Flamingo is a complete portfolio for creative agencies and freelances. Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers or any kind creative is now able to create a quick & easy portfolio to showcase their work with a elegant touch.

Fully responsive, font-awesome icons retina ready… You can implement features like parallax or some other trends with a single click.

With Flamingo you can modify the theme layout & menu´s layout very easy. Just select the layout you like more (angled, straight or minimal) and once you have created your sections and menu, select how this menu will be displayed. The 3 menu layouts are completely different and they will help you to create sites very different in minutes. These features and the premium page builder included will let you create any kind of compositions for your site. Fast & easy.

Limits?... your imagination & creativity.

Alternative Demos

Straight layout  ||  Minimal layout || New menu features since v1.3

Complete features list

Responsive, of course

Five different navigations

Two of the five navigation options with sticky/fixed versions

Three different content layouts. The site can display the angled look and feel (“Angled layout”), other more standard we called “Straight layout” and one more minimalistic we called “Minimal layout”. Select the one you like more, click a button and enjoy.

Four different blog layouts with sidebar right/left or disabled options (sidebars available for pages too)

Premium page builder included ($25 value)

Custom animations. Each block element within your layout can be animated with “Top to bottom”, “Bottom to top”, “Left to right”, “Right to left” or “Appear from center”.

Isotope filtered layouts

Infinite scroll

Scroll to top helper for large pages available in one click

Cool filtering method for your project items

Custom galleries for showing your works

Four different galleries

Fullscreen, prevent upscale and “let the user choose” different modes for your galleries

Related works with a cool display. Take a look here (rollover the rhombus).

Custom fullscreen backgrounds for each project and section

Fullscreen background video from Yotube & Vimeo. Watch a demo here

Different supported media formats. Watch here a demo

Google fonts. More than 150 fonts available.

Hover info on thumbs

You can modify the hover properties directly from the option panel. Select the background color, the font color, use a gradient or use a custom background image for your thumb´s hovers. This feature is really cool and easy to use.

Change the thumbs size directly from the option panel

Select the columns number choosing from 1 to 6 columns.

You can adjust the transparency for the thumbs using a simple slider within the panel too

Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, color. Combinations are unlimited.

Localization ready

WPML support

Semantic HTML5 structure & Degrades Gracefully. Basic support for IE8.

iOS/Mobile Ready

Touch gestures and keyboard support for sliders and galleries

A very easy to use option panel where you could change your logos, adjust positions, change fonts, colors and customize your portfolio in a very easy way.

Do you need support?

Dashboard and ticksy are checked regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. While be sure your query was not asked before in any thread and remember you to take a look to the FAQs.

Support tasks are the questions and doubts about the theme itself. Support tasks don´t cover customizations or particular needs. Before purchasing the theme, make sure it covers your needs and if you could have any doubt before, do not hesitate to contact. We will try to help with it.

Change log
v1.5 // updated: 09/13/16

Added: Social options for Behance, Snapchat & Instagram

Updated: FontAwesome to 4.6.3

Updated: VC to v4.12.1

Fixed: Transparent PNGs issue

Fixed: No text separator

Fixed: Responsive Image Gallery Flexslider VC module issue

Fixed: HTTPS issue with font rendering

Fixed: Some other minor issues

v1.4.9.2 // updated: 08/11/16

Fixed: Twitter feed issue

Fixed: New Google Maps API requirements (read docs)

Updated: Visual Composer to v4.12

v1.4.9.1 // updated: 04/28/16

Updated: Visual Composer to v4.11.2.1

v1.4.9 // updated: 04/12/16

Wordpress v4.5 ready

Updated: Visual Composer to v10.11.1

v1.4.8 // updated: 02/17/16

New: RSS new template

Fix: Project grid VC module options

Fix: Facebook share option breaking in single post & single project

Updated: Visual Composer to v4.10

v1.4.7 // updated: 12/09/15

Fix: Safari bfcache issue

Updated: Visual Composer v4.9

Wordpress 4.4 Ready

v1.4.6 // updated: 10/05/15

Fix: Map rendering issue in webkit based browsers

Fix: Full width Vimeo videos for very large screens

Updated: Visual Composer to v4.7.4

v1.4.5 // updated: 08/28/15

IMPORTANT update: Improved support for location map within contact pages. This means that now the code is simplified to work as usual. Just in case of updating the theme from an older version, you could need to disable/delete the “Location Field” plugin in order to get work correctly your map in your contact page template.

