Hari Kondabolu, The Nutcracker, Smash Putt, And More Events All Month Long

by Stranger Things To Do Staff

December means more than just the beginning of the holiday season—in Seattle, it's also a time for many art events, theater performances, and food festivals. See below for events that you should buy tickets for now, before they sell out—including Dan Savage's Holiday Special, the return of Smash Putt, a Tracy Morgan show, and Homo for the Holidays 2016. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar, or our list of 90 December concerts to buy tickets for now.

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1. A John Waters Christmas

The gentleman behind Pink Flamingoes launches the Christmas season with filthy jokes and monologic shenanigans.

2. Miss Sharon Jones! Tribute Screening

On November 18th, Sean Nelson wrote, "Sharon Jones, the singer whose astonishing talent helped usher in a revival of classic-styled soul music over the past decade, died today after a long, and well-publicized battle with pancreatic cancer." Celebrate and remember Jones's life and work at this tribute screening.

3. Tara Hardy

In My, My, My, My, My, Tara Hardy (arts director of Gay City) writes poems about her chronic illness and her grappling with mortality. She will be accompanied at this release/party by poets and performers Elissa Ball, Ebo Barton, Garfield Hillson, Jillian Ingram, and Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm.


4. Big Jay Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson (who appeared on TV in This Is Not Happening with Ari Shaffir, Comedy Underground with Dave Attell, FX’s Louie, Inside Amy Schumer, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) will perform his comedy.

5. Winter Beerfest

For the price of admission, get eight five-ounce tastes of dark, dreamy winter beers. Plenty of food trucks will supply the nosh. The brewery list includes more than 50 locals, including Elysian Brewing, Fremont Brewing, and Optimism.


6. The Best Burlesque Pageant Ever

Kutie LaBootie and other members of Stripped Screw crash an innocent Christmas pageant and cause much shock, horror, and arousal.


7. Fucking A
Fucking A is an adaptation of Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter by badass playwright Suzan-Lori Parks. Hester lives in a nightmarish Trumptopia in the middle of nowhere, and instead of "adulterer," her red letter stands for "abortionist." Despite the play's heaviness, there's plenty of humor in the dialogue, and the show is ultimately about the lovebond between mother and son. Malika Oyetimein, who was featured on City Art's 2016 "Future List," will direct. RICH SMITH


8. Bacon Strip: Sylvia's Special Christmas Gifts

Sylvia O'Stayformore's holiday variety drag show will feature a different cast each night, comprised of both newcomers and regulars, including Abbey Roads, Mona Real, and Betty Wetter.


9. Christmas Ship Festival

Sail around the beautiful, chilly Puget Sound and alight on a shore blazing with bonfires. All ships, lead and follow, will have amenities like a full bar and kids' holiday craft bags; book a spot on the lead ship to hear an onboard choir perform. Departure points vary: check the website for particular dates and itineraries.

10. Peter and the Starcatcher
Peter and the Starcatcher is a Tony Award-winning play about Peter Pan's backstory—written by Rick Elice, with music by Wayne Barker, and based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.


11. Christmastown: A Holiday Noir

If your holiday season lacks slinky dames, growling gumshoes, and hard-boiled bosses, try Seattle playwright Wayne Rawley's Christmas noir.

12.The Santaland Diaries

This production is based on David Sedaris' autobiographical essays about working as an elf at Macy's during the holiday season, and is described as a "combination of retail hell and theatrical spectacle." Performed by Patrick Lennon and directed by Kelly Kitchens.

13. Sugar Plum Gary

This snarky Christmas performance is devised and performed by beloved local comic and "mustache wizard" Emmett Montgomery. His character, Sugar Plum Gary, had a formative experience on "one magical Christmas Eve when Santa came to visit and [Gary] was the only survivor."


14. A Christmas Carol

ACT Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol is a dependable, simple pleasure, with just enough variation to warrant returning year after year.

