Tmai. TMAI is a fellowship of training centers around the world which are united by a common doctrinal perspective and approach...

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  • PREFACE I’m a Baptist of Baptists.  I wasn’t baby-dedicated at my church on the 8th day, but it was done within a few weeks.  I grew up in a Southern Baptist church in a family that faithfully gave.  As a carefree middle-class youth, I never knew how...

  • Picture a high school math teacher that casts doubt on the textbook he’s teaching from. How adept at mathematics do you think his students will be? Or imagine a quarterback that doesn’t have confidence in his coach’s playbook. How far can the team progress...

  • by Tony Warren INTRODUCTION What position we take on the millennial reign of Christ's kingdom is very important to the Church. And despite the many voices of denial, eschatological agnosticism is akin to blindfolding ourselves to a large part of the...

  • The Cooperative Program and the Road to Serfdom The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the one of the largest Christian denominations in the world[1]; it is one which holds a biblically sound statement of faith.[2] The SBC is known far and wide for...

  • The recent news of InterVarsity’s (IV) position on same-sex marriage is yet another chapter in a very long and arduous epic story of Evangelicalism and sexual ethics. I got word about this through friends via the posting, and IV has posted a...

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