Post Elections: The sheeple have been fooled once again

In addition: Trump, the Illuminati's Chaos Candidate?

Unless or until President Elect Trump completes yet another complete turn around, we can all rest assured that his policies will be the same as the (MMfMO) Mad Monkey faced Marxist Obama, and his Predecessors.
The complete destruction of America by the crime families of the Clintons and Bushes etc. will continue with the newest liar in thief.
The corporation of the USA has another two faced puppet, that is controlled by the same demonic great whore system.

The wicked and destructive power of the shadow government, will maintain the status quo. The sheeple have been fooled once again, thinking surely this time around real change will occur.
By the way, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.
In this last election, the words of change that millions gravitated towards were found in Trump. Few before him dared to speak of any of the real dangers we as a nation faced.
Trump spoke of the massive debt (owed to the criminal cartel of banking whores) we as a nation were saddled with, huge unemployment numbers and a broken and dying medical system.
The crimes of the Clinton foundation were alluded to, and he even told America on live T.V. that a special prosecutor would be brought forth so that Hillary, (who is a truly vile and wretched human being) would be charged for her crimes.
Many of the real truth seekers knew only too well that all that was promised was not to come to fruition.
Here are a few facts to consider before this latest two faced liar and con man is even sworn in as President:

1-Hillary has all but been pardoned by this newly elected American Traitor.
2-In the debates he correctly stated that Hilary who had” tremendous hate in her heart,” was “the devil,” but on CBS 60 minutes Trump’s tune suddenly changed
3-“Hillary called and it was a lovely call,” said Trump “She couldn’t have been nicer. She just said, ‘congratulations, Donald. Well done.”
4-Trump then said, “I want to thank you very much, you were a great competitor,” he went on to say “She is very strong. And very smart.”
5-Trump is set to revive in a big way the very same monsters he claimed to be opposed to.
6-Expect no real immigration reform, no wall on the Mexican border, no repeal of the sick joke known as (Obama-we-could-care-less), and no solutions to the growing trade deficit or national debt.

So the endless wars of aggression against any that stand in the way of this satanic pedophile obsessed narcissistic cabal, will continue unchecked until they are all taken out by the final Beast System that will usher in the Great Tribulation.

Yes the Global Criminal Cabal is as powerful as ever, maybe even more so. The same puppet masters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Goldman-Sachs and Israeli Zionists) are pulling the same strings.

Our so-called civilization is largely populated by non thinking slaves. To be honest they do think, but more often than naught, they group-think according to the plan laid out for them.
They have been programmed and brainwashed through television, governments, central bankers, and most learning institutions. This dumbing down, also occurs as a result of the spirit of this world infiltrating the majority of so-called Christian churches.
Group-think is completely irrational albeit a popular alternative mindset that does provide the deluded person with a false sense of security and community. However it leads to dysfunctional life decisions, as opposing viewpoints are suppressed at all costs. This mental dysfunction is carried out in order to try and justify a desired set of beliefs, no matter how ungrounded they may be.
These groups then are controlled by a demonic elite class. Incredibly many of the lies of the narcissistic psychopaths in most governing positions are accepted as the truth.
Wrong is perceived as right in a world gone mad.
The present Spiritual and Moral condition of the earth is dismal at best. Far too many people walk in darkness while pretending to be in the light. They do not care to know the true state of affairs and basically see what they want to see.
When the majority of your time, treasures and talents are invested in this present evil world, it is impossible to say that you live for Christ. You can’t claim to want to be delivered from evil, while participating in self delusion in order to protect and justify your own selfish desires, which is evil.
You do not discern the Sign of the Times
Below is an incomplete but still rather disturbing list of the wickedness that so often is ignored as a result of a carnal mind which is enmity against God.

