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New York Auto Show: New Volvo S90 Sedan Aims To Crash The Luxury Party

Volvo is counting on the all-new Volvo S90 sedan to finally crash the luxury-brand party dominated by BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

Mazda MX-5 RF

How Mazda, Improbably, Is Leading The Field In Fuel Economy With Cars That Are Actually Fun

With a stunning fleet-wide rating of 42.3 mpg, Mazda has managed to pull off the greatest fuel economy heist in the industry without compromising power or performance, or adding expensive tech that would price their vehicles out of many buyers’ reach. Is this the year that Mazda gains the notoriety and customers it deserves?

The Bell & Ross-mobile: The Aviator Watch Company Designs a Car for Fighter Jet Aficionados

Design impresario Bruno Bellamich, creative director and co-founder of Bell & Ross, introduced a new concept car along with his new watch designs at the Baselworld watch show last week. Bellamich calls the prototype AeroGT  an airplane-car, a GT grand sport/fighter-jet inspired racing car, which bears a striking resemblance to the batmobile.

The Case For Free-Market Energy: Removing Energy Subsidies And Price Controls Improves Market

Economists generally agree that government subsidies and price caps distort free markets. Energy subsidies combined with price control can reduce supply when producers do not have a profit incentive to increase supply.

Best End-Of-Summer Car Deals

Car Dealers Are Much More Fun Than You Thought

Car dealers are supposed to be the worst. Maybe it was true once — but no more. How many buyers really must complete a transaction on line?

17 New Or Redesigned 2015 Cars With The Highest Resale Values

The World’s Most Traffic-Congested Cities

Those living in or doing business with any of these jam-packed business centers could make a strong case for teleconferencing.

Focused Strategy Helps FCA’s Ram Gain On Truck Rivals

The FCA Group’s brand has won market share and boosted profitability by listening more closely to customers and breaking the mold of what a pickup can be. But its president says Ram is not resting, given the hyper-competitiveness of the segment.

Who Should Be Testing Autonomous Vehicle Technology And Where?

Every new technology ultimately needs to be exercised in the real-world environments where it will ultimately be deployed and this is especially true for safety critical technologies like many of those that go into modern cars. A recent interview with Duke University engineering professor Missy Cummings has spurred a vibrant discussion among some of my friends and colleagues about just how ready autonomous vehicle technology is and how quickly it should be deployed. While I very much agree that the potential benefits of the technology are enormous and need to be deployed, I agree with Prof. Cummings that it’s far from ready for prime time.

The 10 Most Interesting Cars Unveiled At The New York Auto Show

2017 Cadillac XT5 Test Drive And Review: Daring Greatly

A contender emerges from Cadillac’s new naming conventions. Does the 2017 XT5 dare greatly enough?

Despite Dieselgate, Toyota And Volkswagen In Dead Heat

Wouldn’t it be highly ironic if much maligned Volkswagen AG, black sheep of the automakers, some even say criminal, ends this year as the czar of cars, as world’s largest automaker? There are 50:50 odds that it will happen.

The 2017 NSX: Building A Supercar The Acura Way

The 2017 Acura NSX has an impressive engineering pedigree, with twin turbos and 3 electric motors assisting the longitudinally mounted V6 in achieving 573 horsepower and 476 lb.-ft. of torque. This power is transferred to the ground with maximum efficiency and traction thanks to its Sport Hybrid SH-AWD drivetrain. As with the original NSX, aluminum has been utilized in the vehicle structure, although significant changes to the vehicle’s construction were made for the new car. We’ve already driven the new NSX on the track at the company’s Tochigi R&D facility, but now we’ve also had a close-up look at the NSX’s production process.

Smiles Break Out For The Mazda MX-5 Miata At The New York Auto Show

The newly introduced, fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 – still informally known as the Miata – last week pulled off an unusual double at the World Car of the Year Awards ceremony at the New York International Auto Show.

Volkswagen’s Matthias Müller Loses Face And A Friend, VW Unions Victorious

Volkswagen customers the world over are still waiting for the definitive dieselgate fix. Meanwhile, the company is busy with itself.

Ecclestone Reveals F1 Will Drop To 20 Races If Italian GP Gets The Red Light

Formula One’s chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he doesn’t intend to replace the Italian Grand Prix if the embattled race gets the red light next year.

