Ariel, your Representative an Israeli Jew on the Har HaBait,

invite all the Lost Sheep from the House of Israel to start their National Teshuva by becoming a member of Beit Ya’aqov International. And start with proud to carry your special: National Ephraim Identity Cart!

Beit Ya’aqov International is NOT an organization as the many that we have under Ephraim. But it is the first Ephraim Agency in history! And her desire is to become the ‘administration’ for all the Lost Sheep from the House of Israel. A nation again! First in the diaspora, until she is power full enough to establish her nation near, outside, the Israeli borders, in Eretz Israel (!), for the protection of herself and the Jewish nation. All I ask:

Please Ephraim do the National Teshuva let the sound of the Great Shofar go on until the Kingdom of Elohim is established?

That we proclaim it again as Hizqiyahu:

Isa 37:15-16 And Ḥizqiyahu prayed to יהוה, saying,

16 “O יהוה of hosts, Elohim of Yisra’ĕl, the One who dwells between the keruḇim, You are Elohim, You alone, of all the reigns of the earth. You have made the heavens and earth.

This ‘call’ for a National Teshuva is for all the Jews from Israel and Ephraim from Israel together.

The National Teshuva is to rebuilt His Temple: ‘the great Shofar that shall be blown on that day……’:

Isa 27:12-13 And in that day it shall be that יהוה threshes, from the channel of the River (Euphrates) to the wadi of Mitsrayim. And you shall be gathered one by one1, O children of Yisra’ĕl. Footnote: 1Jer. 3:14-15.

13 And in that day it shall be that a great horn is blown, and those who were perishing in the land of Ashshur (Today from Syria all the way unto China and from Syria via Egypt to the South of Nigeria [concentrated] and from Syria spread over the whole world) and the outcasts in the land of Mitsrayim shall come, and shall worship יהוה on the set-apart mountain (Har HaBait), in Yerushalayim.

Rabbi Abraham Ben Ya’aqov on Isaiah 27: 13 ‘” And on that day a great shofar shall be blown… “(v 13). The “great shofar” alludes to the spirit of prophecy that will come into the world in the final redemption to signal to the lost souls that the time of the in-gathering has arrived. The prophet promises that in the final redemption all of the lost members of Israel will be gathered in from all their places of exile in order to worship God on the Temple Mount.’


Jer 31:9 “With weeping they shall come, and with their prayers I bring them. I shall make them walk by rivers of waters, in a straight way in which they do not stumble. For I shall be a Father to Yisra’ĕl, and Ephrayim – he is My first-born.

It is your job as the First-born Ephraim (the urge/Voice of Messiah in you):

Let we All come strong together united in:

Let we all approach ‘pharaoh’ (Israeli government and Islam on The Har HaBait!) and ask them:

‘Please let us Pray and let us bring His Corbanot in the way HaShem teach us?’ All together in one voice!

Ask and stay on asking (really NOT fighting only asking!) until they give ‘permission’……. Don’t stop asking!

It is a fact!

Jer 23:22 “But if they (all Israel) had stood in My counsel (In 1967!), then they would have let My people hear My Words, and they would have turned them from their evil way and from the evil of their deeds………

2Ch 7:14 and My people upon whom My Name is called, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face (On the Har HaBait!), and turn from their evil ways, then I shall hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin and heal their land.

HaShem is healing your Land! Amalek and His Ismaelite friends are losing in Eretz Israel……! But shall go on with their friends, slaughtering and raping in Europe and the United States.

Please when do you ‘humble yourselves, and pray and seek My face’ and unite in real Teshuvah with the Love of HaShem for each other? And built you righteous nation in, around/outside the Jewish State, Eretz Israel? To defend yourselves and the Jewish nation, from Amalek and his friends.

Hashem’s promise:

Eze 36:37-38 ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “Once again I shall let the house of Yisra’ĕl inquire of Me to do for them: I shall increase their men like a flock.

38 “As a set-apart flock (Through a National Teshuva!), as the flock at Yerushalayim at her appointed times, so shall the wasted cities be filled with flocks of men. And they shall know that I am יהוה.”’”

Please wake up?

Yaʽaqoḇ 1:1 Yaʽaqoḇ, a servant of Elohim and of the Master יהושע Messiah, to the twelve tribes who are in the dispersion: Greetings.

