Come October, Nokia is expected to announce a Nokia phablet – a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device with a behemoth display which is anything above 5” of pure touch screen real estate. Interestingly, this could also be Nokia’s first-ever device to be powered by a quad-core CPU, which by the wind of speculations seems to be a Snapdragon offing.

By the evidence in the sporadic leaks of the recent while, the device is apparently dubbed as Nokia Lumia 1520. It allegedly features a 6” display with purported screen resolution of full HD caliber, a powerful quadcore Snapdragon CPU, Qualcomm Adreno 305 GPU, on board LTE radio, about 32GB of onboard storage and a microSD card slot for expandable storage space.

Nokia Lumia 1520 camera is said to boast a 20 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens on its primary or rear-facing camera which most likely employs Nokia’s PureView camera technology that has put almost every other smartphone camera to shame.

 With Nokia leaving little clues beside the event invitation (check it out after the read link), we are left skeptical about the event’s outcome although all clues including the recent benchmark tests and leaked Nokia Lumia 1520 images strongly suggest that we are sailing with the wind.

The announcement came over Twitter through the following image.

While there are no official pointers on the aforementioned Nokia Lumia 1520 specs and features, the ooze from the rumor mill more than justifies the speculations and unofficial appearances of the device that leaked in the wild.

The Nokia phablet launch event is seemingly datelined for 22nd October, which is when we might first witness the Nokia Windows Phone 8 tablet phone officially. If the device launches as speculated, it will marks Nokia’s late but significant entry into the league of phablet makers where Samsung is currently leading the market with its Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Mega series of Android phones while LG is struggling to make a stance.

Nokia Lumia tablet or whatever Nokia plans to call it at launch is supposed to run Windows Phone 8.1 OS out of the box. Besides all the goodness of Windows Phone 8 it is expected to bring, we are hoping Nokia would package some exclusive features to this device that bolster its identity as a phablet by genes. Although cosmetically it would come in four vivid  colors including black, white, yellow and red.

On this note, we would particularly like to see the likes of multi-view mode popular with Samsung’s select contemporary smartphones running Android 4.0 or later releases, a stylus for note taking as a mandate, and some neat apps that are good enough to make you proud of the behemoth screens that phablets are born with.

Given Microsoft’s recent endeavor to imbibe quad-core CPU support in its Windows Phone OS and Nokia’s long standing efforts to project itself in the phablet war zone by confiding  in its own design aesthetics, imaging advancements testified by the recently released Lumia devices coupled with the latest version of Windows Phone OS, we are already rubbing our hands in anticipation of its launch which is tipped as 8th of November this year.

Nokia Lumia 1520 price is a factor of two reasons: the region of its availability and whether you are buying it subsidized by carrier or off-contract as an unlocked device. In the latter case, it should cost anywhere around $650 to $699 while the carrier-subsidized version is expected to carry a $200+ price tag.

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!

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