X cussed cool opera up yeah that's ok okay has allowed me to sure ministry third shirt culinary dinner Qwikster orders very good buddy today is Friday May 22nd 2015 Ste and still are sure mister going on I'll here we go
we've got its too slow slow as molasses on a cold or chrome or
not we get the chatroom go on used chat murdered it do right very are everything's right rain testing test 23 alright just took a law time for it to load alright good
apparently my Microsoft so up thanks cussed program looks really
good guys looks really really good right on so at six day is May 22nd 2015 my name is Wayne
McDonnell and the chief FX market strategist for traders wait also founder about fix boot camp dot com good to see you can you see the can you see this the mother %uh the
screen can you see a pic streak website and the charts can see that as well cool I alright so let's get going what he does want to do today how about
some currency trading alright sounds good to me let's go moms mmm so I'm just you're currently the the British Pound
is weak the euro is strong the Swiss franc as
moderate the yen is weak %uh the dollar has been
weak but it has um moderated yards gained some that bacteria in all the commodity
currencies or weeks a really right now it seems to be bit over euro in play we have a US holiday on Monday things can get
quiet %uh however traders can take a can't take
off early today why's that normally normally a lot a professional traders
would just take this day off for a week really early right after the stock
market open and then um you don't have the rest Friday of
Saturday and Sunday into Monday is a holiday so you have a big nice all
weekend but why not today yellin' speaking yeah yes so you have to
hold the helicopter of until later in the day tell after
yellin' speaks many get the helicopter go off to the Hamptons so oh well bad timing on that I suppose
right up back to Japan I no major changes are to the bank Japan I
was been that they'd go into the summer with
the some serbs stimulus because what they've
been doing hasn't been during an amazing job but but love it nothing yet today as far as though with the what they were saying so let's take a
look things typically lots of noise or not
you can see it my church going to become messy because I'm constantly right own car stately do an analysis so a if you only join me once a week here at Epic Street
a hope hopefully it's not too confusing a
dude these events every single day traders weighed a call at the same time
7:30 in the morning to Newark will come on by just open the demo go okay so let me zoom in responder due to
see that the jet regarding this thing good you could see we've had appeared in
the next 15 min did we're kinda in this area in here right no use a good talk that stone be it good good tree and now ever thing on my computer slow to load ones
on them aren't Wonka so I'll be using that
sued here's why i'm looking at that we have a here but a higher high the first thing you should try to do
expect our plan for is it returns to the area to the left
what used to be resistance may now be support and you look to go
along here based somewhere there so you zoom in a
little closer you're going to use moving averages
currently we're looking at the 55 being made there is very slow third to hear UK except you shouldn't expect the 55
you made to make such a dramatic are high so obviously something has occurred
right came on way down so and ed I would expect it because the 55 is a
control a set a hearing was we knew we would go
up for the planners would go up I didn't expect it to make a higher high so
that's weird new information market helps but let me change this so those up
because the fifth lives in control all I Bowie up at Bestival double top so also up to the
river up to the reports and then probably down
get problem be meet up with that two hundred you
make and then if I were to guess so you know barely a full cycle Lindo now I'm a bowl in the spare but that's that remain are no it's not it's
just my nose spread Alan as acceptance yeah my pleasure was that their red and green indicator I you can have it a but you have to send
me a Cuban cigar and I has be a big brand-name that has be- the least 55 in um ring gauge referred later kiddo it believers are
fine they don't have to be Korea's I like monikers number two this great you yeah it's a pivot point indicator and you can
google it but the went to the wonderful things about mt4 is that you can bust my tail customized
50s hot rod mean first no student be forced to like
the so you can just google the point
indicator the you'll find a thousand level in fact
this many have my charts have two or three
different types of payments over topical not different formulas per
se but just different indicators so I can
have what's a daily weekly monthly overlapping it yet I'm always Evo is big in for Cuban cigars you know
