When it comes to sales software and CRM platforms, Salesforce is the undisputed leader. That’s why organizations and sales managers look to the Salesforce AppExchange when they need tools to help their sales teams increase their productivity and performance. The only problem is the AppExchange is growing larger every day, and executives and sales managers don’t have the time to sift through and find the cream of the crop.

That’s why we created this list of 50 top sales management tools available on the Salesforce AppExchange. With an eye toward closing more deals, reducing inefficiency, and increasing sales effectiveness, we have organized the apps in key categories that make managing sales a more streamlined process. While we have listed our picks for the top 50 sales management tools on the AppExchange here in no particular order, we have included a table of contents to help you easily access the tools best suited to your team’s needs.

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Forecasting, Territory Management, and Sales Enablement Tools

Gamification, Motivation, and Incentive Tools

Productivity Tools

Sales Performance Tools

Contract and Partner Management Tools

Forecasting, Territory Management, and Sales Enablement Tools

Forecasting, territory management, and sales enablement tools help sales teams work more efficiently and intelligently. Our picks in this category literally help your teams work smarter, not harder.

Geopointe: Mapping, Territory Management, Maps, Routing & Analytics

Sales professionals use Geopointe to transform their Salesforce data into valuable business insights. The tool allows sales teams to search, analyze, route, and take action to unlock the where of their data.

Key Features:

Provides proximity searching, optimized routing, territory management, boundary layers, demographics, check-in, and more

Salesforce1 and Lightning ready

Brings actionable insights to customers’ business processes

Check in and log meeting notes

Locate nearby resources to fill openings left by last-minute cancellations

Cost: Starting at $27/user/month

Edit Quotas

Edit Quotas, by Salesforce Labs, is a forecasting and territory management sales tool that aids sales managers in viewing and setting quotas using the Salesforce graphical user interface. The collaborative forecasting aids users in tracking your business more securely.

Key Features:

Enter your rep’s quotas only through the API

Simple screens to view and edit sales reps’ forecasts

Set new quotas quickly by copying them from a previous forecast period

Security controls ensure quotas can be viewed and edited only by people who are authorized to do so

Cost: FREE

Opportunity Planning Wall

Opportunity Planning Wall is a sales enablement tool from Logicline that helps sales teams visualize and modify the opportunity pipeline graphically. The app especially helps sales reps who get lost in the sales pipeline and need a more visual, interactive tool for sales planning.

Key Features:

Visualizes your opportunities as color-coded cards on a virtual wall

Filter, sort, and group opportunities by any standard and custom field

Drag & drop editing of opportunities for more productive and enjoyable collaboration

Cost: FREE

Predictive Pipeline and Forecast Management

For sales pros who want to take an intelligent, predictive approach to forecasting and pipeline management, Predictive Pipeline and Forecast Management is a free app from Foretuit. Sales managers choose this AppExchange sales tool to help their reps see their pipeline and manage their forecasts to predict deal success based on the real-world activity around the opportunity.

Key Features:

App automatically gathers the data it needs, making it accurate and up-to-date at all times

Analyzes reps’ past successes and compares these to their pipelines to predict which opportunities are on track and which are at risk in the forecast

See the complete picture to uncover hidden risks and discover what reps have overlooked

Eliminates the need to track down reps to update the data

Cost: FREE

FunnelSource: Pipeline Management and Forecasting

A sales tool built to increase sales effectiveness, FunnelSource: Pipeline Management and Forecasting has become the highest-rated pipeline management and forecasting app on the AppExchange. FunnelSource provides everyone in the sales organization with real-time visibility.

Key Features:

The straightforward, quota-centric view is designed for how salespeople think and aims to boost efficiency, data integrity, and accountability

Single-screen interface replaces multiple dashboards and reports

Real-time view of the funnel to manage proactively and hold reps accountable

Cost: Contact for a quote

Territory Management Made Easy

From Touchpoint Solutions, Territory Management Made Easy is a forecasting and territory management app that makes it easier to create and manage sales teams. The app also minimizes the impact of rep turnover and territory realignment.