Sex trafficking, pedophilia and other heinous satanic crimes against humanity are all but ignored by an apathetic world of self righteous and self absorbed pleasure seekers.
Wars are controlled by a handful of demonic elites for their own personal gain, at the expense of the rest of this planet, and yet people support the military even though millions are murdered and tortured in the name of freedom, democracy and truth.
If you are too fearful to engage in individual thought, and you tolerate and applaud a terrorist regime, in order to maintain a materialistic life style at the expense of others, you are apathetic towards iniquity. There will be a steep price to pay for this indifference.
Our food and water supplies are poisoned with deadly additives, pesticides, radiation, chemical contamination and neurotoxins. When you are oblivious to the intentional destruction of this planet, you do not discern the Sign of The Times.
Our currency is fictitious without any real store of value and is diluted to the point that it will soon completely collapse, and become worth less. When you believe your stocks, bonds and bank account balances represent real wealth, you do not discern the Sign of The Times.
When you ignorantly accept a medical system that robs you, while it is killing you, you do not discern the Sign of The Times.
Our medical system kills thousands and maims countless more with deadly drugs. The pharmaceutical whores even tell the users of the life threatening possible side effects including death, and yet their products still are taken by countless thousands.

Jesus declared that the scribes and Pharisees, not only would not enter the kingdom themselves, but all that followed their wicked doctrines would be dammed as well.
The Judgment of the Great Whore will occur because this same spiritual phenomenon still exists today. People still accept these seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; they nor their teachers will enter the kingdom.
The Judgment of the Great Whore will prove that the Old Testament Law is not still in effect, and that Israel after the flesh, does not have a unique and separate destiny apart from the law of Christ.
The Judgment of the Great Whore will prove to be false the supposed seven year covenant that is to be made between Israel and the Anti-Christ. Scripture clearly teaches us that the Great Tribulation is three and a half years in duration, and the covenant is between Christ and His people.
At the Judgment of the Great Whore, Jerusalem the city of confusion, judaism, zionism and all that the Great Whore represents will be destroyed at the hands of the ten kings that serve Satan.
The judgment must begin at the house of God, which is the Church of Christ. If this judgment begins with those who claim to be Christians, what shall the end be of them that do not even pretend to obey the gospel of Christ? Many who claim to adhere to Christianity but practice deceptive doctrines, do not have the spirit of Christ, and will also fall prey to the stronger deceptive force during the Great Tribulation (1 Peter 4:17; 2 Thes 2:9-12).There will come a falling away from the faith before Christ returns, and if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived during the reign of the Beast (2 Thes 2:3; Math 24:24).
Romans 4:14 For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect:
The Old Testament law is finished and no longer in force. Those in Christ accept His new law unto life. Attempting to partake in something that is forbidden is disobedience. Not only is the practice of the works of the old law forbidden, they that feebly attempt to follow the old law are not partakers of the promise of Christ.
Col 3:5-6 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:
Idolatry through covetousness, as well as disobedience to Christ and His Gospel, is practiced by those that attempt to keep the old law (Gal 5:4). The Judgment of the Great Whore will remove this idolatry. However in part through the Whores deceptions many will follow the greater idolatry at the hands of the Beast and False prophet.
Mark 13:22 For a false Christ and a false prophet shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
The correct interpretation of Mark 13:22, is a false christ and a false prophet shall rise… This verse is in reference to the last days, a time of great deception unlike any other. It is during this Great Tribulation, that has a duration of three and a half years, that a great battle will be waged for the eternal destiny of much of mankind.

The Judgment of the Great Whore will occur and Satan will introduce to the world his false Christ, and false prophet of deception. This is a representation of The Unholy Trinity, Satan the Beast and the false prophet.

Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle

By Ian Greenhalgh on November 16, 2016

[Editor’s note: Trump is a Zionist puppet, created by kingpin of the Judeo-Zionist mob, AKA the Kosher Nostra, Roy Cohn. The Israeli press have been using reverse psychology to disguise the fact Trump is their boy by making false claims against him of anti-semitism and falsely claiming he would act against Jewish interests in the US – this is a ploy to appeal to the Nazis and far-right extremists that supported Trump at the ballot boxes.

However, as this article shows, Trump has surrounded himself with Jewish advisors, all of them with close ties to Israel.

