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Hi, not sure if this is the exact forum for this - but interested in the opinion of posters on here.

I noticed the roof garden in the picture below while "flying around" on Google maps. Apologies I don't know how to attach a pic but hopefully this works. It looks like a very straight forward idea for a private roof garden in the city - basically take out/flatten the middle V in a M-shaped roof and give yourself a nice private space. Not really visible from "public environ" so would think planners would look favorably on this (as they did in this case)? I presume in a non-protected structure it would be straightforward planning but more interested in the protected structure aspect.

I guess the bit I'm confused by is why this isn't more popular - seems to be only one I can find in all of Dublin? Any thoughts / ideas / potential pitfalls?

The first aspect would be the structural. You'd be into issues (aka expense) if you wanted to "take out" any of the roof. The next issue is whether the existing roof structure would be able to support the load you'd be placing on it. It's one thing to informally inserting a couple of joists across the roof (attaching to the existing rafters), lashing on some decking and away you go, with crossed fingers. Another to meet the requirements of planners - who will want to know that the thing is properly designed. I'd imagine a proper, engineered design - with steel work to support the load, leaving the roof structure alone, would be the basis on even getting your foot inside their door. You'd have a bit of work to do with the water shedding aspect of the roof - that is, inserting your new structure into the existing then working out how to let the roof shed water without it getting inside. I'd imagine you'd be re-slating as part of the works (little point in doing all that work to a roof which is going to be opened up anyway.

Fire regs are likely to crop up. How does one get a garden party safely back down in the event of a fire. Bear in mind that what's good for an existing house (to which regs can't be retrospectively applied) is not good for a house which is undergoing significant change.

As for listed status. Somewhere like Bray would likely be open to the idea, somewhere like Dun Laoghaire very probably not. Locally dependent that.

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