Just a quick update.

My site is ranking #15 - solely based on Joe's backlinks :-) This keyword gets 6,600 exact searches per month and has a ~$4 CPC.
I know I need diversity of links to keep this momentum going but this is the best SERP boost I've seen from a PR package.

Joe - I'm ready to order another package when I get back this evening for another site of mine.

Joe has done an incredible job with the Press Releases! They were all top notch work, heck, the articles themselves were 10 times the quality of those on my actual site.

Once he's finish with the bonus links, I post another review in few days about any SERP movement, though, the quality of the Press Release links alone should help build more authority into my site.

Alright so I ordered 2 packages from Joe so far. One of them was for a site in my private network so I'm not even using the links for SERP rankings but authority instead. So for that one I can't comment on the rank movements but I can say the press release was really high quality and was submitted to a TON of high authority PR and news websites including Google News. I have no doubt it will help increase the authority of my site.

For the second press release, I was using it for rankings. I got my report on May 23rd and at the time my site was ranked at the bottom of page 2 for my target keywords. Today I checked the rankings and here is the movement I have seen so far:

Keyword 1: From 20 up to 10 (page 1)
Keyword 2: From 19-20 up to 7 (page 1)
Keyword 3: 20 to 15 (still on page 2 but I am not putting too much emphasis on this keyword anyway)

I have done NO other linkbuilding to this site recently.

Joe is starting my bonus links which I am having him throw at the press releases, so I suspect the rankings should move up a little more once those are done.

I will definitely be ordering more packages of this service for my other sites.

Thanks Joe!

Just like to chime in with a quick review.

The quality here is very high. I was surprised how good actually. Joe states "journalistic quality" writing in his pitch and I would agree with that whole heartedly. You just provide a few details and the writer researches, writes and returns the content for your approval before distribution.

Highly recommended.

Received my final report and am very happy with everything. One of the best written press releases I have received so far. If you want a sloppy PR with m*****ive syndication on low-end sites that you shouldn't have your link on then this service might not be for you. However, if you want a well written, professional looking press release that is published on high quality sites then this is exactly what you are looking for.

Thanks for the great work Joe, will be placing more orders soon.

I ordered 2 Press Releases and just got the first report back .... very impressed!!

The PR got distributed to a bunch of sites including a Google news site. The list was for about 78 sites and included:

The Boston Globe

Mercury News

ABC 6 Action News

The Wichita Eagle

San Francisco Chronicle

Daily News Los Angeles

The Miami Herald

plus a bunch of others.

The quality of the writing was excellent and I can definitely recommend the service.

I just wanted to give a quick review of Joe's PR service.

I'm really impressed with the quality all around. The PR was very well written and working with local clients it's a great option to get to take a look at the PR before it's submitted. Besides being listed in Google News the report shows the PR distributed to about 70-80 high quality news sites that include Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Star Tribune, etc. Plus all the bonus links.

I definitely plan on using this service again for some of my other clients.

Just wanted to leave a quick review for Joe's service. Great writing and research, and I found my release in Google News as promised as well as dozens of other news sites. This will definitely go a long way to giving my site some Authority+Trust in Google's eyes.

Thanks Joe!

Just got my report back and yet another great job! MY PR made Google News and can be found on many major news sites!

Just got my report and have been impressed at the quality of this service. The article was really well written. It was syndicated to a lot of great sites including the SF Chronicle and Boston Globe. Joe let me know that it will be hitting even more sites over the next few weeks. So far my rankings haven't been impacted but I am already satisfied with the quality of the work.

Another order placed. I am losing track of how many orders I've made at this point but I can say that I have been extremely pleased with the results from every single order I've made with Joe for this service.

Just a quick review, my last order was for 3 packages pointed to 3 different sites. Before the order was placed, none of them were ranking in the top 10 pages for their main keywords. After the PR links started coming in, all 3 sites are now within the top 5 pages and some keywords are starting to make their way onto page 1-2. Yes I have done a little linkbuilding of my own too, but not a whole lot so I'm positive the PRs are the main reason I'm moving up.

The best thing is, like a lot of people have mentioned, these are high authority links from very powerful sites. It's hard to get these kinds of links on your own and Joe offers it for a very good price.

I had placed an order for this service and would like to leave a review. Had ordered the PR plus distribution service with the bonus backlinks offer. Got an immediate confirmation from Joe after my order was placed. I had already written a PR (its OK if you do not do this, they will write it for you) but Joe modified it to look more elegant and professional. Sent a draft which I approved and then the distribution started. Got into Google News and Bing news too, plus a whole lot of other sites which are given in the offer. At the end of the distribution cycle, got a detailed report on where the PR appeared with links to click and see. My product is very niche, industrial kind of thing, so was pleasantly surprised that it did appear at a lot of the online press sites. I also got a ton of bonus backlinks with a nice mix of forum links, blog comments, Web 2.0 properties and doc sharing sites among others. Overall a very good value for money and excellent service and communication, very structured service. Will use again!

This is great PR distribution service. Your PR will be showing in Google news and some major news sites. It is worth every penny. I will definitely use this service again.

hi joe

just placed another 2 orders. great service last time and always hit joe with a bit of advice?

many thanks and looking forward to excellent press releases.