Fix: Issues on sidebar templates when hiding page titles

Fix: Issue related to tags in single post where the lines break when having large amounts of tags

Fix: Mute videos for Vimeo issue

Updated: Vimeo API

v1.4.3 // updated: 06/23/15

Fix: Touch menu issue due to last update

Fix: Hidden title options issue

Fix: Dropcap styles

v1.4.2 // updated: 06/22/15

Fix: XSS security issues

Fix: Swipe events for touch devices in iOS 8.3 when sliders enabled

Improvement: Share options

Update: Visual Composer to v4.5.3

v1.4.1 // updated: 03/24/15

Fix: Lists styling

Fix: Short tweets centering issue

Fix: Some other minor issues

Improved: Contact form styles for any page

Improved: Dummy XML content file

Update: Visual Composer to v4.4.3

v1.4 // updated: 07/28/14

Fix: Blog pagination issue

Fix: Ordered lists issue

Add: Mute option for videos

Add: New share options within project streams

Update: VC to last available version

v1.38 // updated: 05/05/14

IE11 improvements

Fix: Thumbs no clicable due to headings issues

Fix: VC latest update issues

Fix: Dark Layout fade transition to black

Update: VC to last available version

v1.37 // updated: 04/22/14

Fix: Broken separators in Firefox

v1.36 // updated: 04/22/14

Fix: VC update issues with some elements like separators or tags

Fix: Claim right align with divider

Fix: Text size within excerpt when using the page builder widget

v1.35 // updated: 04/21/14

WP 3.9 Ready

Fix: Responsive error with carrousel widget

Fix: Angles in mobile/small devices are now more straight

Fix: Pagination in single post. Little jump in some little screen sizes/devices

Fix: Text size in excerpts when post widget used

Update: Visual Composer plugin last version (

v1.34 // updated: 02/03/14

Fix: Filters sticking in portfolio page when only a item is visible & menu layout 4 sticky menu is enabled.

Fix: Title attribute for blog posts fixed

Fix: “Go back” string added to the .po file

Add: Vimeo social option

Add: VC carrousel widget style integration

Update: Visual Composer plugin last version

v1.33 // updated: 01/10/14

Fix: Main slider for iOS when ‘fade’ option is enabled

Fix: Prevent auto hover behaviors when multiple widget sliders are adding within the same page

Fix: Little jump in main slider when parallax is enabled. This happened only in some screen sizes

Fix: Social sharing for Linkedin

Fix: Vimeo mute videos

Fix: Default pages with sidebars & title issue

Add: New method to style title, description and divider for each slide within main sliders in a isolated way via custom css. A very easy way to modify each of your title slides. Take a look here how this method works

Updated: Visual Composer premium plugin

v1.32 // updated: 12/09/13

Add: Visual Composer updated

Fix: Background related projects when sticky menus are enabled

Fix: Third party lightbox systems compatibility

Fix: Sidebars break for default pages with sidebar enabled

Fix: Project type taxonomies issue

Fix: Recommend plugins installation when child theme enabled

v1.31 // updated: 12/04/13

Improved: Map behaviors for touch devices

Fix: Gap within content and angled part in some configurations for angled layout option.

v1.3 // updated: 11/28/13

Add: Two new sticky/fixed navigation layouts. Watch them in action.

Add: Scroll to Top feature for large pages

Fix: Password protected pages issue

Fix: Dark version pagination iPad issue

v1.22 // updated: 11/27/13

Add: Option to remove the menu helper (menu tag)

Fix: Validation details

Fix: Map issues

Fix: Slider ‘fade’ option

Fix: Child theme paths

v1.21 // updated: 11/22/13

Fix: Child theme issues

Fix: Fixed issue with the image uploader in the theme options page

v1.2 // updated: 11/22/13

Add: Support for fullscreen background videos from Youtube & Vimeo. Watch a demo here.

Add: Option that allows to remove the main titles within sections & projects selectively

Add: Option to enable dark version

Add: New social options to place on footer (Dribbble, Foursquare, Tumblr, Youtube & Instagram)

Add: Sliders can be enabled now with fade effect

Improve: Improved the general enhancement for iOS. Now animations work as expected in iPhone too.

v1.1 // updated: 11/15/13

Add: WPML support

Add: Create as many portfolio pages as needed with different project types

Add: Opened navigation (menu layout 4)

Add: Option to remove the hover actions within the menus

Add: XML with dummy content (images from the demo are replaced by placeholders)

Improve: Pagination between projects

Fix: Secondary level blog layout issues

Fix: Headers/Projects headers issue when minimal layout is enabled

Fix: Responsive iframes on block contents

A special big THANK YOU for those great artists and creatives that provide us with some of their amazing pieces to illustrate Flamingo Portfolio Wordpress Theme.

Nabil Nezzar

Anton Burmistrov


Mark Niemeijer

Gabriel Jasmin

Evan Dorlot

Fer Cuenca

Images used to illustrate the demo are copyrighted by its owners. The illustrators & designers mentioned above. In no way, any of these images are included on the final package you download from Themeforest. They are only used for demonstration proposals.

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