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  • WHO IS VLADIMIR PUTIN? SABIAN SYMBOLS FOR VLADIMIR PUTIN As Revealed In His Astrological Birth Chart & Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala Compiled by Nancy B. Detweiler With Twin Flame, Uriel  Planet Earth is now in its 2nd...

  • Post AMA #4 Summary
    via robocraftgame

    Thanks to everyone who took part in our most recent Reddit AMA! Below is a compilation of everyone’s responses (with all the repeated questions/answers removed). You can see the full AMA over on the Reddit page here. TLDR: You asked some questions, we...

  • VenomClan Members
    via warriorcatclans2

    ** Checked in for AC Stratego **Valkyriestar Rped by Paranormalseduction A silver savannah she cat with silver tabby markings on her forehead. She has a gaze like blue fire, warm, yet icy at times. She has a short limbed body, but not like a munchkin...

  • Trudging the sidewalks of Fountain Hills, it was easy to fall in emotionally with the parade of aggravated Trump supporters. No one was happy about walking three miles in the sun to the rally. Wearing weather-inappropriate jeans and socks, I was maybe...

  • By Chris Harvey of Drinkbox Studios In the fall of 2010 as our first game, Tales From Space: About a Blob, neared completion, we started talking about new game ideas. Prior to creating About a Blob, DrinkBox Studios did primarily contract game...

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