Isa 48:20 “Come out of Baḇel (diaspora)! Flee from the Chaldeans (Muslims and their friends)! Declare this with a voice of singing, proclaim it, send it out to the end of the earth! Say, ‘יהוה has redeemed His servant Yaʽaqoḇ!’

Don’t count on any government! All governments are ‘infiltrated’ with people who ‘work’ on ‘forming’ a new world order (dictatorship) WITHOUT Messiah and His Divine demand Deu 30: 1-20 (Dev/Deu 30: 1-20 the base of the Constitution of Beit Ya’aqov International)!

You need to have a government who ACCEPT Messiah with His Divine demand: Deu 30: 1-20 (Dev/Deu 30: 1-20 the base of the Constitution of Beit Ya’aqov International)!

Beit Ya’aqov International is in need of wise and intelligent people who accept Messiah with His Divine Demand and like to build the different infra structures that this Nation, of the Lost Sheep from the House of Israel need. No more in the ways of the world….. click:

Call for an international committee of wise people to form a government for the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel and all their friends.
All governments shall fall when Messiah with His Divine Demand becomes STRONG, more and more, in you. And you yourself become lessor……..

If you are a Lost Jew or from the Lost of Israel and suffer already many years for not being accepted……. Why not joining Beit Ya’aqob International? If you like the do Teshuvah in Messiah Ben Yoseph with His Divine Mandate (Dev/Deu 30: 1-20 the Constitution of Beit Ya’aqov International) you are most welcome to join! Follow the millions who are already joining………! Come fill out the form click: http://beityaaqov.org/here/join-us/ and receive your National Ephraim Identity Cart. For organizations and/or more information contact me (Ariel) click: http://thewatchmenfromisrael.org/contact-us/

Never forget HaShem Loves you very much. Messiah Ben Yoseph stated clearly:

Mat 15:24 And He answering, said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl.”

Please read: Beit Ya’aqov International terms and conditions for members before you join us.

After ‘showing’ Messiah to the Jewish people through your independent Nation (A very powerful nation because your number of people is in the billions!) outside the borders of the Jewish Nation, coming to unity with the Jews from Israel under one Leader:

Isa 11:10-16 And in that day there shall be a Root of Yishai, standing as a banner to the people. Unto Him the gentiles1 shall seek, and His rest shall be esteem. Footnote: 1Or nations.

11 And it shall be in that day that יהוה sets His hand again a second time to recover the remnant of His people who are left, from Ashshur and from Mitsrayim, from Pathros and from Kush, from Ěylam and from Shinʽar, from Ḥamath and from the islands of the sea.

12 And He shall raise a banner for the nations (Messiah, when HaShem speaks again from between the Cherubim) and gather the outcasts of Yisra’ĕl, and assemble the dispersed of Yehuḏah from the four corners of the earth.

13 And the envy of Ephrayim shall turn aside, and the adversaries of Yehuḏah be cut off. Ephrayim shall not envy Yehuḏah, and Yehuḏah not trouble Ephrayim.

14 But they (Yehudah and Ephraim) shall fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines toward the west; together they plunder the people of the east, their hand stretching forth on Eḏom and Mo’aḇ, and the children of Ammon shall be subject to them.

15 And יהוה shall put under the ban the tongue of the Sea of Mitsrayim, and He shall wave His hand over the River with the might of His Spirit, and shall smite it in the seven streams, and shall cause men to tread it in sandals.

16 And there shall be a highway for the remnant of His people, those left from Ashshur, as it was for Yisra’ĕl in the day when he came up from the land of Mitsrayim.

That is the great redemption, the Yeshuah (Salvation) from HaShem when HaShem (Messiah Ben David) speaks again from between the Cherubim………!



Please read, click:


We believe,

Yehudah has to go her ‘prophetic way’:

in ‘the Judicial Authority (Mechoqeck*) of HaShem: The Rabbinical leadership is the Divinely Authorized Teacher of the Torah of HaShem’ for the Jews!


Gen 49:10 “The scepter shall not turn aside from Yehuḏah, nor a Lawgiver (Mechoqeck*) from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to Him is the obedience of peoples.

H271 חָקַק* châqaq khaw-kak’ A primitive root; properly to hack, that is,engrave(Jdg_5:14, tobe a scribe simply); by implication to enact (laws being cut in stone or metal tablets in primitive times) or (generally) prescribe: – appoint, decree, governor, grave, lawgiver, note, pourtray, print, set.