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB is Robb Report’s “Car of the Year”

“Car of the year is really a reader’s choice,” Robb Report editor-in-chief Brett Anderson said. “This is one of the few editorial awards that’s actually chosen by readers.”

The 10 Most Interesting Cars Unveiled At The New York Auto Show

The 10 Most Interesting World Debuts At The 2016 New York Auto Show

While every auto show is supposed to wow us with seductive silhouettes painted in mouth-watering colors, this year’s show felt extra emotional. Cars like the Mazda Miata RF literally wowed automotive reporters when it rolled out on stage with its curvaceous, flying-buttress C-pillars. The same could be said for Lincoln’s Navigator Concept, featuring gullwing doors one might expect on an exotic sports car.

Selfie Biometrics, Coke’s IoT Vending Machines

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The Week in Luxury Cars: The New York Auto Show, Audi R8 Spyder, Jaguar XKSS, Rolls-Royce Dawn, and More

The past week’s luxury auto news in a nutshell.

Toyota Rules at NY Auto Show

Toyota reigns supreme at the NY Auto show, winning “Greenest car” award, other accolades.

Audi R8 Spyder V10 Debuts at New York Auto Show: R8 Named World Performance Car of the Year

Audi’s 2017 R8 Spyder debuted this week at the New York Auto Show, the same week the new R8 was named World Performance Car of the Year. Powered by the milder of two hand-built V10s available in the R8 Coupe, the 540-horsepower R8 Spyder is the German half-brother to the newly arrived Lamborghini Huracán Spyder. The two cars differ in exterior and interior design as well as suspension and powertrain calibration, but share fundamentals.

Could The Traditional Car Industry Be Undone By Dyson, A Vacuum Cleaner Maker?

The nightmare for big car manufacturers has been waking up to find Google, Apple, Tesla, or maybe even the Chinese have come up with the electric car for the masses which will spell doom for their business. Did any of them think it could be a vacuum cleaner maker?

What Really Fuelled Gene Haas’ $1 Billion F1 Bet

Last weekend the Haas team became the first American-owned outfit to compete in Formula One for 30 years. It has already made its mark.

New Acura SUV and NSX are Honda’s Chance to Play for Real in The Luxe Salon

A few years ago, I helped a New Jersey librarian I know buy a used car. Her priorities were size, safety, reliability and value. I walked her through the process, step by step, and our path led us to a used Acura MDX SUV with about 80,000 miles on it.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible, A Roof-Free SUV

Range Rover has sliced the roof off its smallest SUV, the Evoque, and is offering a convertible version. It won’t sell very many, but at least it will create a bit of marketing buzz for the company.

Mazda MX-5 Retractable Hardtop: First Look

A glimpse at the new Mazda MX-5 at the New York International Auto Show.

Millennials Finally Show Up At Car Dealerships (And Automakers Breathe Easier)

The recession and student debt kept them out of the market for a while, but now millenials are buying cars in huge numbers. Here are the models that are most popular with them.

Cars That Attract The Youngest Buyers

The New York Auto Show’s Finest And Fastest

Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Nissan and Acura, not to mention crazy hypercar maker Koenigsegg, all made waves at the show with outrageously fast new cars.

Nissan’s New Mobility Concept Is A Chilly, Bone-Jarring Curiosity On New York’s Crowded Streets

The quirky, four-wheeled electric scooter is designed to help people get around congested cities. But it’s tough competing with New York taxi drivers.

Hyundai’s Genesis Brand Poised To Take On BMW’s Vaunted 3 Series

Hyundai is serious about the luxury category. As the South Korean company builds out its dedicated luxury brand, Genesis, it unveiled a concept design this week at the New York International Auto Show that is aimed squarely at the market leading compact luxury sedan–the BMW 3 Series.

Bigger Discounts On Cars For 2016: A Buyers Market

Even though the outlook is excellent for another record year in U.S. auto sales in 2016, analysts are nervously wondering how much longer the good times can last.

IBM’s IoT Weather Bet, Palm Sized Computers For U.K. Students

This is Change Log — my semi-weekly observations and links on the intersection of tech, commerce, health, culture and markets

Jaguar Classic To Build Nine New $1.5 Million 1957 XKSS Supercars

Development costs amortized thanks to profit from the six continuation series 1963 Lightweight E-types delivered about a year ago at a price of $1.5 million each, Jaguar’s Classic division will build on that engineering and offer nine brand-new XKSS sports cars.

