Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell was elected the new Miss America 2016 to win the coveted prize and the title of the most beautiful in America. I'm still in shock, so I do not know else to say except thank you said the girl to reporters immediately after the coronation. The victory of the 21 year old model from Warner Robins, however, was to say the least obscured by a long controversy during the broadcast last night where has returned to the event Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1984, who gave up the throne because of a nude photo shoot she had taken. I want to apologize for what was said and done said the patron of the event and president of Sam Haskell.

Miss America is a competition that rewards young women from fifty states and two of the four territories of the United States of America with scholarships. The winner of the first prize is invested with the title of Miss America ​​for a whole year. The parade began as a beauty contest in 1921, but now the organizers prefer to avoid using this term, at least since the parades in swimsuit and in evening dress affect, overall, only thirty-five percent of the total points used to judge the competitors.

The first parade was held in Atlantic City, in New Jersey, and the next you are always held in this city in September of each year until 2004 except for the 2000, when it was celebrated on October 14. In January 2006 the competition was moved to its current headquarters in Las Vegas, in Nevada. The competition, in fact, looks like a "school" and the main prizes for the winner and the immediate consist of scholarships to institutions of their choice.

The project grants of Miss America, with its federal, state and local levels, is the largest program in the world of financial support to the study of young women annually allocates over 45 million dollars in cash and scholarships.

Since most of the competitors has already graduated from a college , or is about to achieve it, many of them use the prize money to attend graduate school or professional school or to pay off their debts to the studies already made.

Usually, the premium is sufficient to address fully the studies even when confined to the stage or state of local competition. Miss America 2007 was held at Aladdin Resort and Casino (now renamed Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino ) on January 29, a Monday. It is the first time that the parade takes place not in the traditional Saturday night.

On 30 March 2007, the broadcaster Country Music Television announced that it will be more full of TV coverage of the event. The organization has been for several months in search of a new television channel for the transmission of the parade until the agreement with the issuer TLC, which also marked the return of Saturday night as the final evening of the event.

The parade and the live broadcast, which marked the coronation of Kirsten Haglund , took place Saturday January 26, 2008. Miss America is connected with a variety of smaller programs across the United States.

Select individual competitions at the local city or county, their representatives such as, for example Miss Mobile that are sent to participate in parades state in the example Miss Alabama. The winners of the various parades state and parades of Miss District of Columbia and Miss Virgin Islands compete for the title of Miss America at the annual national competition. Miss Virgin Islands participated for the first time in 2004. Currently, it is expected to elect a Miss Puerto Rico or Miss Guam which is valid for the national competition.

A form of social engagement became a requirement of the competitors of Miss America, from the parade of 1989. Programs promoted by former Miss America included the research and prevention of AIDS, research on diabetes, as well as campaigns for veterans homeless , against domestic violence , to encourage teenagers to volunteer, and to help patients cancer in the terminal phase.

During the test, Evening , the contestant is asked a random question, taken from a predetermined list, to which he must respond on stage without having had a chance to prepare. The questions focus on current and generally relate to the great events going on. The test application assesses the interest with which the candidate follows the great record and its ability to form an opinion of the essential facts. The Question about the stage changes the total score for the 5 percent.

A costume section newspaper was introduced in Miss America 2003 and was later borrowed by various competitions related to state and local level and since 2006 has been abolished and is not currently in use at any level of competition. In the test Evening , the competitor is judged by the way in which wearing the dress and parade around the stage. Evidence Evening worth 20 points out of a hundred.

In the test Swimsuit candidate parading on stage in costume and high heels. The contest Miss America sets minimum standards of decorum to which the swimsuit must be complied with. The judgment, in this part of the competition, focuses on physical fitness, the gait and posture. Until recent years, the competitors were required to wear identical swimsuits classics. Recently, the organization gives the competitors the opportunity to choose the less opaque two-piece costumes, bikinis or swimsuits more fashionable. In 1996 , the contest held a tele-voting to ask the audience if they wanted that evidence Costume should continue or not. The 87 percent of spoke in favor of keeping. The influence of the test Costume score aspiring Miss is 15 percent.