Trump’s selection of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist is yet another sign of the Israeli control of Trump – Bannon has long been a stooge of Benjamin Netanyahu, and will serve as Trump’s handler, relaying instructions from Netanyahu, in effect, Bannon is the strings that connect puppet Trump to puppetmaster Netanyahu. The ADL condemning Bannon’s appointment is just more reverse psychology to fool the dumb white folks. Ian]

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle
President-elect Donald Trump has a complicated history with Jews. On the one hand, his daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner, and he’s spoken fondly about havingJewish grandchildren.
On the other, some of Trump’s supporters identify with anti-Semitic elements of the alt-right movement, and he’s a favorite of prominent white supremacist David Duke. On Sunday, Trump appointed Stephen Bannon — the former chairman of Breitbart News, a site with ties to the alt-right — as his chief strategist in a move that sparked swift criticism from the Anti-Defamation League.
Still, Trump’s cadre of advisers is not short on Jews. While the real estate magnate and former reality TV star may not officially appoint family members to his Cabinet because of federal anti-nepotism regulations, here’s a look at his Jewish advisers, their views and possible roles in his administration.
Jason Greenblatt

Jason Greenblatt (Uriel Heilman)

Greenblatt has worked as a real-estate lawyer for Trump for 19 years, and he is one of two Jewish lawyers whom Trump has said he would appoint as his Israel advisers. An Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva University graduate, Greenblatt studied at a West Bank yeshiva in the mid-1980s and even did armed guard duty there.
The father of six from Teaneck, New Jersey, does not have any political experience. Greenblatt has said he speaks with people involved in the Israeli government but has not spoken to any Palestinians since his yeshiva studies. He has cited the American Israel Public Affairs Committee as one of his main sources for staying informed about the Jewish state, and helped draft Trump’s speech at the lobbying group’s annual conference in March.
Greenblatt, who has said he supports the two-state solution, has implied that Trump will take a more laissez-faire approach to peace building.
“He is not going to impose any solution on Israel,” Greenblatt told Israel’s Army Radio last week. He also said that Trump “does not view Jewish settlements as an obstacle to peace.”
David Friedman

David Friedman (Screenshot from YouTube)

Alongside Greenblatt, Trump named Friedman, 57, as an Israel adviser. Friedman, a bankruptcy expert and partner at the Kasowitz law firm in New York, is the president-elect’s longtime attorney. The son of a Conservative rabbi with a family history of ties to Republican presidential candidates — his family hosted Ronald Reagan for a Shabbat lunch in 1984, the year he won re-election — Friedman lives in Woodmere, New York, and owns a house in Jerusalem’s Talbiyeh neighborhood, according to Haaretz.
Friedman has expressed doubt about the future of the two-state solution, traditionally a pillar of bipartisan U.S. policy in the region. Prior to the Republican Party passing a platform that omitted references to the two-state solution, he said it might be time for the party to reject the concept.
“The two-state solution might be one answer, but I don’t think it’s the only answer anymore,” he said in July.
Friedman has also said that annexing the West Bank would not damage Israel’s status as a Jewish state.
Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner attending the premiere of “A Film Unfinished” at MOMA-Celeste Bartos Theater in New York City, Aug. 11, 2010. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Kushner — the 35-year-old scion of one of New York’s most prominent real estate families and, since 2009, the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka — played a crucial role in the president-elect’s campaign, especially with regards to Israel. He worked on Trump’s speech to the AIPAC annual policy conference that earned Trump a standing ovation, and helped plan a trip to Israel for his father-in-law last year. (Trump canceled the trip after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed his call to ban Muslim immigration to the United States.)
Trump appears to be smitten with Kushner, often referring to his “fantastic” son-in-law when boasting of his pro-Israel credentials. Kushner, an Orthodox Jew who lives with his wife and their three children on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, may have become a household name during the campaign, but he’s no stranger to the limelight. In 2006, at 25, he bought the Observer newspaper. Two years later he became CEO of his father’s company, Kushner Properties, four years after his father was sent to jail for tax evasion, illegal campaign donations and witness tampering. In 2015, Fortune named Kushner to its 40 Under 40 list, its “annual ranking of the most influential young people in business.”
Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump waving to the crowd as she walks on stage to address the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, July 21, 2016. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Trump’s daughter Ivanka, 35, who converted to Orthodox Judaism, has served as the polished, softer face of her father’s campaign. A successful businesswoman whose brand is centered around empowering working women, she stood by him when recordings were released that caught the president-elect bragging about sexually assaulting women.
Ivanka has reportedly tried — not always successfully — to have her father tone down or walk back some of his most inflammatory remarks, including having called Mexican immigrants rapists, according to New York magazine.
She is the founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection, a fashion and lifestyle brand, and serves as executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization, her father’s company. Ivanka, who gave birth to her third child in March, belongs to the Upper East Side Orthodox synagogue Kehilath Jeshurun with Kushner and has described her family as “pretty observant.” She made Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list in 2014, a year before her husband did.
Boris Epshteyn

