Hey, everyone! So, as a lot of you indie brand lovers are probably aware, there are a ton of facebook fan groups for a lot of different brands. In them members usually chat about the brand/releases, post photos, sell polishes, etc.

Sometimes it can be hard to find whether a particular brand has a fan group or not, so I thought it'd be fun to compile them here! I'll be keeping this updated as I am informed of new groups, so feel free to refer back to it!

Know of a fan group that isn't listed here? Leave me a comment below or send me an email at themercurialmagpie@gmail.com! (And thanks to the awesome ladies in Hobby Polish Bloggers who had a thread listing most of these!)

Aly's Dream Polish
Aly's Dream Polish Addicts

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics
Seize The Night- Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Fan Page!

Chaos and Crocodiles
The Chaos and Crocodiles Cove - For Over The Top Fanatics

Chirality Polish
Chirality Polish Collectors 

Colors By Llarowe
CbL Addicts Are Us

Contrary Polish 
The Contrary Polish Contingent

Crows Toes
CrowsToes Minions 

Cult Nails
Cult Nails Culties

Cupcake Polish
Cupcake Polish Lovers

Darling Diva
We're All Darling Divas

Elevation Polish 
Elevation Polish Addicts

Gee I Love Ellagee!

Emily De Molly
Emily De Molly Lovers United 

Enchanted Polish
Enchanted Nail Polish Fans 

Ethereal Lacquer 
Ethereal Goddesses: Sparkle.Glow.Shine.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Femme Fatale Fiends

Girly Bits
Girly Bits Cosmetics Lovers
Girly Bits Cosmetics Fans (Original)

Glam Polish
Glam Polish Fans

Gothic Gala Lacquers
Gothic Gala Lacquers Mega Fan Group

HARE Polish
Hare Polish Society

Indigo Bananas
We're Bananas For Indigo Bananas

I Need KBShimmer In My Life

All Lacquerlicious, All The Time!

Lilypad Lacquers
Lilypad Lacqueristas

Liquid Sky Lacquer
Liquid Sky Lacquer Lovers

Lucky 13 Lacquer
Lucky 13 Lacqueristas 

Mentality Polish Lovers

Model City Polish
Model City Polish Addiction

Pahlish Lovers

Pretty & Polished
Feeling Pretty & Polished

Pretty Bitch Polish
Pretty Bitch Polish Collectors 

Ruby White Tips
Love Me Some Ruby White Tips

Love Letter To Scofflaw 

Sweet Heart Polish
We Heart Sweet Heart Polish 

Too Fancy Lacquer
Too Fancy Lacquer Lovers

Covered In Wingdust

You Polish
You Polish - Unbottle Your Personality


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