15. George Balanchine's The Nutcracker

Last year Pacific Northwest Ballet replaced Maurice Sendak's beloved pastel set with a brighter one by Ian Falconer, author of the Olivia the Pig children's book series and longtime set designer. The symmetry of Falconer's Nutcracker set would be obscene if it weren't for thick cartoonish lines and Dr. Seuss–like stage elements. It's hard not to see Wes Anderson's influence, but Falconer leaves his own distinctive marks all over the place. If you haven't seen this Christmas classic since you were a kid, you might give it a go this year. It is a deeply weird thing to see. I mean, the ballet goes into this little girl's dream, wherein there's a war with a many-headed rat king who ends up dying dramatically after the girl throws her handkerchief at him. But what's fucked up is that a nutcracker steals one of the rat king's crowns and then places it on the girl's head, which transforms her into a bunch of adult snowflake ballerinas with crowns on! And THEN it turns out that the nutcracker transforms into her childhood crush! The two walk hand-in-hand toward a giant exploding star, which ends up being a portal into a 45-minute Katy Perry video filled with dancing desserts and a glittery peacock that moves like a sexy broken river. Maybe bring a pot lozenge? RICH SMITH


16. Christmas is Burning

This sci-fi comedy/Christmas special will feature Sgt. Rigsby and his team of puppets—and for dinner, possibly some shepherd's pie with reindeer.

17. Krampus Christmas

Enjoy a cheery interactive Christmas horror show with bad Santa, creepy elves, and everybody's favorite Yuletide child-torturer, the Krampus. Explore a snowy wonderland populated with unexpected denizens.


18. Dina Martina Christmas Show

You'd think the chubby-older-woman-with-a-hairy-back-and-no-talent-but-thinks-she's-God's-gift-to-singing shtick would get old, but it doesn't, because Grady West, who inhabits her horrible fashion choices, is a world-class artist, a first-rate writer, and a comedy genius. (He has a Stranger Genius Award.) There's something so enduringly brilliant about Dina's incurably bonkers self-empowerment, but also something grim and beastly about who she would be without it. I saw the Dina Martina Christmas Show with someone who hadn't seen a Dina show in a decade, and she couldn't believe how much funnier it was than she remembered. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

19. Disney's The Little Mermaid

5th Avenue Theatre's production of Disney's the Little Mermaid is like one giant fuck you to winter. And winter cometh.
The air is colder. Don't you just want to be under the water where everything's hotter? You do. But there's more than just seasonal utility here. The music by Alan Menken is great, and lyricist Howard Ashman was a genius who did not enjoy nearly enough time on this planet. Seattle’s own Diana Huey will surely charm as Ariel, and I have every faith that the 5th Avenue will come through with some underwater dazzle. Dazzle aside, in the consumerist glare of the holiday season, this show reminds us of the power of the human voice, promotes the joys of fostering an active imagination over the ease of passive consumption (c.f. snarfblatts), and advocates for meaningful connections to others who are not like you. Not bad for a family-friendly affair. RICH SMITH

20. Vietgone

So often we hear stories about the end of the American War in Vietnam that focus on the experiences of shellshocked American soldiers returning to a country they don't quite understand anymore. But this ain't your typical play about the legacy of that war. Directed by May Adrales and produced in association with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Qui Nguyen's geeky, formally adventurous, energetic love story centers the lives of two Vietnamese immigrants as they travel around the U.S., learning the language and navigating the complexities of refugee camps. Los Angeles Times theater critic Charles McNulty says the play won him over with its innovative use of music and language, but also "with its simple honesty." RICH SMITH


21. Bridget Everett

You may recall this “alt-cabaret provocateur” from her appearance on Inside Amy Schumer. It’s worth digging deeper. She’s a boisterous transgressor who plays hilarious havoc with gender, sexuality, and many other sensitive regions with a sharp tongue and a camp soul. SEAN NELSON


22. Mimosas Cabaret: A Boob Job for Christmas

This boozy brunch theater experience, hosted by Isabella Extynn and local drag legend Mama Tits, promises an "over-the-top raucous" holiday spectacular with a breakfast buffet, brunch menu, a full bar, Jell-O shots, and of course, plenty of drag queens. The show will star Tipsy Rose Lee, Ruby Bouche, Sparkle Leigh/Dan Davidson, and Abbey Roads, performing choreography created by Tipsy Rose Lee.


