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Here’s Why Your Job Is Costing You $3,300 A Year

Your commute may be leaving a big dent in your wallet.

8 Secrets Of Great Communicators

Great communication skills are a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Here are eight proven strategies that you can use to improve yours today.

Trump Health Plan Forces Question: How Much Is Covering The Uninsured Worth?

The Trump health plan will increase the number of uninsured in 2017 by 18 million. But it also will produce more than $1 trillion in savings over 10 years. On average, Obamacare is spending $5,400 for each year of being uninsured that is averted. This amount greatly exceeds the actual financial risk faced by those without coverage. And even if we accept the most optimistic estimates of how much health insurance can reduce mortality risk, we are implicitly spending $200,000 to $300,000 for each year of healthy life gained among the previously uninsured. It’s an open question whether American voters would view this as a worthwhile expenditure of scarce resources.

Five Things Never To Do When Your Manager Is Watching

Gracie made a misstep in front of her boss, or so she fears. Here are five things never to do when your manager is watching!

Turkey’s Crackdown Shows Erdogan Counter-Coup, Blow To Democracy Will Reverberate in Europe

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched an unprecedented crackdown on non-loyal people in the army and judiciary in the wake of a failed coup by some of the armed forces. The turn in Turkey has also an indirect consequence for security in Europe in that it divides a large Turkish community in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands.

For Sale: The World’s Emptiest International Airport

The Sri Lankan government is looking for investors to take over operations at Mattala International Airport, which is perhaps the most underused new international airport on the planet.

The 3-Part Formula For A Winning Sales Pitch

If you want your sales pitch to spark a desired outcome, steal a page from successful screenwriters.

Pokémon GO: The One Serious Problem Everyone Should Worry About

Unless you’ve been living under a Snorlax, you’ve probably heard about the wildly popular new augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. The game uses your smartphone’s camera, GPS, and position sensors to tell the game what to display and where, creating the illusion that cute little cartoon “pocket monsters” are standing in […]

Rational Ignorance and the Privacy Paradox

Maybe it’s time to consider the possiblity that consumers’ revealed privacy preferences are their real privacy preferences.

How To Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

Think how much life at work will be improved.

The HR Software Market Reinvents Itself

The $14+ billion marketplace for HR software and platforms is reinventing itself. Fueled by mobile apps, analytics, video, and a focus on team-centric management, we are seeing a disruptive change in the HR software industry. This is a shift investors, buyers, and HR professionals should watch out for. The story is […]

Golden State Warriors: Ray Allen, David Lee And The Top 5 Free Agents To Complete NBA Superteam

Since the Kevin Durant signing, the Golden State Warriors have become the pick of the litter for veteran free agents on the hunt for a ring. Former All-Stars Ray Allen and David Lee are still on the market with NBA free agency winding down. (AP Photo/Rhona Wise) As if coming within […]

8 Entrepreneur Challenges Founders Don’t Anticipate

SUN VALLEY, ID – JULY 6: ( L to R) Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity and GoogleX, walks with Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer of Amazon.com Inc. and founder of Blue Origin, as they attend the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, July 6, 2016 in Sun Valley, Idaho. […]

How Former Teachers Now Earn Over $45,000 A Month With Their Online Business

As someone who stumbled into starting an online business and has generated over $1 million in revenue from blogging, I love hearing stories of other successful online entrepreneurs. It’s rare that you come across a couple who makes more than $45,000 per month and reached that point within a few years […]

Apple’s Unimaginative Approach To Selling ItsBoring New iPhone

It’s the camera. It’s about great pictures. It’s about capturing the moments that only Apple can capture for you. If you ask me what story Apple is going to try to use to sell the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets, the answer is going to be the camera and the imaging potential of the device.

Changing Careers? Four Mistakes To Avoid When You Tell Your Story To Employers And Recruiters

You need to have a career change story that satisfies all types of listeners – the ones who probe for the “real” reason, the ones who test your credibility, and the ones who put you on the defensive. Here are four mistakes to avoid when you tell your career change story to employers and recruiters:

Trisha Yearwood On What Feeds Her Passion

Just a few hours before she went onstage to perform before tens of thousands of wildly enthusiastic fans at Yankee Stadium, Trisha Yearwood shared what feeds her passion.

