Third Way. Public policy, including the economy, energy, national security and social policies.

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  • No Gold Watch
    via justabovesunset.wordpress

    There are some cultural references that don’t work anymore – the scene in some sentimental old black-and-white movie – the retirement party. The beaming boss presents the pleasant old fellow, retiring after a lifetime of good work in the company – the...

  • M2RB:  Lyle Lovett (Stick around for Nobody Knows Me Like My Baby) The mystery masked man was smart He got himself a Tonto 'Cause Tonto did the dirty work for free But Tonto he was smarter And one day said, "Kemo Sabe Kiss my ass I bought a boat I'm...

  • Jose Guillen, 68, sorts recyclable items at a recycling center in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011. The U.S. Census Bureau announced that in 2012, real median household income and poverty rate were not statistically different from the previous...

  • “It is going to be so easy.” Those were the words candidate Donald Trump used in October, imagining a future where he, as president, would replace the Affordable Care Act with something “great.” In reality, no presidency is easy—the office’s unique...

  • It was January 1975, and the Watergate Babies had arrived in Washington looking for blood. The Watergate Babies—as the recently elected Democratic congressmen were known—were young, idealistic liberals who had been swept into office on a promise to clean...

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  • Energy Finance 101: An Intro to Yield Cos - Third Way

    Yield Cos are an increasingly common financing mechanism for energy projects. But what exactly is a yield co and why would a company use one? In the second paper in our Energy Finance 101 series, we p...

  • Third Way - Third Way

    Third Way is a centrist think tank that offers fresh thinking and modern solutions to the most challenging problems in U.S. public policy, including the economy, energy, national security and social p...

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