+ Material Designed AngularJS Shopping Cart

+ Created with MEAN Stack (MongoDB + ExpressJS + AngularJS + NodeJS)

+ Stripe + PayPal + COD Checkout

+ Drag and drop category selection

+ Single page e-commerce

+ Secured authentication system

+ facebook + google + twitter login/signup

+ Email integration

+ Image uploader

+ CRUD generator

+ ReST API based backend

+ Full source code shared

+ Clean and modular code

Getting Started

Demo: http://mshop.codenx.com/

Documentation: http://mshop.codenx.com/doc

New Features

Enter your paypal app ID into settings, add products and start selling with no matter of time. This has got inbuilt multi currency support with curency conversion feature

Developed using the most popular MEAN which has a RestAPI based architecture with high scallability.

Inbuilt authentication mechanism with role based user access and user management

Most of the components are based on Google Material designe guidelines which gives you a responsive, bold and accessible design with great amount of user interactivity

Integration of emails at diffent levels like Order Placement, Forgot/Reset password gives a secure as well as informative feeling

The modular application structure gives you enormous ability to modify, test and deploy easily

Ability yo manage discount coupons on cart total

With integrated drag and drop image upload its easy to manage the images for the whole shop

ES6 module structure for serve side programming.

PayPal integration with orders

Role based user management for both client and server side e.g. User, Manager, Administrator

Now an email is sent as soon as a order is placed or payment failed

Mobile Centered Material Designed components with accessibility support

Flex based page design principle

Free Material CRUD Table module comes with this Material Shop

Directly select image for a product from the media gallery

Now Clone any brand, country, shipping, coupon to save time

Drag and drop category management upto 10 levels

Support for additional currencies beyond US Dollars from a single settings page

Forgotten password of a user or shop manager can be retrieved with a encryption based email service

A tiny little popup window for anybody to reach the store owner with any grievance or suggestions

Now PayPal integration is more powerful with the managed payment status

Auto-suggest, keyword product search.

Store Front

The MEAN Stack ecommerce with Material Design

A whole ecommerce application created using AngularJS as front end

The backend (server side) is backed with the awesome NodeJS framework for better speed and wide extensions support with a very large community base

The document based No_SQL database used for faster communication and more efficiency

Industry standard application module structure

SPA created with the power of AngularJS and ui-router

Instant and single page advance checkout system

Now every activity by a user or shop manger is reflected in realtime across the web app(without page reloads)

Option to save inactive product for publishing later

Option to add multiple variants of a single product with different price, size and image

Additional product details in key/value list

More product details in key/value list which need to be highlighted in the product details page

Cross Platform development setup with efficient with gulp, bower, npm

Category wise product details

Advanced features like Multiple brands selector, Prodcut type filter, price slider

Integrated social media login

Reset and Change Password option

Automatically load more products on scroll without the need of pagination

SEO friendly URLs for each page

Ready for screen readers for improved assistive

Email service for queries/suggestions/grievances through popup contact form

Store Backoffice

Products, Categories, Brand, Order Management from admin panel with easy directives

Manage Order and Change Status from admin panel

Facility for Multiple product variants (size, color, price, image)

Secure and quality code – Takes care all single page web app standards

Securely built and prevent security attacks

Generates CRUD pages automatically from database.

NodeJS based ReST API architecture

Integrated material designed date picker for date fields

Code is Modular, Maintainable, Well Structured, Easy to customize, Production Ready

Automatically generates dropdowns, datepickers, number field, toggle switch based on field types

Easily export the table as Excel, JSON, txt format

Development History


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