By Peter Pham

     If you’re late for work, the last thing you’d want to see is a giant robot attacking the city. Okay, maybe that might exactly you want to see in that case. Said robot, and a few other ridiculously terrifying simulations were just what a group of Londoners saw when they picked the wrong bus stop to wait at.

Pepsi Max, in an effort to promote their drink, set up an augmented reality billboard at a London bus top. Throughout the day, passengers were fooled thinking they were seeing unbelievable things happen through the screen. Mutant tentacles would snatch pedestrians, tigers would chase people on the sidewalks and giant robots or UFOs would attack the city.

When the commuters went to the other side of the glass to see what was going on, all they would see was a Pepsi Max advertisement. Brilliant.

Check out the video below too see the shenanigans:

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