The Moga seduction occurrence not usually shook a whole nation, though also exposes a a predicament of women in India.

Team iamin interacted with some of a students of dual girls’ college in a district – FC Girls’ College located in a Hisar city centre, and a Government Girls’ College on Delhi highway – to know how protected it is for them to transport from their home to a college.

iamin quite chose these dual colleges as seduction cases are common in these areas.

Due to miss of colleges in their areas, many girls from far-off villages and towns have to come to a city to pursue aloft studies. There are 3 universities and 6 colleges in Hisar, out of that dual are girls’ colleges.

About 1,500 students investigate in these dual colleges, and many of them have come from villages. The Haryana Roadways or a private buses are a usually means of transport for these students.

These colleges are 1-3 km divided from a categorical Hisar Bus Stand. FC Girls’ College is partially safer as a highway from a train mount to a college stays bustling due to a markets in a area. However, as distant as Government Girls’ College is concerned, students have to cranky a 500-meter prolonged forlorn widen that starts from a Delhi bypass.

Sita, a second year tyro of BA module of Government Girls’ College, says, “Everyday, when we transport from Mirzapur encampment by bus, many people take advantage of a throng and hurt us. And there is a widen of half a kilometre prolonged where we won’t find any military masculine or confidence guard, some group conscious mount on this approach usually to harass us.”

Sushila who studies in a same college and comes from Niyana encampment shares, “There are no indifferent seats for women in buses that give a masculine passengers a event to hurt us. When we get down from a bus, masculine students station on a highway side will pass licentious comments on us.”

This is one of a reasons because many relatives don’t send their daughters to college, claims Sushila.

Sunita and Jyoti of a FC College direct special buses for lady passengers and wish confidence crew to be deployed on a forlorn stretch.

According to Sunita Gupta, Principal, Government Girls’ College, “Government can usually arrange confidence personnels and PCR vans though a problem lies low within a society. It’s not probable to watch each man’s action, therefore conditions will frequency change until and unless a mindset of a people changes. People should lift their voice opposite this issue.”

Sharing a same opinion, Nisha Bhatia, principal of FC College, says, “Incidents of seduction are augmenting with each flitting day, though there is no growth in terms of Law Order. And what to speak about if a girls are not even protected in their homes? We always learn a girls, what to wear and how to wear though we never tell a same to a boys. It’s time that we start training boys to honour woman, and it has to start within a family.”

However, Hisar’s Superintendent of Police Satendra Gupta claims that a city military is holding despotic movement to understanding with seduction cases in a city.

He says, “Our PCR keeps patrolling all day prolonged in all tools of Hisar. We have done a group of 40 staffs, generally dedicated to this means and such cases are rubbed on priority basis.”

But is it probable for a group of 40 staffers to keep an eye on a whole Hisar?

This is a translated copy. Read a strange story here: http://www.iamin.in/en/hisar/news/did-hissar-learn-any-lesson-moga-incident-59283

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