you can have all the money in the world the some things you just can't buy love on Cuban cigars arm well that's about it you that money buys
pretty much anything else I'll so I yeah likely I have loved liver donor cubans alright I yeah few in all seriousness is if you do
need to reach me a you can email me at Wayne at FX
through ap dot com um let me know if I can help I'm also looking for successful forex
traders a more save expert a who if you needed if you need like a a
job so I don't know let me know if anybody
is up there %um marks is a should be able to yeah so when my to do
list is to get on a plane fly to cuba watch a baseball game its preferred term Disneyland so anyways I please email me if you have questions
like I said if your daily wave expert Norton a part
time job the that's fine too and i'm looking for
successful traders and all AcuLaser they my drawing tool just
showed up can you guys still hear me the Droid 20 clicked on six minutes ago
to showed up a new I'm not sure if it's going to be able to
oh man it's totally freaking out good it's totally printed being at I wanna will delete this one I hope it doesn't
mess up the room it's just while right thing out stupid windows on we think it's going to be this one that should be for if the peace yeah all right sir is wouldn't stop I'm sorry for all that
we'll just have to go through a drawing tool let's take a look at your USD what I'll take that as a yes everybody
slut yeah I don't want to reboot yeah alright cool thank you guys alright so
now I we have a wonderful lowered although
also I am so I'm gonna play it's sort of like
this at that's how it in create I'll it I mean it could actually
go a lot higher something to create two scenarios one is a is a pretty big pullback and it's not based on the fair but what
i'm looking at over here is the from is the shoulder let me adjust the fit as well cuz you do
really had it set to do so. macum look at so woohoo let me know it now with the six one A it's okay it
and so what I'm really doing it deserve this 618 my many uses is future potential
resistance and I'm also eyeball and the Mac the the previous shoulder answer to grow making it up that way let's look to real bodies greatness of
color and it's a weekly central so there's a you know there's a few things going on
so that's going to be one potential play and the next potential
play will be the sole of the top the channel on the way I did that is really what I did is created the channel like to could I took it off the the left shoulder here
but I'm actually eyeball it this high this slow which is tradition in this high ok at let me its but ago toward make it even more clear so I just
don't know really if it's going to kick off the 382 or for its gonna kick ups 618 so i got
really to trade plans on this one what do you guys think the point to this analysts are you rules where's my circle loom circle for insert shapes you tips the key to this is a slow I know that a
lot of things on how much are like I said I update this every day so
ok circuit breaker continuing story right so so I could do Roma alright so that's that although is below this this low
here which immediately sets up a 1-2-3 now
you can call it a 1-2-3 reverse for you can call it a head and shoulders are you
can call it a crown it's all the same only the names change okay so thats you either that is sorta recently so let's lets go
of the daily let's go on a hourly and there you go so if you've missed it than what you can do
is then used that this you'll notice now that we're basically
at 382 for tonight you trace but that move so I'm gonna draw it up into a fifteen
minute chart and wouldn't be interesting yet gets a little more wouldn't it be sustain are y'all we had a scenario like
this at me that laws I'll checked so five-minute wants to I'll Justin he as much as a 6-1 is there anything else going on up there
let me checked recyclables well up to 118 are certain 180 a one eleven
workers went well that's pretty high up there I don't
think it so if you didn't so 112 which I'm not sure
why you would know but I'll you know see here here's sexing I don't think its gonna come all the way up here to
want well switcher short bit earlier right so planned he would-be a 618 arm I would be in Tucson now except the five-minute
wants to all slaves a little bit higher so it does not now but maybe an 15 or 20
minutes will be such short on-the-spot East Inc up so close right button not ok right now I have down to a five-minute
stochastic cycle and when Alan asked for my settings I
don't know if you noticed my settings are much more sensitive than
a typical out of the box stochastics I speeded up
ok at so were like hypersensitive here you know we're cutting it down to the minute get Sony media a July ca I I wouldn't call it that I'm
just looking for tonight you retracement kicking off a resistance area I'll and the strategy is a lot easier
than you might think we broke below we're broke below went