23. Dan Savage's Holiday Special

Join Dan and Nancy for a special live recording of the Savage Lovecast and get advice on sex, relationships, and what you should and shouldn't insert into...places. More entertaining still, learn what kinds of weird stuff other people are into that you would definitely never, ever try (until somebody offers). Don't miss this chance to corrupt your mind.

24. Doctor Wholidays

Travel through time and space to MoPOP (formerly the EMP) to celebrate the good Doctor in his many iterations, because what's more Christmassy than that yards-long scarf? Costume contest and parade, bingo, caroling, TV clips, a TARDIS photo booth, and a dance-off: grab your best Companion and go. Tickets include admission to the Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction exhibit, which features the original Dalek and Cyberman used in filming from the '80s.


25. 2016 Steve Hauschka Celebrity Ping Pong Tournament

Support the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign and watch Seahawks player Steven Haushka battle VIP combatants—pong paddle style.

26. Eating Up Seattle: How a City Found Its Own Cuisine

Curator Rebekah Denn leads a panel of food writers, chefs, and associations in a discussion of Seattle's culinary history. Snacks provided.

27. Next Dance Cinema 2016

See gems in dance cinema at this one-night-only event, presented by Velocity in partnership with Northwest Film Forum.


28. Hari Kondabolu with Elicia Sanchez

“Hari Kondabolu,” says original riot grrrl musician Kathleen Hanna, “is punk as fuck.” And it makes perfect sense that Kondabolu’s new comedy album, Mainstream American Comic, was released on Olympia’s original punk record label Kill Rock Stars. Laugh till you cry at the live show, then take the album home so you can make other people cry, too. He'll perform with Elicia Sanchez, whom Lindy West called a "grumpy nugget of delight." KELLY O


29. The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G

Playwright Qui Nguyen takes nerd/comic culture, action movie hijinks, ninjas, and puppetry and genre-fucks them all into a goofy-funny but ultimately substantive story about resilience and revenge *ahem* redemption. The story is, as is so often the case, metatheatrical: Nguyen's main character pulls him into the action and forces him to write a story he's been putting off for years. The rap battle between David Henry Hwang (as a character) and the playwright (as a character) is not to be missed. This show is directed by former Washington Ensemble Theatre co-director Ali el-Gasseir, and it will run at the same time as Seattle Rep's production of Nguyen's Vietgone. GO SEE BOTH. RICH SMITH


30. At the Table: Seattle Chef Joe

The "Best Wedding Caterer of Western Washington" teaches you how to make Vietnamese-style chicken and vegetable salad, braised beef with cinnamon demi, and roasted pear with Kahlua cream.

31. The Perfection of Style Fashion Show

To celebrate SAM's Yves Saint Laurent exhibit, local fashion designers will create original works inspired by the exhibition. See the results at this runway show.


32. Gay Witch

This multidisciplinary arts showcase is focused on intersectional queer magic. They write: "Queers have always been witches. We are healers, spell casters, shape shifters and magicians. We pull our lives out of a hat. The world calls this a trick, a farce, a phony, a sparkling sleight of hand. We must know our lives are gloriously true and bravely our own. We must repeat this over and over under our breath, a spell for survival."

33. House of Dinah

Seattle director Andrew Russell and NYC playwright Jerome A. Parker present House of Dinah, a theatrical drag performance with music by Dinah Washington that follows the lives of five inter-generational black queens. This show—the Seattle premiere—exists in a place "where religious ritual meets drag performance and Dinah reigns supreme."


34. MAP Theatre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Trivia Night

Test your knowledge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Map Theatre's trivia night at Central Cinema. 50 brand new questions about Buffy, Angel, Willow, and the gang. Lot of prizes available for winners and losers alike.