Ephraim has to go her (different as Yehudah) ‘prophetic way’:

Devarim 30:10 if you obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim (Messiah Ben Yoseph, the Divinely Authorized Teacher of the Torah of HaShem for Ephraim!), to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah, if you turn back to יהוה your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being.

Read more about Messiah Ben Yoseph click: “Divine Aspects of Mashiach ben Yosef…….” According to the teachings of the Vilna Gaon

This means HaShem went with Ephraim a different way than with Yehudah. But, as the rabbis are teaching: Ephraim (a different nation, the Lost Northern Kingdom of Israel) comes back with Messiah Ben Yoseph as their divine ordained leader. And Yehudah comes back with ‘their Judicial Authority (Mechoqeck*) of HaShem: ‘The Rabbinical leadership, the Divinely Authorized Teacher of the Torah of HaShem for Yehudah.’

Facts for coming back and restoration through National Teshuvah:

Devarim 30:1-10 “And it shall be, when all these words (Messiah) come upon you, the blessing (Messiah) and the curse which I have set before you, and you shall bring them back to your heart….

This really means, you read from the beginning of Bereshit/Genesis until the end of Devarim/Deuteronomy. And by every Word that Abba Yahweh speaks, you ask Him for forgiveness where you went wrong and promise Abba Yahweh the do it good

………among all the gentiles where יהוה your Elohim drives you,

2 and shalt turn back to יהוה your Elohim and obey His voice (Messiah), according to all that I command you today……

You, Ephraim and Yehudah say that already together: Devarim 5:27 ‘You go near and hear all that יהוה our Elohim says, and speak to us all that יהוה our Elohim says to you, and we shall hear and do it.’…… You should say it again Ephraim and Manasseh when Messiah Ben Yoseph ‘knock’s on the ‘door’ of your heart.’

……. with all your heart and with all your being, you and your children,

3 then יהוה your Elohim shall turn back your captivity, and shall have compassion on you, and He shall turn back and gather you from all the peoples where יהוה your Elohim has scattered you.

4 “If any of you are driven out to the farthest parts under the heavens, from there יהוה your Elohim does gather you, and from there He does take you.

5 “And יהוה your Elohim shall bring you to the land which your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it. And He shall do good to you, and increase you more than your fathers.

6 “And יהוה your Elohim shall circumcise your heart (By Messiah Ben Yoseph, the teaching of the HaBerith HaChadasha Scriptures) and the heart of your seed, to love יהוה your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being, so that you might live,

7 and יהוה your Elohim shall put all these curses on your enemies and on those who hate you, who persecuted you.

8 “And you shall turn back (Do Teshuvah) and obey the voice of יהוה (Messiah Ben Yoseph) and do all His commands which I command you today. (Not news ones! Or whatever…… But all these Words spoken/declared from between the Cherubim to Moshe Rabbeinu….)

9 “And יהוה your Elohim shall make you have excess in all the work of your hand, in the fruit of your body, and in the fruit of your livestock, and in the fruit of your ground for good. For יהוה turns back to rejoice over you for good as He rejoiced over your fathers,

10 if you obey the voice of יהוה your Elohim, (Messiah) to guard His commands and His laws which are written in this Book of the Torah, if you turn back to יהוה your Elohim with all your heart and with all your being.

That is the Promise from Abba Yahweh the only Way, no other Way is accepted….

This blog is a part from the website: ‘The WatchMen from Israel’.

Jerusalem-Israel, Cheshvan 8, 5777, 11/9/2016

Isa 59:20-21 “And the Redeemer shall come to Tsiyon, and to those turning from transgression in Yaʽaqoḇ,” declares יהוה……

Your Redeemer:

Yeshayahu 43: 11 “I, I am Yahweh, and besides Me there is no savior (Hebrew – מושׁיע Moshia). Messiah Ben David, our coming Leader, shall speak again from between the Cherubim above the Atonement Lid,

Eze 36:37-38 ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “Once again I shall let the house of Yisra’ĕl inquire of Me (speaking again from between the Cherubim above the Atonement Lid) to do for them: I shall increase their men like a flock.

