Sept 25 2013 at 7:40pm I noticed the same bright light hovering over Scarborough near Eglinton ave and Markham rd as i reported to mufon case # 51067 on sept 24 2013.
The object repeated the same pattern as I reported sept 24th 2013 ,
Tonight was a little different I decided watch the skies at 7:30pm to see what direction the object came from.
One minute nothing was there then a cloud past and there if was.
The object sat there for less then an hour and started to move west.
I took a couple of pics and a video of the light in the sky before it got dark.
I also noticed what looked like a flare coming from the sky not from the object.
The flare like object look like a out of control fire work also white in color.
3 days in a row I've seen this object .
Lets see if it comes back again tomorrow.
If you live in Scarborough near Eglinton ave and markham rd look south west for the brightest light in the sky and wait until 8:25pm and you should see it move west towards the DVP.

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