In the competition reserved to Private interview each contestant converses with the judges on a variety of topics, from the frivolous to the most serious political and social issues. The competitor receives a score based on the goodness of speech, cultural staff, the range of vocabulary and self-mastery. This competition is less known to the general public of the other because, unlike the other four, does not take place on the stage of a theater and is generally transmitted by television. Private Interview accounts for 25 per cent on the total score of the candidate.

Miss Universe never ceases to amaze between participants and emotional leg deadlifts supermodel, are staged also national costumes sometimes embarrassing of the preliminary show. Feathers by majestic tropical parrots, waterfalls rhinestones, applications and a perpetually unstable equilibrium between I see and do not see.

But you know, Miss Universe 2015 could not be less than ever before, so the show prior to this year, saw the contestants dress up the usual extravagant national clothes, many of which are worthy of going up on the wagons of the Carnival in Rio.

Oh yes, because the international event, which sees aspiring to the title slide in elegant evening dresses, showing the perfection of its forms thanks to the catwalk in swimwear and answer the questions of the jury to show that in addition to the leg's more (forgive us if we quote Gio Ringing in this post), also has its own little moment trash with the preliminary ceremony, made ​​of highly original costumes and anything but sober (10+ Miss Venezuela in the tweet below that chose the fluorescent yellow color not to go unnoticed).

Then you will be pleased to know that the organizing team, I do not pay the publication of videos and photos with the Miss dressed up, also has the sly habit of pouring out to interested viewers and sailors of the official website, a contest via social network to vote clothes most beautiful.

For the fifth year rewarded by the public have been Miss Universe Argentina, a bit Xena: Warrior Princess and a little Araba Fenice, Miss Universe Canada, in version Marie Antoinette tempered with a passion for ice hockey, Miss Universe Germany who honored the fall of the Berlin Wall with a cloak theme, Miss Universe India with much laying goddess Khali and Miss Universe Indonesia, who for their own costumes took inspiration from Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO heritage site.

Sunday, January 25th the world will know which of the finalists will be crowned Queen of the Universe. Miss Colombia Paulina Vega was crowned Miss Universe, chosen among 88 competitors. Miss USA Nia Sanchez and Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha have conquered the places of honor in the competition that was held in Miami.

Paulina Vega, 22, and Barranquilla and and a student of business administration. After her selection she said that the Miss Universe contest and the first in which she participated, and will be the last as she plans to return to her studies. The winner and the grandson of a famous tenor, Gaston Vega. In recent days, had said that' it would be a dream to represent today's woman. A woman not only careful to be beautiful and attractive, but also professional, intelligent and hard-working.

Miss Universe is a beauty pageant organized by the Miss Universe Organization. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, followed each year by approximately 600 million viewers. Born in California in 1952, the contest is currently managed by American tycoon Donald Trump, who has acquired the rights in 1996. Miss World is one of the beauty pageants most famous and important. It was founded in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in 1951. Since his death in 2000, the competition has passed into the hands of his wife Morley, Julia Morley.

The competition was founded in 1952 together with that of Miss USA, created by the line of swimsuits Catalina who had terminated the sponsorship deal with the competition of Miss America last year. The event is now a great response from the public and participation so as to become a real televised annual event since 1955. In 1960 the American television network CBS bought the rights to the programming of the competition and then sell them to the NBC only in the 2003. Miss Universe has now become by far the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world and famous.

The format of the competition has undergone small changes over the years. Currently, candidates spend an average of 4 weeks in the host usually in summer attending galas, events and meetings with the public. The 15 semi-finalists are chosen during a preliminary competition, which was held a few days before the final night. This preliminary competition is divided into three categories interview with the judges discuss with each candidate to test general knowledge, personal projects and aspirations, parade in swimsuits often a sponsor of the lines and parade in evening gown chosen and procured by the applicant in its sole discretion.