Jaguar Unveils F-TYPE SVR, ‘The Muscle Car With A PhD’

Making its North American debut at the New York Auto Show today, Jaguar’s fastest production car, the 2017 F-TYPE SVR, shows the brand is getting serious about growing in the U.S.

Hashtag Smashtag — Pics And Posts Make Driving Doubly Distracting

Snapping photos and posting them to the Internet while driving can be a fatal distraction.

12 ‘Greenest’ Cars For 2016

5 Must-See Luxury Rides At The NY Auto Show

Why go look at exotics at the NY Auto show? You need not dress a certain way, there is zero pressure to buy, and the exotics look extra-spankin’ when up against their less expensive brethren.

Jaguar F-Type SVR: First Look

Check out the Jaguar F-Type SVR at the New York International Auto Show.

Lincoln Navigator Wows At New York Auto Show

With this new Navigator, Lincoln takes a different tack towards elegance, sophistication and quietness, but with body styling that might have Range Rover crying ‘thief.’

Ferrari-Like Flavor For Mazda MX-5 Retractable Hardtop

Taking a leaf out of Ferrari and Porsche’s book, Mazda’s MX-5 Miata RF takes the targa route to open top fun.

At Jaguar, The Cat Is Off To The Races With F-Type SVR

Jaguar is introducing the F-Type SVR at this week’s New York International Auto Show. A hard-top coupe that will go up to 200 mph on a track, and also deliver its owner safely if a bit tussled to the office five days a week.

Titanic Lite: 2017 Lincoln Navigator Steams Into New York

Take a long, hard look at this stunning Lincoln Navigator concept, still big but not so brash. No, the cool gullwing doors and concertina steps will not make it to production. But the rest of the nautically themed concept unveiled at the New York auto show gives a solid indication of how Lincoln’s next generation flagship SUV will look.

The Bourbon Street Bull: A Stronger Dollar Could Push Money Back Into Value Stocks

Sandy Villere of the Villere Balanced Fund says a strengthening dollar may pull investors out of large caps and back into value stocks.

Why Audio Pioneer Harman Is Confident It Will Win The War For Your Dashboard

Would you rather plug your smartphone into your car or have your car be the smartphone? Harman is betting billions on the latter. Why is CEO Dinesh Paliwal so confident? Because self-driving cars will need more than a smartphone connection to know where they’re going.

Mazda Miata Fastback: Mazda’s Elegant, Refined Convertible Hardtop

The last-generation Mazda Miata offered a retractable hardtop, but when up it looked like an old school detachable hardtop from the 1960s, the sort your father or grandfather would have put on his MG, Austin-Healey or Triumph Spitfire for winter and stored in the rafters of the garage during warm weather.

Three Arguments For and Against Toyota Buying Robot Company Boston Dynamics From Google

News reports abound that Google is putting robot developer Boston Dynamics up for sale, with Toyota reportedly being a likely buyer. The story of the possible sale was broken by Bloomberg Business. It reports that top brass at Alphabet, the new Google parent company, have put Boston Dynamics up for sale because of worries over the robot developer’s lack of near-future revenue potential, as well as rising tensions between execs at the two companies. Many media report that two of the most likely buyers are Amazon and Toyota. There are good arguments both for and against a Toyota – Boston Dynamics deal happening. Here are three of what I believe are the main arguments why this deal might / might not happen.

Chevrolet Starts Building Bolt EVs As Wall Street Salivates For Tesla Model 3

With just over a week to go until Tesla gives the world a first look at its design for an affordable EV, the Model 3, the hype machine is spinning up again. Meanwhile, General Motors is actually building an affordable EV, the Bolt, with several hundred pre-production versions set to come off the line for testing before mass production begins in a few months.

World’s Biggest Oil Companies – 2015

Threat To Value Of Fossil Fuel Resources Misplaced

Claims that the value of fossil fuel resources are overstated because of threats to long-term demand are incorrect.