38 “As a set-apart flock (by the Torah of Messiah), as the flock at Yerushalayim at her appointed times, so shall the waste cities be filled with flocks of men. And they shall know that I am יהוה.” ’ ”

……..21 “As for Me, this is My covenant with them,” said יהוה: “My Spirit that is upon you, and My Words (Messiah) that I have put in your mouth, shall not be withdrawn from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants’ descendants,” said יהוה, “from this time and forever.”

Eph 6:17 Take also the helmet of deliverance, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of Elohim….

We share these studies for the benefit that you shall learn Torah Lost Sheep from the House of Israel worldwide. NOT to put you under Jewish Halachah. If you like to become Jewish you have go to a Jewish Rabbi. Beit Ya’aqov International is a non-Jewish organization an Ephraim Agency and hope to become the Restored Northern Kingdom of Israel and to be soon united with Yehudah (the Jews, the old Southern Kingdom of Israel. Already restored in The Modern State of Israel) but only under the sovereignty of Messiah Ben Dawid.

Yehudah became his Holy sanctuary and Israel his Kingdom – Psalms 114 :2

We will see that the children of Israel return to Most High and Torah of Mashiach, And will hug in the Holy Land, and by obeying and listening the “VOICE of Most Ancient Holy One of Israel”, will bring offerings in a righteous way on the holy mountain and also bring the Ark of the covenant with pure heart in the right place (i.e In Har HaBayit, on the foundation Stone [please read click: About ‘The Foundation Stone’ in Jerusalem……]) and We will Welcome the son of David on Mount Zion, Jerusalem – Gaddi, President, BeitYaaqov International.

[Ha Khadosh Baruch Hu – Baruch HaBa B’Shem Adonai ]


BS”D KNOW YOUR BIBLE: Judges Chapters 1-2 Study Notes by Avraham ben Yaakov

BS”D KNOW YOUR BIBLE: Judges Chapters 1-2 Study Notes by Avraham ben Yaakov


The Book of Judges narrates the inner, spiritual history of Israel from after the death of Joshua until the very threshold of the establishment of the kingship by the prophet Samuel – a span of some four hundred years, in which the nation was largely without a single, unifying leader except at times when outstanding “Judges” – spiritual leaders of exceptional stature – arose to save them from their plight in face of their enemies. According to our rabbis, the Book of Judges was written by Samuel on the basis of “kabbalah” – i.e. the prophetic tradition handed down from generation to generation until it came to his teacher, Eli the High Priest (Bava Basra 14b; see RaDaK on Judges 1:21). The entire book can be seen as an intimate study of the developing moral sickness of the Israelites in their land that necessitated the establishment of the messianic kingship by Samuel.


The principle that “there is no before and after in the Torah” was discussed in the Study Notes on Joshua 23-24. We need this principle now in order to resolve possible confusion caused by the “time-line” of Judges chs 1-2, which zig-zags quite sharply back and forth. Chapter 1 verse 1 of Judges seems to pick up the historical narrative where the book of Joshua left off, but as it begins to describe the tribe of Judah’s conquest of their territories, the narrative seamlessly slips back to events that apparently took place in Joshua’s lifetime and were already described in the book of Joshua – the conquest of Hebron and that of Dvir by Osniel ben Knaz.(see Joshua chapter 15).

Similarly, Chapter 2 of Judges opens with the appearance of God’s messenger from Gilgal to reprove the people, which would seem to have taken place after Joshua’s death. Whether or not it did, the text of Ch. 2 then interjects with the retelling of Joshua’s death and burial (Ch 2 vv. 6-10) even though the whole book of Judges 1:1 has already started AFTER Joshua’s death. (Likewise Numbers 1:1 starts in the SECOND month of the second year after the Exodus, while a later chapter, Numbers 9:1 tells what happened in the FIRST month of the second year!) As stated in the last installment, it is not necessarily the temporal contiguity of events that determines their juxtaposition in the text, but rather their thematic interconnection. Thus we shall find that the two striking episodes described at the end of the book of Judges (ch’s 17-21) – Michah’s idol and the Concubine of Giv’on – actually occurred in the very beginning of the period of the Judges.

“WHO WILL GO UP FOR US” (Judges 1:1)

Although it appears that the people consulted the Urim VeTumim of the High Priest in order to ask which TRIBE should “go up” first against the Canaanites, our rabbis taught that God’s answer – “Yehuda shall go up” (ch 1 v 2) specifically referred to OSNIEL BEN KNAZ, the hero of the capture of Dvir, whose name was in fact “Yehuda brother of Shimon”. He was called OSNIEL because it contains the letters of the Hebrew word ANISA, “You have answered” – because God answered his prayers (see Temura 16a).