Don’t Panic: 7 Things To Do After Getting Fired

(Photo courtesy of Pexels) “I always talk about getting fired from CBS, because I feel like people…want to speak euphemistically about it,” says Rene Syler, former co-host of CBS News’ The Early Show, author and now woman behind the brand, Good Enough Mother. She doesn’t tell people she was let go […]

Taylor Swift Vs. Kim Kardashian Feud: Who Earns More?

It’s not even close.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Taking A Personal Day (Plus Some)

For some companies more than others, there’s a clear line between vacation days, personal days, and sick days that’s important for you to understand.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Launch a Handbag Collection for Fall 2016

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian and Jenner clan has taken hold of the zeitgeist, becoming the most influential family in pop culture. They have successful television shows, apps, licensing deals and more. Even though they have their naysayers, there is no denying that the masses are buying into […]

Attributes Of Success: The 4 Key Principles Great Leaders Employ

These are the attributes every great leader must learn, according to serial entrepreneur David K. Williams.

India Just Planted 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours

In the first real show of a $6 billion commitment to reforest India, the country planted nearly 50 million trees in under 24 hours.

This Site Built By Engineer Fans Can Tell When Pokemon Go Servers Are About To Crash

A site built by startup engineer fans of Pokemon Go can quickly tell gamers if the game’s servers are about to crash.

4 Ways To Get More Meaning And Value From Your Career Starting Today

Creating more meaning in your life and work is just four steps away. Do it now.

Being Multipassionate Doesn’t Make You a Failure. It Makes You Indispensable – Here’s Why

One of the most significant generational differences between millennials and older colleagues is the contrasting mindset around career path. Not so long ago, the average employee joined a company out of college, worked his or her way up from entry level to middle ground and eventually joined the upper echelons of […]

Imbalance Of Gut Bacteria Linked To Elevated Risk For Diabetes

New data from researchers at the University of Copenhagen provides stronger evidence linking certain bacteria that populate our intestinal tract with a higher risk for developing insulin resistance, ultimately a precursor to developing diabetes. The research was published in the journalNature late last week,suggesting thatthe gut microbiome might be a potential […]

What’s More Important — Experience Or Talent?

Andrew isn’t sure how much weight to give to the various factors like experience, education and raw talent in his hiring decisions. What would you advise Andrew to do?

Looking For A New Job? Be Prepared To Invest At Least $200 In This

You’ve got to spend money to make money.

Kansas: An Unsung Hero For Economic Growth

During this news cycle, the Midwestern governor occupying the greatest media bandwidth is the one just selected for a spot on the GOP ticket. We can certainly expect to see Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s name all over the news for the next four months, but it’s also worth taking a look at how other Midwestern governors are making a real impact, and at the state level. Now in the third year of his bold tax experiment, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback can see the ways in which reducing (and, in many cases, eliminating) the state income tax is yielding incremental, positive effects for Kansans.

Elon Musk Indicates Changes Coming For Tesla Autopilot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted last week that the automaker intends to modify the way its Autopilot semi-autonomous system works in the wake of a recent fatal accident in Florida.

The Occupations With The Most Optimistic Employees

Despite many Americans’ sense of uncertainty about the near future, nearly 60% of U.S. workers have an optimistic outlook about their employer, according to a survey conducted by salary comparison site PayScale.

Reefer Madness! Medical Marijuana Is Already Saving $165M Per Year For Medicare

A new study shows that in states with legal medical marijuana, prescriptions for drugs that might also be treated with marijuana have fallen significantly. After just 17 states had passed legalization, Medicare was already saving $165 million per year. Nationwide legalization would save much more, not only for Medicare but for all healthcare plans. Let’s hope we can finally stop wasting law enforcement resources chasing down and prosecuting people for a drug that is in many ways less harmful than alcohol.