Key Features:

Automatically assign accounts, contacts, open opportunities, and open activities to the new territory owner

Use What Ifs to determine how a new territory definition affects the number of accounts, year-to-date sales, and the pipeline

Easily assign accounts that don’t match a geographical boundary with exception accounts

Cost: S20/user/month

Sales Clarity

Sales Clarity provides sales forecasting for B2B sales managers. With Sales Clarity, you can save time by quickly and easily accessing pinpointed, consolidated sales data instead of losing hours by searching through several windows for forecast and pipeline information. You’ll also enjoy more efficient forecast review meetings thanks to Sales Clarity.

Key Features:

Powerful B2B forecasting

Easily see which important opportunities have changed

View integrated pipeline growth and conversion data on one screen to quickly determine how much pipeline has converted to revenue

Cost: Contact for a quote

Strategy Mapper

For account management, sales planning, meetings, and coaching, Strategy Mapper is an ideal sales enablement tool. Sales managers provide their sales teams with a consistent framework for planning and executing selling activities in Salesforce when they introduce Strategy Mapper as a key sales enablement tool.

Key Features:

100% native Salesforce.com application and perfect partner for Salesforce Einstein to gather sales intelligence

Intuitive interface for easily and consistently building, maintaining, and communicating account and opportunity plans and capture customer intelligence in all customer interactions

Includes Account Mapper, Opportunity Mapper, and Meeting Mapper, all of which are integrated and configurable to easily fit your sales processes and methodology

Cost: S40/user/month


With their pipeline and quota management sales forecasting software, Marseli offers advisory services from VP-level sales and marketing consultants. Sales managers can expect to transform your sales operations quickly with Marseli.

Key Features:

Improve forecast accuracy, quota attainment, and sales productivity

Predict future sales performance with the data you already have

Accurate, reliable forecasts

Cost: $29/user/month

Revenue Storm Pursuit Profiler Tool

Revenue Storm provides consulting, training, coaching, and analytics to help executives and your teams achieve alignment and drive profitable sales. Their forecasting and territory management tool, the Revenue Storm Pursuit Profiler Tool, identifies the strongest and most vulnerable aspects of each sales relationship.

Key Features:

Objectively examine sales pursuits to identify the most qualified

Know where to focus sales team efforts

Improve sales forecasting and win rates

Cost: Contact for a quote

Gamification, Motivation and Incentive Tools

Xactly Incent Express

Xactly offers enterprise-class, cloud-based incentive compensation software for employee and sales performance. The Xactly Incent Express is an incentive compensation management tool for SMBs that helps companies use incentive compensation with commissions to drive motivation.

Key Features:

Helps growing companies address critical challenges during development

Transform incentive compensation programs into a strategic performance driver

Automates the commission process while reducing errors, improving dispute resolution, and enhancing internal controls

Ensures timely payouts while providing reps with real-time performance data, increasing satisfaction, and accelerating sales

Cost: Contact for a quote


LevelEleven is a sales activity management solution for modern sales leaders. With their motivation app, you can optimize sales performance to drive revenue using sales performance scorecards.

Key Features:

Sales performance scorecards engage sales teams to pursue actions that matter and contribute to a culture of performance

Ensure your metrics-drive sales approach maximizes revenue potential

Made for sales managers, not IT

Generates immediate ROI by maximizing Salesforce and your sales team

Cost: Contact for a quote

Clean Your Room! Dashboard

An app by Salesforce Labs, Clean Your Room! inspires sales teams with a weekly pipeline housekeeping dashboard. Sales reps will not want to be listed on the leaderboard because it displays deals that have been pushed multiple times, deals without recent activity, and deals that are missing key data.

Key Features:

Uses a push counter trigger to determine how many times an opportunity has been pushed forward to close

Details opportunities that are set to close but have not had any recent activity

Lists opportunities that are missing next steps, products, partners, etc.

Cost: FREE

Leaderboard by InsightSquared

A sales performance analytics company for fast-growing tech businesses, Insight Squared offers a free sales leaderboard on the AppExchange. Whether you are tired of paying for a sales motivation tool or you have never tried one before, the Leaderboard by InsightSquared is a highly-rated option.

