The lady who got down to the last few for the coveted role of Sarah Connor in TERMINATOR reboot TERMINATOR: GENESIS Tatiana Maslany is close to signing on to star in war drama THE WOMAN IN GOLD. Tatiana Maslany may not be the easiest of names to commit to memory however given the strength of her performance in TV’s Orphan Black I would urge you to make the effort.

Her role in the show which is about clones she’s the new actress take on several different characters. Each is from a different part of the world meaning that not only does she have to try and appear different but also sound different. If you haven’t started watching the show yet, the second series has only just started on BBC Three so if you’re quick you can catch up. Industry people have taken notice and Maslany has found herself in high demand.

One feature that she is said to be close to signing is THE WOMAN IN GOLD, a story based on the real-life events of one woman’s crusade to re-acquire her long-lost family heirlooms from the Austrian government. Helen Mirren will play the leading lady with Maslany wanted as the younger incarnation of the role that will be seen in flashbacks. Ryan Reynolds is also onboard, playing the attorney who helps Mirren’s feisty female reclaim her Nazi stolen property.

The film will be directed by Simon Curtis whose previous work includes MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, with filming likely to start at the end of the month

Source: THR

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