Pokémon GO Battery Life Problems? Get More Power To Play For Longer

Play Pokémon Go for longer

Salman Khan And Anuskha Sharma’s ‘Sultan’ Scales New Peaks: How High Can It Fly?

Salman Khan’s Sultan is now the second biggest hit of his career

Big Data At Volvo: Predictive, Machine-Learning-Enabled Analytics Across Petabyte-Scale Datasets

Cars are increasingly generating more and more data as they become ever more connected and empowered by smart, Internet of Things technology. The need to capitalize on this data is forcing auto manufacturers to rethink their data strategies. Thanks to modern telemetry, vehicles have been gathering and transmitting data on […]

Lessons Learned From 10 Years Of Running My Small Business

Statistics show that 96 percent of small businesses fail within 10 years. Here’s how I’ve beaten the odds with my own small business while keeping my sanity.

Galaxy S7 Vs Galaxy S6: What’s The Difference?

Samsung has made massive improvements with the Galaxy S7…

Japan Is Quietly Building A Tiny Tropical Islet, But An Angry China Has Noticed

Japan’s southernmost islet is so small at nine square meters it conjures up comparisons to boats and bedrooms. Curiously, the government in Tokyo has spent an estimated $600 million on infrastructure such ascement and steel breakwaters to prevent erosion of the tiny feature. It’s also cultivating coral to buff it […]

Wearable Fitness Devices Attract More Than The Young And Healthy

Accenture data shows 17 percent of Americans over the age of 65 use wearables compared to 20 percent of Americans under the age of 65.

Apple Leak Confirms iPhone 7 Serious Problem

New iPhone 7 images and video show Apple has a one big problem…

Why You Should Try to Tape Conversations With Social Security

The ‘Ask Larry’ columnist explains how doing so could put money in your pocket.

Venezuela: Latin America’s Next ‘Coup’

For New York bond lords watching the crisis in Caracas, Venezuela currently faces two paths, a military coup led by modrate ‘Chavistas’, or a Cuba-style dictatorship led by the ruling Socialist Party’s hard left flank.

Picking Mike Pence Really Was A Grand Slam For Donald Trump

The American Dream lies buried in these ruins. Let’s resurrect it.

Ten Unmistakable Signs You Work For A Weak Manager

A weak manager is a manager who won’t speak up when the situation calls for it. That kind of manager is not someone you can rely on! Here are ten signs your boss is a weak manager

How Social Media Can Give Your Career A Huge Boost

What are some non-obvious ways that people can use social media to advance their careers? This question was originally answered on Quora by Caroline Zelonka.

This Week In College Sports Biz: Rhoades Leaves Missouri For Baylor, Pac-12 Twitter Deal And More

There was big news out of the SEC this week that had nothing to do with the conference hosting its annual Media Days event all week. The real surprise was the announcement that Missouri athletic director Mack Rhoades is leaving the Tigers after just 14 months to take the helm […]

Where We Might Find The Legendary Pokémon In ‘Pokémon GO’

Videoimage: Nintendo Gotta catch ’em all. Not most, mind you. All. As more and more players move into the PokémonGO endgame, there’s a question that’s going to keep coming up. Our monsters are high enough to fight at gyms and our Pokédexesare filling up, but there are some notable absences. Names […]

Was I Stupid To Be Honest With The Recruiter?

Ruben is very frustrated because he’s been in a recruiting pipeline with one employer for weeks, and his manager has already said “I want to hire you” but there’s no job offer. Meanwhile, Ruben may have told the recruiter more than he should have, weakening his negotiating position. What would you do in Ruben’s position?

The ‘Nearby’ Tracking Bug In ‘Pokémon GO’ Is Part Of A Bigger Problem

As technical problems mount with Pokémon GO, the game could develop a real problem.

Ten Ways Your LinkedIn Profile Is Hurting Your Credibility

Is your LinkedIn profile hurting your professional credibility? Check out our list and find out!