Hi Joe,

Just Placed another order. I had good results with the previous one, had a good seo effect plus got some referral visits from new sites.Let's see what happens with this one.

Just received the report. Got my PR on major news site like boston globe, mercury news, etc and most importantly, google news. Did a search on google and already alot of sites are indexed. Overall very happy with the distribution.

Just got my report. 100% live links. Unheard of in SEO...

The article is 2nd to none. It could actually get picked up by serious news sources, that is if your product/service/spammy affiliate site is worth talking about.

The best part of this service is not the link juice. We all know super-duper-black-hat ways to get PR6 links. Go to Fiverr if you need 75,000 Blog Comments right now. The links in THIS package are inner pages on legitimate news sites. The PR and rankings flow from getting picked up by bigger outlets and becoming an online spectacle for a day.

The best part of this is that the links are so sparkly white hat that if anyone ever looks at your link profile it's not going to scream "GARBAGE HERE".

This is one of those services you wouldn't be afraid to use on a Fortune 500 company. And for $79, this thing is CHEAP!!!

This service is highly recommended.
If you want a quality service that is very good.
I highly recommend his work
(google translate )

I got my report yesterday from Joe and forgot what package I ordered. This was because I received so many additional link packages ranging from doc sharing, article submissions, senuke submissions, blog comments, web 2.0s etc on top of what I order, which was the press release.

The press release itself got me in Google News, Mercury News, The Boston Globe, Daily Herald, San Francisco Chronicle and many more.
Crazy value for money here and I am ordering another package now.

Note: Joe answered every one of my questions and has been very helpful in the process. I am very sceptical with buying links now, as I want to try and add value to the Internet while giving myself exposure.

Many thanks Joe

OK. Time to report back the real REVIEWS from Joe.

1. Quality of press release - Top notch, no question asked.
2. The effective of press release distribution in SEO - my keyword ranked from Page 4 shot up to Page 2
3. Email support - less than 1 working day

So, no question asked! Good job Joe! You deserved the 5 star rating!
I'll order again.

Just received my first set of reports from Joe. Very well done. Article was syndicated in Google News and many other news sources. Very pleased and will order more.

I got my PR report. A nice PDF with great distribution. The original press release itself was extremely well written. Joe was responsive to all my inquiries and top notch. I didn't really do this for rankings, more for IP diversity and URL anchor text.

I am awaiting my web2.0 reports and will post again on that!

Press release was well written and was distributed to many authority news sites. Very happy with the results. I've ordered multiple services in the past with Joe and he always delivers.

I placed an order mid May and it took about 15 days to get the report which isn't bad. I've got the PR on Google news and loads of other high quality sites so have to say this is a pretty awesome service for the money. If you're after authority then this is second to none.
Just done a search on the exact *****le in Google and it's picked up 2700 instances of it from all over the web including Twitter mentions and loads more.
I'm ordering more of these!

received my order, thanks Joe - includes google news as promised, plus 14 pages of other PR sites! new order coming soon.

Received my report, looks great!

I also highly recommend this service, the press release was really well written and I have seen a jump of 20 places for one of my sites. Just about to order another one!

Just received my report and really impressed with the number of sites my press release ended up on, it was featured in Google news and picked up by many authority websites, great work Joe!

Just wanted to leave a few words here.

I forgot the exact date when he finished publishing the PR, but I believe it was a few weeks ago. To this date, the PR is still being syndicated. lol. Yesterday, I received an alert that the PR is picked up by some sites. So, definitely a good sign!

Today, I got another email by Joe, and got some nice bonus links. I checked a few links to see if they were indexed, and sure enough, they are indexed.

Now, as for ranking improvements, I haven't seen any, but it's still too early to tell.

Overall, great service!

Hi, Joe well done.
Press releases get in Google News, as promised. Well written + huge syndication.


Just got the draft of my PR from Joe and it looks great.

My site is still in its infancy and there isn't alot to comment on yet but the press release that was created was very professional and Joe creatively filled in the blanks to make it newsworthy.

If I read this press release on a news site it makes me think "I can't wait to visit this site" and that's exactly what we want people thinking when they read our PR.

Thanks Joe and I look forward to the distribution.

Hi guys,

I got a report from Joe today.

My site got onto Google news via sbwire, the boston globe, the press enterprise, just to name a few out of thousands it was syndicated to.

What I like:
- the press release was really well written
- customer service was great, as Joe was responsive and helpful
- pretty much hands free

Haven't witness any ranking changes yet, hopefully it will start improving soon!


Just ordered again from Joe. This is my 2nd order. I was very happy last time so I'm ordering again for some other sites!

I'm also planning on making this a regular part of my link building in 2013. Real "brands" publish press releases all the time - and so should we!

Alright - here's my review as I just got the final report. Very happy with the customer service as Joe was always answering my questions prior to the links being and PR's being pushed. He was flexible and knowledgeable and responded to emails very quickly.

Overall - my keyword is moderately competitive and right now the ONLY backlinks are Joe's press releases. It's started the Google Dance and went from nowhere to 37 for a few days.

I'd recommend the service and will definitely be buying from Joe in the near future for other sites.

Refund Policy - No refund on this one guys unless we don't syndicate the PR of course

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