35. "Up Your Chimney" Film Nights

Warren Etheredge of The Warren Report has curated a carefully selected—by which we mean far-out and disconcerting—set of awful/unusual holiday films to close out this awful and unusual year. On December 7th: Ira Finkelstein's Christmas (Switchmas), which is about... actually, it's pretty self-explanatory. December 14th: "Short Stocking Stuffers," a smorgasbord of strange shorts. December 21st: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Take your pick: you can only go delightfully wrong.


36. Ivar's Northwest Winter Beer Tasting

Sample tasty winter beers (from breweries including Georgetown, Hales, Maritime, Silver City, and Fremont) while nibbling on festive bites—like bacon wrapped fig, stout braised pork belly, and brandy caramel apple tartlet—from chef Chris Garr.

37. Seattle Human Rights Day Celebration

Jose Antonio Vargas is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker. He's also an undocumented immigrant from the Philippines. Download his documentary, Documented, on iTunes and you'll hear several stories like his, stories that challenge preconceived notions about what undocumented immigrants do in this country, stories that show America—as ever—only serves to benefit from inclusive immigration policies. As part of this day's celebration of local human rights victories and an accounting of setbacks, Vargas will speak more broadly about his work as an immigrant rights activist. I don't have to tell you we need him now more than ever, but he also needs us to stand up and show support. Go. Learn. Maybe poke around for some free candy. Then act. RICH SMITH


38. Fire at Sea

This is the Seattle premiere of a celebrated new documentary by Gianfranco Rosi about the European migrant crisis. It won the Golden Bear at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival and is the Italian entry for this year’s Oscars. While accepting the Golden Bear, Rosi said, “It’s not acceptable that people die crossing the sea to escape from tragedies.”


39. Buttcracker II...more crack!

This festive and raunchy holiday show promises professional dance and holiday satire set to a hair-metal soundtrack.


40. Ham for the Holidays: Jurassic Pork

Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt present this campy, satirical holiday show that's described as a "wonky, gender-bending holiday sketch hoo-hah."


41. Homo for the Holidays 2016

This drag and burlesque gigglefest features a bunch of wacky little holiday-themed skits that our own Dan Savage once called "FUCKING GREAT....FUCKING HILARIOUS!" Now in its ninth year, Homo For The Holidays is joined by Waxie Moon, with the likes and liknessess of the great BenDeLaCreme and Cherdonna. You should get plastered before you go, if only to help make your yuletide gayer. RICH SMITH


42. Harry Potter Winter Ball

Come Slytherins and Hufflepuffs, quidditch junkies and potions nerds: grab your wands and fly over to a party with all the magic and none of the evil bureaucracy from the Harry Potter universe! Entry is a little complicated, as you must get tickets in person at the Barnes & Noble from December 2-4, but if you're the type who'll enjoy Potter trivia, duels, dancing, and music, you may want to take the trouble.

43. Live Wire! With Luke Burbank

This live taping of radio show Live Wire! is hosted by Luke Burbank and features Maria Semple (who Christopher Frizzelle called "the author of the funniest book ever written about Seattle") and Misha Collins (best known for his role as Castiel on Supernatural).

44. Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan (of 30 Rock fame) will grace the Snoqualmie Casino with an evening of stand-up as part of his "Picking up the Pieces" tour.


45. Constellation

Cyrus Khambatta's company performs wintry dances inspired by global ideas: "Korean folktales, the earth’s rotation amongst celestial bodies, and the impact humans have on one another." For $30 total, dance enthusiasts can see a double bill: the troupe is also collaborating with Sergei Burlak Modern Line Dance Theater Company from Komsomolsk-on-Amur.


46. Next Fest NW: pastFORWARD

See the newest and freshest ideas in contemporary dance at this performance that will feature new work from Ethan Folk + Ty Wardwell, Syniva Whitney (Gender Tender), Quinn Hallenback, Sabina Moe, Alisa Popova, and Hayley Shannon.


47. Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker

Celebrate the 11th anniversary of The Burlesque Nutcracker with Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann. If you're looking for a sexy holiday show experience, this promises both familiar stories and exciting, clothes-dropping times.


48. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in Smell-O-Vision

Gene Wilder proves once again that he was indeed the greatest American actor of the 1970s with his titanic performance in this kinky, creepy, macabre yet heartwarming musical classic. This special screening includes a bag of candy and a sing-along.


