"Never Before Revealed Secret Report Reveals 39 Fun And Exiting Ways To Make $50,000 – $100,000 A Year While Only Working 4 Days A Week All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home"

Are you looking for an extra source of income? Would you be interested in having multiple sources of income coming in on auto pilot month after month, year after year?

What if I told you having a net income of $50,000 – $100,000 + a year all from the comfort of your own home while only working 4 days a week was not only attainable, but actually very easy!

Well I’m going to prove to you just how easy it is.

Can you imagine having all the freedom in the world? No boss telling you when to work, no more time clocks to punch, no more commutes to and from work in rush hour traffic, no more long hours apart from your family?

If you want to learn how to make $50K – $100k a year from the comfort of your own home I urge you to sit down, shut the door, turn off the T.V. And read this very important letter. In fact you should read it two or three times (It’s that Important!)

“This Never before revealed Information contained in this Report will change your life”

Over 14 years of research – many restless nights, a lot of prayers, quite a few tears, and Thousands of Dollars went into the making of this special report a reality!

You see after many years of research, trial, error, and contacts with Entrepreneur’s and Business owners all over the United States. I have uncovered over 39 proven Home Based Businesses anyone can run from home and make $50,000 – $100,000 a year while only working 4 days a week.

A little bit about me…I once worked as a mail carrier in one of the richest Area’s of the country – In fact one Guy I delivered mail to sold one of his Businesses to Warren Buffet for $2 Billion A few years back. So I observed everything these rich folks did. These people lived like Kings – they were captains of Industry, corporate


People treated them with respect and I was in awe of them! It became very clear to me everyone that were very successful in life were Business Owners….. I decided I wanted to be just like them (very successful in business and in life).

My obsession begins….. I became obsessed with figuring out how to be successful in life. Well Obsessed would be an understatement. In the last 14 – 15 years there is not one Business Opportunity I haven’t researched or studied. And like many others I have tried too many to count. With most failing!

Over the past 14 years I have Interviewed Business Owners all over the country as to what they were doing to make money – I would even call them on the phone asking them questions (some of them hung up on me thinking I was a competitor) while others gave me information that would later change my


Come on let’s take an Adventure………………………….

Most people are to busy to ever make any real money. There’s a lot of truth behind that statement. It’s a sad, but true statement. Were living in what some experts call the worst economic time since the great depression.

Millions upon millions of people are out of work, and can’t find a job. Unemployment hovers just under 10%, and job security is a thing of the past with constant layoffs and corporate downsizing.

In this day and age everyone needs an extra source of income to survive these tough

economic times.

Over 14 years of research went into making this report a reality… My Team and I have researched hundreds and hundreds of Home Based Business Opportunities from around the world. Not surprisingly most of them turned out to be pure junk!

Most of them turned out to be over hyped, over priced opportunities that would cost you money instead of make you money. But after talking with Entrepreneur’s and Business Owners across the country we quickly found out the best Home Based Businesses Opportunities were not always found in the Business Opportunity magazines.

But were being ran successfully by Entrepreneur’s all across the country who keep a tight lid on what there doing – and for good reason! They don’t want to create unwanted competition.

Here are just a few of the Exiting Home Based Businesses you will learn about.

* How to start your own Coupon Book Fundraising Business: Learn how one retired school principal started a business like this and now makes $15 Million a year doing it as a fundraiser each year for schools. We will show you how to market these Coupon Books as fundraisers to school and Churches – you can make $50,000 – $100,000 A year!

* How to start your own Fundraising – Event Promotion Business. Discover how one man put together a speaking – fundraising event with (just one of the Duck Dynasty stars – Phil Robertson) and did $80,000 dollars in Ticket sales. The tickets sold themselves. Guess what that was with no marketing at all – the tickets sold by word of mouth. You’ll learn how to put together one of these profitable fundraising – event promotions in your area by reading this course. You can get almost any celebrity you want at the right price if you know how! What if you learned how to put together 10 or 20 of these powerful money making events each year? Now you know why successful event promoters make millions of dollars. The guy that put this together was not an event promoter but an ordinary guy like the rest of us.