Chinese Bomber Buzzes Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal In Latest Salvo Of U.S.-China Signalling War

A Chinese H-6K bomber flies over Scarborough Shoal, which the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled on Tuesday belongs to the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) released the photo on their Weibo social media account two days after the ruling. PLAAF. China released a photo Thursday […]

The Pokemon GO Craze, Nintendo’s Surge, And How Twitter Predicted It All

By now you’ve read the stories. People staring at their phones, trying to capture small digital creatures and walking blindly into traffic. A woman discovering a corpse while hunting for a cartoon on her phone near a river. Groups of gamers congregating near complete strangers’ homes, seemingly at random. All […]

It’s Not That Social Security Will Run Out Of Cash – It’s Whether Taxes Will Rise To Fund It

We’re getting the usual scare stories about Social Security and Medicare running out of cash in a couple of decades’ time. This isn’t going to happen, it really just isn’t going to happen. The story is not at all whether those trust funds get spent or not. It’s whether anyone […]

It’s Not Just You, Pokémon GO’s ‘Nearby’ Tracking Has Been Badly Broken For Days

Pokemon GO’s most fun feature is the ability to track nearby Pokemon, but for days now, this aspect of the game has been badly broken, and it’s unclear when a fix is on the way.

The Financial Industry Is Still Failing Women

Shutterstock About twenty years ago, the financial services industry determined that women – as investors, financial decision-makers and oftentimes inheritors of great wealth – were a key niche to focus on in order to retain investable assets and grow revenue. This interest in marketing to women was renewed again in 2009 […]

10 Of The Best Pet Products Ever Seen On Shark Tank

Americans are expected to shell out nearly $63 billion on their pets this year , according to the American Pet Products Association. Two out three households have a pet of some kind, making the pet industry even larger than the global baby care market, valued at $48 billion. More than […]

The Companies With The Most STEM Job Openings Right Now

As of 2015, STEM occupations–those requiring a degree in science, technology, engineering, and math-related subjects–account for almost 8.6 million jobs, or 6.2% of overall employment in the U.S.

Ask Ethan: Are There Different Types Of Time And Space?

If there’s no “absolute space” or “absolute time,” how do we define them?

Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism – 35,000 Venezuelans Leave The Country To Feed Themselves

VideoA useful measure of how well or how badly a government is managing an economy is whether the basic necessary items are available in the shops. We’re not talking about complicated things here, not wondering whether those in power can manage a moon shot. Rather, can they grasp enough to […]

2016 MacBook Pro Looms But The 2016 Dell XPS 15 Should Tempt You (Review)

Dell XPS 15 with USB-C multiport adapter and Power Companion. (Credit: Dell) As the (overdue) update of Apple’s MacBook Pro tumbles into the second half of the year, there’s a Windows 10 laptop that could be a painless alternative for even diehard MacBook users. First things first. Windows 10 is a no-no […]

Small Business Tech This Week: Make Money with Pokémon Go, and Vine Is on the Decline

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

Vodafone IoT Barometer: 76% Of Businesses Say Internet of Things Will Be Critical To Future Success

56% of organizations have integrated IoT data into their existing core business systems such as ERP, cloud hosting platforms, analytics tools, and mobile applications. 55% of IoT adopters in the Americas have seen revenue growth by greater than 20% following IoT implementation. Globally, IoT now accounts for 24% of the average IT […]

Boris Johnson Confirms Brexit Does Not Change Gibraltar’s Status One Iota

This process of Brexit, of Britain leaving the European Union, was always going to throw up the occasional anomalous situation. One such is the status of Gibraltar. It’s an oddity in this modern world, no doubt about that, but Boris Johnson has confirmed that Brexit won’t mean a change in […]

China Wants To Peacefully Settle Maritime Territorial Disputes

Today, China’s economic development and better livelihoods for her people stands as her greatest priority. But China will also firmly and steadfastly pursue the protection of territorial integrity.

