Next News Network anchor & news host professes disdain & disgust for the guy on the left of this (below) picture... but then gushes & overflows with admiration for guy on right - wtf?! Netanyahu (r) & RAHM EMANUEL - obviously, these 2 guys GET ALONG GREAT - they are PEAS IN A POD, they are BOTH members of the SAME team: the DIVIDE & CONQUER... SABOTAGE & DESTROY AMERICAN insidious jew-nazi team!

DELUSIONAL  Next News Network host wants to... undermine, DESTROY the Trump presidency from day 1!  by INVITING the guy... who was essentially the lead MANAGER,
the Zio-Nazi EXECUTIVE PRODUCER  of the 9/11 2001 TREASON/terror attacks
on NY, DC, & against the American flying public,  to attend the Jan. presidential inauguration as the President-elect's guest of honor  omg/wtf !!!
there's nothing "AWESOME!" about this idea...
the ONE GOOD THING obama has done in past 8 years is NOT attack Iran (thereby starting WWIII) for his AIPAC/Mossad  Jew War Pigs "handlers" -  and KICKING  RAHM EMANUEL out of White House. Emanuel is, as mentioned in commentaries and web-sites across the world, beyond a shadow of a doubt  is  Nutty Netanyahu's MOSSAD BRANCH MANAGER, Judeo-state  Chief of Station here over  the  Judeo Supremacist Zio-Nazi OCCUPIED COLONY  of... the U.S.A.!

NEXT NEWS goes off the Deep End!
PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE that the ENTIRE  DESPISED HILLARY,  "Neo-Con," "elitist 1%" agenda  is not merely a product of the corrupted Demorats....
but that the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS, too, are 100%  servants, corrupted, bribed, extorted, blackmailed, and bought-off TRAITORS answering to the  ZIO-NAZI, JUDEO SUPREMACIST, ISRAEL OVER AMERICA  CRIMINAL
JEW blackmail, extortion, terrorism, & sabotage mob - of which  9/11 TERROR attacks MANAGING DIRECTOR  Benjamin "KING BIBI" NETANYAHU is the leading symbol... along with his MOSSAD STATION CHIEF in AMERICA,   the de facto  "Judeo Supremacist VICEROY of  the Occupied & Controlled COLONY of America" RAHM EMANUEL

from Tel Aviv  to Jerusalem, Mr. Trump!
warns JEWISH BORN & RAISED "Brother Nathaniel" Kapner

Next News Network host wants this guy
- to be front & center of the NEW Trump administration...!
omg!  LET'S RUIN the "Make America Great" presidency...
from DAY ONE!!

That menorah symbol on the wall in the background?  THAT WAS the SYMBOL of Judaism LONG BEFORE the Rotschild's siz-pointed star became the emblem of the "illuminati" (satanic!) ruled Jews only proxy state (israel).
Talmudic Judeo Supremacist Judaism INTENDS to extort, bankrupt, enslave, conquer, and EXTERMINATE all non-Jews across the world....  their clueless intended victim shouldn't make their (megalomaniac, insane, demonic) task any easier!

"You will do what we tell you... we OWN you, and we have all those BLACKMAIL  sex-tapes of you back in Chicago at the "Man's Club' gay, homosexual bath-house... and of course, WE PUT YOU WERE YOU ARE, we know of all the other dirty deals we put you through - and of course we can just 'ELIMINATE' you if you get too big for your britches"!!

the ONE GOOD THING about Barack Obama in past 8 years:
he REFUSED to do what his Jew, Zio-Nazi EMANJUEL, NETANYAHU,
RAHM EMANUEL OUT of the White House....