Osniel ben Knaz (also called YAABETZ see Chronicles 1, 2:55) was the second Judge of Israel after Joshua, and the account of his capture of KIRYAT SEFER-DVIR refers allegorically to his conquest of the Torah (particularly those portions that were forgotten after the death of Moses.)


A few hints of the profound allegory that underlies the book of Judges are contained in SEFER HALIKUTIM of the ARI (R. Itzhak Luria, outstanding 16th century kabbalist). Following the account of the capture of Dvir, we are told that “the children of KAYNI, Moses’ father in law (=Jethro) went up from the city of dates (=Jericho) to be with the children of Judah in the wilderness of Judah…” (1:16).

Rashi (ad loc.) explains that the fat, lush territory around Jericho was given to Jethro’s offspring (who as converts did not have a share in the land) but only temporarily, as it would later be given in “compensation” to the Tribe in whose territory the Temple was to be built (Benjamin) as the place of the Temple would no longer be theirs but would belong to all Israel. However, Jethro’s offspring, the KAYNITES, had more sense than to attach themselves to a temporary material plot of land. Instead, since they lived in tents anyway, they went to the wilderness of Judah – a territory with no material benefits – in order to learn Torah from YAABETZ=OSNIEL BEN KNAZ and thereby gain an eternal spiritual acquisition. The KAYNITES were later adduced by Jeremiah as the prime exemplar of the righteous convert who chooses the Torah itself as his inheritance (Jer. Ch 35).

The KAYNITES will reappear in our narrative in Judges ch 4 where Yael wife of HEVER HA-KAYNI distinguished herself by killing Sisera. In chapter 4 it says that “Hever HaKayni SEPARATED himself from Kayin (=Adam’s son)” (Judges 4:11). They also appear in Samuel, when Saul asks them to move away from the Amalekites, where they were then encamped, in order to facilitate his attack.

ARI explains that Jethro was from the root of Kayin (GEVUROT, severe judgment) and Hever was from the seed of Jethro. This is why he is called HA-KAYNI from the root Kayin. Kayin was a mixture of good and evil, and in Jethro the “food” was sifted out from the “waste” and thereby rectified. This was when the good was SEPARATED from the evil, as alluded to in the above-quoted verse. The evil descended into the husks (Amalek, Goliath) while the good was left in Jethro. KEYNI succeeded in bringing the husk “inside”, into the realm of the holy, and thus, “In the place where penitents stand, even complete Tzaddikim cannot stand”, because, as ARI explains, the penitents bring the husk inside and sweeten it.

Within the context of these notes it is impossible to condense the ARI’s elaborate teachings about the various incarnations alluded to in these stories of RAHAV, YAEL and ELI (the last two have the same Hebrew letters), KAYIN, YISRO (Jethro) and others. I am mentioning them only to underline how profoundly deep are these chapters of NaCh that we have the privilege of studying.


The above secrets relating to these souls are revealed in an extensive Drush of ARI relating to the entire first section of Judges and centering in particular on Deborah (ch’s 4-5).

In the course of this Drush ARI reveals that the town of Beit El mentioned in our present text, Judges 1:23 (and is first mentioned in Genesis 12:8 as having been visited by Abraham and later, in Genesis 28:19, as the site of Jacob’s dream of the Ladder) alludes to the Partzuf of Leah in the world of Beriyah, while Luz – the “name of the town before” – alludes to the Partzuf of Leah in the world of Atzilut. (Lamed Zayin = 37 = gematria of Leah). In the Form of Man, this corresponds to the place of the knot of the strap (RETZU’AH) of the Tefilin of the Head. As explained in Shulchan Aruch (Code of Torah Law) the knot must be placed at the bottom of the skull (OREF), just above where the neck (TZAVAR) begins. According to our rabbis, it is from this bone that the body of man will develop in time to come, at the time of the resurrection, and this bone is called LUZ. (Many Jews know the tradition that this bone is nourished only by the food we eat at the MELAVEH MALKA feast accompanying out the departing Shabbat each week.)

