huge blog post....   We were cracking open some files on an older computer, and we didn't even get far out of the "W's" before we had a monster blog-post...
...because WORLD WAR III IS HERE,  driven by the INSANE Zio-Nazi JEW PSYCHOPATH traitors and their demonic, pathocratic,

PLUTOCRATIC love for & worship of  DEATH

and  human sacrifice...
...the power to KILL & MURDER any and all "potential threats" to their 'elite' "CHOSEN" status
... i.e. any and  EVERYONE around them....  every single god-damned humanoid on planet earth!
(In the "name of g-o-d" of  course.)


For all that Pluto (re)creates,  it loves to destroy.  This planet RULES DESTRUCTION, DEATH, OBSESSION,  KIDNAPPING, COERCION, VIRUSES, and waste.    ***     Pluto also governs CRIME and the underworld,  along with many forms of  subversive activity (TERRORISM,  DICTATORSHIP, [SADISTIC TORTURE which is part of terrorizing].)  The planet is all about all that is SECRET and UNDERCOVER, that which is HIDDEN FROM VIEW.  Is this the story of good vs evil?  Yes.

AND EVIL has TRIUMPHED -  STUPID, led-by-nose-to-slaughterhouse Americans are about to see what 350,000 Syrians went through before they were MURDERED by WAVES of  ISRAEL and USA instigated, Saudi recruited ISIS TERRORISTS  bombing, raping, terrorizing, torturing, and poison-gas mass-murdering their way through Syria under the so-called "liberal Demorat" HILLARY, KERRY, BIDEN, obama administration."
(Of the above mentioned Democrats, ONLY obama restrained the insane Jew war lobby from getting the U.S. to bomb, attack, and invade not only Syria... but the 77 million people in IRAN over the past 7 years.  Hillary (much less McCain)  would probably have bombed Iran - unleashing World War III... in the first year of her presidency, had she won the election(s) in 2008.)
So whatever "thanks" we may give that we have not yet been consumed by the insane traitor jews lust to drive America to mass-global terrorism WWIII hasn't broken out quite yet... will soon enough be nothing but a distant memory.

'PNAC' war-pig and 9-11 Jew-Nazi traitor RICHARD PERLE
was nicknamed "PRINCE OF DARKNESS" in DC environs long before 9-11 2001...

Long before the TREASON, terror MOSSAD + Cheney co. TRAITORS attack on America on 9-11-2001,  before the U.S. invasion and brutal, intentionally botched occupation of Iraq in 2003, before even the stolen election of 2000, JEW NAZI "PNAC" psychopath warmongering Zio-Nazi RICHARD PERLE had the nickname in Washington as "The Prince of Darkness."
But Perle is (and was) a piker in the pure evil & malevolence department compared to some of the Jew Nazi psychopaths and mass-murdering War Pigs above him on the Zio-Nazi pecking order... which list would have to include Perle's fellow 'PNAC' 9-11 traitor PAUL WOLFOWITZ,  whose infamy should become a by-word for SATANIC-EVIL, TREASON, treachery, mass-murder, and genocide... should the human race survive the coming maelstrom.  Here we actually capture an article outlining how  WOLFOWITZ has taken up where infamous  'holocaust' NAZI  DEATH CAMP DOCTOR Joseph Mengele left off....  TORTURING PRISONERS in "MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS"!

WAY TO GO, AMERICAN JEWS!   After a half-century of WAILING and WHINING about "how bad the Nazis and holocaust were" you have EXCEEDED them in vile treachery and demonic mass-murder!    At least the Nazi armies did most of their own dirty work... American and Israeli Jews think they are clever,  getting SAUDI RECRUITED TERRORISTS from all over the world to do their mass-murder, rape, pillage, extortion, and global terrorism destruction for them...

JEW NAZI 9-11 TRAITOR Paul Wolfowitz  AUTHORIZED TORTURE and "EXPERIMENTS" on prisoners in the US, MOSSAD, CIA  global prison gulag!!  Under these evil, insane jews,  the  "Jew bolshevik"  run "Red Terror" HAS BEEN  reconstituted and IS BACK!  since at least 9-11 2001,
to humanity's great shame & horror...