Boris Epshteyn attending SiriusXM’s “White in America” special at SiriusXM Studios in New York City, June 30, 2015. (Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Epshteyn, 34, is a Republican political strategist and staunch defender of Trump who has appeared as the president-elect’s surrogate on major TV networks over 100 times, The New York Times reported.
A New York-based investment banker and finance attorney, Epshteyn worked as a communications aide for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, focusing his efforts on the Arizona senator’s running mate, then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whom Trump is reportedly considering for interior secretary, according to Politico.
Epshteyn, a Moscow native, moved to the United States in 1993. A fluent Russian speaker who has moderateda panel encouraging investment in Moscow, he may serve as an asset for Trump in navigating relations with Russia — Trump has expressed his desire to improve ties with President Vladimir Putin.
Then again, Epshteyn’s temper may make him less of an asset to Trump. TV hosts described him as “very combative” and “abrasive,” and in 2014, Epshteyn was charged with misdemeanor assault after he was involved in a bar tussle. The charge was dropped after Epshteyn agreed to undergo anger management training and perform community service.
Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City, Nov. 11, 2016. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Miller, 30, has played a crucial role in Trump’s campaign, helping to warm up crowds at rallies and drafting speeches, including the president-elect’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.
Miller, who has described himself as “a practicing Jew,” joined the Trump campaign in January, quickly rising through the ranks to become “one of the most important people in the campaign,” as Trump’s campaign manager told The Wall Street Journal. Previously he worked for seven years as an aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., helping the lawmaker draft materials to kill a bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill. Some of Sessions’ arguments contain similarities to Trump’s harsh and often controversial statements on the issue, such as calling for building a wall on the Mexican border and banning Muslim immigration to the country.
Though Miller grew up in a liberal Jewish home in Southern California, he was drawn to conservative causes early. As a high school student he wrote a letter to the editor of a local paper in which he slammed his school for providing free condoms to students and for making announcements both in English and Spanish, among other things.
Steven Mnuchin

Steven Mnuchin speaking at City Harvest: An Event Of Practical Magic in New York City, April 24, 2014. (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for City Harvest)

Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, worked as Trump’s national finance chairman during the campaign with the aim of raising more than $1 billion for the candidate.
Trump and Mnuchin have been friends for 15 years, and prior to being in charge of Trump’s campaign finances, Mnuchin served as an adviser. Part of what The New York Times describes as one of Manhattan’s elite “most influential families,” Mnuchin and his father both got rich working at Goldman Sachs. The younger Mnuchin also co-founded the entertainment company RatPac-Dune Entertainment, which has worked on such Hollywood hits as “Avatar” and “Black Swan.”
Some saw Trump teaming up with Mnuchin as unusual, considering that the real-estate mogul had consistently bashed Goldman Sachs. But it didn’t seem to get in the way of a good working relationship — Trump is now reportedly considering Mnuchin for the position of Treasury secretary, according to Politico.
Lewis Eisenberg

Lewis Eisenberg (Screenshot from YouTube)

Eisenberg, the private equity chief for Granite Capital International Group, serves as finance chairman for the Republican National Committee. He was one of a small group of Republican Jewish Coalition board members who did not flee from Trump’s candidacy, and was a major contributor to groups backing Trump’s election — only nine of 55 RJC board members gave to Trump. Alongside Mnuchin, he worked to raise funds for the candidate.
Eisenberg grew up in New Jersey, the Forward reported, and he has been floated as a possible pick for commerce secretary in the Trump administration. He was the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Eisenberg told JTA that he was “extremely enthusiastic” about a Trump presidency, calling him “a strong advocate for Israel, a strong advocate for justice and order.”
Michael Glassner

Michael Glassner (Screenshot from YouTube)

