I started writing the dress code for women posts because I search for it when I am visiting a country for the first time. I disagreed with some of what I read after visiting a destination, so I decided to do my own series. Here is what I observed about the dress code for women in Philippines.

My thoughts are based on a 10 day trip to Philippines where I visited Manila and Boracay. How I interpret the dress code also depends on where I come from, which is India! A 10 day visit makes me no expert but here is what I saw.

I start with Micaela Rodriguez who blogs at Senyorita and is a local. We were speaking at the same panel at TBEX which is a blogging conference and this is the lovely dress she chose to wear with a matching jacket. Short dresses are fine in Philippines.

Here is our guide from Boracay, Homma, in blue on the left, dressed for a day out at sea. She is a local too. Like anywhere in the world, people put their swim suites beneath a short dress so they can get into water when they wish!

I saw these pretty ladies at a show in Manila. And look at their beautiful gowns! I included this picture just to show that how strikingly beautiful the local dresses can be! I can’t imagine this to be normal wear though! If you search for festival gowns they seem to be available for rent too!

This is from a closing night TBEX party at Manila where you can see how social media people dance! I quite admired the guy who danced with his video camera, it must be heavy! The girls were dressed to party!

The days in Manila were hot in October, quite the same for me back home in Delhi too! So you can dress the way you feel comfortable on a sunny day! Dresses, shorts all are fine!

Both bikini and one piece swim suites are fine on the beaches in Boracay and my guess is all over Philippines. So do pack accordingly for your holiday.

To sum up women dress well in Philippines and most of the dresses you wear at home should be fine in Philippines.

PS. I was a speaker at TBEX Malina and my trip to Philippines was sponsored by Philippines Tourism Board!

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