Key Features:

Promote rep competition

Display top 5 reps by month or quarter

Get real-time deal notifications

TV friendly

Cost: FREE


Utilizing modern game and competition theory, Hoopla is a leading sales motivation platform. Use the Hoopla app to broadcast your data, promote friendly competition, and recognize your employees live.

Key Features:

Motivate and engage employees in every department

Live data broadcasting system to drive increased performance

Transform your office with a culture of recognition and reward

Metrics from SFDC and others are tracked on television, the web, and mobile apps

Cost: Starts at $18/user/month

Know Your Enemy

For companies that are weary of losing to the competition, Know Your Enemy is an app by Salesforce Labs that leverages Chatter, content, news, and Twitter to help you learn more about what they are doing. The app also helps companies identify the competitive experts within your organization.

Key Features:

Displays the latest news and tweets about your competition

Leverage Chatter to connect your competitive experts with your sales organization

Leverage Salesforce content to ensure your sales team has up-to-date presentations and tear sheets

Cost: FREE

CallidusCloud Commissions

A market and technology leader in sales effectiveness, sales performance management, and sales incentive compensation software applications and services, CallidusCloud presents Commissions, a solution for managing your entire incentive compensation process.

Key Features:

Deliver transparent incentives

Favorably change sales behaviors

Designed for business users – intuitive and easy to use

Build compensation plans, change organizational hierarchies, generate reports, and forecast expenses without needing IT

Improve sales productivity

Cost: Contact for a quote


ThinkSmartOne helps companies improve performance and increase sales using motivation incentives and gamification tools. Their incentive app boosts Salesforce adoption, cybersecurity, and more.

Key Features:

Drive, manage, track, and reward desired behaviors using simple gamification methods within Salesforce

A complete incentive app

Get better sales performance from your sales team

Motivate employees and partners using Sales Cloud or Communities

Gain total control of your incentive program; set your own targets, write your own rules, and run your own budgets

Cost: Starts at $20/user/month


A Salesforce partner, Surfwriter publishes RevenueCloud and CloudComp apps for Salesforce. RevenueCloud is a 100% native, certified, Chatter-enabled, and user-friendly compensation management app that supports product splits and revenue splitting.

Key Features:

Enables opportunity, product, and revenue schedule splits between sales reps and calculate commissions for all types of Salesforce opportunities

Customize reports and dashboards

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom time frames stored in Salesforce

30-day free evaluation

Cost: Contact for a quote

GamEffective for Salesforce

A comprehensive, integrated enterprise gamification platform for employee engagement, GamEffective is available for use with Salesforce to supercharge your organization’s sales performance with digital motivation and real-time feedback. With GamEffective, you can drive behaviors and performance while simultaneously offering feedback and communicating targets.

Key Features:

Drive sales behaviors and performance

Provide feedback, benchmarks, and targets

Drive learning

Improve sales pipeline quality through better CRM use

Cost: Contact for a quote


Ambition is an employee productivity platform that increases revenue. Their app uses goals, scorecards, contests, and analytics to increase sales to motivate the entire workforce to drive sales and improve customer service.

Key Features:

Create contests and competitions around any Salesforce object or metric

Broadcast live performance updates across teams and offices

Increase transparency and build a winning, high-performance culture

G2Crowd’s Category Leader in Sales Performance Management for 2016

Cost: Contact for a quote


A leading Salesforce and Force.com consultancy, Corsica enables their Global 1000 clients to accomplish more than they thought possible. Their gamification app, Corsica, increases engagement, loyalty, performance, adoption, and motivation while aligning teams with corporate goals.