Forbes CIO Innovation Award: Federico Flores Of Ferrovial Launches Flexible Highway Tolling

Federico Florez joined $7 billion Spanish infrastructure company, Ferrovial, as Chief Information Officer roughly seven years ago, and for the first two years, he and his team rationalized IT and looked for synergies across the group. At that time, he was asked to lead innovation across the company. He implemented an innovation methodology based in three pillars: Business (innovation for P&L improvement) People (training and education) Tools (universities, startups, intra-entrepreneurship programs, collaboration, etc.), based in open innovation, trying to reach ideas not only from our employees.

Roadster Express Takes Car-Buying Process 100 Percent Online

The California start-up is an online broker that works with dealerships, not against them, and lets car buyers complete all the paperwork online rather than sitting in an uncomfortable chair across the desk from a salesman. It can help buyers get the best price on cars with popular features.

Five Awful Cars You Never Want To Drive

Think you’ve owned a terrible car or two? Here are five terrible cars that represent the absolute bottom of the barrel in personal transportation.

13 New Cars To Avoid For 2016

New Cars To Avoid, 2016

Cars and trucks are better than ever, but they remain costly. We found 13 models that a consensus of aggregated data suggests consumers should bypass to get the most for their money. Six of them come from one automaker.

Want A Model 3? Move To California (Or Buy Another Tesla)

Tesla’s Model 3 will be unveiled for the public on March 31. Ahead of that, the company detailed how to be first in line to own one come late 2017 when deliveries begin. The complex mix of rewarding Tesla owners, shipping well-optioned vehicles and global auto regulations makes this trickier than it might seem. Here’s a detailed look.

The Sports Cars And Utility Vehicles Set To Debut At The New York Auto Show

The roster of reveals is largely consistent with expectations for slowing sales growth in the U.S., with more dramatic growth in premium and exotic segments of the SUV market, and among sports cars.

2016 Yamaha FJR1300 Photo Gallery

2016 Yamaha FJR1300 Test Ride And Review: Sport Touring Refined

Yamaha has refined its sport touring motorcycle, the 2016 FJR1300. Does the new FJR have what it takes to compete with the BMW R1200RT and Kawasaki Concours?

22 Cheapest 2016 Cars And Trucks To Own

Where It Costs The Most To Own A Car

The differences in ownership costs from one state to another can be more than $7,000 over three years, and that’s not counting the cost of the car.

Why Tesla Shares Are On The Run Again

The Tesla roller-coaster has turned upward again, with a big bump on a new analyst ‘buy’ rating with a price target over $330. It remains to be seen how much glory will come from all the hype over the company. But while the wait is on, some traders are clearly going to get rich if they play the cycles right. Others, if they time their buys incorrectly, can get run over.

The Cars Of ‘Zootopia’ Come From One Of The Auto Industry’s Best Minds

J Mays, the retired chief car designer at Ford Motor, is not traveling from his home in London this week to the New York International Auto Show. But his latest creations are still the biggest thing going on in cars this week–in fact the whole month, and more valuable than any other car being launched in March.

Cheap Gas Hurts Mining Companies As Well As Oil Producers

Low gasoline prices are not just a worry for oil-producing companies and countries, they’re starting to have an unexpected impact on some metals such as copper and the material billed as the new gas, lithium.

Automotive Regulatory Harmonization to Remain Unattainable Holy Grail

For decades, one of the biggest challenges faced by automotive engineers around the world has been often wildly divergent regulations for safety, emissions and fuel economy. The differences have forced the design and engineering of unique powertrains and body structures to sell what are ostensibly the same car in different parts of the world, dramatically increasing costs and limiting product availability in many markets. The latest person to try to bring this problem under control is Dan Nicholson, General Motors vice-president of global propulsion engineering and president-elect of FISITA.

Rolls-Royce gets down-to-earth with new Dawn drophead

The $335,000 Dawn drophead is expected to appeal to women and younger buyers.