Let’s Not Use Larry Summers’ Cure For Secular Stagnation – Infrastructure Spending – It Won’t Work

There’s a terribly tempting idea floating around out there, that if we just got the government to go build more bridges and railroads then all would be right with the American economy. This appeals most strongly to those who enjoy the idea of building train sets with other peoples’ money […]

Meditation: A Secret Superpower For Negotiation

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. When I started meditating, I knew it would make me calmer. It would slow my racing mind and help me project a less frantic energy.I wanted to feel, and be, more relaxed. I wantedthis for my personal life. But meditation had a profound impact I didn’texpect on my professional […]

China Finds New Way To Tank Its Economy

Beijing will become the biggest victim of its own defiance of The Hague ruling on the South China Sea.

Lack Of Digital, Cloud Opportunities Is Actually Embarrassing For Employees, Survey Suggests

Is your organization still stuck in the 1990s? Do you feel it isn’t doing enough to get aboard the digital technology train? Is your job lacking the digital resources to really make things happen? Don’t fret, you are definitely not alone. Photo: Joe McKendrick Many of today’s employees have high hopes for […]

Northwestern MutualVoice: How Startups Are Helping Families With Senior Care

By Lisa Wirthman Taking care of an aging senior can be a challenging task. With the population of Americans who are 65 and older projected to increaseto 86 millionby 2050, it’s a challenge more and more families will need to solve. But a new wave of health startups is here to help […]

The Top Cities For Tech Workers In The U.S. And Canada In 2016

This past month the massive commercial real estate firm, CBRE, completed its annual study of which areas in the United States and Canada are the top hotspots for those working in tech positions.

Five Ways Employers Screen Out The Best Applicants

Fearful managers in toxic companies don’t hire the best folks for the job — they hire the most obedient people who are willing to put up with the most abuse. Here are five ways they do it!

‘Whoever Mentions A Number First, Loses:’ Is It Still Good Advice?

Many of us were taught that when it comes to negotiation, the first person who mentions a number is the loser. Is it still true today?

WWE Superstars As Pokémon GO Characters Featuring The Rock, Brock Lesnar, John Cena And More

House Money Studios presents WWE’s most popular superstars as Pokémon Go characters! While Pokemon fever sweeps the nation, find out which character represents your favorite WWE superstar.

‘Pokémon GO’ Could Be Headed For A Crash If It’s Not Careful

With no viable endgame, Niantic will stop dropping players from the smash hit Pokemon GO if it doesn’t implement some new features soon.

15 Mobile Apps Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Using To Get Ahead

Here are the mobile apps successful millennial entrepreneurs are using to increase their efficiency and supercharge their lives.

By The Time Minimum Wage Reaches $15, There Will Be No Jobs For Cashiers

By the time the minimum wage reaches $15, Wal-Mart, Target, McDonald’s, and Panera Bread will be different places. Therewill be no cashiers at Wal-Mart, Target and the like; and robots will flip burgers at McDonald’s and prepare soups, sandwiches and salads at Panera Bread. The $15 minimumwage movement has a good cause: […]

China Has Defied International Law, Now What? Experts Speak Out

Now that China is ignoring both international law and norms that most countries adhere to, what’s next? Are sanctions possible? If so, would China respond even stronger than before? Also, is there a middle ground that can be taken?

Pokémon GO’s Best (And Only) Viable Endgame Activity Right Now Is Egg-Hatching

Pokémon GO significantly slows down once you hit level 20 and have amassed a decent collection. Strangely, the best way to make progress at that point is through the laborious (yet fun) process of egg-hatching.

Five Lies You’ll Hear At Work

People tell lies in the business world – here are five common lies you will hear at work. How many of these lies have you heard already?

Why Is It Easier To Get Adults To Play ‘Pokemon Go’ Than It Is To Get Them To Manage Their Finances?

People love frivolous things like ‘Pokemon Go,” but getting them to adopt something actually useful is a different story.

‘Pokémon GO’ Servers Down: Weekend Brings Seeming Crush Of Players

There must have been a lot of trainers hoping to use their weekend to get out there and catch Pokémon, because the Pokémon GO servers appear to be down once again.

