Get ready for summer by entering to win this amazing hair removal system from VEET and learn how to wax your way to perfect eye brows!

It’s summertime and we all know what that means: skin is in! Now that we’re in tank top, shorts and bathing suit mode, hair removal is at the top of our list.

As much as we all love to go to the spa, getting there isn’t always convenient. Plus, these treatments can be pricey. So, why not get yourself summer ready?

Whether you are a wax gal or love to get rid of underarm hair with cream, Veet has you covered. And now, we’re making it easier to get summer ready by giving you the chance to win a complete Veet summer hair removal prep package.

To enter the contest, leave a comment below and tell us what you love about summer and you’ll automatically be entered to win. (Your information will remain private!)


Enter to win a VEET SUMMER HAIR REMOVAL packageworth $100!

Package includes:

VEET Precision Wax and Care (for face): $16.99
VEET Underarm Hair Removal Kit: $8.49
VEET Easy-Wax Electrical Roll on Kit (for legs and arms): $29.99
VEET Easy-Wax Electrical Roll on Kit refills for arms and legs: $27.98
VEET Hydro’Restor Hair Removal Cream (for arms and legs): $16.99
Total value: $100.44


EXPERT TIP: How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows using VEET Precious Wax

Step 1: Your brow should start where the inner corner of your eye starts (line A). If your brow starts further in than the inner corner, you can add length with a brow pencil or shadow.

Step 2: Take a pencil and place it where line B is on the diagram, right outside of your iris. This is where your arch should be. Mark a dot here.

Step 3: The end of your brow should go all the way to the end of the outer corner of your eye (line C). It should not stop short of this or go beyond this point. Mark a dot here.

Step 4: Once you have your markers, you’re ready to carefully remove unwanted hair by waxing, tweezing or a combination of both.

How use Veet® High Precision Facial Wax:
With the lid tightly in place, place the tube of wax into a cup of hot tap water. Leave in for 1 minute to warm the wax.

1) Remove the cap from the tube. Test the temperature and flow of the wax by spreading a small amount onto the back of your hand.

2) Squeeze the tube until a small bead of wax appears on the tip. Only a small amount is needed.

3) Using the bevelled tip, spread the wax onto the area you want to depilate in the direction of hair growth.

4) Immediately place a fabric strip over the wax, smoothing it on in the direction of the hair growth. Smooth the strip 2-3 times to help the wax grip the hair. Leave at least 1cm at the bottom of the strip wax-free in order to grip when removing.

5) Hold the skin taut and swiftly remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth keeping the strip as parallel as possible to the skin. If wax is applied to areas where the hair is not to be removed or if the layer of wax is not thin enough, simply wash off with water and thoroughly dry the area before reapplying the wax.

Contest runs from July 3 to July 12 and is open to Canadian residents only.



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