Bollywood is full of controversies. The ups and downs have always been the part of the celebrity lives. Some of them create controversies just to stay in news, while others are trapped by the showbiz enemies. Below are mentioned top 10 Bollywood controversies that caught everyone’s attention.

10. Mahima Chaudhry in ‘Black Money’ Trouble

Mahima Chaudhry got media’s attention with her debut, Pardes. This lady was starred opposite the great actor, Shah Rukh Khan. Reportedly, Mahima’s real name is Ritu Choudhary that has been featured on the list of foreign accounts where black money was stashed. This news went viral in no time. Investigation reports revealed some of the facts that led Mahima to court.

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9. Sonam Kapoor and Her Sarcastic Tongue

Sonam Kapoor, the daughter of Anil Kapoor, has been a fantastic actress of Bollywood. She was much talked about when she took a dig at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan saying, “We belong to two different generations”. She said that Aishwarya has been the actress who worked with her dad. Other than this, Sonam commented negatively about censor board when one of her movies’ scenes was censored.

8. Gauhar Khan Gets Slapped On Stage

Gauhar Khan, a popular fashion model and actress of India, was in big shock when she was slapped by one of the members of the audience during the shoot of her show. This created too much disturbance in Gauhar’s life, but she still managed to keep up her confidence level. Later, Mumbai Police quoted the man who had slapped her saying, “Being a Muslim woman, she should not wear such short outfits”.

7. Pooja Misrra’s Stolen Show

The sizzling Bigg Boss celebrity, Pooja Misrra was reported to claim that Farah Khan’s recent show, Farah Ki Daawat, was originally her idea. She further said that Colors channel has stolen the idea from her. This supermodel and actress got media’s attention in no time with this statement. She later on said that she was contacted by the show representative for discussing the matter further.

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6. Deepika Padukone Cleavage Controversy

One of the most talented, hard working, and successful actresses of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone’s controversy following a leading daily’s tweet on her cleavage show in a shot of Finding Fanny received much of our attention. Deepika made use of social media websites to raise her voice against this issue. She was much supported by Bollywood persons and her fans.

5. Aditya Pancholi’s Bouncer Controversy

Aditya Pancholi has been a versatile actor of Bollywood of all time. This man created a scene at a Juhu based hotel and got into a tiff with a bouncer. According to reports, at that time Aditya was drunk. He received many objections, and the issue got serious when he objected over English songs being played, demanding to play Bollywood show. Then he attacked the bouncer who was escorting him out of the pub.

4. Shah Rukh Khan vs. Aamir Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan both are superb and top notch Bollywood actors. The two have been great friends for many years. But the hidden facts are totally different. According to sources, Shah Rukh and Amir both compete each other with it comes to give hit movies. At one of the events, Amir said that Shah Rukh licks his feet—for such words, he later on said sorry to the King Khan.

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3. Mallika Sherawat’s International ‘Oops’ Moment

Mallika Sherawat is an internationally recognized celebrity. She has always been known for her bold performance and hot figure. She recently attempted to get media’s attention by posting her ‘somewhat vulgar’ pictures. She was wearing a revealing outfit on a Los Angeles event. Later on, this lady was found donning a D&G formal suit in a following event.

2. Radhika Apte’s Cheap Publicity Stunt

Radhika Apte is a lesser known celebrity, but she got prominence, to some extent, with her cheap publicity stunt. The actress made it to the headlines when some of her nude pictures were circulated on the internet. This lady, later on, denied the reality of those pictures.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan ‘love jihad’ Controversy

Kareena Kapoor’s controversy has also been hot in the past few months. It took a start when Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) published a morphed picture of Babo on the cover of their magazine ‘Himalaya Dhwani’. The idea was to warn against ‘love jihad’, and the example of Kareena was taken. This disturbed the life of the Bollywood actress too much.

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