* Learn how to start your own 2 for 1 Pizza Card Fundraising Business. In this Business you get a your favourite local pizza business to offer a 2 for 1 special and you then sell the cards either directly to consumers, or you have schools and Churches sell them as fundraisers and split the profits with them.

These cards sell for $10 – $12 Dollars a pop. When schools and Churches sell them as fundraisers to there sphere of influence they sell like hot cakes! Each school or Church is worth $5,000 – $20,000 in profits to you. If you do this each year in 10 different schools, or Churches your looking at a $50,000 – $200,000 in net profits each year. show you how. Now days with facebook it’s even easier to sell these things!

* How To make and extra $60,000 a year working only part time in your own Office Cleaning Business. Many entrepreneurs have built up there office cleaning businesses to $100,000 a year within one year! You can start an office cleaning business for well under $100. This business is one of the best for inexpensive start-ups. You can gather clients within just a few days, and the best part about this business – you don’t have to be the person who is cleaning the offices you can

hire people to do it for you. All you have to do is set back and run the marketing plan we provide and collect the checks. We’ll show you how to get started in this business by next week!

How would you like to sit back, plug in some already proven marketing promotions and collect $100,000 – $200,000 a year and have employees do all of the work? We’ll show you how.

I know of a guy who makes $250,000 a year doing this only in his home town. Here’s the shocking part he has a hurt back he can’t clean offices he simply outsources the work to other cleaners and they do all the work and he gives them 60% of the profits and he takes 40%. All he does is set at home and market this service in his home town.

* Make $100K + A Year Selling Ad space on Popular Restaurant Table Tops...Learn how one smart Business man started giving restaurants free Tables – in exchange for providing them tables he was allowed to sell ads on the table tops to local Businesses he built this into a Multi – Million Dollar Business. We’ll teach you how how you can do the same… He now has hundreds of participating Restaurants & Thousands of Advertisers who buy ads on his Table Tops..

* How to make $100k a year promoting Magic Show Fundraisers to Schools and Churches. Schools and Churches are hurting for money these days. You can Make money by helping these organizations raise money by promoting a magic show performed by a professional magician.

You’ll learn how to hire a professional magician for very little money to come and perform, you make money by selling tickets to the show. Tickets sale for around $10.00 or more.

In this opportunity you will learn how to partner with these organizations and offer them a free fundraising magic show. For example a local elementary school will have around 500 – or more students, we will show you how to get each kid to come to the show with 2 adults with them.

If 500 students showed up for the show and brought just 1 parent you would generate $9,000 in sales. $4,000 in tickets sold to students and $5,000 in tickets sold to the parents.

If 500 students showed up with 2 adults you would generate $14,000 Dollars in sales. Your net profit would be around $8,400 – $7,000 depending on how much you split with the school. If you split the sales 50 – 50 your earning would be $7,000 in net profit, if you did a 60 – 40 split where you keep 60% and give the school 40% you earnings would be $8,400 in net profit, not bad for just 1 school and 1 magic show. Just think if you did just 20 schools or Churches a year you could earn $140,000 – $168,000 in net profit each year!

The real big money can be made in duplicating this and doing this in a couple of hundred schools, churches, and non – profits each year…. The best thing is each organization will want you to come back each year to do the same thing.. This is a very exiting home based business to get involved in!

* How to Barter Your Way To Financial Freedom!… Barter is the wave of the future. Whether you want to barter to make money, or barter to get up to 50% – 90% savings on goods you can’t go wrong with this one. Learn how to manufacturer a top selling commodity for $500.00 and take it to barter networks and trade it for $25,000 dollars worth of goods. This type of deal happens every day with barter. We’ll teach you how. With barter you can legally print your own money!

Learn how to barter for things like cosmetic denistry. Learn how to broker Tv ads, radio ads, print ads for goods and services you want.