Glassner was not new to Republican presidential campaigns when Trump appointed him last year to serve as his national political director. He worked as director of vice presidential operations for McCain’s 2008 campaign and ran Geogre W. Bush’s campaign in Iowa in 2000. He has also worked with Palin and Sen. Bob Dole, a former presidential candidate.
Like many of Trump’s Jewish advisers, Glassner is outspoken in his support of Israel. Prior to joining the Trump campaign, he worked as the political director for AIPAC’s Southwest Regional. Glassner has praised the anti-establishment movement,  and he told Jewish Insider that his experience with Palin and the fact that he lives in New Jersey, not Washington, D.C., made him a good fit for Trump’s political outsider message. He also served as a senior adviser to Eisenberg when he was the Port Authority chairman.

Trump Trojan Horse – Darryl Robert Schoon

The Illuminati’s False Choice: The Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Conspiracy
Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! I typically stick with hidden symbolism and occult messages found in entertainment, but today I’d like to throw my hat into the political arena! I’m doing this because this year’s presidential race is so blatantly full of deception that the evidence speaks for itself.

**Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY advocating for any particular candidate. I am merely demonstrating a theory in action, as I see it from my perspective. This is more of an analysis/hypothesis on the media and the coordinated efforts to sway the masses.**
You can check out the video I created for the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel with audio/video clips of the candidates:

The Hegelian Dialect: False Choices
One of the great lessons to be gleaned from the world of conspiracies is that of the Hegelian Dialect. In this theory, we are presented with options that inevitably put us where the puppet masters want us through a coordinated series of false events. It can be analyzed as a thesis, reaction, antithesis, and synthesis. This was more eloquently described by David Icke as the Problem-Reaction-Solution method (as I described in A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture).

The infamous Hegelian Dialectic is in full force as we are being coerced to vote for Hillary Clinton and I aim to prove that to you today.
First, “they” (the Illuminati) put Barack Obama in as the President (this is the “thesis” or “problem”). We saw this as a coordinated effort when Obama and Hillary Clinton arranged this during the 2008 Bilderberg meeting- a regular meeting place for the “Illuminati.” Only days after their secret Bilderberg meeting did Clinton drop out of the Democratic primaries (which were very close at the time). RT.com also revealed the peculiarities about this:
When in 2008 they gathered from June 5 to 8 in Chantilly, Virginia – just a stone’s throw from the Washington DC – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were neck-in-neck in the battle for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy.
On June 5 of that year, Barack and Hillary mysteriously “disappeared” for some hours “somewhere in the DC area.”  Their agendas blocked out, they clearly sneaked off to “Meet the Bilderbergers.”
The media kept mum about that, save for an Associated Press report on the campaign trail saying that, “reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair (i.e. Obama and Hillary) when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane. Asked at the time about the Illinois Senator’s whereabouts, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs smiled and declined to comment.” (The AP dispatch “Obama and Clinton meet, discuss uniting Democrats” is, strangely, “no longer available” on their website).
Be that as it may, two days later, Hillary withdrew from the race and Obama became the presidential candidate. Did Bilderberg make Hillary “an offer she couldn’t refuse” to clear the way for Obama to the White House? Did they promise her that she would become his Secretary of State?

In 2016 we saw Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination, meanwhile Donald Trump became the Republican nominee (this is the “antithesis” or “reaction” for those that disliked President Obama). Then they proceeded to show us all sorts of insanity and political incorrectness from Trump in order to further cement us into choosing Clinton since she is the “safe” candidate (further exacerbating the “antithesis” and giving us the false “synthesis” or “solution”).
How interesting is it that many Republicans dislike Donald Trump yet he somehow became the candidate?…
Or how many Democrats distrust Clinton yet she became the candidate?…


This election is being coordinated and labeled as “historical” in that we have a female candidate running for the office, but the truth is that many females have run long before Clinton. Victoria Woodhull of the suffrage movement ran in 1872. More recently in 1972 Shirley Chisholm ran for the candidacy of the Democratic party. Jill Stein has been running on third party tickets for years as well.
Not to take anything away from Clinton; but if she becomes the first female President, it is because they chose it to be so. They must first illustrate that we have to select a madman known as “The Chaos Candidate” or Hillary Clinton. We’ll revisit this ‘false choice’ theory in the conclusion, but lets go through some other ideas first.