well that we've come back to return it went
well and should have shirted I although it is and I wish I had my car
rental bill dorman um it's not much more
complicated than that a and the ozzie dollars done this a lot
recently read anyways below the the key area retraced re retested 12 ish a shorted so you're
already on their sloppy seconds on this one but it sometimes it happens alright right so at without my droid 20 it the logic is this a almost I'll try up 10 this bread line here support it all the sudden support is broken re in an uptrend redound trailer this
paper little thing down today so that expressed on price action theory and
even trippin arch and probably all the way it price will come back and retested is it still support its resistance with who versal so you sell that just that easy
mean there's no more to it than that very very very simple that's what
occurred here on the higher time frame we're broke both low 112 came back
retested 112 you should a short that's it we do this on five minute
charts hourly charts daily charts whatever
doesn't matter that's a simple fractal geometry
although price in time informations on all charts
the the only thing that changes your point of view your the observable the observer changes the present time
ex-cons bit so since that you let me tell you slip
over now to the Aussie dollar because that that's been going on for days and
days and days break retest break retest even a buzzing on here no ozzie lowest over get you some I was a kid where's mine these Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie right now minutes trail is scrambling for the
keyboard at I have to answer well as is I'll I so home I gotta play this up gnarly
maybe let's look at key areas here your who let's do it up it's we take this
long once cut Pitt's misunderstood its are I smarts key areas here K point 8 100 /url point 8 Jersey or port server zeros users are is a big sigh Global's right
and you have this opportunity that when you
break through these things this isn't perfect one buddy you'd be
your plan to look to reach short on the retest now
when a lot higher than you thought and created the head and shoulders but it
happens okay the the problem the the point is on the break you should be ready work at thats you're at the ready that's
all so says goes from a almost 82 threw 81 retest 81 down down down down
down all the weight do a DVD which is also
the role reversal from this one so if you're a bully
should have gone well overlook it the only thing is it's just made a lower lower highs so I don't know I'd
still be a ball okay what you should be doing this is
looking at role reversal this way for sell get found outbreaks the 80 level know your plan should be to sell the retest to the
psych global up to eighty look too short that down down down down now you would mark this area as a
potential short clearly we didn't get it but its you're
at the ready eventually there's a a moderate break right and so in here you should be at the ready now
we're consolidating it doesn't matter or so once you've failed to make the lower low
then you start to hurt range trading and you stopped rendering right get use double check there since we're talking about that
swing in there so it just made a little 50 percent or rediscovery cautious but you can see the break
retest break retest break retest okay men also pay attention to how I i turn
support and resistance por tu resistance support resistance okay and then lastly another thing to
acknowledges lookout Cortona psych locals are extremely important bucket people price action art interested did any the just honored today have an awful lot just I mean that's not the most revolutionary to
show D but do you do you just said that iraq while you know I don't know the digester sup
that me any emotions at all re bodies regime
article.thanks but pay as we go through this I don't know how many people are in the
room abut I think four hundred people registered
for today but I used to ask for feedback when I am FX Street had a form this tablet
form ed a night have people post you just you know what they learned in the
class was great with sardines pieces at the back um the easiest way to
do it now to fix to read as if you go to the the registration
page in gonna post the link here wherever the
chat is want to ask you for something it'll take you less than one second you
see the little thumbs up on the left just above my name if you pay to any enjoy mint for any pieces wisdom at all were
just emotional wisdom or maybe just a chuckle click
that LIKE let me know that you care the total sq that's less than one sec
would you do that well keep going into hopefully I'll earn your thumbs up all I'm askin yeah a whole one second I'll give you 75
minutes today all asking for its one thumbs up from you would you do is alright so let's keep going on so that's the RT in longer-term so if we go out to like the
