The KRM Family of traffic exchanges are having an Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Egg Hunt! – April 17th to April 21st – at Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic-Splash, Fast Easy Traffic, Dragon Surf.

The Easter Egg Hunt is sponsored by TE Command Post! You’ll need to be a member of TE Command Post to claim the Cash Prizes. Here is how it works….

Each Traffic Exchange will have 5 Eggs in rotation One Egg for each traffic exchange and one for TE Command Post.

When you click on each Egg you will be taken to TE Command Post to claim your Egg. Find any Egg and win a Penny! Collect all five Eggs and you can win a Cash Prize ranging from $0.05 to $1.00. Again, all Prize money is added to your TE Command Post account.

Oh I forgot The Easter Eggs will show about every 51 pages surfed.

You can use this TE Command Post Splash to grab some referrals in these TEs and TE Command Post. Just add your TE Command Post username.

PLUS, Since all 4 traffic exchanges are in Commando Surf, you will always get an extra 10% Credits with every click!

PLUS, Social Shindigs! You’ll always get extra credits during a Social Shindig – Share the Shindig and get even more credits with every click!

PLUS, Our Bonus pages are loaded with Surprises!

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

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