Silencing the Bernie Movement
The first thing that had to happen was to take down the unexpected Bernie Sanders movement. This former Independent party Senator ran on the Democratic ticket and surpassed all of the other candidates and threatened to take Hillary out of the race.
The “Illuminati” used the tools at their disposal to ensure their candidate lasted until the end- even though Bernie was more successful at energizing a base and pulling third party independents over to the left.
Sanders went at Clinton hard with the questionable speeches she gave for hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wall Street businesses like Goldman Sachs (you know- the ones that crashed the economy of the entire world from fraudulent practices like subprime mortgage swapping and then proceeded to have the taxpayers bail them out).
The mainstream media (MSM) were successful in giving Clinton and Trump most of the air time and keeping Bernie’s publicity at lower levels. They even managed to silence the protestors during Clinton’s DNC speech. Breitbart.com reported on this:
Several told Breitbart News on Tuesday evening that 800 Sanders volunteers who had raised funds to participate in the convention were denied access to the floor. Some were relegated to upper-deck viewing areas at the Wells Fargo Center, and some were denied entry altogether.
The accusations were echoed in pro-Sanders forums on reddit and in social media. One Sanders activist, Lisa Barri of New York posted on Facebook: “This has been a very intense day in Philadelphia. 800 Bernie volunteers were not allowed in, stripped of their certifications, and replaced with Hillary volunteers.”
Others told Breitbart News that they had been told they would lose their convention credentials if they protested in favor of Sanders or against Clinton, or if they used signs that had not been approved.

Wikileaks released thousands of emails that suggested the Democratic National Committee and its chair- Debbie Wasserman Schultz, enabled the downfall of Sanders. WashingtonPost.com detailed the worst emails which includes blatant attempts to play on religious fears of the constituents:
“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”- DNC chief financial officer Brad Marshall
The emails detail how the DNC ramped up pressure to have Bernie drop out, claiming he was just creating division in the Democratic party. They even tried to portray Sanders’ campaign as an unorganized failure.
Keep in mind these are all from members of the Democratic party- who should’ve been neutral on who gets to represent the party.

Trump of Chaos: Suggests Assassinating Clinton
This one can be viewed from one of two ways; the first is that Trump suggested people should assassinate Clinton, and the second is that the MSM is making it appear that way. Rolling Stone portrayed it from the pro-assassination viewpoint:
“Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment, and by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Ironically, some news outlets pointed out that Clinton could be blamed for a similar sentiment in 2008 against Barack Obama:
“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it.”

Trump of Chaos: Wants to Ban Porn?…
WashingtonExaminer wrote about Trump’s desires to crack down on porn:
Donald Trump has signed a pledge promising that as president, he would make enforcing existing laws against pornography, especially child pornography, a top priority of his administration.
It should also be noted that his wife posed nude in GQ and Trump himself was on cover of Playboy magazine. This screams of deception since these are values he has apparently not lived up to.
My opinion is that he is seeking to alienate millions of voters from him since porn is viewed by most people in America. HuffingtonPost posted an infographic that shows us that 70% of men watch it and 30% of women do as well- resulting in porn sites receiving more bandwidth than Amazon, Hulu, and Twitter combined.

Trump of Chaos: “He loves the Latinos”
In order to turn off an entire race of people, Trump proceeded to make one of the worst comments in history:
“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

WashingtonPost proceeded to explain that the exact opposite was true:
Data on immigrants and crime are incomplete, but a range of studies show there is no evidence immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans. In fact, first-generation immigrants are predisposed to lower crime rates than native-born Americans.

Trump of Chaos: Disrespecting Military Veterans
Trump claimed to raise and donate $6M (with $1M coming from his own pocket) to a veteran group, but after the WashingtonPost investigated it; the truth came out to be otherwise:
In other words, four months after his big fundraiser, where Trump touted a tally that turned out to be untrue, Trump only started cutting checks to a variety of groups after the Washington Post published a story that made the candidate look awful.