ARI’s introductions may open a tiny chink in the veil to help us appreciate the awesome depths of the very beautiful Midrashim about Luz brought in the “revealed” Torah as opposed to the esoteric Torah of ARI. Thus Rashi (on v. 24) tells us that the only way into this mysterious city of Luz was through a cave, at the entrance to which stood a LUZ (=almond? nut?) tree. (Was there a hidden door in the tree?) The man who showed the Israelites how to get in did not even say a word. He merely gestured with his finger. Further details of the story are given in Sota 46b, where we learn that in return for this great favor, the Israelites spared the man, who went off to found a city likewise named Luz in the Land of the Hitim (Asia Minor) that became prosperous from the Techeiles (blue die) industry, survived even the ravages of Sennacheriv and Nebuchadnezzar, and which even the Angel of Death was not authorized to enter. When the elders of the city, after living on and on, reached the limits of knowledge, they would go outside the city walls and die… All this was the man’s reward for having ACCOMPANIED the Israelites and pointing them in the right direction (just as we accompany out the Shabbat). This Midrash suggests that the mystery of Luz is bound up with the mystery of drawing the timeless world to come (Leah in Atzilus) down towards this world (which derives from Beriyah…


English translations of the Bible say that an ANGEL of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bochim (Judges 2:1). What is an ANGEL? Our rabbis taught that this “angel” was none other than Pinchas the Priest, of whom the rabbis said that “when holy spirit would rest upon him, his face would burn like fiery torches” (Midrash Tanchumah).

Those who imagine angels as radiant winged beings from other realms may have been looking at medieval artists’ reconstructions of events that are based on complete ignorance of the Hebrew language and the true meaning of the Bible. The Hebrew world MAL’ACH, which is frequently translated as “angel”, simply means an AGENT or MESSENGER. Indeed this exactly is the meaning of the ancient Greek word ANGELOS from which our world ANGEL derives.

A MAL’ACH from God is definitely not an ordinary, animalistic human being that eats and drinks like a glutton and is three quarters asleep most of the time. This does not mean that God may not at times choose outstanding Tzaddikim who have completely transcended the physical to be His MAL’ACHIM, as in the case of Moses, who is referred to both in the Chumash and in Psalms as a MALACH.


The message of the MALACH who came up “from GILGAL” (=reincarnation, recycling) to BOCHIM (“the weepers”) gives the very essence of the moral of the Book of Judges as a whole: The cyclical problem with which Judges deals is that the Israelites failed to drive out all of the Canaanites, instead permitting them to continue to dwell among them. This alone and in itself was not the fatal flaw. The flaw was that as a result, the Israelites MIXED WITH and LEARNED FROM the Canaanites, and adopted the religions and idolatrous practices of the nations around them.

Chapter 2 suddenly interjects the death and burial of Joshua into the reproof that traces the failure of the Children of Israel to live up to God’s Covenant (vv. 6-10). We read once again, as already told at the end of Joshua, that Joshua was buried in TIMNATH CHERES to the north of HAR GO’ASH. TIMNATH CHERES means “picture of the sun” – for an image of the sun was placed over Joshua’s grave (see Rashi on v. 9). This in itself does not have anything to do with idolatry: the allusion to the sun was fitting since it was Joshua who had stopped the sun in its tracks at Giv’on – Joshua TRANSCENDED NATURE. HAR GO’ASH is the VOLCANO. The rabbis taught that the people failed to eulogize Joshua properly after his death, and as a result God almost destroyed them all under a flood of lava (Rashi on Joshua 30. We note that our texts never refer to thirty days of mourning for Joshua as they do in the case of Moses, Jacob, etc. This is presumably the textual hint that Joshua was not properly eulogized.)

In other words, after Joshua’s final address to the people in Shechem (Joshua ch. 24), they all went home to attend to their own vineyards and fig trees without “eulogizing Joshua” i.e. without seeking to INTERNALIZE the lessons that Joshua had imbibed from HIS teacher, Moses (who WAS eulogized for thirty days). This rupture in the tradition is the key to the subsequent tragic history of the Israelites in the Land. They did not draw close to and internalize the messages of their spiritual leaders except when they were direly threatened by their enemies, whereas they should have continued to keep their departed leaders’ Torah near to their hearts all the time. (Perhaps this indicates that attaining the true Chassidic relationship between Chassid and Tzaddik would be the remedy and thus one of the main keys to our future redemption???)

