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The Brazilian city of Rio de Jainero has been in the process of pacifying its urban ghettos, better known as favelas, since 2008. Police Pacification Units (UPP) invade the favelas. Afterwards, community police units are installed to maintain order and ensure that the drug traffickers — imprisoned or scared into hiding — don’t come back. The Rio de Jainero State University (UERJ) recently released a report that pacification has decreased violent deaths in the favelas. But according to the Rio Times, “rape indices went from 1.3 to 4.8 and domestic violence shot up from 27 to 84.6″ between 2006 and 2011.

Meanwhile in the United States, the National Football League (NFL) is holding its grand event the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014 in Rutherford, New Jersey. The Super Bowl will not just bring sports fans to Rutherford but, also, pimps selling their girls to sports fans demanding illicit sex.

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Violence Against Women – General News

AUSTRALIA-Sunrise ‘strippergate’ ordeal leads to rape and death threats

BANGLADESH-Church must take stand against abuse of women in Bangladesh, activist says

BRAZIL-Is Pacification Increasing Violence Against Women in Rio’s Favelas?

CANADA-Violence against women: Toronto Police Services Board sponsors local group’s book

INDIA-Sex workers to protest rising violence against women

INDONESIA-Sexual harassment victims face hurdles in getting justice

NEW ZEALAND-NZ urged to keep addressing violence against women

SYRIA-Stop Sexual Assaults and Violence Against Syrian Women and Girls

UNITED KINGDOM-What needs to change to stop violence against women?


Domestic Violence

WORLD-New domestic violence video puts spotlight on victims and children

AUSTRALIA-New laws will also hit domestic violence

BELARUS-Belarus’ policemen to study foreign practices in combating domestic violence

MALTA-US and Maltese volunteers renovate shelter for domestic violence victims

NEW ZEALAND-Talking about it a way out of family violence

NIGERIA-Top Nollywood Acts Walk Against Domestic Violence

PAKISTAN-PTI submits draft bill against domestic violence in PA

UNITED KINGDOM-Met crackdown on domestic violence

UNITED STATES-Femicide Report: 37 domestic violence murders in 2013


Rape and Sexual Assault

WORLD-Top 5 Countries with the Highest Rates of Rape

WORLD-Why it is wrong to call SA (or any country) the ‘rape capital of the world’

AFRICA- Zim, SA Lead the Way As SADC Gets Tough On Rape

INDIA-Why the tribal rape scandal is so unexpected

MOROCCO-Morocco rape law quashed after public outcry

SOUTH AFRICA-’Rape stereotypes persist in SA’

SRI LANKA-Sri Lankan police continue search for 20yo man suspected of raping Australian woman

UNITED KINGDOM-UK routinely detains rape victims seeking asylum – report

UNITED STATES-Obama Targeting College Sexual Assault Epidemic


Sex Trafficking

ASIA-From war brothels to cybersex?

EUROPE-Europe Votes on Penalising Prostitute Clients in ‘Nordic Model’

EUROPE-Sex trafficking gang dismantled by police in UK and Spain

CANADA-Barbara Kay: On prostitution, make abolition the goal

CHINA-China executes man for raping, murdering sex slaves

INDIA-Inside India’s trafficking gangs: Lifting the lid on the criminals who steal girls as young as NINE and sell them into the sex trade

NIGERIA-Investigation: Inside Nigeria’s Ruthless Human Trafficking Mafia

SOUTH AFRICA-Keeping Strip Clubs Accountable

UNITED STATES-The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking


Female Genital Mutilation

AFRICA-Female genital mutilation affects a fifth of young girls in sub-Saharan Africa

AFRICA-Why Ugandan, Kenyan Sex Workers Are At War

AUSTRALIA-Australian Charged Over Jakarta Genital Mutilation of Baby Girl

BURKINA FASO-Voice, choice and control: Tackling FGM in Burkina Faso

GAMBIA-Gambian organisation briefs religious leaders on FGM

INDONESIA-Calls mount for government to retract support for FGM

KENYA-Man shocks court, defends FGM by quoting bible 

SUDAN-FGM Practice Down by 4%

UNITED KINGDOM-Teachers face legal duty to report FGM cases in drive to bring mutilators to justice


Forced Marriage/Honour Killing

WORLD-”Honor Diaries”: Movie Review

WORLD-Child marriage ‘worryingly high’ around world

WORLD-Child Marriage in 2013: Third of Women in Developing World Married Before 18

WORLD-Protecting girls from child marriage in Tanzania and worldwide

WORLD-Time to end child marriage

CANADA-Mother, son convicted of threatening woman, boyfriend with honour killing

UNITED KINGDOM-Friend claims James Dunleavy murdered mum in ‘honour killing’ because he felt she’d shamed family

UNITED STATES-Till death do us part: The forgotten US victims of forced marriage

YEMEN-Yemen Takes a Step Toward Law Ending Child Marriage



WORLD-New York Opera voices Pakistan’s Rape victims

WORLD-One Billion Rising For Justice: Women survivors of violence urged to break silence Feb 14

AUSTRALIA-A former Geelong teacher launches charity to support victims of sex trafficking

INDIA-Violence against women is cowardice, feels Aamir Khan

SOUTH AFRICA-Abuse: A Goliath undertaking

TANZANIA-Women Crave for Equal Representation in Constituent Assembly

UGANDA-Bukirwa’s music rounds against gender violence

UNITED KINGDOM-Laura Bates interview: ‘Two years ago, I didn’t know what feminism meant’

UNITED STATES-Art exhibit strives to raise awareness

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