After HALF A CENTURY of WHINING and WAILING about "how bad the Holocaust was - look at those evil Germans PERPETRATING MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS on hapless Jew prisoners!"  - we find MILLIONS of American jews SILENT as... WAVES of  ISRAEL instigated, SAUDI recruited, CIA FUNDED TERRORISTS murder, rape, and poison-gas their way through Syria...
America's GOD DAMNED TRAITOR JEWS are EVEN SILENT about... not only TORTURE,
but KILLING PRISONERS to HARVEST THEIR ORGANS (now ROUTINE in Israel's demonic secret prison gulag) -
or even PAUL WOLFOWITZ & other Neo-Con JEW TRAITORS AUTHORIZING TORTURE EXPERIMENTS on human prisoners in Guantanamo (and every other god-damned prison in the global Jew-Nazi run U.S. prisons  & overseas CIA prison gulags

CIA to HIRE, FUND, and TRAIN TERRORISTS... to KILL 350,00 Syrians!
AS they tell _us_ Americans WE MUST GIVE UP our RIGHTS, freedoms, liberties,
and property (exorbitant taxes) in the "war on terror" !!

& DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULZ  keep screeching about the need
to ARREST, MUZZLE, and exterminate any "American EXTREMISTS" out there.
- including their own Prime Minister** ...NOT SO MUCH! As this article from 1995 captures, the ISRAEL SECRET SERVICE,
government, military, & politicians ARE ALL Zio-Nazi,
America enslaving & extorting, genocidal Judeo EXTREMISTS.
**(Yitzhak Rabin, murdered by a Jew-Nazi gunman assassins  while on campaign trail in 1995)

ZIO-NAZI PUPPET traitor JOHN KERRY _THREW_ the election of 2004...
millions of Americans were FRANTIC  to throw the
Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz TRAITORS  _OUT_ of  our AMERICAN White House...

but  Zio-Nazi TRAITOR  John Kerry SABOTAGED them (us)...
If there were any justice in this world,  JOHN KERRY, HILLARY CLINTON, and JOHN McCAIN (et al)
would get to know what it would be like to be in the way of  an "ISIS" terrorist assault
on some damned, doomed Christian town in Syria...

long before the ROTSHCHILDS arose to global financial supremacy...
the JEWISH FINANCIERS were ALREADY a global "multi-national" presence....
funding & profiting from WARS, IMPERIAL CONQUESTS, and the SLAVE TRADE.
In this amazing cartoon we captured from a book documenting C.S. Lewis' "Hornblower" series,
a British admiral, in the second-floor window to right, uses his spy-glass to see if MOSES HESS,
the JEW MONEY-LENDER, has any money to lend (2nd floor window of building to left).
This is from the GEORGIAN period of the Royal Navy,
mid-1800s, long before the Rothschilds arrived.
Even at this time the BRITISH EMPIRE was SYNONYMOUS with SLAVERY...
indeed ENGLISH, British men and "subjects" could be KIDNAPPED,"IMPRESSED" (drafted)  aboard Royal Navy warships...
a de facto SLAVE system, where sailors could be whipped, flogged,
& TORTURED to death at mere WHIM of their officers.


ho hum. NO MONEY for AMERICAN schools, roads, housing, public health, or public infrastructure...


and EIGHTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS... PER MONTH just HANDED to the JEW-NAZI "federal reserve" bankers as so-called "Quanitative Easing"...  = PURE "BAILOUTS" EXTORTION made PERMANENT!

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH MONEY  __$85,000,000,000_  per month is?    This is "money" that GOES TO BANKERS... but  APPEARS as __DEBT_  on our American government balance sheet!
It is a TRANSFER of  MORE THAN  eighty-five billion per month FROM AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, to insane, treasonous, genocidal Jew financiers - not counting all their other FRAUDS, scams, & WARMONGERING extortions!!

STUPID AMERICANS - BLACKS AND Whites - are clueless victims of the ZIO-NAZI _financial_ WAR ON AMERICANS,  about to go "HOT" with SERIAL  9-11 style  MOSSAD-CIA  "black ops" MASS-MURDER TERROR ATTACKS here in (late) U.S. A....
(to be blamed on Russia & Iran of course).

Just some of the JEW-NAZI PLUTOCRATS, including  TORTURE & HUMAN-EXPERIMENTATION authorizing Zio-Nazi sadist traitor Paul Wolfowitz, top left, LUST to DO TO AMERICANS, what NETANYAHU's  jew-nazi minions DO TO PALESTINIANS every day in Jew occupied Palestine..
... enjoy these last weeks of  holiday season 2015,
because these  evil Jews'  TERRORIST WAR against SYRIANS  is about to EXPLODE in to WORLD WAR III... right here in the late, once nearly great U.S. of A...

