The Open Society Institute funded NGO Left news portal IndyMedia has succeeded in utilizing its powerful connections to censor the press. The paramilitary Left has been fuming at the fact that ABC10’s Frances Wang reported both sides of the story as a neutral observer (in other words, actual journalism), rather than regurgitating the Antifa press release as the larger, corporate news outlets like CNN and Associated Press did. The Antifa mouthpiece’s diatribe seeks to make an example of Wang and ABC 10 in order to prevent neutral reporting of facts from ever happening again:

Wang was clearly in over her head throughout, apparently never having covered intense demonstrations, and obviously unfamiliar with the issues at hand. She kept putting the word “nazis” in quotes in her tweets, as if the Traditionalist Workers Party, Golden State Skinheads, and other assorted racists who planned to rally on the Capitol steps aren’t actual nazis.

Giving undue credence to a reporter from a major television station, other corporate media outlets repeated Wang’s use of scare quotes.

Outside of her comfort zone, it was as if Wang was reporting from some alien planet where words have no meaning. Perhaps most bizarrely of all, she put “counter protestors [sic]” in quotes. What else would you call the hundreds of antifa who had assembled to deny the nazis their permitted rally at the Capitol building?

More virulent propaganda in regards to the interview itself is provided later on:

In the rather fumbling interview with Heimbach, Frances Wang beat around the bush, trying to get at the “accusation” (yes, scare quotes) that Heimbach and his group of nazi stabbers are actually nazis. Heimbach knew where she was going with her question and replied that the counter-protesting anti-fascists use the word “nazi” as an unfair epithet. They never call themselves that, he said.

Continuing with a line of questioning based on their own bullshit propaganda, Wang prompted Heimbach to reiterate the lie that the Traditionalist Workers Party is not white supremacist, rather they are merely interested in looking out for the interests of white working people from a non-racist perspective.

Wang did not challenge Heimbach on his racism or that the Traditionalist Workers Party do not consider themselves nazis. Heimbach knew he had found a corporate media patsy and took full advantage of the high visibility platform he was granted to further claim that the stabbings of six people, including at least three African Americans and a 58-year old woman, were in self-defense.

Wang did not take a side, even though during the Periscoping of the event, she was in fact stalked and threatened by baraclava wearing Antifas, who were shrieking her in irrational rage. Thankfully, she was not beaten up like other journalists were, but they were angry that she was posting up video and eyewitness testimony that was damning for the “counter-protesters”.

Wang even managed to interview one of the domestic terrorists that got knocked out during the melee. This person refused to take off their mask or identify themselves during the interview, and with good reason.New footage that has been released shows this transexual was not a victim, but in fact an attacker, and is reported to have been wielding a knife or shank during the confrontation. Thankfully, this individual was put down before it could stab someone.

I would recommend e-mailing ABC10 asking for an explanation as to why their interview with Matthew Heimbach was taken down from the website. The answer is probably pressure from above, but never the less, it is a black eye that shows our media is not really free, and bows to the interests of fringe groups that have more money and power than they do supporters.

I expect the powers that be will be making an example of honest journalists who refuse to simply print verbatim whatever stupid lie the capitalist collaborators at IndyMedia concoct to hide their crimes. ABC10 has already distanced Frances Wang from her own story, and instead replaced her with Gabrielle Karol, a career climbing bimbomarried to a certain (((Jacobs))) , who was more than glad to do the bidding of the domestic terrorist organization By Any Means Necessary and read the SPLC ideological statement verbatim, as if it is actually news.

Funny how that works. Rather than the local outlet influencing CNN and the Associated Press by being the first at the scene, it’s the other way around, with the corporate Zionist news mills and “think-tanks” from their perches in NYC, DC and Los Angeles telling the Sacramento station what just happened in Sacramento. There’s no question that our mass media is controlled, but let them continue to lie, next time we will have numerous forms of media recording our event and don’t even need the local outlets to report fairly. We will do it ourselves and continue discrediting the establishments apparatchiks who copy and paste a Southern Poverty Law Center smear as if it is news.

Never the less, ABC10 must be held accountable for this censorship. Tweet them, Email them, and call them, and demand an explanation, to put it back up, or a statement addressing this.

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