You can renew your domain by contacting your Domain Provider.

Some Domain Providers will allow your domain to “auto-renew”.   This means that when the domain comes up for renewal, you do not have to go through the renewal procedure manually.   If domain is critical to your business, it is a very good idea to have the domain set to renew automatically each year.  You should contact your Domain Provider to discuss this option.

You can also renew a domain already with Tucows/OpenSRS by making a transfer to another Domain Provider.  This should only be used if you’re unable to contact your current Domain Provider, possess the Authorization Code for the domain name, as well as have the domain name unlocked.

Most types of domain names are renewed when you transfer the domain name from another Registrar.  Ask your Domain Provider if the domain will be renewed when you transfer the domain to them.  In some situations you may need to make a separate renewal with the new Domain Provider.

If you have a .UK domain name, please contact the person or company who instructed you to change your IPS tag to TUCOWS-CA.   They can renew the domain name by placing a “transfer request” for your domain.

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