The two parades are held consecutively in the same evening, a day or two after the round of interviews. The Trump Organization, the current owners of the competition, 6 of the semi-finalists selected by the judges independently. In past years, the number of semi-finalists has varied, but there were never less than 10 years with more than 20 semi-finalists or the night of the final, the semi-finalists are announced during the live broadcast, and must then compete in swimsuit or dress evening the format now appears in alternate years.

The 10 contestants with the highest scores advance and after another round of competition, the 5 finalists are selected. The final result is determined by a round of questions and answers between the judges and competitors with the general impression on the performance and beauty of the individual competitor. The judges of the final is always different from the preliminary judges.

The photogenic award Miss Photogenic deserves attention separately assigned in the past by the photographers involved in the coverage of the event, is now instead voted directly by the public via the Internet. As a result, the year of change in the rules the prize went four times in succession to the representative of Puerto Rico and three times that of the Philippines , both countries known for their extreme attachment to beauty contests.

The role of Miss Universe after the election is especially linked to the charity. The organization of the competition supports causes such as the fight against AIDS and Miss Universe fails to amass millions and millions of dollars each year to spare. In addition, the winner travels the world participating in different types of events beauty contests, openings, top, visits to hospitals or troops abroad and so on that is requested or must appear in the contract. Along with the victory, Miss Universe wins a scholarship for two years at the New York Film Academy worth $ 100,000, a salary for the duration of the license, a large collection of clothes, swimsuits, evening gowns , shoes and beauty products and many other prizes including free stay in a luxury apartment in the Trump Tower in New York.

Each year the competition is regularly one of the most watched television events in the world, with an audience estimated at between 600 and 900 million viewers in 90 countries. The event is particularly popular in South America, especially in countries such as Colombia, the Brazil and especially Venezuela, where beauty contests are part of the national culture and national representatives are subjected to a preparation.

In the past, winners of the competition from these countries have become veritable national heroines finding fame and great response from the public, until you have a life even exemptions from taxes. The competition, in contrast, is a little later in Europe and European competitors have historically had less success, particularly in recent decades. To date, excluding the Russian Oxana Fedorova for his disqualification, the last European to win the title was the Norwegian Mona Grudt in 1990.

The United States is the country with the best results of all: 8 American women candidates won the crown more than any other country and only four from 1952 to date have failed to advance to the semifinals. This is due to the fact that the Miss USA crown every year beauties of the highest level in addition to the fact that the sizes of Miss USA and Miss Universe are identical and the national competition will automatically prepare the winner for the international one. In contrast, the majority of beauty pageants in Europe are structured in a less organic, without preliminary competitions, parades to score or interviews.

Along with the competitions rival Miss Universe and Miss Earth , Miss World is one of the most publicized beauty contests in the world. The beauty contest Miss World started as a contest of bikini , in honor of the recent launch of the swimsuit , but was renamed Miss World by the mass media . It was initially planned as a single event, but following the fashion of Miss Universe was decided to repeat it annually. However, in subsequent years, the bikini was replaced by swimsuits. In 1959 , the BBC began broadcasting television in the event, increasing greatly the popularity of the event.

In the eighties the competition lost appeal on the audience, and they tried with the slogan Beauty with a purpose the competitors, as well as parade had to undergo texts of intelligence and personality. Nevertheless, the competition was considered out of fashion and not Politically correct in the UK. It was during these years that for a short time the contest was owned by Transworld Communications . Before the competition will be re-broadcast on television will have to wait until 1998 when Channel 5 began to transmit Miss World.

Eric Morley died with the advent of the new millennium and the post of organizer of the competition was taken over by his wife Julia.The new millennium also saw the first win Miss World Africa, Agbani Darego, in 2001. As part of a new strategy of marketing Miss World launches television special You decide, which displays the competitors in the behind the scenes of the competition and in some moments of everyday life, and the viewer is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite through televoting.