Key Features:

Create objectives based on standard and custom objects and standard and custom fields

Limit eligibility of objectives to specific users, groups, and roles to drive tailored behaviors and development in each area of your business

Includes all necessary components for successful gamification: objectives aligned with corporate goals, reward and recognition for achievements, and feedback for measuring progress toward goals

Display leaderboards on plasma screens

Display badges and achievements on users’ Chatter profile pages

Cost: $23/user/month

Productivity Tools

TimeTrade Scheduler

TimeTrade helps companies create the conversations that drive business. Our SaaS-based Customer Engagement Cloud enables businesses to provide a personalized service guarantee. Our Scheduler app is an online appointment scheduling tool that helps sales teams close more deals faster.

Key Features:

Access the power of TimeTrade’s leading appointment scheduling platform without leaving Salesforce

Have more conversations to grow accounts and close deals more quickly

Eliminate time wasted with back-and-forth emails or phone calls with prospects by offering appointments in seconds

Ensure accurate scheduled meeting tracking from within Salesforce on the lead and contact level without requiring manual updates of personal calendars

Match prospect and customer requests with sales reps in real time based on availability and keep no-shows to a minimum with automatic confirmations and reminders

Supports both inbound and outbound activity

Cost: Contact for a quote

Salesforce CPQ

From Salesforce Labs, Salesforce CPQ is a solution for configuration and quoting. Users can ensure pricing while reducing quote errors with this native CPQ built on Lightning.

Key Features:

Streamlines configuration

Helps reps reduce quote errors, manage proposals, and close more deals in the Sales Cloud

Part of Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

Product configurator guides sales reps to best products and services for each customer

Cost: Starts at $75/user/month

G-Connector (formerly Enabler4Sheets)

Formerly Enabler4Sheets, G-Connector is a productivity app that helps companies save money on SFDC licenses because it enables your non-SFDC users to see live SFDC data. G-Connector also automatically refreshes SFDC reports or data pulled with SOQL.

Key Features:

Salesforce Data Loader directly from Google Sheets

Data snapshots saved to Google Drive

Data monitoring and metrics, plus send alerts to multiple recipients

Add-on to Google Spreadsheets pulls any data from Salesforce and schedules automatic refreshing of that data even if you are offline

Cost: FREE


Fileboard’s intelligent sales platform makes every rep a top performer, resulting in 30% more wins. We prioritize sales tasks based on actual customer engagement, so reps sell laser focused & persistent, and hit targets 40% faster.

Key Features:

Tells reps what to do next based on actual customer engagement. It makes every rep laser focused, a persistent seller and a top performer.

Gets even the most inexperienced rep ramped up 40% faster, saving you at least 3 months of lost quota per rep.

Provides all the tools required to be successful in sales and it auto-logs all sales activity. Stop wasting 1 day/week per rep on switching tools and relentless logging.

Cost: Starts at $95/user/month

Conga Courier

Conga increases productivity across businesses by streamlining Salesforce. One of their productivity tools, Conga Courier, is available on the AppExchange and helps sales teams extend your Salesforce report delivery.

Key Features:

Schedule and automatically email an unlimited number of individual Salesforce reports

Customize email sender, recipients, and message

Embed report in email or send as an attachment in Excel, CSV, or Printable View

No hourly limits – schedule reports with the frequency you need

Cost: Starts at $1/report/month

GaugeLabs Approval Manager

GaugeLabs simplifies approval management to speed the sales process and increase productivity. Their Approval Manager is a powerful suite of applications that helps companies improve their in-house approval process to save deals before opportunities are lost to competitors.

Key Features:

Forecast and measure the number of records that are submitted, approved, or rejected

Escalate approval records that are pending over a specific period of time

Automate approval submission

Remove bottlenecks in the approval process by automatically sending reminders and messages to the approval manager

Cost: $20/user/month

PowerDialer for Salesforce

InsideSales offers a leading sales acceleration platform that is built on Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine. Their PowerDialer for Salesforce enhances sales communication and helps sales teams be as productive as possible.

Key Features:

Increase calls and convert more leads to opportunities

Life performance and revenue

Sales communication with prescriptive sales action, machine learning lead prioritization, one-touch dialing, and automatic local numbers with LocalPresence

Cost: Contact for a quote

Apttus X-Author for Excel

Apttus has revolutionized quote-to-cash on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud. Now, sales teams use the Apttus X-Author for Excel for quote-to-cash, CPQ, contract management, subscription billing, and invoices.