* Make $50K – $100K A Year in your own Chartered Group Tour Business: Get paid to travel! You can make a killing in this business. Want to learn how to make over $100,000 a year doing chartered bus trips to Disneyland? Want to learn how to make an extra $50,000 during spring break providing chartered transportation to Florida for college kids on college campuses without leaving your

house? Learn how to get paid $10,000 – $20,000 or more for each trip you take.

Want to learn how to get paid $5,000 – $10,000 each time you put together a weekend trip to the casino?

Want to learn how one lady makes $50,000 – $60,000 Net profit each summer promoting a trip to New York city during the 4th of July and how you do the same?

We’ll show you how! Just to give you an idea her trips always book in advance. She now promotes around 70 trips each year – she is making a killing with no competition in her area. You can do the very same thing in your local market! You can start this Business For under $200 Dollars.

* Start your own Food Delivery Service Business: Believe it or not there is one smart person who started a service business like this in his home town only delivering food for Outback Steakhouse, he is making very good money doing it. He does this on Friday and Saturday nights he gets 15 – 20 orders on each of those nights and he has a lot of clients.

There also another smart man who started a business like this and calls it the (Food Taxi), and anytime anyone wants to have food from a popular restaurant in their town delivered to their home they just call the food taxi.

We’ll teach you how to offer this service in your area and make good money doing it. Also learn how you can hire people to do this for you and all you do is set back and run the marketing plan we provide for you.

* Start your own Grocery delivery Business: Everyone has to buy groceries, and most people hate going grocery shopping (I know I do). We’ll teach you how to do this part time and earn a full time income. You can even hire independent contractors to do the deliveries for you and all you do is follow

the marketing plan that we show you how to start. There are several companies across the country that are making very good money providing this valuable service. You can be the First one in your area to do it.

* Make $50,000 – $100,000 a year in your own Restaurant Placemat Advertising Business.. In this business earning $50,000 – $100,000 a year is very achievable. The placemat advertising business is based upon the same principle that has made companies such as Val Pak and Money Mailer successful.

All advertisers share the expenses, and all receive the same restaurant exposure.

* How To Make $100K + A Year In The Mail Order Business: This one is one of my favorites. My mentor started a info marketing business a few years back with a $1,000 dollar ad in a magazine marketing high priced specialized information to a niche market. This market was very hungry for the Information he was selling.

This $1,000 dollar ad launched that business from $0 – $1.4 Million dollars in sales in the first year! Just to see if this was an accident or if his marketing system was really working this great he went to a different niche market and marketed high priced information to them and within a year that business did over $1,000,000 in sales. He later went to other niche markets and did the same. Why am I telling you this? Simply because his success and marketing formula can be duplicated by you. We’ll show you exactly how he did it – we have the same kind of direct responce ads he used and how you can duplicate his results.

* Make $100,000 a year marketing Webinars & Teleseminars to Niche Markets. The great thing is you can do this to several different niches at the same time. You won’t believe how easy this is. One guy started doing this and would put on these teleseminars that promoted high priced products – he is now a

millionaire. This guy has made over $1,000,000 in a single month doing this same technique! You’ll learn how by reading this course.

* Learn how to start your own junior Bill Board Advertising Business: These are not your typical large Billboards but a much smaller version of them. Just a few of these mini billboards can make you a lot of money.

You can fit 4 advertisers on 1 junior Billboard. And you can sell ad space to each advertiser for $250.00 a month – so 1 junior Billboard can make you $1,000 a month – $12,000 a year.

You just need 5 of this little billboards to make $60,000 a year.

One company in the US has over 9,000 of these unique 6′ x 12′ Junior-Billboards and they rent for over $250.00 per-month!

* Make $75,000 a year in your own Residential Garbage Pickup Service Business: In your own town in the rural parts of the town they don’t have a garbage pickup service like the downtown city limits do, and anyone with a pickup truck can start a garbage pickup service and make good money.

There was a father and son team who started a garbage pick-up service in their area, so they signed up over 400 clients in various neighborhoods around the city with no trouble at all. At $19 a month, they were making over $80,000 a year. We’ll show you how to start this type of business In your area, we even have the lead generating postcard and sales letter samples. This type of business it’s real easy

to Just hire people to pick up the garbage and all you would have to do is handle the marketing.