Don’t Let Your Ego Be Your Enemy

Ryan Holiday’s new book on the ego has interesting implications for public speakers.

How To Easily Win More Gym Fights In ‘Pokémon GO’

Here are a few tips to get a leg up on your opponents when it comes to winning gym battles in Pokémon GO:

As Ramadan Ends, So Must Falsely Labeled ‘Jihad’

BY MARYAM RAJAVI – It is critical for true followers of Islam to stand up against perversions of our faith.

The Week Ahead: Earnings Season Kicks Into Gear, Republicans Gather In Ohio

Here’s what investors need to know for the week of July 18 to 22.

How Uber, Airbnb And Etsy Attracted Their First 1,000 Customers

Three successful startups illustrate the chicken-and-egg challenge of how sharing-economy companies can attract their first customers.

6 ‘Must-Eat’ Places In Providence, Rhode Island

birch restaurant: Heirloom Corn With Spring Mustards And A broth Of Caramelized Root VegetablesPhoto Credit: Janice S. Lintz Providence is a college town with a youthful vibe. It isn’t surprising that local Johnson & Wales graduates and hip chefs have realized they can remain in Providence and avoid nearby cities’ pressure […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Is Still Pokémon NO In Japan

Pokémon GO may be an overnight sensation in the US, Australia and New Zealand, but in its home country of Japan, where the main character Pikachu was born some twenty years ago, the all-new Pokémon phenomenon is still a no-show. Dozens of people gather to play Pokémon GO in front of […]

Meet The Woman Who Revolutionized Dating–Twice

Buckle in and give it a ride to your destination; it’s coming with you either way . -Whitney Wolfe “How did you meet?” asked my friend Kate, as I finished recounting a date that had gone surprisingly well the night before. “A mutual friend,” I responded. “We got set up.” She looked […]

More Bad News About Zika: Women Can Transmit Zika To Men

What happened, what does this mean, and why is this not good news?

Where To Work? The 10 Best Coworking Spaces On Earth

Here are the world’s top 10 coworking spaces based on over 3,000 user submitted reviews. The rankings will surprise you.

Brock Lesnar’s Potential Anti-Doping Violation Is A Dark Reality Of UFC And WWE Culture

Brock Lesnar has become the most recent UFC star to be pegged for a potential United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) violation. But this is more of a macro issue in sports than a Brock Lesnar story.

Apple Loop: New iPhone 7 Leak Reveals Big Changes, Awkward iPhone SE, 3 Year Wait For New iPhone

This week’s Apple Loop includes the unsightly bulge on the iPhone 7, a new battery for the handset, the re-engineered lightning earpods, some thoughts on the iPhone SE’s position, a new research lab in France, a look at Apple’s musical future, the iPhone’s new product cycle, and a potential new franchise for Apple TV.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch ‘Shark Tank’ Alone

Reality TV, including Shark Tank, involves a heavy dose of contrived controversy. While handing me the store-bought fish, the Producer laughed and said, “There is very little that is real about reality TV.”

Who Are These Alt-Rock Fans Snapping Up Blink-182 Over Drake?

Blink-182’s achievement in knocking Drake of the top of the Billboard Chart after nine weeks of dominance has left the record industry wondering: who are these guys buying the music? The results of a survey may surprise you…

Turning Mid-Summer Malaise Into Mid-Summer Motivation

The summer slump is something we all face. Heres how to turn that malaise into motivation.

Rent The Runway Founder Offers Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jenny Fleiss talks about taking Rent the Runway from idea to $100 million company, and offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Philippines Should Sue China For $177 Billion In South China Sea Rent And Damages

This Monday, May 11, 2015, file photo, taken through a glass window of a military plane, shows China’s alleged on-going reclamation of Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. China’s campaign of island building in the South China Sea might soon quadruple the number of airstrips […]

‘Pokémon GO’s Biggest Secret? Type Is Way More Important Than CP

Pokémon GO’s gym battles can seem intimidating, but attacking is almost always easier than defending, regardless of your team’s CP. Learn how to win the easy way.

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