The CHICAGO jew MOB - here represented by chief "HANDLER" RAHM EMANUEL,
and chief "Democrat" PR, publicity, & "spin" guru Dave Axelrod -
and their KENYAN PUPPET of a cia trained president

Axelrod with another member of the INSIDIOUS SABOTAGE JEW MOB
(Chicagoan valerie jarrett, left) RULING AMERIKA from within
the Bush/Cheney or  OBAMA/BIDEN White House...

and the "U.S." CON-GRESS, too!!
then SPEAKER of the HOUSE, "leader" (sic) of Congress!

boo hoo hoo! rahm emanuel wipes away a tear, as he formally RESIGNS as WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF - as he resigns as JUDEO SUPREMACIST VICEROY,  resigns as de facto

- on Nov. 5, 2008 - the DAY AFTER the ELECTION, Obama SIGNALED his PRESIDENCY
is going to be RUN by JEW TERRORISTS & economic + nat'l. security sabotage TRAITORS !!
(oh well - still far preferable to the 2 alternative presidential scenarios: EVEN MORE TREASONOUS Hillary CLINTON - or  BLATANTLY INSANE  Zio-Nazi PUPPET, former TORTURED  Prisoner of War & terrorism supporting traitor JOHN McINSANE!)


We've been very appreciative and supportive (in our small way) of  Next News Network's insightful videos about the NY, Hollywood, Washington (D.C.)  elite "establishment" BACKLASH and torrent of LIES trying to undermine if not undo the Donald Trump stunning presidential election.   As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote, Mr. Trump's stunning election win was nothing less than "AN AMERICAN UPRISING" - the American people in the "flyover states" silently standing in line at election polls to wave a great big "F.U.!"  middle-finger to the financial kleptocrats, the corp. elites, the relentlessly lying govt. apparatchicks and their drug running, human trafficking "black ops" compartmentalized "deep black" Treasury devouring govt. agencies and the CORP. MEDIA WHORES who covered all their crimes and follies up -

With RAHM EMANUEL as MAYOR.. CHICAGO BURNS,  killings like a war zone!
DIVIDE & CONQUER is the  Judeo Supremacist strategy to gain control of every nation in the world...  getting the locals to KILL EACH OTHER while Jews rake in the wealth & profits of control of that city/state/country/region's power & resources is what they at all times strive for - and makes them giddy with glee.

CHICAGO BURNS!  Murders & killings in Chicago like a WAR ZONE..
DIVIDE & CONQUER - getting the locals to KILL EACH OTHER - IS the Zio-Nazi dream strategy
(until, as in CONCENTRATION/DEATH-CAMP OCCUPIED GAZA, the Jews can engage
in an ORGY of MASS-MURDER genocide, perpetrating their own bloody, murderous dirty work)

"Chicago hits 500 homicides for 2016 after deadly Labor Day weekend"
- chortles ZIO-NAZI mouthpiece/megaphone USA-Today

Trump’s Tweet on Chicago’s Murder Rate

Provokes Strong Feelings Among Jews
From "The Forward"  the largest jewish on-line media magazine in world.

OF COURSE they do!
JEWISH INSANITY is wanting to trumpet their "EXCELLENCE!" in ALL THINGS...
wanting to TRUMPET the POWERFUL JEWS in POWERFUL positions across America & world... then, when they ACCOMPLISH their  "DIVIDE & CONQUER," domestic (insidious) SABOTAGE agenda... they REVERT to WHINING, WAILING CRY-BABIES !!

Even CHICAGO JEWISH activist BRENDAN SHILLER  acknowledges RAHM EMANUEL's  role in the city's EXPLODING VIOLCENCE - while obama/emanuel LOAN SHARKING BILLIONAIRE PATRON PENNY PRITZKER and OTHER MILLIONAIRE/BILLIONAIRE JEWS have reaped vast benefits and sums of money from their "post Racial" puppet of a president (Barack obama) - for CHICAGO BLACKS, the PAST 8 years of  Chicago's OBAMA co. "Democrats"  RUNNING the ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT.. have been an UNMITIGATED DISASTER!  a "WAR BY the 1% on the 99%" - a war by JEW MILLIONAIRES and JEW BILLIONAIRES on EVERYONE else!