Key Features:

Update opportunities

Assign leads

Create quotes

Upload data

Enjoy the power of Microsoft Office inside Salesforce

Use unlimited related and unrelated standard or custom objects simultaneously to create, retrieve, update, delete, or insert data across an infinite number of Excel worksheets for a powerful data loader

Cost: Contact for a quote


Tact is the sales experience platform that transforms any connected device into an AI-powered smart assistant via voice, SMS, and an offline mobile app. In fact, their productivity app helps sales teams have everything you need at your fingertips.

Key Features:

Automates data entry and delivers insights to make any time selling time

Instantly logs activities into CRM by logging seller activities after each customer call or meeting and capturing essential details of each interaction in seconds

Gain CRM visibility in every call, email, and meeting

100% offline sync native architecture

Cost: Contact for a quote

Pulsar for Salesforce

A mobile enterprise solutions company based in Silicon Valley, Luminix, Inc., offers Pulsar for Salesforce. This productivity app makes it possible for sales professionals to access Salesforce offline on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Key Features:

Intuitive and easy to use

Your data is ready for offline read/write access

Unified view for calendar and Salesforce events

Manage opportunities, set appointments, keep track of tasks, fill out surveys, and take and complete orders while onsite with customers

Cost: FREE

Algoworks Opportunity Manager (AWOM)

Algoworks focuses their work on mobility, Salesforce, business intelligence, ECM, and software product engineering. Their Opportunity Manager is a force.com native application that was inspired by the demands and preferences of thousands of users of the basic opportunity tool in Salesforce.

Key Features:

Editable, interactive pipeline view of opportunities

Powerful infographics tool to view data via charts

Interactive and easy to use pagination and record-view mode

Drag and drop feature to minimize time spent updating records

Cost: FREE

Unlimited Workflow Rules

CRMGuidance builds apps that close Salesforce gaps. Their Workflow Rules app allows changes in the formula field value to trigger workflow on any object.

Key Features:

Automate email alerts

Field updates

Create new records on any object

Workflows don’t count against Salesforce Workflow limits

Cost: $125/company/month

Action Plans

Action Plans, a productivity app by Salesforce Labs, transforms best practices into reusable task templates. Create an Action Plan for an account, opportunity, contact, or lead.

Key Features:

Pre-assign template tasks to a specific individual or assign to the running user

Promotes best practices

Encourages reusability

Saves time and improves productivity

Cost: FREE


Minutz is a leading meeting management software that helps companies revolutionize the way you manage meetings. With Minutz, sales managers capture and distribute meeting minutes, track actions, and record decisions.

Key Features:

Easily create, plan, and manage all your meetings with Minutz

Produces and distributes professionally formatted PDF agendas and minutes at the touch of a button

Track meeting actions through to completion with a full audit trail

Record decisions and meeting attendance

Find important meetings notes or decisions easily through intelligent search of your full historical meeting database

Cost: Starting at $8/user/month


KnowledgeTree software centers on sales enablement for content marketing and sales productivity for reps. Their productivity app utilizes data science to predict your winning content, push it to your reps via email or Salesforce, and scores its effectiveness.

Key Features:

Create, discover, and predict winning content

Increase prospect engagement and content use

Predict winning content based on real sales results

Equip sales reps with content proven to accelerate deals and boost sales productivity

Proactively push best practice content to sales teams in Salesforce or mail

Cost: Contact for a quote

Brainshark for Salesforce

Brainshark provides sales training, coaching, and content authoring via leading sales enablement and productivity solutions used by more than half the Fortune 100. Brainshark for Salesforce accelerates sales performance by preparing sales reps for better sales conversations with prospects and customers.

Key Features:

Close more deals with better conversations

Onboard new reps more quickly and keep them ready by quickly providing interactive and engaging training

Enables anyone to create rich, mobile-friendly content to drive sales readiness and effectiveness

Deliver the best, most up-to-date content to sales reps

Cost: Contact for a quote


CM-Focus specializes in developing apps on the force.com platform and other SaaS solutions. Their AccountPal is a productivity app designed to bridge the gap between sales and marketing for account-based marketing.