day chart solo congested here because arm we have been told where the RB want to take this okay so when it was down here a near 70s certain seventy five and a
half it was at 75 in half because that's what
the rb8 told us it was worth is so we get to the floor and then if that's all it's worth you know it's
over this scenario world you know can only go down another 50
pips but it could go up indefinitely so there was more up than down but we're
all sitting around in no RDA's talk about further rate cuts
and all that kinda stuff fine but there's nothing the pricing yet because
again governor Stevens said it was worth $75 so no one wants to buy it nobody wants to
sell it but you can see a pullback to 80 81 82 you know all it is is this at soliders and so now we're caught were
range-bound right that's all it's a little bit so I i plate that right if I were made
workers to pay for today geisel and order it you if you
don't want it I don't want to do it it talk to me goose usd/cad on little low lolololol your I'll do this one cuz its
it's nicely marked up blaze good in for you blended good alright pp so that's where we are %uh last week in a might have been those a um this session last week we're at the bottom of the range you can
see it's very clearly are clearly marked these are for our candles
we went from a downtrend a side ways you can see a the big ball back here them a double
bottom so now you go from trend into range trading as far as our
strategy in the tools you use get better we were back down in here so
I have this little arrow saying well we should at least go to the top the
range this was an arrow assist Leo probably stalls too small to
see on this time frame but it was suggesting that we get up
here you should look too short however plan B is if it were
made a higher high you would buy the the retracement so we had a drawn serb like this down if if it gave me the opportunity but if it made a higher high the plan is
this get now daily waiting for the market to drink
the koolaid so to speak that's why we are that cycle than it did it your thinkin sir developing here at moment get so look really good because those we hear
are marked just took off like a rocket ship that's failed a then another thing that
i i tend to do is i tend to fit that its that's even sale so
worst serve in the micro sideways range at the moment kms down never disappeared which is part of the breakout scenario
aka that's we r we work name then we move sideways for many
months which was nice easy traded than a broke
out due to retest right just like I had finished teaching
right on the AWS use similar breakout retest short their breakout
returns short the role reversal 11 double bottom double top double
bottom you know triple bottom and then maybe
break up to them back into here cool right 12 traded wealth days plan right yet this is what we yesterday shorter than their so so now it's just you're a Friday
afternoon before a long weekend we're probably not
going to be the best price action you could try again if you've missed it
see drop into a smaller time frame right and you know it's not really bullish at the moment
you can see that we got a bearish divergence lol will double topping active should be
more like that so you know I I wouldn't do it now home you know should have done it down
here right so that case let it come to the bottom
of the range just really like it treated like any
serve range about you market it's Justin many market right and the close we are to the bottom with us later kinda down here you could look to I'll bite of the bottom K and I like that not typically right I'll ship this right there's a blizter it is this isn't a har har we're not ended so are you using training tools
use it also surgeons suggests it's coming down up so I wouldn't plan on that Cohen up
on planning on it coming down helpful though any questions because yep look at which emails to a business case there's
no emails you boy if the moderators listening I
know the moderator has links to the videos I've done in the past he said is if you hear my plea E cry I am you happen to know the links to
the strategic and tactical forex trading webinars I did a to our training course
and FX treated about my trading strategy to go through
the routing me check ca you checked in here it were Orton sounds good 2008 no hitter is cool a will start your here copy K so you can see there's park to so thats two hours it its maybe law longer maybe three hours total and I go
over every said a minute and every part of
the strategy obviously it's a long presentation so
it's very detailed I'm sure someone would charge you a
thousand bucks I'll but in conjunction with the pic
Street it's free a nice is a make long Ste 4 in only 23 people are having a good time
that's you that's at maybe I should have taken my
idol my long weekend early it's not cool brew right so let's go but there we did the US TN open order okay we that next on let me forget K this is the range that we read her wet