49. The Snow Queen

Spectrum Dance presents this dramatic dance interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's tale The Snow Queen, dramatized and directed by Bob Gribas, choreographed by Spectrum Faculty, and featuring students from the Spectrum Dance Theater.

50. Theater Anonymous Presents It's a Wonderful Life

A one-night-only performance of It's a Wonderful Life, with a real twist: nobody knows the cast, not even the cast. The cast members have never met each other, and have taken oaths of secrecy. They will literally pop up out of the audience and start participating. (In other words, if your spouse invites you to a show, don't let your guard down. They might be playing George Bailey.)


51. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Herdmans in Barbara Robinson's 1971 novel are very, very badly behaved—can you imagine children smoking and shoplifting in a lighthearted kids' book today? But when the children usurp a Christmas pageant and depict the nativity in their own way, the book becomes a tribute to childish sincerity, even from the worst little hellions. Emily Purington directs this classic.


52. A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Strawberry Theatre Workshop hosts the Jose "Juicy" Gonzales Trio to bring you the entire A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack at this annual 1960s-themed Christmas party. The event also includes a silent auction and fancy chocolate.

53. Revelry Vintners Winemakers Dinner

Joule on Stone Way offers a series of three four-course dinners, each served family style and paired with wine from a different winery. This time, they'll feature Walla Walla's Revelry Vintners, known for their "balance, moderate structure, and dynamic flavor."

54. Savage in Limbo

Five 32-year-olds, including a virgin, a broken couple, a failed nun, and an obsessive barkeep, hope to change their lives in this staged reading of the tragicomedy by John Patrick Shanley.


55. The Little Match Girl Passion

ArtsWest presents The Little Match Girl Passion, a Pulitzer Prize-winning choral work by David Lang, featuring performances by John Coons, Lisa Mandelkorn, Randy Scholtz, and Jenny Shotwell. The music—inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Little Match Girl"—will be accompanied by hiphop dance choreographed by UJ Mangune.


56. The Cloud Room presents: Earth to Dinner

This event is part of an international series, #EarthToDinner, that will offer a chance to discuss both food issues and climate change. They say, "This dinner represents a powerful way for Seattle’s leaders to send a clear message to our President-elect that climate change is not a 'hoax' and we expect the new administration to abide by the Paris Climate Agreement."

57. Steve Twomey: Countdown to Pearl Harbor

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Steve Twomey will share his latest work, Countdown to Pearl Harbor: Twelve Days to the Attack, which investigates the buildup and missed clues leading up to the disaster.


58. Why Do We Vote The Way We Do?

Do you always vote for the best, most rational reasons? Hanna Brooks Olsen, Town Hall's resident scholar and intellectual, will speak about the different factors that affect our vote: friends, family, talking heads, and social media.


59. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask's Tony Award-winning rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch promises a fast-paced and deeply moving plot, genderqueer fabulousness, and glam rock numbers to get you moving. Directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer.


60. Everything to Me: Homeless Seattleites and their Pets

Homeless people are often criticized for not taking advantage of shelter services in the area. One of the reasons they don't use shelters? They (almost always) can't bring their pets, a source of love, companionship, comfort, and even safety on the streets. Hear about these important relationships from documentary photographer and One Health researcher Gemina Garland-Lewis, who will share photos and stories from her efforts to start a health clinic for people and pets. You'll also hear from some of the people who will make use of the clinic.

61. Oysters and Bubbly

Cold weather means cold water. And in the Puget Sound area, that means delectable, fresh oysters all winter long. Indulge in winter's best delicacy at this event, where $35 gets you six Hama Hama oysters and five tastes of various champagnes picked to pair with them. And there's also live Brazilian music from Maracjuo Duo.


62. Chat Room: Politics of Resistance

Chat Room is Minh Nguyen's series on the internet and its impact on art. This conversation will focus on "the creative class" and its role in society, "electronic civil disobedience," and how art can be used in resistance.

