The cultural achievements of the Western Zhou Dynasty ?Three system ?The spring and autumn and the Warring States time ,characteristics of the Qin Dynasty ?Time ,founder ,Characteristics of the two systems and the Sui Dynasty ?The Grande Canale ?The Tang emperor and 3 ,the Southern Song Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty prosperity ?S regime of ethnic antagonism :memory ,students answer ( design intent :to consolidate the key knowledge in students ,implements the historical clues ) 1 ,import new lesson .

The teacher :PPT produce material &quot ;three things have changed the face of the whole world and state ,the first is the word ,second is at war ,third in sailing. It also produced numerous change ,this kind of change is so big ,not even an empire ,not a denomination, not a having a great reputation .

Can the ratio of these three mechanical inventions in the human cause to produce more power and influence of.Mm Francis Bacon &quot &quot ;questions ;mentioned in article three of the invention are what? &quot ;students reading material :analysis ,answer the questions ( design intent :to train the students ability of materials ,at the same time,http://www.piuminimonclernb.com, the introduction of new courses teaching ,teacher-student interaction activity ) 2 :( a ) the four great inventions of teachers :on four great inventions ,PPT show a picture of a compass ,printing the development process are emphasized .

Student :answer ,doudoune monlcer,memorization ( design intent :to students ,the implementation of the priority Teacher knowledge :PPT &quot ) show songs ;granny Huang ,Huang mother-in-law ,teach me to teach me cloth ,yarn ,the bobbin two horsepower .

&quot two questions in a ballad ;&quot ;Huang mother-in-law &quot ;mean? She made what kind of contribution ?Student :answer ,memorization ( design intent :to students ,implement teacher :key knowledge ) to produce a material &quot ;the European Renaissance period four great invention incoming ,to the formation of the modern world ,has played a significant role.

The invention of gunpowder ,eliminate the feudal system ,established the national institution .The invention ,led to the discovery of the Americas. Paper and printing for religion reform and opening a new way, and to promote public education possible .

&quot ;mm American scholar Carter &quot ;question analysis material, respectively, about four big invention ?Student :reading ,analysis ,four groups answer .( design intent :exercise ,students analyze materials ,cooperative learning ability .

) :&quot teachers questions ;in the song and Yuan Dynasties, is China development of the peak, the Chinese civilization is the pinnacle of world civilization ,and today the level of science and technology in China in the developed countries there is still a wide gap .

The face of increasingly fierce international competition ,how should we do ?( from the country And two individual answer ) &quot ;students :reading ,analysis ,four groups answer .( design intent :exercise ,students analyze materials ,cooperative learning activities .

) ( two) the Silk Road at sea ( transition ) teacher : with the compass application ,navigation technology improves ,the song and Yuan Dynasties, the sea trade flourished ,Chinese and foreign merchant ships travel in the ocean, formed the famous &quot ;Maritime Silk Road &quot ;.

Teacher: I &quot ;Maritime Silk Road &quot ;map ,lead the students familiar with the route ,and the route location tagging ,emphasizing on knowledge of history ,were reviewed .Emphasis geographical knowledge test are: Taiwan Island.

Taiwan Strait ,South China Sea ,Pacific ,Malacca Strait ,India Peninsula ,India ocean ,the Persian Gulf ,the Strait of Hormuz ,half of Arabia Island ,the Red Sea ,Mediterranean Sea .Suez canal ,moncler.

That historical knowledge point :ancient India ,digital Arabia ,caste system ,Buddhism ,ancient Babylon , code of Hammurabi ,Islam ,Arabia Empire , Arabian Nights ,ancient Egypt ,Pyramid ,solar calendar students : look at the pictures ,memories ,answer ( design intent :to consolidate the Knowledge ,training students ability to identify the images of teachers show ) :&quot &quot ;the Silk Road ;the map ,lead the students familiar with the route ,and the route location tagging ,emphasizing on knowledge of history ,were reviewed .

Emphasis knowledge test are: Changan ,Dunhuang ,Yumen Pass ,the Yumen Pass ,the western regions ( ,the west,http://www.doudounemonclerofficialstore.com, including Xinjiang ,Central Asia ) ,ancient Rome ( Qin ) ,Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ,Zhang Qian ( design intent :to consolidate the knowledge ,train the students ability to identify the images ) ,3 class .

Teacher :under the learning material ,the content of the course are integrated in a material ,on the the student was investigated. Current affairs materials :&quot ;December 22, 2007, deep in the sea more than 800 years of the Southern Song Dynasty ancient ship &quot ;Nanhai &quot ;successful whole salvaging .

Nanhai No.1 ,30.4 meters long ,9.8 meters wide ,the cabin preservation for a total of 60000 ~8 million. Value of more than $100 billion . In recent years ,in the the southeast coastal areas of China ,there have been in the song and Yuan Dynasties ancient wreck was found ,and in these ancient boat ,found a large number of porcelains of song and Yuan Dynasty .

&quot ;questions :(1 ) to lower the discovery of the sunken ship ,evidence of the history of our country in addition to an onshore the Silk Road &quot ;&quot ;.Outside, there is a .( 2) an ancient shipwreck in the unearthed a large number of ancient porcelain ,moncler,with the ancient Chinese ceramics manufacturing industry development, to the Song Dynasty ,Chinese ceramics through this sea route are sold to countries ,therefore ,this road is also known as.

( 3) according to the knowledge of history ,on the ancient shipwrecks of the following circumstances :①wasreasonable to infer that boat sailing ,depending on what direction ?② whenboat sailing, may use what weapons to ward off the pirates ?The boat on the books ,what material ,what type of printed ?④whenboat crew may wear what cloth ?Student :on the basis of knowledge ,http://www.doudounemonclernb.com,analysis of the material ,to recall knowledge ,answer ( design intent :summary of the course content ,students migration ability .

) five ,teaching design :1 ,course analysis: this class is a grade nine senior high school entrance examination review stage of basic knowledge of reviewing process class, content during the song and Yuan Dynasties for science and technology and maritime trade in two parts ,Song Yuan Science and technology introduces the four major inventions and cotton textile technology, maritime trade, mainly introduces the &quot ,http://www.moncleroutletespaccio.com;Maritime Silk Road &quot ;and the opening of the Silk Road on the land of the content.

In the Yuan Dynasty to illustrate the opening and communication situation. 2 ,analysis of the students of grade nine students :the part of the contents of a certain understanding, but since eight grade learned content ,have been accidental ,need to pass this class with the teacher sort out the knowledge points ,and contact in front of review content ,further consolidate ,improve ,to review the knowledge and improve ability.

Three ,teacher-student interaction ,classroom summary :four hot current affairs materials summary ,the integration of knowledge ability ,activity 2 ( two ) Marine Silk Road 1 ,activity

(a ) four great inventions of the four great inventions of a mm material analysis clue :review ,summer two ,Xia Jinyuan mm Liao and Song Dynasties new class inducts science and maritime

trade review lesson 3 ,teaching structure and technology and maritime trade review lesson one ,cues review :Summer mm Liao Song Xiajin yuan two ,new class inducts the MM four composite

analysis of three ,1 ,teacher-student interaction activity ( a ) four in the invention ,2 activities ( two) Marine Silk Road four ,summary :topical material summary ,the integration

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