that we were in is so this this is US TN been moving sideways for very long time okay and more it seriously bullish we've had a ok a retest K were in a row near 382 we're almost done are four hours cycle okay the next move vehicles check 382 predicts a 16 18 we're on our way to 123 ago so I think will on 122 so we're gonna already set it off 122 they're all
market sorta like that so catches both they come from so gate so honest somewhere in a box zone now K museum in here mom for get Missoula for Casey can see weekly his own today so sadly ok 194 nerdy girl right they really so I um you can see this is the poll that we're expecting this is the role
reversal were and we came down to a monthly pay that us later recycling you know somewhere in
there you could have bought it if you wanted to that's what I but the world two straight but if you're a bull it was
definitely plausible okay the 382 was farther down to 120
shifty so just depends if you're playing 121 or not now if you try if you're treating the shorter term as a bear on this one
which is relief which is just fine then it broke below
$1.21 you're selling 121 now right near target would be you you know somewhere around this week Liam
4382 are on the bigger let's try to align the
little bit so it's about the same so as a bear you're selling its 121 area in your target is 1 $20.50 and then as a
bull you want it to turn around and head back
up the other way market the keeper day's a holiday that could mess up your
typical adele's but that's what that certo ok at yes the five may yep five you may ride the five it now but ago i'm happy to do that as well I'll I've
been a bowl um the British Pound since a above I think the last week in
March the problem is the last week in March
the trend was bearish so why be a bull in it in a bearish downturn
that it but I can do it again if needed you hmm why would I be bullish on something it's in a bearish 100 who you sup who because i won was buying it I just said I was bullish
was into the guys I didn't say it was bought you know
okay fundamentals partner Craig good that a you mean like a metal traders report no
not yet Carney thank you the Bank of England Carney old us even though 0 the inflation data was horrific for the year for the United
Kingdom that it would its short term and related up primarily to the crash in
oil prices this guy is very conservative so when he
says forget about it don't worry about it on it's actually pretty shocking was
there AD kept so I needed then somebody the
backup Carney so that everyone would believe that is
telling the truth so that's when we guessed it would be
the IMF report coming out three weeks later three weeks later they I'm FBI report
comes out and the pat-down dollar does an inverse
I'll head shoulders which is the reversal
pattern and it's been up ever since cool right so it started what Carney told me than it had to be
seconded by a neutral third party which was the IMF and exactly the same day the IMF released which was what the 13th Ave
Pearl we getting inverse head-and-shoulders per which is
a reversal pattern that has been up ever since could be a big old coincident what seems
like a lot's going on they're technically and fundamentally so anyway so I just want to set that
tone are the problem with pound dollar is a I
am bullish on both so what what occurred the other day or
what what message you're hearing from me
lately is that on days when the dollar's week I want to be long pound dollar on days
that the dollar is strong I wanna be short euro/dollar right right word days at the USD others week I want to be long pound
dollar on days at the US dollar stronger want
to be short euro/dollar that sale ways up we've later way up to the 618 seems like we
stopped well raising hell you get really that channel going on so you see the back us up to the 600 say consolidation so when the dollar strong you could sell
this but I i'm bullish I'll on the british pound so at I'll leave it
okay so that's why I thought process there if that creates a suggesting that the US dollars going to
be strong Groupon time %uh smear iight I don't tend to trade Euro
Pound a more hurt traitor or get a traitor could so I'm gonna based more on macroeconomics I mean you could argue
that its money leaving your up going to the London okay that's fine I'll buy that
but was not something I'd i-ten well you know what because when I
have all the dollar pairs and all the in pairs %uh have more than enough to choose from
okay and United States and Japan have the two
most mature markets in the world so %uh so reply just said it there's no dollar
there's again on that so what I happened to do what I happen
very often say is you know is a risk on days later there's a risk of day is you know and i'm looking for. correlation so on days
when dollar strong you know I'm buying dollar across the
board on days that the yen is weak I'm selling
yen across-the-board I might be on 5 p.m.