Trump was eligible to serve during the Vietnam draft, but he received four educational deferments while he attended college, and then one medical deferment for his heels. He never served, and even went as far as to criticize Vietnam P.O.W. John McCain’s record:
“He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He’s a war hero because he was captured, OK? And I believe — perhaps he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people…”
A U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan died in Iraq from a car bomb; yet Trump claimed his family sacrificed nothing:
In his first response to a searing charge at the Democratic National Convention from Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq, that he “sacrificed nothing” for his country, Donald Trump claimed that he sacrificed by employing “thousands and thousands of people.” Also, he suggested that Khan’s wife, Ghazala Khan, didn’t speak at the convention because she was forbidden to as a Muslim and questioned whether Khan’s words were his own.
At more than one point in history, Trump petitioned New York City to get veteran street peddlers away from Fifth Avenue, as NYDailyNews reported:
“While disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so to the detriment of the city as a whole or its tax paying citizens and businesses?” Trump wrote in a 1991 letter to John Dearie, then-chairman of the state Assembly’s Committee on Cities.
“Do we allow Fifth Ave., one of the world’s finest and most luxurious shopping districts, to be turned into an outdoor flea market, clogging and seriously downgrading the area?” Trump demanded.
New York’s original peddling exceptions for veterans date back to 1894 — created to give those disabled during the Civil War a chance to support themselves.
In 2004, when the regulations had come up for renewal, Trump piped up again.

Trump of Chaos: Disrespecting Serge Kovaleski
A reporter named Serge Kovaleski has a congenital joint condition, but that didn’t stop Trump from mocking him…

Trump responded by saying he spends millions of dollars on ramps for the handicapped at his properties (although it’s a federal requirement according to the Americans with Disabilities Act since 1990).
The point here is that nobody is exempt from being offended by Trump’s campaign.

Trump of Chaos: Sexism
The Telegraph put together a list of Trump’s remarks on women over the past 30 years and it isn’t too flattering. For example, most people are aware that Donald Trump owned the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for periods of time, and some of the contestants have been vocal about his mistreatment and objectification of women.
Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy claimed: “So much of the boardroom discussion concerned the appearance of the female contestants—discussing the female contestants’ looks—who he found to be hot.
“He asked the men to rate the women — he went down the line and asked the guys, ‘Who’s the most beautiful on the women’s team?’ ”
Gene Folkes, a 46-year-old financial adviser, said: “I think it was most uncomfortable when he had one [female] contestant come around the board table and twirl around.”

If you check that Telegraph article out you’ll read many more examples, some worse than others. A deleted tweet was aimed directly at Hillary, which shows the extent of how much these politicians understand all of this is a game (as you’ll see shortly when we reveal the friendship between Clinton and Trump)…

SECRET TRUTH: Trump and Clintons are Friends
In 2005 when Trump married his third wife, the Clintons attended his wedding and sat in the front row.

In 2009 Trump donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Weeks before Trump decided to campaign for the Republican nomination, he may very well have been “nudged” by another politician that was indeed wise for making this suggestion. Who was this politician?…
Bill Clinton.
The WashingtonPost reported on this in 2015:
Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for the White House, according to associates of both men.

Clinton Staged This… Eight Years Ago.
Many people have seen this floating around online, but I’ll explain it here as well.
In 2008, Hillary Clinton ran for candidacy with Debbie Wasserman Schultz as her campaign co-chair. Like I mentioned earlier, Clinton and Obama had the secretive Bilderberg meeting after which Clinton dropped out of the contest.
The chair of the DNC at the time was Tim Kaine, who stepped down in 2011 and essentially transferred the position over to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
In 2016 we saw Schultz’s DNC ensure that Clinton would win the nomination with the shady DNC emails and strategies I mentioned before. Clinton wins the nomination and now has Tim Kaine as her V.P.

Clinton’s Health and Body Doubles
The deception behind this year’s election runs deep. The covering up of Hillary Clinton’s health is at the forefront of people’s distrust. It is very obvious that she has something going on- whether it be seizures, Parkinson’s or something far worse. When you look through the various video clips of Clinton acting strangely it appears that she is either hiding a serious illness or she is a robotic clone.

Speaking of robotic clones; many have claimed that Clinton has a body double or even a clone. Teresa Barnwell is claimed to be her body double (although recent photos seem to suggest she doesn’t look like Hillary anymore, which is arguably another ruse if they’re trying to make her appear to look differently now).