Jew Nazi 9-11 traitors and genocidal "EXTERMINATE SYRIANS, IRAQIS, IRANIANS, RUSSIANS...
EUROPEANS, AND AMERICANS!"  Zio-Nazi demons-from-hell war-pigs

below PNAC  Zio-Naz traitors:  THEY have HIJACKED YOUR nation, America...
YOU are now no more than CANNON-FODDER,   you are now no better than  English men KIDNAPPED out of their town taverns in the early 1800s,  dragged aboard ship... and whipped in to  sailors who could now be FLOGGED TO DEATH for any offense, for merely brushing up against a superior officer...

LYNCH MOB AMERICA:  MARTHA STEWART and Illinois Gov. ROD BLAGOVICY GO TO PRISON for "insider trading" or "trying to cut a deal" -  which (insider trading & cutting bribery & corruption deals)  IS THE LIFE-BLOOD  of  JEWISH FINANCE & FRAUD in America!

THEY MAKE millions (upon BILLIONS $$) from INSIDER TRADING... AMERICANS GO TO PRISON for 1/1,000th as much!

DON'T LIKE the system where JEWS EXTORT BILLIONS (trillions!) of dollars $$ out of America.. and ship it to ISRAEL (or to THEIR 'ISIS' TERRORISTS in IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA, & etc.)  or pay each-other kickbacks, bribes, and INSIDER TRADING 'hot tips'??

WELL.. that means YOU are an "AMERICAN EXTREMIST!" aka "TERRORIST!"


after which (once you arrive in the "U.S."  Jew-Nazi prison gulag) YOU CAN BE TORTURED AND EXPERIMENTED ON, per Herr Wolfowitz's  "TORTURE & EXPERIMENT ON PRISONERS" decree !!

SLAVES don't get paid VACATIONS!  PIMPS the EVIL  jew elites at TIME magazine, wholly owned by Time/WARNER corporation, an entirely Jewish owned mega Zio-Nazi propaganda empire.

JEWS FLOCKED to America SEEKING THE FREEDOMS and OPPORTUNITIES that America offered... now that they are here, and now that they have partaken of those freedoms & opportunities and have risen to the top of American culture, financial control, and political domination....they want to REVERT to the stinking  BRONZE AGE genocidal tribal supremacy agenda that they hate & despise in everyone else!    ON YOUR KNEES, AMERIKAN SLAVES!
YOU DON'T GET NO VACATIONS under your JEW-NAZI OVERLORDS... you are lucky to get your next meal!
(And it is probably laced with Jew-Nazi owned MONSANTO  GMO inserted pesticides & herbicides,  i.e. POISONS!)

SLAVES don't get paid vacations... the JEWISH AGENDA is one of
ENSLAVEMENT of  EVERYONE to the Jewish (Judeo) elites..
including lower-class Jews!  And, like all other elites, the
Judeo elites don't like each other too much, either, except when they are mutually useful (in robbing the "goyim")
- see Queen Elizabeth 1 chopping off the heads of her own cousins,  or her father chopping off the heads of dozens of aristocrats and elites in proximity to his crown, (not including two of his wives)
The "modern" democratic, Protestant Reformation Enlightenment rational, logical & humanitarian
RESTRAINTS on this ancient & evil agenda - the PERPETUAL WAR of elites to maintain absolute domination of all those around them (which DEGENERATES in to factional civil-war among the elites, i.e. the Cain & Abel syndrome)
have ALL BEEN SUBVERTED, seduced, degenerated, undermined, and abolished
BY INSIDIOUS Zio-Nazi, genocidal Judeo Supremacy...
just as the bible tells us  that SAMSON MURDERED FORTY MEN to STEAL THEIR CLOAKS to make good on his wedding gambling debt with his brothers-in-law,  and just as G-O-D WIPED OUT THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE save for Noah and his sons & their wives - SO TOO the  evil, insane JUDEO ELITES  SEE IT AS THEIR DUTY to
LAUNCH PERPETUAL WARS to assure, ensure, & perpetuate their momentary primacy, their ascendency to global supremacy in the nuclear armed US of A   from the stolen election of 2000 to 2016...

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