pairs all North K when I use the euro pound load up
asking myself is which one is stronger than the other so on a day that I'm selling dollar I i'm gonna look on Europe and to see
which one is strong right the five buying US dollars other I'm gonna look at Europe and find
out which ones week no based on fundamentals a a guess but but so is it ok at by saying it's the
the right where I'm just only that's the way I used I'd say but ideas I'm either a buying and selling
daughter or buying and selling yen there are times when like the ozzie
dollars dropping like a ton of bricks 0 for a year just radars dollar like you
wouldn't believe alright couple years ago a you know II traded AWS the pound I'll more than I've ever traded my
entire career just i mean a trade more that one year
than 10 years combined so so you know it also depends what else
is going on but generally speaking I'm a dollar you know in my book
actually talk about big greenback guru that if you're going to specialize
something in the in the beginning of your career it should be the greenback it should be
the US dollar well your actual traitor talent Scotti weather answer that for yourself get some books
on bonds and stuff but what you do as a currency trader by and large has to do with foreigners by an selling bon across borders get because you know if money doesn't
cross-border it won't change in the value right so
the big question why does well white is money Picasa border white is
money go from the United States Europe tourists yet business transactions sure with the Rev first the bond market day did is is global money flow based on arm on invested at yet just suck it it yeah and equities yet very butthead
equities are so tiny compared bonds I get so you know it guys it's a great question
you know we can talk about it for hours or work I kids just I can reinforce it
by saying it's something you should look into it
something that you should know I'll do some research get interested start buying books on in the bond market
for example order to start doing research and so you
know what's going on at the Seabee and in Greece perfect in bonn prices in in interest rates is in the euro zone in how's that correlated with the value
/url you might find out the year hope as everything to do with European
bonds City mean week will it's always been about two months
yeah so yep get into it fall in love with 4x that would be a great thing to do this
summer guys by two or three books on on foreign bonds and bond market in all
that kinda stuff get into it now D do you need to get into like bond
pricing do you need the the to get into the future value of
money and all that kinda stuff in the bottom
pricing so you can you be present discounted values future
cash flows from bonds Luo but you should look at it and at a
macro level odors you you know how to bond yields I'll impact mmm global money flow that that's the way
that I think you should go out ok at macro économique global okay good question good good good cause Shin I I'll what else do how else can I L hear it all but happy to yeah I'll cover the news because what we
do the news live day again for stirred 26 people think this webinar was useful it's pretty lame aim all ask for is one second every time so yeah I'll cover the news would you click that
show me that you care thank you maybe news live I'll get you the the results faster
nobody else on the planet about that call Heights OH %uh got a request for team that alright not nobody wanna good a sturdy considered as Twitter a
victory Nicobar alright thank you guys bond people just clicked thank you I
appreciate that we beat work from 2635 appreciate ur alright cool I am so Kiwi what're early and now well once we broke up out you have to mark the role reversal
area you made the law other than what we came all the way back
alright shouldn't have gone that far back but it did and then what it do went out here so I
would so the high side to this but only but only expecting a bottom so if you're aggressive I think you can
expect a market the is sideways on on the low well the lowdown and or something like this okay so against spare I don't think it's
gonna do a whole lot at yeah I just do a lot a dollar is strong but kiwi's
not that weak I'll ya its no kiwi is a lot more independent from
China then let's say the Aussie dollar economy
is relatively stable on the yields there are significantly
higher than all the other it um major countries there's just not a
massive reason to be selling it well but there's a huge reason to be
buying it against the US dollar either opening on its to the cat the it was great to talk about that's against US EPA's you him I would expect me to use your over
year minus 0.2 percent even in line Corp lost 1.8 percent 110
higher-than-expected Canada CP I need to reread 0.2 percent
contents below expectations %uh you can exhibit index 126 points 5 Canada korda to percent attend below
consensus expectations Canada retail sales higher than expected
a 0.7 percent versus 0.3 percent and 0.5 percent tax on earth person 0.4 percent the back part was revised lower per meal
sales in Canada 1.5 percent and 1.7 when the person you're you're 2 percent core candidacy PI 2.3 percent versus 2.4
percent expected then headline US in line cord you're
here in line USX Korean 120 percent with 1 10 higher
than expected on could also good um go I it's going up of course port area inflation in Canada was
negative inflation in the United States was
positive you get the perfect stalker unitary back which in good eur/usd fell guess what ok 31 a yet sold off the some 1 1888 thinks we had that one
marked you know stay how I early would you agree set up us the weather we did on a five minute charter