Chapter 2 verse 13 tells us that “they abandoned HaShem and served the Baal and the Ashtoroth”. Since these terms for idolatrous deities will recur frequently in our texts, it is worth noting that RaDaK (ad loc.) comments that Baal is a generic term for graven images and idols, “since they are like a LORD (Adon = Baal) to those that serve them”. (Today also, we see that much of the world is under the spell of the images daily spun by the communications media, which are the latter-day purveyors of idolatry.) While ASHTAROTH are literally images of female sheep, they also allude to the idolatry of wealth (the Hebrew letters of the word OSHER, “wealth” are contained in the name ASHTAROTH.)



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BS”D KNOW YOUR BIBLE: Judges Chapters 1-2 Study Notes by Avraham ben Yaakov


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Jer 31:31-37 “See, the days are coming,” declares יהוה, “when I shall make a new covenant with the house of Yisra’ĕl and with the house of Yehuḏah1, Footnote: 1See Hebrews. 8:8-12, Hebrews. 10:16-17 (Please read these verses in the HaBerith HaChadashah Scriptures).

32 not like the covenant I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Mitsrayim, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them,” declares יהוה.

33 “For this is the covenant I shall make with the house of Yisra’ĕl after those days, declares יהוה: I shall put My Torah in their inward parts, and write it on their hearts (Messiah Ben Yoseph). And I shall be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.

34 “And no longer shall they teach, each one his neighbor, and each one his brother, saying, ‘Know יהוה,’ for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,” declares יהוה. “For I shall forgive their crookedness, and remember their sin no more.”

35 Thus said יהוה, who gives the sun for a light by day, and the laws of the moon and the stars for a light by night, who stirs up the sea, and its waves roar – יהוה of hosts is His Name:

36 “If these laws vanish from before Me,” declares יהוה, “then the seed of Yisra’ĕl shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever.”

37 Thus said יהוה, “If the heavens above could be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I would also cast off all the seed of Yisra’ĕl for all that they have done,” declares יהוה.

Yohanan (one of the writers in the HaBerith HaChadashah Scriptures) bore witness of The Righteous One – The Foundation of the world, Messiah Ben Yoseph who received the soul of, The Messenger of His Presence – מלאך פניו.

What ‘makes’ Him The Righteous One!

In the Talmud ((Yoma 38b) is written:

Hiyya b. Abba said also in the name of R. Johanan: Even for the sake of a single righteous man does the world endure, as it is said: But the righteous is the foundation of the world. 26

Hiyya himself infers this from here: He will keep the feet of His holy ones’ 27 ‘Holy ones’ means many? — R. Nahman b. Isaac said: It is written: His holy’ one. 27

26 Pro 10:25 As the whirlwind passes by, The wrong one is no more, But the righteous (in Hebrew וצדיק יסוד עולם׃ ‘and the Righteous’ –singular-) has an everlasting foundation.

27 1Sa 2:9 “He guards the feet of His kind ones (in Hebrew חסידו ‘His Righteous One’ –singular-) but the wrong are silent in darkness, for man does not become mighty by power.

Kol HaTor is telling ‘Metatron is The Messenger of His Presence, what we don’t believe!

Isa 63:7-9 Let me recount the kindnesses of יהוה and the praises of יהוה, according to all that יהוה has done for us, and the great goodness toward the house of Yisra’ĕl, which He has done for them according to His compassion, and according to His many kindnesses.

8 And He said, “They are My people, children who do not act falsely.” And He (HaShem) became their Savior – In Hebrew it is written: He became their מושׁיע – Mosiah.

9 In all their distress He was distressed, and the Messenger of His Presence – ומלאך פניו הושׁיעם באהבתו – saved them. In His love and in His compassion He redeemed them, and He lifted them up and carried them all the days of old.

Exo 25:8-9 “And they shall make Me a Set-apart Place, and I shall dwell in their midst.
9 “According to all that I show you – the pattern of the Dwelling Place and the pattern of all its furnishings – make it exactly so.

Exo 25:20-22 “And the keruḇim shall be spreading out their wings above, covering the lid of atonement with their wings, with their faces toward each other, the faces of the keruḇim turned toward the lid of atonement.

21 “And you shall put the lid of atonement on top of the ark (Were ‘The Righteous One’, in the ‘heavenly one’ brought from His own blood), and put into the ark the Witness which I give you.