The tag #HillarysBodyDouble was trending on Twitter for a period of time because many people don’t believe what she says or does.

Trump & Clinton on the Lolita Express to “Orgy Island”
In what could be the darkest part of the conspiracy theory here is that of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual child abuse allegations surrounding him. Trump and Bill Clinton have both been identified as friends and associates of Epstein and have even been accused of attending his underage sex parties on his “Lolita Express” and “Orgy Island.”
TheDailyBeast pointed out the impropriety going on here:

But a darker story was going on underneath the glamour. In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from an underage girl and quietly paid settlements to scores of alleged victims who said he serially molested them. But the girls kept coming out of the woodwork—in 2014, another young woman filed a lawsuit claiming that Epstein used her as a sex slave for his powerful friends—and that she’d been at parties on his private island with former President Clinton.

And just last week, yet another “Jane Doe” filed a suit in New York accusing Epstein and Donald Trump of raping her at a series of sex parties when she was only 13.

Trump has denied Jane Doe’s claims and his reps have said he barely knew Epstein—even though New York media in the ’90s regularly chronicled his comings-and-goings at Epstein’s Upper East Side palace, and even though Epstein had 14 private numbers for Trump and his family in his little black book. Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary Clinton have remained mum about their ties to the Palm Beach pedophile—despite evidence that shows Bill was one of the most famous and frequent passengers on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and that Epstein donated money to the Clinton Foundation even after his conviction.

For months, talking heads have wondered whether Trump would use Epstein and his girls as a weapon against Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Now, with the latest federal lawsuit against Trump himself, it seems the notorious financier has become a serious liability for both campaigns.

The article goes on to detail how Epstein hired super lawyers to get his time reduced significantly:
And so, despite a decade of alleged serial sexual abuse and rape of an unknowable number of girls, some as many as 100 times according to court filings, the notoriously secretive financier was offered a deal. For the alleged systematic victimization of young girls—most of whom were plucked by Epstein’s assistants from Palm Beach’s poorer neighborhoods and groomed to adore or acquiesce to him—he was slapped with a 2008 conviction on a single charge of soliciting a minor; and sentenced to an 18-month stay in a Palm Beach county jail—of which he served only 13 months and was allowed to leave six days out of every week for “work release.” He also agreed to a few dozen confidential, out-of-court payoffs to his accusers, the most recent of which was finalized in 2011.
Allegations run deep into the darkest realms of conspiracy theories- including the accusations that the FBI was hiding video footage of minors having sex with prominent elitists such as Prince Andrew.  As of this writing (18SEP2016), the lawsuit against Trump is being dropped until another eyewitness joins “Jane Doe” (the woman who claims Trump and Epstein raped her when she was 13 years old), at which time it will be reengaged.

Clinton and the Goddess of Sacrifice
In what could be the weirdest part of this analysis, it seems that Hillary Clinton may be a goddess of occult rituals behind the scenes.
Consider that the hacker named “Guccifer” released a letter to Fox News that implicated her as such when he talked about trying to expose the Illuminati:
“Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the high priests, a goddess of this occult, satanic shadow group.”

Several years ago Clinton received an email that had an odd mention of animal sacrifice; suggesting there is something more to this (from TheTruthSeeker):

Hillary Clinton is so deeply entrenched in the elite New World Order establishment that she even bows down to Moloch, the same occultist god they perform human sacrifice rituals for at the annual Bohemian Grove meetings.
In an email from August 29 2008, a senior government staffer writes to Hillary Clinton, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .”

UPDATE: Spirit Cooking- Blood Artwork
As expected; since the original release of this article there have been more strange allegations surrounding Clinton and Podesta. This time, Wikileaks released an email in which Podesta’s brother invites him to a “Spirit Cooking” performance by Marina Abramovic.
What’s “Spirit Cooking” you ask?… The mainstream media is claiming it is a harmless avant garde art performance that Abramovic does using bodily fluids like blood and semen, but others like Infowars claim that it is truly linked to the practices of Aleister Crowley and even the satanists who work the energy released from these bodily fluids.
After further research on <a href="http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Cake_of_Light" tar

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