Key Features:

Drives account-based sales, marketing, and lead processing

Current market engagement analytics

Assign leads to the appropriate account owners using account-based routing

Import target accounts and contacts for account-based marketing from LinkedIn

Cost: $49.99/user/month

Sales Performance Tools

Sales Activity Dashboard

From Salesforce Labs, the Sales Activity Dashboard shows how an organization can analyze a sales rep’s activity rates and types against opportunities. This sales performance tool gives sales managers the ability to view the types of activity their sales team members engage in on opportunities.

Key Features:

Visibility of sales activities

Custom reports based on the out-of-the-box application

Gain visibility into the sales professional work rate

Identify neglected opportunities and accounts

Cost: FREE

Free Pipeline Analytics

When you can see your sales pipeline, you can improve your sales performance. That is the insight that the Free Pipeline Analytics app from insight Squared delivers.

Key Features:

See pipeline history in a single interactive chart with historical data in Salesforce

Compare past revenue to past pipeline volume to better predict if you have enough pipeline to hit your goals

Instantly visualize your complete pipeline and monitor pipeline growth

See your pipeline value broken down by sale stage

Cost: FREE

Sales KPI Dashboard 1.0

The Sales KPI Dashboard 1.0 is a Salesforce Labs app that displays graphs to help sales professionals determine the efficiency of your operational business. The app also aggregates relevant sales key performance figures and helps sales managers take corrective actions as needed to improve sales performance.

Key Features:

High level overview of your sales operation

Determine the efficiency of your sales organization

Identify who generates business and identify areas where management support is required

Cost: FREE

GSP Sales Dashboard – Enterprise+

The Gary Smith Partnership works to expand businesses through the implementation of Salesforce and marketing automation applications. The GSP Sales Dashboard – Enterprise+ is one Gary Smith Partnership app that delivers exceptional pipeline and sales performance visibility for enterprises.

Key Features:

Fully customizable dashboard

Gain visibility into the size, trend, and quality of the sales pipeline and sales performance

All charts and reports are fully customizable

Includes pipeline quality metrics to enable managers to assess pipeline health

Cost: FREE

Trending Opportunity

Trending Opportunity, a sales performance app by Salesforce Labs, delivers simple dashboards and reports that allow sales teams to compare opportunity amounts from the previous year to current amounts. View all your opportunities and the total amount earned last year versus this year to improve your sales performance.

Key Features:

No set-up required, thanks to pre-installed reports and dashboards

Lists all opportunities by rep

Lists total amount earned this year versus the amount at the same time last year

Cost: FREE


GPS Dashboard integrates location with Salesforce. GPS Dashboard’s CHECK-in is an advanced sales analytics and performance management app that utilizes geolocation to guarantee your field sales team performs at the highest possible level.

Key Features:

Improve sales performance with the advanced sales analytics and performance app

Gain new visibility into field sales activities with actionable business intelligence

Simplify your sales process, verify customer visits, collect call details, and optimize your outside sales force

Cost: $20/user/month

Sales History Advanced Dashboard


Sales History Advanced Dashboard, from Salesforce Labs, delivers powerful analytics to help you understand your sales cycles. This sales performance tool utilizes analytics features such as multi axis charts and functions like PREVGROUPVAL.

Key Features:

Determine how your sales are doing this year compared to last year

Identify how your win rate is doing against the target

Intuitive and easy to use

Cost: FREE


A sales performance app from inCloud online, anyGoal helps sales managers recognize achievement and improve performance. Help your sales reps by setting goals, recognizing their achievement, and improving their performance.

Key Features:

Set individual targets for any interval and view performance based on % of goal achieved

Free trial available

Gain a complete view of performance by viewing actual results compared to individual goal targets

Assign goal owners and control how goal data is securely shared across your organization

Cost: $12/user/month

Contract and Partner Management Tools

Apttus Contract Management

Apttus Contract Management offers contract lifecy

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