* Start Your Own Local Affiliate/Pay Per Lead Business: Get paid to promote local businesses services and products. Get paid a percentage of every sale or every lead your provide. We’ll teach you how to set up your very own Toll – Booth position in your local market on the most essential products and services.

* Learn How To Start Your Very Own Business Card Directory Publishing Empire: Could you imagine how much money you can make publishing a directory of everyone’s business cards? A Business Card Directory is similar to a phone book but it’s a directory that is published once a year with everyone’s Business Cards.

You get all the business owners, salesman anyone with a business card to buy a listing in your directory, each directory published usually fills up with 250 – 300 advertisers. You do he math 300 x $50 bucks = $15,000 in sales in each town you publish a directory in, just think if you publish a directory in 10, 20, or even 50 different towns!

We’ll show you how to start this business in your area, we even have the lead generating postcards, and salesletters to use. In fact we used to sell this same information for $79.00 dollars in entrepreneur magazine.

* Start Your Own Online Discount Coupon Book Business. A monthly online publication where coupons from restaurant’s and other businesses are emailed to local subscribers in your town – the subscribers then print out the coupons and bring them in to the participating advertisers place of business to receive there discounts. Subscribers can subscribe for free and the more subscribers you

have the higher the ad rates you charge advertisers.

We’ll show you several clever and inexpensive ways to get both thousands of subscribers and tons of advertisers that advertise in your on line coupon directory every month. Let’s say you charge each advertiser $50.00 Dollars a month and you have 100 advertisers you would make $5,000 a month, $60,000 dollars a year in just one town.

Since this Coupon Directory is an online emailed version instead of printed it means most of that is pure profit. Your only expense is marketing!

Just imagine if you start an online coupon directory in 10 different towns? That could make you $50,000 a month and $600,000 a year in gross profits!! How about 20 towns? Your looking at a $1.2 Million dollar a year enterprise.

* Start Your Own Fundraising Group Tour Business – This business is marketed to Churches and civic organizations that need to raise money. They raise funds by going on a short chartered Bus trips to popular locations – which you organize and market and split the profits!

* Start Your Own Fundraising Field Trip Adventure Business: This is similar to the business above, but it is marketed as a fundraiser to schools that need to raise money. The schools raise funds by promoting your trips to there students. These trips are short one day Fun Trips On Saturdays! You split the profits with each school. Each Trip Has an Earning potential of $5,000 + and you can market several

trips and that’s just one school. Places like six flags is a very popular trip to market!

* Start your own Realtor & Rental Listing Infomercial Business: You actually can buy a 30 minute infomercial on your local public access channel for only $100.00 Dollars for each airing, you should air it once a month. In this business you make your money selling listings to realtors who are looking for buyers and rental owners who are always looking for renters.

You can charge like $30 – $50 Dollars for each realtor and Apartment owner to air there listings on your infomercial….

In each area across the country there are hundreds and hundreds of realtors and Landlord owners advertising there listings and rental properties using very expensive marketing like newspapers. Now you can put there listings and rentals on Television where every one in town can see pictures of the listings….

Lets say you get 100 realtors to advertise there listings and 100 landlords to advertise there properties on your infomercial that’s 200 advertiser’s if you charge just $30 bucks (200×30 = $6,000) that’s a $5,900 dollar a month profit!

If you charge $50 Dollars (50×200 = $10,000) That’s a $9,900 dollar a month profit! Now what’s stopping you from running this same business in 20 or 30 different areas? Lets say you decide to run this same business in 20 different towns and you make around $5,000 a month for each town that’s $100,000

dollar per month and $1.2 Million dollar a year profit all from the comfort of your own home. We show you exactly how to get this business program going in your area!

* Start your own Car Listing Infomercial Business: This is a spin off of the Realtor and Rental listing Infomercial Business. In any given area of the country there tons of people selling there cars all the time, just look in your local paper and local trader books at all the listings, plus there tons and tons of used car lots with cars to sell that could use this service.