In 2002 the final of the competition will be held in Abuja , capital of Nigeria. It is a very controversial choice, because in the days of the competition a Nigerian woman, Amina Lawal, was waiting to be executed in accordance with local, for committing adultery . The organization of Miss World took advantage of the world-shaking event to turn the attention of the media also of Amina.

Miss Earth is an annual beauty pageant promoter of environmental consciousness. Along with Miss Universe and Miss World , Miss Earth is one of the three largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of number of nations by the finalists, as well as one of the most publicized contests by the media. The holder of the title of Miss Earth dedicates his year of kingdom to promote environmental projects and to address issues relating to the ecology.

Since 2006, the Miss Earth contest has begun to host the title Champion of the Earth of the United Nations Program for the Environment , an annual award established in 2005 by the United Nations to reward a political world that has distinguished itself by its commitment to the environmental cause. Since its inception the competition has always been organized by the company Carousel Production of Manila , through the Miss Earth Foundation.

Annual event, starting in 2005, attended by about eighty countries around the world. The competitors must be at least eighteen years old, and not more than twenty-six. As for Miss Universe, the delegates compete through three phases: parade in swimsuit parade in evening gown and interview. The interviews with the candidates revolve around environmental issues. One who is proclaimed the winner gets the title of Miss Earth, and become a spokesperson and ambassador for the foundation, as well as a promoter of environmental causes around the world. Normally, the competition is held during the last quarter of the year, and is organized in the Philippines .

In the early years of the competition from 2001 to 2003, were chosen during the race ten semi-finalists, increased from 2004 to sixteen. These sixteen are further reduced to eight finalists, and then to four, from which the last two are selected and finally the winner of the competition. The winner will be crowned Miss Earth, other finalists receive securities linked to the elements natural Miss Fire (fourth place), Miss Water (third place) and Miss Air (runner-up).

Until now, only one Miss Earth has been dethroned: Džejla Glavović in 2002 was in fact replaced by the runner Winfred Omwakwe. Among the rules of the competition is expected that in the case that the defending champion is no longer able to perform their duties and obligations as Miss Earth, the holder of the title of Miss Air will take its place.

Miss India or Femina Miss India is a beauty contest women which takes place annually in India, one of the most famous in the world for being selected in the nineties of the future winner of numerous international competitions such as Miss Universe or Miss World. The competition is organized by Femina, a women's magazine published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

In 2007, the organizers of Femina Miss India have eliminated the finals of the competition, deciding that the competition was won by the top three equally so that they represented the India at Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

In the 2010 Miss India lost the rights to the franchise for Miss Universe, Miss India and the third winner is sent to represent their country at Miss International. India has not participated in the Miss Universe for ten years from 1953 to 1963. A separate competition, I Am She Miss Universe India was created in 2010 to select delegates for the Indian competition.

Gurgaon girl Aditi Arya an Indian model and beauty pageant titleholder was crowned Femina Miss India World 2015. Aafreen Rachel Vaz, Vartika Singh is Femina Miss India 2015 runner-up.

Old Mr. Rai sets his amateur detective RK Raju (Kishore Kumar), to search for a married couple from teachers and teacher for his school. At the same time continue to look for Lakshmi, the daughter of the Rais, who disappeared many years ago Raju. A teacher-couples seem soon found: Miss Mary (Meena Kumari) and Arun (Gemini Ganesan). The Rai's Set without suspecting that they are not married: Arun is an unemployed person who has the listing has towards Miss Mary, the daughter of an old Christian-married couple, asked his wife, to play, so that they both get the jobs. The work is both fast fun, even if the cohabitation certainly causes problems.

