This Is White Privilege Tumblr. White privilege is hard (for white people) to see, so consider this a compilation album of White.

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  • “What can I do to help Syria?”
    via soaringdragons.tumblr

    aishawarma: aishawarma: aishawarma: aishawarma: Well, after educating yourself and advocating for the rights of the Syrian people in their fight for freedom against a brutal dictatorship as well as naming and holding accountable those who aid the...

  • What to Do About Syria
    via botd.wordpress

    Syrian government forces patrol the Khalidiyah neighbourhood of Homs, mid-2013. Photo: AFP/Getty Images You would think that, having stayed in Cairo for much of the last year, I would feel closer than in New York or Boston to the Syrian catastrophe...

  • By Brandon Turbeville NOTE: This writer recommends reading Vanessa Beeley’s article, “The REAL Syria Civil Defense Exposes Fake ‘White Helmets’ As Terrorist-Linked Imposters.” Despite the failure to award the White Helmets with the Nobel Peace Prize...

  • Damascus Reports from across Syria, and increasing coming in from many areas including Aleppo, Qalamoun and Reqaa lay bare massive crimes being perpetrated against the Syrian people in the name of Islam from areas under Salafist control. &nbsp...

  • Alternative Media is the New Guerrilla Warfare: Time for Citizens to Expose Globalists The Millennium Report Exclusive We the People have hired Donald J. Trump, our George Washington of the Second American Revolution, to lead us in victory of defeating...

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  • This... is White Privilege

    White privilege is hard (for white people) to see, so consider this a compilation album of White Privilege's Greatest Hits. Submit your examples. All flavors of people welcome, but we don't serve...

  • This... is White Privilege

    5 Terrifying Facts About Undocumented Asian Americans koreaunderground: “Why are these facts so terrifying?...

  • This... is White Privilege

    [Chris Rock explaining white privilege: Racism everywhere. Who’s the maddest people? White people. Not y'all. Y'all all right. You paid money to see me, we cool. The feud is over. No, you watch the...

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