22 “And I shall meet with you there, and from above the lid of atonement, from between the two keruḇim which are on the ark of the Witness, I shall speak to you all that which I command you concerning the children of Yisra’ĕl.

The One who spoke ‘between the kerubim above the lid of atonement’ and promise to speak again:

Eze 36:37-38 ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “Once again I shall let the house of Yisra’ĕl inquire of Me to do for them: I shall increase their men like a flock.

38 “As a set-apart flock, as the flock at Yerushalayim at her appointed times, so shall the wasted cities be filled with flocks of men. And they shall know that I am יהוה.” ’ ”

is He not:

‘the Messenger of His Presence’? (And NOT with whatever we can come up with!) The Word that became flesh……..!

Php 2:5-11 For, let this mind be in you which was also in Messiah יהושע,

6 who, being in the form of Elohim, did not regard equality with Elohim a matter to be grasped,

7 but emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant, and came to be in the likeness of men.

8 And having been found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death, death even of a stake.

9 Elohim, therefore, has highly exalted Him and given Him the Name which is above every name,

10 that at the Name of יהושע every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth,

11 and every tongue should confess that יהושע Messiah is Master, to the esteem of Elohim the Father.
Who did the Yom Kippur service ‘above’ as the high-priest after the ‘order’ of Melchizedek….. (For ALL 12 Tribes and all their friends!)

Heb 9:11-12 But Messiah, having become a High Priest of the coming good matters, through the greater and more perfect Tent not made with hands, that is, not of this creation,

12 entered into the Most Set-apart Place once for all, not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood, having obtained everlasting redemption.

Not to ‘replace’ the ‘earthly’…..

Because He bears the Divine Mandate Devarim 30: 1-10 (He is: ‘These Words’ in verse one.)

He shall teach the Torah of Messiah if we let Him speak again from between the Cherubim above ‘the lid of atonement‘…….. (The ‘appearance’ of Messiah Ben David as is promised).
Then I ask you please say it again as our for parents,

Devarim 5:27 ‘You go near and hear all that יהוה our Elohim says, and speak to us all that יהוה our Elohim says to you, and we shall hear and do it.’……

And come united with Beit Ya’aqob International:

3:10 “From beyond the rivers of Kush my worshippers, the daughter of My dispersed ones, shall bring My offering – Messiah Ben Yoseph.

In real Teshuva.++++

To be:

‘A World Union of the Lost Tribes from Israel, Yehudah and Ephraim and their friends in the reconciliation with the Jews under the Divine Mandate of Messiah Ben Yoseph who we love to call Yeshua Rabbeinu our Mashiach.’

And let us built together the Holy Nation of Ephraim. Jewish Rabbis are helping Beit Ya’aqob International with good advice and we share as much as possible their Torah studies. NOT to put you under Jewish Halacha. But to teach Torah.

Take upon you what Abba Yahweh said,

Jer 31:9 “With weeping they shall come, and with their prayers I bring them. I shall make them walk by rivers of waters, in a straight way in which they do not stumble. For I shall be a Father to Yisra’ĕl, and Ephrayim – he is My first-born.

Yes take upon you to be His First-Born……. In the family of Israel.

Beit Ya’aqov International ask you to pay a membership fee of 10 dollar a year. Furthers we hope and Pray that you bring your tithes (fulfill the Mitzwah) to the Ephraim National Fund (until we are united with Yehudah under Messiah and build His House together, to bring it there) so that Abba Yahweh shall bless you also with good and necessary the Parnassa.

After you filled out the request to join click http://beityaaqov.org/here/join-us/ and Beit Ya’aqov International received your fee, she send you your unique: Ephraim National Identity Cart.

Please Ephraim and Manasseh worldwide come, let yourself grow unto a Holy Nation unto Yahweh Elohim through Messiah Ben Yoseph your ‘Leader’.

Please write me? Click: http://thewatchmenfromisrael.org/contact-us/

Beit-Ya’aqov International

Representative, vice president: Ariel van Kessel

Email: watchmenfromisrael@beityaaqov.org

Mobile: +972 545683031

Int. Regd. no: 26538

Address: Rechov Ein-Karem 10b

95744 Jerusalem, Israel

For more information about uniting and the do Teshuvah together with Beit Ya’aqob International click:

www.beityaaqov.org or http://www.thewatchmenfromisrael.org

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