Chartered Office is a platform where C.A, Auditors and Accountants can manage their ofice work and staff with this script.
This script is created in Pure Core PHP, No any other Framework used. All tables is on jquery Ajax with pagination, no need to reload whole page to go for next page. Its Very Easy in use for user and Developer to change anything in this script, It has very light weight performance.

Chartered Office have 3 (Three role), 1St Admin, 2Nd Reception, 3Rd Accountant, Each user has different work permission with different role.

Demo Url:
For Live Demo Click Here

Admin Login Details:

User Name: admin@micrommtechnology.com

Password: 123

Reception Login Details:

User Name: reception@user.com

Password: 123

Accountant Login Details:

User Name: accountant@user.com

Password: 123

Note: Before Login to Reception and Accountant, Please Add or Update your IP Address with Admin Account, In IP Address Section on Left side menu.



Doccuments Name

Staff Management

Clients Management

Manage Client Doccuments

Work Process

Money Management

Staff Attendance

Staff Salary Management

IP Address

Update Profile

Change Password

Change Secure Pin

Upload Avatar

Refresh Table

Accept Work

Add Work

Add /Edit Doccuments

Reset Password

Setup Database Connection

Disabled right click.

Disabled F12.

Disabled Inspect Element For security Reason..

X-Mailer For Forget Password

Role-> Reception and accountant Only Login From Their office Only.


Admin can Add, Edit, Update and Delete. Admin have full permission to manage this App.
Reception Can Add new work and doccuments, view client list, Doccuments which have been
added by him/her.Accountant can see their work and work status which assigned by admin to

Note: This All features have Add/Edit And Delete Features. Expect Admin no any role have Permission to edit and delete. Secure Pin only use for delete records from tables


1. Dashboard:
Admin can see all staff pending work, work in process and Completed todays work.
And staff only can see their work process.

2. Add / Edit Doccuments Name:
Add and edit doccuments name is use to add clients doccuments received with doccuments quantity and date, In Work Process Section.

3. Staff:
You can Add and Edit staff with selecting staff role -> Accountant or -> Reception

4. Client:
You can Add and Edit Client with adding their all details, For example: Client/Company name, Files No, Contact Details, service tax no , service tax pay date and etc. And You Can Add work If your client come for new Audit.
You can add multiple work for multiple staff and distribute work to desired staff.

5. Work Process:
In work process you Can Assign Work to Your staff, And staff get notify on their dashboard or in work process
section. Staff Can see only their pending work, process work, and completed work in work process section.

6. Money Management:
In Money management section you can kee records of clients money, given to you for paying their service tax, Income tax, Vat, Professional Fees, Professional Tax, TDS and Other. Receive client money by cash or Cheque, and after paying you can mark confirmed as paid.

7. Staff Attendance:
Attendance system is auto by staff login from their ID. Staff can Login only from office or firm because of login stricted from other place with static IP

8. IP Address:
Allow login from your office only to staff, Update your multiple static IP Address here.

Plugin Used:


Font Awesome


Lobibox Alert

Jquery UI

Jquery Lib


PHP 7.x

PHP 5.6.x

MySQL 5.x

Notice: All Records and contents and logo used for demo purpose.


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