As Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) were set to debate health care on CNN Tuesday night, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) decided that his Republican colleague needed some encouragement.

Lee tweeted the following to Cruz:

The video shows a shaky cam, first person, perspective of Lee climbing the ladder of his bookshelf and grabbing a book. The book is titled The Benefits of Socialism. Once Lee gets back down to his desk, he starts to flip the book open, just to find the pages blank.

The hype for the debate between Cruz and Sanders is astronomical. The two have totally different philosophies. Sanders advocates for socialism, and Cruz advocates for free markets and limited government. The thought of watching the two drastically different points of view spar promises a hot debate.

Health care is currently a hot button topic. The broken system of Obamacare was one of President Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises; he promised a full repeal very quickly after entering office. Recently, Trump admitted that a repeal and replacement may not occur until next week.

(H/T: The Blaze)

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