63. Dava Sobel: The Glass Universe

Intellectually shallow and priggish internet pundit Milo Yiannopoulos has been "debating" with journalists on BBC 4 and "speaking" nonsense about gender. One of his more recent misogynistic hobbyhorses is the idea that women aren't cut out for careers in science and "maths." Dava Sobel's latest work of nonfiction, The Glass Universe, is one of the many books of hers we can buy and throw at his head. This one recounts the story of the group of 19th-century women who, from their desks at Harvard College Observatory, showed us the stars in a way we'd never seen them before by inventing the fucking spectrum we use to identify them. RICH SMITH

64. Hecklevision: Jingle All the Way

Watch the widely derided family holiday film Jingle All the Way—starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad as two dads desperately competing to buy an (almost) sold-out action figure for their kids on Christmas Eve—and don’t be afraid to voice your displeasure/amusement: This is Hecklevision.

65. Root to Branch: Work of Ousmane Sembene, Gloria Rolando, Euzhan Palcy, and Julie Dash

For the final installment of the "Visual Culture of the African Continent and its Diaspora" series, Frye Art Museum Educator Negarra A. Kudumu will speak about the aesthetics and concepts used by these four influential artists (Ousmane Sembene, Gloria Rolando, Euzhan Palcy, and Julie Dash) and outline the social and political context of their works.

66. SAM Lights

As the days become shorter and darker, celebrate the holiday season with an evening of art, light, music, and community. The paths at the Olympic Sculpture Park will be lit up with hundreds of warm and inviting lights and luminarias. They write: "Come wearing your best light-inspired ensemble and become a part of the experience."

67. Tig Notaro

Comedian, writer, and actor Tig Notaro (whose memoir I'm Just A Person came out this year, and whose TV series One Mississippi premiered in 2015) will deliver stand-up comedy for one night in Seattle. Her brand of humor puts a funny spin on topics including cancer, being a lesbian, and being a person.


68. 9 OUNCES: A One-Woman Show by Anastacia Tolbert

This one-woman show, featuring characters Alice, Luna, and Saraphina, was written by writer and performance artist Anastacia Tolbert and first premiered at The Project Room. The performance promises themes that loop around, interweave, and pop back through, with multiple characters portrayed by a single actor (Tolbert).


69. Iliza

Super-productive comedian Iliza (Excused, Separation Anxiety, Freezing Hot, and the 2008 winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing, among many other credits) will perform her wry stand-up in Seattle for one night only.

70. Kivi Rogers

Kivi Rogers of The West Wing and Everybody Loves Raymond will present his stand-up.


71. Smash Putt

Smash Putt is back and better than ever, with a new location downtown and all the drunken mini-golf with strange and mysterious obstacles you could hope for, including robots, lasers, and other hopeful putters vying for more booze.


72. Ian & Bhama's Black Christmas

Bhama Roget and Ian Schuelke present this Christmas special featuring sketches and songs about "the occult, porn stars, black metal, and presents."

73. Joe's Pub

Teatro ZinZanni and NYC's Joe’s Pub at the Public present this monthly late-night series highlighting performance artists. The final show in December will feature Molly Pope, who Time Out New York named a Top Ten Cabaret Act in 2008 and 2012 and who Village Voice included in their "Best of NYC" in 2011 for “Best Singer To Turn Life Into A Cabaret."


74. Elf with the Sugarplum Elves

See Will Ferrell romping around in an adorable elf costume, winning over everyone he meets with his naiveté. At this screening, you can also meet the Sugarplum Elves: a local group that delivers festive singing telegrams.


75. GE2 Gaming

This festival focuses on everything gaming, VR, tech, and digital. Participate in a maker throw-down, watch drone racing, play enhanced dodgeball, and augment reality. The brand-new event looks to draw 10,000 players and makers.


76. Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular

In what is basically a holiday circus bonanza, Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular combines the cast of traveling troupe Cirque Musica with a live orchestra playing seasonal classics, clowns, acrobats, aerialists, and dancers for an exclamation of family fun.