Kevin Steele Of Cars.com Runs IT And Product

Cars.com is a web 1.0 company, having launched in 1998. It receives roughly thirty million visits per month, and it focuses on the merchandising of new and used vehicles. Kevin Steele leads IT and product for the company, and as such has typical CIO responsibilities, but also is responsible for the Cars.com website, the products the company sells to dealers, the features the company presents to consumers. Therefore, he has an unusually strategic set of responsibilities. Within the past three and a half years, Steele has shepherded in the rise of Cars.com’s mobile presence to reflect the fact that customers increasingly wish to access the site on their smartphones.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro: Extending the Lineup with Turbo and Convertible Models

Camaro versus Mustang is perhaps the most celebrated rivalry in the auto industry. When one team makes a move, expect the other to quickly respond, going all the way back to the mid-‘60s when Chevrolet responded to Ford’s launch of the pony car segment in a mere two years—lightning fast in vehicle development terms. With such a long history it’s fitting the bowtie brand would introduce a four-cylinder 2016 Camaro not long after Ford did the same in its all-new 2015 Mustang. However, while Ford positions the turbo four as an upgrade from the base V6 model, with a $1,500 price increase and associated bump in both power and fuel economy, Chevy has taken the opposite tack, letting its turbo engine serve as the starting point for the 2016 Camaro.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Photo Gallery

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Test Drive And Review: The Minivan Reinvented (Sort Of)

At long last, a replacement for the Town and Country has arrived. Will the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica lead a minivan revival?

Ford Motor’s Mark Fields Raked In A Well-Deserved Fortune in 2015

Some Americans love to disparage corporate executives as an overpaid lot. Now and then a CEO earns his — or her — money.

Maserati Levante: The Italians Deliver A Sporting SUV

Hoping to replicate the stream of profit Porsche gains from its Cayenne and Macan SUVs, and that Bentley most assuredly is gaining from its Bentayga SUV, Maserati is launching the Levante. It debuted in Geneva early this month, with a follow-up at the New York show at the end of the month.

Haas Team Will Get None Of F1’s $900 Million Prize Money This Year Says Ecclestone

Formula One’s chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that the new American-owned Haas team will not share in any of the $900 million prize money paid by the series this year.

Big Data + Satellites To Catalogue Physical World, Meet Your Robot Concierge

Last week an Alphabet satellite company, Skybox Imaging, got a name change (Terra Bella) and a new mission: Use Alphabet’s geospatial data resources and machine-learning capabilities to focus on image analysis. In other words, put eyes in the sky to catalogue the physical world – so when the killer machines come they know exactly where you’re hiding… Singapore hospitals are maintaining their reputation for being on the cutting edge by now trialing drones to deliver medicine, robots to help immobile patients avoid bed sores and the Internet of Things to ensure the elderly take their medication… Amazon.com is leasing 20 Boeing 767s as it moves one step closer to becoming its own logistics company…  There are about 10,000 known human diseases, and the chances are your doctor can only recall a couple hundred. But mobile app Babylon uses the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data to increase those odds by listening to symptoms better than human doctors. “The doctor will hear you now.” … Entertainment start-up Screening Room is now pitching the idea of subscriptions for watching first-run Hollywood movies at home on the date of release. Yeah, film exhibitors and producers hate the idea. Sean Parker, of Napster and Facebook fame, is leading the charge. Not sure why anyone thinks they need to see so many bad movies that quickly… Downloads of Facebook Lite, a stripped down version of the social network app is officially growing far faster than the bloated original. Naturally, it also tastes great and is less filling…. The National Parks Service wants to attract young volunteers to the nation’s parks so it did what every out of touch “old” does to be “hip”; it built a smartphone application. NPS executives, if you really want to attract Millennials, two words: “free Wi-Fi”…Under Armour’s Speedform Gemini 2 RE running shoes, will keep track of your steps, miles and general fitness activity even if you leave your fitness tracker or phone at home. Smart shoes for dumb people, I guess… Hilton and IBM built a tiny artificially intelligent concierge robot, below, to greet and assist hotel guests with amenities. How could you possibly be annoyed with a diminutive, three-fingered robot bearing news it’s impossible to get coveted restaurant reservations at such a late date…

More New Geneva Cars

New Hardware At Geneva Car Show To Inspire European Sales Surge

Europe’s car makers displayed their latest SUVs, hot supercars and mainstream new models at the recent Geneva Car Show, and market watchers have decided that buyers will be inspired to rush to showrooms and buy one. IHS Automotive though remains cautious

Smartphone-Based Car Connectivity Is Likely Only an Interim Solution

By: Sam Abuelsamid

Automotive Art: Rolling Sculpture at the Petersen Automotive Museum

When my daughter was quite young we used to take her to the Petersen Automotive Museum, in no small part because there was a California Highway Patrol motorcycle that kids could get on and whose lights turned on and off. There were other cool cars to look at but it was pretty low key. Simpler times, indeed.