You could get hundreds of listings in each area to air on your Infomercial and charge $20 – $30 dollars per listing. If you just got 100 listings at $20 bucks each your looking at around $2,000 a month in each area you do this.. If you get 200 listings at $30 bucks per listing your looking at $6,000 a month in each

area you do this in.

* Start your own Ink Cartridge Refilling Business: How would you like to make money by helping people save 70% – 80% on their ink Cartridge cost? One remanufactured vendor started about 3 years ago refilling inkjet cartridges on their kitchen table.

Today they are one of the largest remanufactured inkjet cartridge vendors in the US. We know of one man who does this that refills about 2,000 cartridges a month at $14 – $18 dollars a pop, so he is doing roughly $28,000 – $36,000 a month refilling ink cartridges, he has no employees he does this all

by himself.

* How to Start your own Letterman Jacket Business: We’ll show you how to set up this business with an automated marketing system that brings in orders like crazy. Every year tens of thousands of student athletes like football players, basketball players, track & field, cheerleaders, baseball players earn there varsity letter and they always buy a letterman jacket to wear when they do.

You can profit from these nationwide, you don’t have to even speak with a client or anything all you have to do is plug in the marketing system we provide – we even have the supplier that can easily make these letterman jackets for you… You can make very good money just marketing this service in your local area, but if you want to make a killing at this you can market it nationwide! We will show you

how to set this business on auto pilot.

We can teach you how to basically have a monopoly on your local Letterman Jacket Market – with a very powerful referral marketing system. We’ll show you how to set up a joint venture partnership with athletic organization and have them promote your Jackets to their athletes as well. Just to let you know the price of these jackets Start at $150.00 and up. We’ll show you where to get them made at a great price they will leave you with a good profit margin… Don’t let this Home based Business pass you buy!

* How to start your own Class Ring Business: Where you sell class rings to high school students. There is a lot of money to be made with this. Don’t worry we show you how to start this business – and not have to invest in any inventory or anything. We have a powerful marketing plan and referral marketing plan that will get all the students referring your business to each other.. We have the supplier that will fullfill all the orders for you. I know of a guy who does this in my own town who makes a killing doing this business… By my estimates he has been raking in 6 figures for years doing this. We’ll show you how to do the same in your area. However you can do this same business in as many towns as you want.. There is a huge opportunity in this business and it’s just waiting for you.

* Start your own 5 on 5 BasketBall Tournament Fundraiser Business: We’ll show how to make a lot of money by promoting 5 on 5 basketball tournament’s as a fundraiser. You can help raise funds for Schools or other non – profits like the Make A Wish Foundation while at the same time make a good income.

There are a lot of people that are making a very good income promoting these things, they do it two different ways. One way is to do it through schools, they go to the schools and have them announce the tournament fundraiser and pass out flyers. Each team has 5 players on the team, each team has to pay $100.00 Dollars to participate. The larger schools usually have 20 or more teams that form to participate – that’s around $2,000 in revenue on the teams, then they sell tickets to watch the basketball tournament for about $6.00 Dollars per person, hundreds of people like parents, other school students show up to watch the tournament which is held usually on a Friday or Saturday night.

Your looking at anywhere from $3,000 – $6,000 or more for each school you do this in. So if you do 50 schools your income would be around $150,000 – $300,000. For 100 Schools your looking at $300,000 – $600,000 a year in sales. This is just a projection of what you can do not a guarantee

The other way to market this is to do the same thing but market the 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament fundraiser to adults. We’ll teach you how to set this up, how to market it. Sales letters included, we even give you a copy of a press release to get free advertising. This Business if ran right could make you well over $100,000 a year!

* Start your own T – Shirt Fundraising Business: Make money selling customized T – shirts to niche groups as fundraisers… This is perfect for schools and churches. This is so simple and profitable, You make up T – shirts customized to each school or church and have them sell them to their students or members as a fundriaser. You should sell then for $12.00 dollars a shirt and you split 50% of the

profits with each school or church… The schools especially elementary schools have a lot of potential to make you a lot of money. Some schools have over 1,000 students if you just sold 50% of them a T – shirt, you make $6,000 in gross sales and $3,000 in net profit… You can do this nationwide with schools churches, civic groups and other non – profit organizations… We have the marketing plan and

will show you how to start this business.

