Toolzone Tools. South West of England, KDP Tools Ltd is a family run importer wholesale business with 29 years of experience in tools and is the sole...

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  • popular shared this story . We don’t have to keep buying new gadgets. In fact, we should insist on the right to keep old ones running. Who hasn’t experienced a situation like this? Halfway through a classic Jack Lemmon DVD, my colleague Shira’s 40...

  • Little dents in your car are incredibly frustrating. Sometimes just a ding in a car park can cause noticeable damage to the bodywork. And many car owners are turning to dent pullers to try and repair the damage themselves. As the name suggests, these...

  • Whenever I’m given the choice on clearance forms whether our boat classifies as a Commercial Vessel or Pleasure Craft, I fight the urge to draw another box with the label ‘Floating Workshop’ or ‘Sailing Building Site’. Not that life on Pitufa is unpleasant...

  • As part of our Back-to-School series, we are sharing chapters and excerpts from the Makerspace Playbook: School Edition. Today, Chapter 4, Safety. No matter how you equip your school Makerspace, it’s likely that if you are doing anything interesting...

  • If you are assembling a tool kit for car repairs and modification, you'll want to pick up some additional automotive tools that can help with the installation of electrical add-ons such as car stereos, speakers, and other aftermarket extras. A fuse puller...

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