When the young Sita (Jamuna) of a wealthy family in Arun dance and singing lessons takes growing in Mary's jealousy. Meena Kumari is known for its powerful images of suffering Hindu women. All the better to see them in one of her few roles where it is not plagued by martyrdom and self-doubt, but must play with relish her ​​comedic talent. Miss Mary, an Indian brand of Anastasia theme, is compared to movies like Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam or Pakeezah course banal material, but not weaker. Kumaris exchange between arrogant cocky gestures schmollendem view and Freud full laughter alone is a reason to see the film, because it copes with everything easily with flying colors.

At her side fade the men, including the real star, Gemini Ganesan, but also his witty scenes has. Kishore Kumar amused as well, including a scene in which he fails at an audition. All the more funny because Kumar was one of the few Bollywood stars who could also sing and vocal career even overshadowed the team career in his case. For this trio are joined by excellent supporting cast, which take over the dashing spirit of the film impeccably and carry 141 minutes.

In the last half hour director LV Prasad would (once starred as an actor in the first sound films of languages ​​Hindi, Tamil and Telugu), the pace must increase slightly. The final itself is indeed jagged vonstatten, but before items are only repeated that have already been treated enough after two hours running time. That a variety of songs is consecutively recorded densely, the pace not just increases. The songs themselves are all well, and I'll probably never mutate to a great fan of the classic Hindi film music of the 30s-50s. But that's just my problem and should not prevent, take this delicious, dazzling played and freshly staged comedy in your collection you. It is worthwhile in any case! And if only for Meena looks.

The Pink Panther 2 is a comedy film directed by Harald Zwart and among others starring Steve Martin and Jean Reno. The film follows the story of the film of 2006 The Pink Panther. The film was released in US cinema circuit on 13 February 2009. The Magna Carta, the Shroud of Turin and the Imperial Sword of Kyoto are stolen by a mysterious thief who calls himself Tornado. To retrieve the precious loot and ensure the criminal to justice, the British, Italians and the Japanese are organizing a Super Team International.

Fearing that the Tornado can also steal the Pink Panther, the French Government to participate in the super team also Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin), Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus in preference also (John Cleese). Clouseau goes to the airport, just comes out officially from France, is announced on television that Tornado stole the Pink Panther. Arrived on the scene of the theft, Inspector Clouseau meets the other members of the super team: Chief Inspector English Randall Pepperidge (Alfred Molina), the inspector Vincenzo Brancaleone (Andy Garcia) and the Japanese Mazuto Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki) technology expert.

With the help of the Indian criminologist Solandres Sonia (Aishwarya Rai), the super-team leaves for Rome to begin the investigation and arrest the thief Tornado. In Rome, in the splendid Villa Falconieri in Frascati, the super team interrogates Alonso Avellaneda (Jeremy Irons), the first suspect them; Meanwhile Tornado also steals the ring of the Pope. The surveys are characterized by oddities and gaffes of Inspector Clouseau, who is eventually even turned away from the Super Team, but eventually these will just solve the case by discovering the identity of unsuspecting Tornado.

A first screenplay was written by Scott Neustadter and Michael M. Weber in November 2006. The screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel drew up a new script in January 2007 on the direction of the studies of production Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The starting date of processing has been scheduled in February 2007 for distribution during 2008 ; but because of a strike took place in Montreal at the same time there have been problems with the start of filming.

The release date of the film was scheduled during the months of stop for February 13 2009. Filming began August 20 2007 in Paris (France) and continued on November 2 2007 in September places in the metropolis American of Boston. The director of The Pink Panther Shawn Levy due to work commitments was hired as executive producer, and the director was then headed by Harald Zwart.

The Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was the first actress to join the cast, she was chosen for the role of Sonia Solandres. In the part of the Chief Inspector Dreyfus, was hired John Cleese and Kevin Kline, who starred in The Pink Panther. Among the last players to enter into bargaining there were Jean Reno in the role of Ponton and Emily Mortimer in the part of Nicole.

