“Never stop screaming, playing and laughing, it’s part of our childhood which will always be with us.” – Romina Noriega

Dear Adult, I am that child within you, who has always craved to grow up and change the world. And now when you are older, you miss those childhood days. It is good that you have grown up now, but I am upset because you have forgotten me. You promised to keep me within always but now I do not exist anywhere in your life. There are certain things that you promised and have forgotten. There are a few things I want to remind you before it gets too late!


1. Simple things are diverting you from your goals.

Remember those innocent days when collecting more tattoos than your friends was the major goal? Simple goals kept you motivated. But now, when you are an adult, you are losing everything. Your goals are neither simple nor they are easy to achieve, but little things are creating deviations in your path to achieve them.

2. Your parents were your world.

Your mother was your world and your father was your hero. You have made your work your world; someone else has become the first love of your life and movie superheroes interest you more than you father’s hard work. But, your parents are the ones who gave you strength to face the world and achieve success. They have always had your back and now all they expect from you is your time.


3. Jealousy never existed within you.

Your friend’s father used to bring new toys for him and you used to be happy because you would get to play with them too. You used to get happy about your friend’s success. When did this jealousy take over? Why do you feel bad about other’s achievements?

4. You have lost the excitement you had about life.

You had that spark, that lively feeling. You have lost that positive attitude, the outlook you had for life. The excitement for little things have gone. You have made your life monotonous. Don’t make yourself a machine, bring something new to yourself.

5. You have forgotten to explore your inner self.

You have stopped exploring your inner self. There are many things in you that are hidden! Bring that out, show it to the world that has forgotten you and your talents.


6. Stop being over critical.

You used to feel bad when your mother used to scold the servants. Why have you forgotten that feeling? Why you don’t feel the same before yelling at your employees? They are also humans, and you also have been through that stage. Don’t let society and situations take over your mind. Be yourself, the way you were.

7. Earning money is not the only motive of living.

You are letting those dull walls of your work place making your life dull. You are letting those inhumane characteristics capture your mind. Yes, earning is important but money is not everything. Pick that travel book you always wanted to fill. It is your time to see the world like you always wanted to.


8. Don’t you want to bring a change?

When you were 8, you wanted to grow up and change the world. You wanted to make this place better for living but then that memory just faded away when you grew up. Why did you do this to yourself? You wanted to stand out of the crowd but ended up getting lost in it!

9. You promised to come back when you stepped out of your home.

You used to fight with your sibling for the delicious dishes your mother cooks, now you don’t remember the last time you visited home. Your mother is there waiting for you, she knows you are busy and occupied with work. But, there is no excuse you should give about not visiting home.


10. You cannot end your life for any random reason.

You were thinking about ending your life for the person who left you without thinking about you once. S/he was never in love with you but there are people who think about you, care for you. Next time, think about them before you let your mind wander into dark places.

11. The world outside those gadgets is worth knowing!

You are now addicted to technology. You panic when you lose your phone for a second. You are ignoring living beings because of these non-living things. Why have you forgotten that people who come to talk to you have emotions and feelings but your mobile phone does not?

Don’t let me die. I want to live within you forever. I want to see you happy. I want to see you achieving whatever you promised yourself. Don’t let the world change you. Believe in yourself, you have the power to bring a change!

Always yours,

The child living within you.

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