* Start Your own College Dorm Cleaning Service – I would dare say no matter where you live you most likely live within a 1 hour or 2 hour drive from a college campus. There is a huge opportunity to market products and services to college students. This is a niche market to market to. I will give you a hint this involves hiring very beautiful woman to clean the dorms of male students.. This business with the right marketing will make a killing. You can duplicate it all over the country on college campuses.

We’ll show you exactly how to get this started.

* Start your own Discount Card Promotion Business – The Discount Card features 12 to 22 businesses in your town which offer discounts on products and services to cardholders in your local area. You make money by having Schools and Churches sell these Cards as fundraisers.

* Start Your Own Bikini Girl Car Wash – Need I say More? This will keep you with more business than you can handle.

* Start Your Own Mobile Coupon Business: Get paid to send customers coupon ads to cell phone subscribers.

* Start Your Own C0 – OP Direct Responce TV Commercial Business – In this business you sell simply buy 60 second slot commercials and you line up 4 different advertisers to split the cost and time of that commercial and run it about a hundred times each month on cabel television in your local area.

Each advertiser has 15 seconds to make a special offer for there business. This helps small businesses get there Business on T.V. For a fraction of the regular cost.

* Start Your Own Ad Placement Service For Newspaper and Direct Mail Coupon Magazine Business. In this business you can make money helping business save money on there local print media. You can buy ads in your local paper and direct mail coupon magazines and sell ad space on them. For example lets say you bought a half page ad – you could turn around and sell ad space on that and make some serious money. You could sell Business card size ads and fit 15 – 20 advertisers on it at a much cheaper rate. There are plenty of Businesses making a killing doing this – we will show you exactly how to get this started!

* How To Start Your Own Archery Club Promotion Business: Make $50,000 A Year With your own Archery Clubs. This Business is a club that is marketed to youth 9 – 18 that teaches them about Archery. They also have the change to compete. These clubs are popping up everywhere – be the first one in your area to offer this amazing opportunity and get paid a kings ransom to do so. We will teach

How to set this up and how to market it, how to hire instructors to teach the kids. You will basically just market and promote these clubs to youth in the town you live in and the towns closest to you.

You can expect to make $50,000 A year part time and much more if you wanted to branch out and work it full time.


The Best thing about most of these Businesses are that they are Self Financing And Won’t Cost You A lot Of Money To Get Started!!

Which simply means the customers payments to participate cover the cost to start the business programs.

Also a lot of them like the advertising – Fundraising ones can be ran once a year meaning once you get some of these businesses running in one town, all you have to do to keep them running is renew the program once a year, in the mean time you can branch out into other towns and do the same businesses and duplicate your efforts as many times as you want!

You also can set up many of these Businesses on Auto – Pilot (we’ll show you how). You can hire employees to run them for you if want. These are time tested Businesses that have been successfully ran in different parts of the country. Meaning they are proven to work.

Running just one of these Businesses could bring you an extra $50,000 or more a year!!

What if you decided to run 4 or 5 of these businesses – do you think you could fire your boss and make some real money and be free to do what you want, when you want? Do you think you would have more time to spend with your family and enjoy the Life you’ve always dreamed about?

During this time of economic turmoil the people that will make it through this unharmed, are the ones that decided to have extra sources of income coming in.

This Home Study Course is a step by step guide on how to have extra streams of income coming in to provide for you and your family!

The Home Based Businesses that you’re going to read about in this home study course isn’t just a bunch of Business ideas slapped together most of them come with very detailed marketing plans and strategies to get them started successfully in your area.

We also on several of them show case studies of others who have ran, or currently run these type of businesses and how they do it and how you can take the same techniques there using and apply them in your area to bring in a full time income!

You may be wondering how much is this Home Study Course going to cost?

Well before I tell you let me explain the incredible value your getting in this Course. First of all this course is jam packed with information. Your basically getting 39 detailed manuals in one!

