The 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami: Remembrance

This week was the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Tohoku. Several TIS teachers and some TIS students went to the Canadian Embassy to light lanterns to commemorate the occasions. The lanterns symbolise the lives taken away by the Tsunami. On Friday, March 11 at two forty-six the whole school had a minute’s silence to remember the event and those people who lost their home and their lives. Part of our assembly was dedicated to remembering the event. Thankfully TIS is located high up far away from the reach of a tsunami and our new building has the latest and best earthquake safety standards. Please reassure your children that our earthquake drills ensure they are safe.

Gloria being interviewed by a TV news channel

Middle school students help us all to reflect about the tragic, Tohoku tsunami

Incredible and shocking footage from the 2011 tsunami

World Culture Day

This Friday we celebrated TIS World Culture Day. This is a tradition at TIS in recognition of our international student body. Students and teachers dressed up in cultural costumes to mark the occasion but an additional theme of the day was mother tongue reading. Thank you to parents Rhoe, Rachael and Ghada who read to the students during our assembly and all the other parents who read throughout the day back in the primary school classrooms. Thank you also to Middle School students Oscar, Danyu, Jina, Carsyn and Joaquin who led the assembly.

TIS Mum Ghada reading to us all in Arabic

The TIS Filipino community put on a wonderful mother tongue show!

PYP Mathematics Job Alike

One of the IB Standards and Practices states ‘The school participates in the IB world community.’ This is an expectation of the IB for all its schools. The purpose of this ‘rule’ is so that all IB schools, their students and their teachers can share ideas and learn from one another.

This Friday TIS hosted a mathematics job alike for other PYP schools in Tokyo. Participants from schools all over Tokyo and beyond participated including Seisen International School, Hiroshima International School, Canadian Academy Kobe, Yokohama International and Osaka YMCA International School.

Thank you to Joey and Greg for organizing the event and Yoshiko Asano for organizing many of the logistics.

Chris Frost

Primary School Principal

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