elsewhere to 2005 miniature anybody up K we we started on art than a one hour tartan a fifteen
minute chart than a five minute chart even a one-minute charter bully try to come up with where to sell that
kinda at year could see came up in Journal greater
than their right of the fifty so that's pretty cool to yeah murder nor Murray haven't talked in
awhile right so now what do I this case I'm going to do two things K the move oath because it's trending so I have to
it's my job and then look for short somewhere
between the 3a 2618 a typical scenario I would look for the
618 but because it's a high volatility one
we might only get a 38 yr if it doesn't pull back the edges of the
way im just looking old usd/cad said just getting through midpoint psych
it flip who well I was going to do does he do it don't have those in the
swim right I know we talked about it earlier government be a good good doogie as as a say or or already that's what I was
expecting before nobody always be so they always has a poll by true just you you know if you have enough patience or not native %uh just by is what the buzzer the goalkeepers awesome can't wait email me know not only were to mail them under it it I thought on this 1i guess we didn't know bar I guess tall and expert good it said yesterday's high USD year marked at right let's go back to that
you probably did it here the summer are richer alright so that's the plan
was just the first plan we did today yeah but today say 23 my right how many people when we're at like 120 something i'm
talking about 122 123 we did the projection of the 382 herbert marked up in here right 123 cool well but 85 pips I think in our in that
direction since I've taken the mic cool I'll there is a heaven that sense can I get an amen you looks like it's going to well so yeah causes follow easily to very nice we got a monthly pit
or we'd been through that right I'll we might be a break on top of the
monthly central pit can anybody confirm that the ozzie
dollar beer some level of caution analyst would if I was sure b75 so whatever so let's to the kitty cat let's try days guess what direction I was planning
on it going what the seem to be is the plan on on that had now order two weeks seems be up we had break it up so we're no longer
range bound so we're going to buy the pullback which
is clearly marked was actually yesterday's trade plan it's
just been waiting BB from this is the part we did today with
the intent of having it go up not down and we've now ok in through and it's trying to make a
higher I next target is 01/23 01/22 before very similar to yours yet in priced right price direction so no we did a good STN we did a good job on usd/cad we did
a good job on your USD um what's up right a good today put traded as a triple by but you know all that is nonsense rage
sure to drop from we talked about it like three days ago
that it was gonna do this before tearing when it was still up here so is a triple
bottom important or is it the fact that you're he had it all planned out here to before
that bottom even for I think having the for thought as much
more important than you know this I mean sure it's noise but
you shoulda bought it here here or here wouldn't have mattered
right alright so that's I think it was a today right gonna ask you one more I'm Philip at my door I'll a the all askin for his return this reader click
that will that thumbs up button right there just
let me know you care that's all I'm askin I'm not asking for
testimonial I'm not asking you to share it with your
friends if you don't want to this askin you for you to tell me those this was a good
year sober time this is a fairly new session I've only
been doing a couple a months so appreciate feedback that all that's all
I'm askin right cool well at traders weighed a car London day I'll be
reviewing the commitment of traders report and I'll be reviewing the calendar for the
week you're well join us just hope that traders weighed a common there's
little weapon are buttoned in your back office it's all pretty use it oh yeah you're
right no be Monday I'm sorry won't be Monday
thank you for mentioning that Ron appreciate that not Monday because it's a holiday let's
take a look at it I'll be that the the edge in program through the university that gus was
talking about earlier on a fixed-rate updating their educational never heard
anybody again please email me if you have the question please email me if you're
successful trader need you're looking for money email me if you're Elliott Wave expert is and you're interested in in a job 'em then that that's it mine email is
Wayne ethics book app to calm yes this is a session is recorded so everything's
pretty good so thank you street for being wonderful host so
preciate that thank you Street for being good people member I
have a simple this year up like tree up to simple
goals this year while I want to help you make at least a 1000
pips because you attended by events the you can add up to at least a 1000
pips and say that was because the stuff I
learned from Wayne and 2 I'd like to win 4x Person of the
Year dramatic street because they're the best
and I'd like to be known as the best of the best why not not I can I can only get that through
loyalty so I i hope i ever did so peace on earth
they the Pips be with you beer profits be above average I'll be
here every single Friday for you 100 rights non-farm payrolls coming up soon
a 119 non-farm payrolls that's coming up to
release and I'm already looking forward to that okay so again guys eat may Wayne fix boot camp dark no and I'll see it over at traders way dot com XP nominee
game goes

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