10 Cars Most Likely To Become Collectible

The Scion Brand May Be Dying, But Here’s How Its Cars Will Survive

They’ll be hiding in plain sight with new names as Toyotas – here’s the details.

Exporter Beware: PSA Peugeot-Citroën Mulls Return to U.S.

French automaker PSA Peugeot-Citroën is reportedly considering a return to the U.S. after a 24-year absence.

Africa’s Richest Man Aliko Dangote Bids For Automaker Peugeot Nigeria

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, has made a bid for a majority stake in automaker Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) Limited.

Inside The Acura NSX Factory

How To Make A Super Car: 2017 Acura NSX Is Built By Hand In Ohio

The next-generation Acura NSX super car is being manufactured by master craftsmen, with an assist from high-speed robots, at a new factory that is using techniques that differ greatly from those used for normal mass-production of cars.

Every New Car In U.S. Will Have Emergency Auto Braking By 2022, Putting Us One Step Closer To Driverless Vehicles

20 automakers agree to make automatic emergency braking standard on all cars by 2022, speeding the adoption of the life-saving technology.

Building The 2017 Acura NSX – Not As Revolutionary As The Original

The best way to experience a great sports car is on a long and winding road. Over the years, few cars have had a longer road with more twists and turns along the way than the second-generation Acura NSX. The NSX has had at least two major configuration changes and a complete program cancellation over the past decade. Now that Honda is almost ready to start to delivering cars to customers, the automaker invited media in to see how the new NSX will be built.

Even U.S. Auto Safety Chief Can’t Get Parts For His Recalled Takata Airbag

The auto industry has recalled 24 million vehicles for faulty airbag inflators manufactured by Takata, but parts are in short supply so most car owners have to wait. NHTSA Chief Mark Rosekind and his wife are among them.

Volvo Concept 26 “Time Machine”

Iconic Stutz Still Exists – Warren Liu Wants To Resurrect It

Today, there are 40 car brands on sale in the United States. Some names are so strong that they keep coming back in one form or another.

IoT Revs-Up NASCAR, A Loony Machine Learning Bet In India

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Are Volkswagen’s Sales Lagging, Or Does VW Suddenly Cheat Less?

EU new passenger car registrations were up a strong 14.3% in February, Europe’s auto manufacturer association ACEA said today. Ever since dieselgate, these numbers have attracted interest far beyond the usual crowd of auto marketers, economists, and analysts. The big question is: Does dieselgate influence Volkswagen sales in a serious way?  The Sunday Times went as far and asked:  “Could the scandal really destroy VW?”  Let’s have a look.

Volvo Beats Tesla At Its Own Game With The New XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid (Review)

With its 400-horsepower, three-row, seven-seater plug-in hybrid XC90, Volvo is offering a way for the luxury consumer of a certain tax bracket to be part of the electric revolution without compromising personal space, convenience, or performance.

Jerry Seinfeld Porsche Collection Racks Up $22,244,500 At Gooding Amelia Auction

Jerry Seinfeld cleared out a portion of his car collection this past weekend at Amelia Island. Gooding & Co. rolled 18 cars across the block, and 17 sold for a total of $22,244,500. The collection was estimated to rack up $28 to $32 million.

34 Safest 2016 Cars And Crossovers

GM, Ford Join Race For Autonomy While FCA Sits Back

General Motors and Ford are spending big to develop autonomous cars apparently fearing they may well find themselves blind-sided and fatally weakened by ambitious companies like Google or Apple if they delay action. But first, they must solve the tumbleweed problem By contrast, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) seems to taking the view that it doesn’t need to invest scarce resources in new technology, and will simply buy the gizmos when it needs to.

Dieselgate Aside, 10 Reasons Why Volkswagen Can’t Succeed In America

There are rumors that Volkswagen is considering abandoning the U.S. market over its diesel scandal. This is not the first time the German automaker has considered exiting America, the last time being the early 1990s when the quality of vehicles made by its Mexican plant was so bad that U.S. managers stopped importing them.

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