Trump’s Tweet on Chicago’s Murder Rate Provokes Strong Feelings Among Jewsby  Aimee Levitt,  January 5, 2017  CHICAGO

...But for Brendan Shiller, who runs a nonprofit legal services program on the west side and is more connected to the violence than most of the city’s Jews Still, the problem is real, and Shiller argues that the city needs to concentrate on the underlying causes. He points out that the increase in the murder rate was preceded by the closing of 50 schools and 6 publicly-funded mental health clinics, all on the south and west sides. “If the Jews are detached, we need to talk with the Jewish man who decided to close them. The root cause is that the community is devastated economically and closing schools and clinics is not going to help.”

Simply realize, that IF  Jews OPENLY, and at all times, revealed their true intent - to hate, despise, loath, and take advantage of, defraud, extort, enslave,  and (ultimately) to  EXTERMINATE their non-Jew neighbors.. they would NEVER  be accepted as immigrants, guests, or neighbors ANYWHERE in world.   So ANY jewish success, anywhere in world, is IMMEDIATELY PREDICATED on their ABILITY TO LIE, to say & do 2 things at the same time: say one thing in public, and speak the opposite things in private.  This is a formula for INSANITY - and is PRECISELY what is wrong with America & the world today.

Hillary's  SEX SLAVE of a "gift" from the Saudis - HUMA ABEDIN - who would rise to become Hillary's personal assistant in all things.   Human Abedin has  CLOSE TIES to the JIHADI SUPPORTING "Saudi" Arab based Muslim Brotherhood...  but that SIMPLE FACT has been HIDDEN and WHITEWASHED by the JEWISH OWNED & controlled corp. WHORE media in America for the entire past decade!  Not only does the JEWISH OWNED & CONTROLLED NY, DC, Chicago, & Hollywood, corp. whore media PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE that Hillary's PERSONAL ASSISTANT is tied in with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD which represents the worst, MOST EXTREMIST variety of  SAUDI, HEAD-CHOPPING WAHABBI "fundamentalist Islam" (sic)... but they, the NY, DC, Hollywood JEW OWNED corp. whore media are all falling all over themselves to pimp & promote EVERYTHING HILLARY, including still WHITEWASHING her CRIMES now that the election 2016 is in the dustbin of history...

THIS IS NO ACCIDENT!  THE JEWS are IN BED with the SAUDIS & other Gulf Arab Oil Despots... because GENOCIDAL  TALMUDIC JUDAISM is USING the HEAD-CHOPPING, reactionary, medieval brutality "fundamentalist"   "Wahabbist" as a TROJAN HORSE to DESTROY not only the Muslim world, but EUROPE and AMERICA as well!
Reactionary, fundamentalist Judaism holds that  non-Jews (and even "non-observant" Jews - and, indeed, all Jewish women, even "observant" ones!) are NOT EVEN HUMAN - so unleashing  SAUDI, Wahabbi style HEAD-CHOPPING "islamic fundamentalism" and "ISIS"/alQaeda TERRORISM is  merely, from the evil Jewish (Judeo Supremacist) point of view, "SOFTENING THE SLAVES UP" for  SUBMISSION to the whip....
the Jews see themselves as  GOD"S OVERSEERS on earth, and they actually consider  showing mercy and sympathy to non-Jews to be a SIN:  the evil bible tells us that SAUL WAS CONDEMNED to lose his crown & his life for SPARING THE LIFE OF ONE  Amelekite (his soldiers had brutally SLAUGHTERED, EXTERMINATED all the rest, according to a mythical, mad-up, fictitious bible war story) -  and the more fundamentalist Jews are, the more their ENTIRE BEING REVOLVES AROUND that  little conspiracy to HATE and want to DESTROY - EXTERMINATE - ALL non-Jews - by DIVIDE & CONQUER, by  USING  ISIS TERRORISTS & HEAD-CHOPPING WAHABBIS as PROXY KILLERS until such time as Jews can do the dirty work themselves - and WALLOW in the BLOOD of their murdered enemies.