77. Comedy Roast of Tyler Lockett

Seahawk Tyler Lockett will get (playfully) knocked down by his colleague Michael Bennett, two ESPN commentators, local comics like Drew Barth, and other funny people itching to land a punch, like Kivi Rogers and Comedy Central's Ashley Barnhill.

78. Feast of the Seven Fishes: A Filipino Holiday Pop Up

Bar del Corso presents a Filipino take on Festa dei Sette Pesci, (also known as "The Vigil,") a traditional Christmas Eve feast from southern Italy. Come for seven Filipino-style fish and seafood dishes, desserts, and live music from Orlando and Ryan Morales.


79. White Christmas Sing-Along

Get some free jingle bells and start off the screening with a Christmas sing-along. Then, watch one of the great holiday film classics. The plot's a little flimsy, but it's directed by Michael Curtiz (who did Casablanca), has songs by Irving Berlin, and stars none other than Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye (Singing in the Rain).


80. The Totally Christmas Sing-Along

Central Cinema hosts one of their signature sing-alongs, this time featuring over 25 Christmas-themed music videos.


81. Andrew Sleighter

Stand-up comedian Andrew Sleighter (former regular on the MTV prank show Money From Strangers who has also appeared on Conan) promises a clever and laid-back show full of laughs.


82. Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson of In Living Color, the indie film Black Dynamite, and Sharknado 4 will share his wit.


83. Fiddler on the Roof Sing-Along

Actually, this is not just a sing-along: there's a full klezmer concert before the screening at noon and Leah's Gourmet Kosher Foods to provide Asian-style fare (you may know of the ancient Jewish custom of ordering Chinese takeout on December 25th). After you've had your fill, sing along with Tevye and his family as they cope with hardship, prejudice, and changing times in their Ukrainian shtetl.


84. Jessica Bennett with Jeannie Yandel

Journalist Jessica Bennett is the author of Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual, a book that garnered positive reviews from both Ilana Glazer and Sheryl Sandberg. Today, she'll speak about workplace sexism and offer potential solutions.


85. The Four Seasons

An exploration of color and beauty, Vivaldi's master work The Four Seasons has been paired with Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, a performance of tango-inspired dance arranged by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzola, and featuring dancers Touceda and Lucero.


86. Sandbox Radio: New & Improved

Look forward to new plays, songs, poetry, adaptations of classic literature, and appearances by special guests at this episode of Sandbox Radio, a podcast combining radio, theater, and music.


87. 2016 X-Treme New Year's Theatresports

This "comedy improv battle" aims to make you laugh until you forget your dread of 2017. 20 improvisers face off in four teams, and it's the audience's job to score their antics. They'll bring the streamers and champagne for the stroke of midnight.

88. Blue Year's Eve Show

See 2016 in raunchy style with improvisers inspired by the grossest, nastiest, bawdiest topics suggested by the audience—then revel in champagne, music, and dancing.

89. Indulgence New Year's Eve Bash

At "Seattle's biggest New Year's Eve bash," you can explore MoPOP, check out a comedy stage, get drunk, and even hear music at three live performance stages. If you haven't brought anybody to smooch, check out the Singles Mingle and you may be mashing lips by midnight.

90. Moisture Festival New Year's Eve Extravaganza

This New Year's spectacular features a variety show, appetizers, a champagne toast, minimalist comedian Godfrey Daniels, and a cascade of big red balloons at midnight.

91. New Year's Eve with The Room — in 4D

Ring in the new year while watching a very strange and poorly made Tommy Wiseau film, engaging without any narrative cohesion, that should probably be watched under the influence of something or other. This screening will be in 4D so you can really "feel" what's happening, so come prepared.

92. Spectra 2017: New Year's Under the Arches

Hang out in the Pacific Science Center's exhibits, planetarium, and Laser Dome while you sip drinks and dance to KEXP DJs. At midnight, watch the fireworks in their nifty be-sculptured courtyard.

93. Wonderland New Year's Eve

The semi-clothed denizens of Wonderland at Can Can Cabaret will help you end the year in sinful fashion. Join in a champagne toast and hope for a year that defies your expectations.

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