Moborobo is a dedicated desktop management suite for Android. It has provided another good reason for Android lovers to be on this platform. It has emerged as a good tool for Android lovers. With the use of Moborobo you don’t have to rely on a native PC suite, instead you can use this tool to manage your Android device. Moborobo enables you to do various tasks on your Android device with the help of your Windows PC and even if there is no PC utility or there is one but is of no use then this is the tool you need. It has been confirmed as an amazing application that enables Android users to have a better control over their Android device’s data. It can be regarded as the best PC manager for Android.

Moborobo comes with loaded rings and bells for better user experience and for tempting users. It is an easy-to-use desktop client through which you can download free apps, games, wallpapers and other stuffs for your Android device. By “free” I mean to say, using the PC data and saving your devices data balance. Generally, users recharge limited data on their device just for surfing and using other apps to stay connected to the web world. Moborobo has a built-in dedicated web resource download center which allows one to download your favorite games, applications, ringtones, wallpapers, videos and other useful stuffs on your Android device using your computer (PC’s) internet connectivity.

Features at a Glance:

It shows detailed information about your phone.

Installs the required drivers for your Android device automatically.

Shows the detail of number of stuffs installed on your device like: Video, apps, games, wallpaper, etc.

Backup of data so as to prevent data loss.

Clean up device to free up storage space and RAM space.

Get notifications on new updates for installed as well as new apps.

Send/ Receive as well manage all your messages right from your desktop.

Enables you to install APK files directly from your PC.

Access the files on your device with the help of file manager tool.

View images on your device as well as download many new types of wallpaper from the internet.

The features mentioned above can be impressive once you have tried it yourself by installing the app on your PC. The best thing about the tool is its web resource that enables one to download apps that are available on the Google Play Store, music, videos, wallpapers, etc for free. It means you don’t have to care about devices data charges. You use a Wi-fi connection or the internet connection of your PC and above all the point to be noted is Moborobo displays only the free apps and games in its download center.

You can download your favorite games, applications, ringtones, wallpapers, video, etc. onto your Android device using your PC’s web connection. We have bulleted some of the things you can do using Moborobo below:

Download free wallpapers.

Download games and apps for free.

As the files are firstly downloaded onto your PC and then installed onto your device therefore, there is always a backup of the files on your PC as well.

Whenever an update is there for the installed apps on your device, you get a notification for the same.

Unlike Google Play Store for Android, Moborobo too has its own Handset client app called Mobo Market where you can find all your requirements.

All the apps, games, wallpapers and other downloadable stuffs that are there in Moborobo can be easily accessed via the Moborobo desktop client. When you have installed the app, open it up you will see at the top of the app some of the icons for Image, apps, videos and music. These tabs work in different ways, like if you give a click on the apps tab you will be directed to allocation where you can see all the apps installed on your device, but if you click on applications under web resources on the left bar, you will see Android apps there. It goes the same with other resources.

The Moborobo desktop client very well classifies applications and games available in the play store in a customized way i.e. they are categorized as Must Have, Featured, Latest, Hot, etc. Moborobo also allows us to browse apps be categories such as Business, Entertainment, Finance, Productivity, Lifestyle, Weather, Travel, Tools and many more.

This much introduction to the great app seems to be enough, we expect that more and more people may give it a try and share their views with us.

Download Moborobo Desktop Client, Download Mobo Market

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