DID NUTTY NETANYAHOO   REALLY say this - allegedly captured on a cell-phone microphone during a boastful conversation with some fellow Judeo Supremacist Mossad operatives in a Tel Aviv bar one night?

netanyahu's 'TAKE OUT SADDAM'  quote:  JEWS' pathological,  GENOCIDAL HATRED, envy, & BLOOD-LUST:   VILLIFY, DEMONIZE individual leaders... then DESTROY NATIONS and... EXTERMINATE whole peoples, ARMENIAN GENOCIDE style

Netanyahu SQUEEZE AMERICA DRY quote - pathological JEW HATRED for.. the very people, (Americans) who ENABLE their wealth, security, & JUDEO SUPREMACIST INSANITY !!

bonus:  the very well educated, very courageous, very insightful, wife of a Marine colonel groomed for High Command advancement  recounts how her ex-husband, in between drunken, abusive fits of violence against her, would recount his exploits and dealings in the grim, dark underbelly of  America's military and High Command operations - as a "wet ops" assassination and terrorism commander; hiring and training vulnerable young kids to become assassins for the ruthless elite's demonic war to "take out" opponents - politicians, cultural leaders, judges, teachers in other countries as well as America - and how this "MURDER, Inc."  system operating out of the U.S. military and private militias connected with the CIA (usually composed of former military & CIA members) was run by the NETWORK of  CORRUPTED, INTERCONNECTED "elites" - often from SECRET SOCIETIES like Yale's Skull & Bones and Princeton's similar CAP & GOWN society (which her husband had been a member of) - how the entire Ivy League is infested with these SECRET SOCIETY groomed and compromised wealthy, powerful, and highly connected people exerting  huge, usually CRIMINAL INFLUENCE on the brutal suppression of dissent against "American" foreign policy in countries nominally considered to be "our allies" (occupied, subject nations!) -
- and, of course, how such a vast and powerful (if amorphous) network of  ASSASSINS tied to ECONOMIC TERRORISTS would of course spill over - or "BLOWBACK" - here in America...

...where WIVES who demanded divorces from abusive husbands who were members of these shadowy "SECRET"  Dark Ops programs were ROUTINELY  BULLIED  by JUDGES and lawyers in DIVORCE COURTS - or even when charges of violence and abuse against their husbands were brought as criminal actions, they were ALWAYS DISMISSED, usually in military courts - the JUDGES  BOWING TO THE DIRECTIVES of the  shadowy high-command networks to PERVERT  American "justice" in the name of "national security" -  and, of course, with all this CARTE BLANCHE power behind them, when the rare wife - such as Kay Griggs herself - DID PREVAIL against the CRIMINAL WALL of SILENCE & COVER-UPS of  criminal activity being perpetrated by those "elite" networks hiding behind a cloak of "national security" - well, of course, they would arrange for "ACCIDENTS" to happen to the outspoken wives - they would be murdered.

EVERY American woman should view these Kay Griggs videos - all 8 hours of  an interview shot in one day - this is how the  "American elite" HIDE behind "NATIONAL SECURITY" to PERPETRATE CRIMES - and it isn't just FOREIGN officials and (genuine) leaders who are targeted - SO ARE AMERICAN WIVES and other whistle-blowers.
In particular,  the very well informed Mrs. Griggs - we believe her story is authentic, there are very few details she gets wrong in 8 hours of discussion -  claims that  THE ONLY WAY TO ADVANCEMENT in the AMERICAN MILITARY to  HIGH COMMAND positions - is to ENGAGE in  HUGE homosexual ORGIES - in Europe, and at other overseas bases where "parties" are put on as "sex clubs" -  and that at ALL THESE ORGIES, JEWS & ISRAELIS were usually present  (secretly video-taping the other attendees as a MOSSAD blackmailing operation, of course!)

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