In fact all 39 of the Home Based Businesses featured in this Course we also sell the detailed manuals and marketing plans individually. Each one of those 39 reports sell for $79.00 Dollars each… $79 x 39 = $3,081.00.

That’s $3,000 Dollars in Total Value your getting in the Home Study Course Alone….

But wait that not all….. We’ve added 7 High Quality – Premium Bonus gifts to help you achieve success!

Free Bonus Gift #1: Total Domination – Direct Responce Marketing Home Study Course!!

* Learn from the masters of Direct Responce Marketing! Over 40 years of tried, tested marketing strategies at your fingertips!.. This same information has created many multi – million Dollar fortunes!

* Learn how to Dominate any local market through effective Direct Responce Marketing!

* Learn how one Direct Mail Promotion created a $77 Million Dollar fortune in 2 years flat by using the same strategies laid out in this course!

* Learn the insider secrets of the greats like Dan Kennedy, Jim Straw, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, and much, much, more!

* Learn the secret strategies of how a 30 Something year old does $100 Million a year with one clever marketing strategy found in this course.

*Case Study on the Most mailed sales letter in history over 600 Million and the fortune it created and much, much, more!

Free Bonus Gift #2: 101 Clever Money Making Ideas!

* How to make money bronzing baby shoes.

* Start a Youth Gun Shooting club for fun and profit.

* Make Money promoting Hot Air Balloon Rides in your local area.

* Get Paid to take deep sea fishing trips every year!

* Get paid for Promoting Scuba Diving lessons.

* Get paid for promoting Your very own Rocket Flying Clubs to youth!

* Sell Full sized card board cutout photo’s of high school Athletes. They sell for $100 Bucks a pop!

These are great novelty gifts and they are easy to sell.

* Start Your Own Alumni Football game Promotion Business and make 6 figures!

* Start Your Own Courier Service.

* Start Your own Catering Service.

* Get Paid taking Photographs of student athletes during the game – live action shots. Get several shots of each player and sell a package to the players parents. We’ll show you how.

* Get Paid to promote Six Flags Trips to youth!

* Make Money promoting a trip for honour students to your state capitol during school hours.

* START A YARD MOWING SERVICE: I know of one retired elderly man who does this, and Makes over $500 a week doing it part time in retirement.

* Start Your Own Beauty Pageant Promotion Business for fun and profit!

* Start a Shuttle Business that takes elderly people to doctor visits, etc, etc.

* Start your own oil change promotion Business. And much, much, more!

Free Bonus Gift #3: A 1 Hour Transcript Interview With Melvin Powers.

Melvin Powers is a Multi – Million Dollar Marketer and author of the Book how to get rich in Mail order. When he speaks people listen. You will have access to a printed transcript of a 1 hour interview Melvin did. Melvin started his Multi – Million Dollar Fortune at the age of 16 with a tiny classified ad. You will learn nuggets of wisdom from one of the greatest marketers of all time in this free bonus gift!

Value – Priceless!

Free Bonus Gift #4: Robert Kiyosaki 1 Hour Transcript Interview

Is an American investor, businessman, self-help author, motivational speaker, financial literacy activist, and financial commentator. Kiyosaki is well known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of motivational books and other material published under the Rich Dad brand. He has written over 15 books which have combined sales of over 26 million copies…. Value – Priceless!

Free Bonus Gift #5: Jim Straw How I sold $400 Million Dollars selling Products through mail order!

Even though he only has a high school degree and a year of college, Jim Straw has made more than $400 million selling products through the mail.

And according to Jim Straw, anyone can get rich doing mail order –you just have to know the commandments of success. And in this question-and-answer interview you’ll hear Jim Straw’s advice for getting to the top of your personal ladder.

According to Jim, every entrepreneur has started in sales and marketing because, no matter what business you think you’re in, if you’re not selling, you’re not making money. This the same for the Mail Order Business too.

That’s why in order to be successful, it’s important to learn the building blocks of business and sales. And in this interview Jim Straw tells us all about them.

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