Son of the Pink Panther is a film of 1993 directed by Blake Edwards , the last chapter in the saga of the original Pink Panther. The film stars Roberto Benigni in the role of the illegitimate son of the famous Inspector Clouseau. Appear also actors Herbert Lom , Burt Kwouk , Graham Stark and the star of the original film of 1963, Claudia Cardinale . It was the last film to which collaborated Blake Edwards and the composer Henry Mancini ; Edwards retired as a director, and Mancini died the following year.

The film was poorly at the box office and bad reviews from critics, the latter believe that the series of Pink Panther had now had its day. The film also had to represent the consecration of Roberto Benigni internationally, and instead cost the actor nominated for a Razzie Award as Worst newcomer.

On the French Riviera is kidnapped the daughter of a king Arabic: Princess Yasmine. The case is assigned to the illegitimate son of ' Inspector Clouseau : Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli (played by Roberto Benigni ), which proves identical to his father, a nature disaster. The terrorists are going to use the hostage as bait to groped a coup in Saudi and the European police of France , still controlled by the historian Commissioner Dreyfus, just recovered from the last almost fatal breakdown with Jacques Clouseau, is doing everything to solve the case.

The inspector Gambrelli has many similarities with the distant parent is very messy but also very fond of the culture of China , as long as the parent has a companion of karate that assaults every time he comes home. One evening when Gambrelli not intent to carry out its investigations, although it was several times attacked by unknown assailants emerged unscathed thanks to his carelessness, Gambrelli back to his home by his mother Mary, secretly courted by Dreyfus. Unfortunately a bomb is placed in the living room and the victim will suffer the explosion will be just Dreyfus who begins to get suspicious of the strange and clumsy conduct of Gabrielli, returning the victim of his delusions of persecution that had during the years of service with Clouseau.

Finally got to know about the hideout of the terrorists with the princess, Gambrelli seems to have arrived at the terminus of the case, however, is captured and can only be saved by a stroke of luck, since it was drugged. Gambrelli hospital is again heard news about the new hideout of the kidnappers and he went to the airport, not without creating havoc in the wards and especially new burnouts and nervous breakdowns poor Dreyfus. Entered the plane of terrorists headed for Saudi, Gambrelli is taken prisoner again but managed to save himself by appealing to his carelessness.

This time, however, Jacques Gambrelli is not willing to lose its prey a second time and so chasing the helicopter until you get to a building bunkers. Here you will unleash a violent battle, but with the ability to Gambrelli and his Japanese friend terrorists will all be killed or captured. Back in freedom Yasmine does reward the inspector Gambrelli with the medal of honor, while Charles Dreyfus, just released from the hospital discovers, marrying Maria, that Jacques has a twin sister ( Nicoletta Braschi, identical to her father as well.

This was the first Pink Panther film made ​​after a decade, and was the second of two unsuccessful attempts to continue the series after the death of Peter Sellers , the first interpreter of Inspector Clouseau. Designed as a revival of the original series, the initial plan was to continue with Roberto Benigni what had been left with Sellers. Son of the Pink Panther was a failure both critical and box office, proving once again how the legacy Sellers would be too great. Benigni was not the first choice for the lead role. Kevin Kline, Rowan Atkinson, Gérard Depardieu and Tim Curry were all considered before Benigni got the part.

The budget of 28 million dollars for the film was divided between the MGM and Filmauro of Aurelio De Laurentiis . The shooting left on June 8, 1992 and ended 14 months later, and were made ​​to Pinewood Studios and in the county of Jordan. The animation sequence with the Pink Panther that opens the film cost an estimated sum of $ 1 million. The sequence was made ​​by Desert Music Pictures . At the end of the collection of the film failed to cover the cost of construction, for which he was considered a financial failure.

This was the last film of the Pink Panther to be directed by Blake Edwards; was also the last film in the career of Edwards. The series was revived in 2006 with a reboot that got the biggest hits at the box office, The Pink Panther with Steve Martin in the role of Inspector Clouseau. Was also created a sequel in 2009, The Pink Panther 2 , again with Steve Martin in the role of Clouseau.

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