Here's what's new in iOS gaming this week!

Every Thursday I go on a quest to find all the the notable new games released on the App Store release over the week, but instead of taking all the gold and experience for myself, I pass my knowledge onto you! Whether you're looking for new games, games on-sale, or wondering if your favorite game got a big update, I'll break down all the notable iOS gaming news for you!

New games of the week

Need something new and shiny? Every week tons of games hit the App Store and I keep track so you don't have to; here's the notable releases for this week.

Stangehand: A reverse platformer

From the same developers that brought you the hit game The Incident, comes an interesting twist on the platformer genre. In Stagehand, you control the platforms and the hero, and you'll have to try and safely guide him across the terrain. Plus, the game rewards you for dying! Each time you die the game will give you a animated GIF of your death that you can share with your friends! It even includes a funny 140 character obituary, perfect for Twitter!

Our very own Serenity Caldwell has been enjoying her time with the game:

"It's gorgeous. It's funny. And it will drive you crazy as you try to figure out how to beat your friends."

$1.99 - Download Now

Lords of the Fallen

Need a tough RPG to fill your time? Lords of the Fallen has made it's way to the mobile gaming world. With three unique combat styles, plenty of different weapons, and various powerful spells, Lords of the Fallen offers an intense and difficult one-on-one battle system. Customize your hero into the ultimate fighting machine as you fight your way through this beautiful gothic adventure.

$9.99 - Download Now

Malevolent Machines

What happens when an eccentric creator loses control of her machines, they destroy her lab and attack the city of course. Dr Leyla Green has accidentally released her Malevolent Machines into the world and she is the only one who can stop them.

This steampunk inspired endless shooter swaps between side-scrolling auto-running action and fighting with a large array of cool and futuristic weapons. Lasers, typhoon missiles, and a blaster cannon are just some of the weapons you'll need to use to stop her deadly creations.

$1.99 - Download Now

RPS Saga

A new twist on one of the oldest games ever created, RPS Saga takes the simple mechanics of Rock, Paper, Scissors and turns it into a simple and strategic RPG.

Command 10 different playable characters — all with unique abilities — across more than 50 stages during the campaign mode. Plus, there are two other modes, Survival and Charge mode, providing hours of entertainment!

Level up to acquire various skills and items to help you defeat your enemies as you travel across a beautiful pixel art landscape; Rock, Paper, Scissors has never been cooler!

$0.99 - Download Now

Games on sale this week

Good things come to those who wait! Every week games go on sale and you can take advantage of great savings. Here's the notable sales of this week.

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes

Play as your favorite DC comics Super Heroes and defend Gotham from the most terrible villains in Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes.
The game features 80 playable characters (some only available through in-app purchase) each with the capability of testing out new power suits and abilites to stop Lex Luthor and The Joker in their tracks!
You can even switch between "Classic" and "Touch Screen" controls, allowing you to play the way that fits your play-style best.

$0.99 - Download Now

Mystery of Fortune 2

This strategy RPG is reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. You'll battle waves of enemies on a square grid battlefield, but all the battle is simulated! You need to set your units position and give them a strategy all before the battle begins, and then you can only watch as the hack and slash their way to victory, or get pummelled by the baddies.

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Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is an auto-runner that combines fast-paced running action with a bright colorful visual style.

You'll need to run and jump through the complicated levels all while making sure you never touch a platform that's a different color than you are, meaning you have to switch colors fast!

With multiple different jumps you can perform — like "double jump" and "head jump" — the gameplay mechanics stay fresh and will make you think fast to make it through the challenging levels.

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Updates of the week

This week I haven't found any notable updates for popular games, but there is an event running right now and I thought I'd give you the deets

Pokémon Go Valentine's Day Event: From now until February 15th, you'll earn more candy, increase your chances of catching pink Pokémon — such as Clefable, Jigglypuff, and Chancey — and lures on Pokéstop will last six hours. Plus, eggs will have a better chance of hatching Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum, so it's the perfect time to take a walk and hatch some new Pokémon.

iMore's very own Pokémon Master Rene Ritchie can tell you everything you need to do to take full advantage of the event!

If for some reason you haven't got caught up in the Pokémon Go phenomenon, now is your chance to hit the ground running.

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Luke's game of the week.

There are so many games in the App Store and I'm on a quest to play them all, which means I'm always playing a different game each week. Whether it's brand new or a classic game I'll let you know what has my attention!

Fire Emblem Heroes

Free - Download Now

As a turn-based strategy RPG, Fire Emblem has long been regarded as one of the best game series to using the tactics style of gameplay, and Fire Emblem Heroes is no different.

Fire Emblem Heroes is visually breathtaking. The Japanese anime art style has been a staple in Fire Emblem games since the beginning, and Nintendo spared no expense in bringing that classic look to your phone. The animations during battle are fluid and stunning, and each unit attacks slightly differently making every battle visually entertaining from beginning to end.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a stellar game through and through. Whether you're a fan of the long-running series or a complete newcomer, Nintendo has beautifully designed a game that keeps both groups happy.

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Other games you saw this week?

Did I miss anything? Anything you're particularly excited about this week? Let me know in the comments!

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