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Bluegrass Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cannot send MMS

Problem: I purchased what is supposed to be an unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 4 last week and added it to my local carrier’s “Bring your own phone” plan (Bluegrass Cellular). Everything is setup and seems to be working with the exception of the ability to send pictures or voice via text.  From my research it may be related to the APN settings.

Question 1: Is it likely that the APN settings are indeed the issue?

Question 2: I pulled up the APN settings on the Note 4 and everything is greyed out. If I did have the correct APN settings I’m not sure I know how to get them entered into the phone. Thank you. — Marc

Troubleshooting: Hi Marc. If you are unable to edit the current APN settings or add a new one, you must contact your local carrier to get assistance from them. The MMS feature is set by a service provider during account provisioning. You must seek their advice if there are other settings you must go into, or if MMS feature is enabled in their system. The only thing that limits you from sending MMS right now is the restriction in your APN settings. Get this done and you can start sending MMS right away.


Sandisk 64GB SD Card issue when inserted to Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hi Harold. Been following you for a while now.  And here is a real issue I am having with our Samsung Note 4. Yes, I have two, wife has the white and I have the black. Both AT&T, not rooted, all standard stuff.

We first notice the SD Card problem when the wife upgrade from Note 2 to Note 4, having the Sandisk 64GB SD Card she had in the Note 2 working without any issues.

Ever since she put the Sandisk 64GB SD Card in her Note 4, my nightmare started.

The Note 4 will consistently receive “SD card removed” messages randomly. Especially annoying when and after click to take a picture and the message shows up without storing the picture that were just taken. Then the Note 4 will display “preparing the SD card” and that takes about 20-45 seconds, don’t know why it takes various time to “prep” the card.  Then we have to re-take the picture again, if that was all possible.

There is no consistency. It might show up any time, in any app that access the SD card. Sometimes it does not happen.

We search on the net and did every trick there are, but, not limited to:

(1) format the SD card on the Note 4; according to different conditions below.

(2) Install the physical SD Card into its slot before put in the battery/ after put in the battery

(3) Test the SD Card on the PC using software test. no error.

(4) Format and copy/delete files on the SD card on the PC, small files, large file (10GB+) no problems.

(5) put the SD Card in other gadgets like DSLR camera, Epson Picture Viewer, Other Smartphone HTC M8. All no problem.

(6) Put it in my Note 4 which I got 3 months after wife’s Note 4, hope it is a different batch. Same problem. Random SD card removal and then prepping SD card.

As it appears the Sandisk SD card work with every other gadgets we have tried, include notebook and PC, but, when place it in the Note 4, we have this inconsistent/random problem.

Then I bought a Samsung 64GB SD Card. Boom, no problems. It has been 3 months and we only see on 2 occasions of SD card removed then prepping.  And lately it has not had any issues.

Of course the Sandisk SD card end up in my Note 4.  And still has the random removal and prepping issues.

I notice this issue is on many forums without solution, and Samsung does not reply to any of my mails.

I threaten to return the phone to AT&T, and in their show room, every new Note 4 they tried on site has the same problem as soon as we tried the Sandisk SD Card. I have 3 different Sandisk SD card, all have problems in the Note 4. But, no problem what so ever with other gadgets.

PLEASE HELP! Sincerely. — Tony

Troubleshooting: Hi Tony. There had been some little changes in logistics in TheDroidGuy and I’m taking over temporarily to attend to Harold’s tasks. Your email appears time sensitive and we apologize if this post is no longer relevant for you at this time. Anyhow, we deem it useful to publish the problem for the benefit of other readers who may encounter this problem in the future. We appreciate the effort of sending us a detailed description of the problem as well as of your attempted solutions.

An important note about micro SD cards is the fact that they become slower as time goes by. The speed of a card’s deterioration does not have a regular pattern because it all depends on how it is being used. For an average user, the deterioration can happen over a few years before there’s a noticeable impact on performance. This means that the more you use the card, the slower it gets and the higher the chances of it giving you problems in the future.

Google knows this so starting with Android 4.4 and later versions, third party applications were significantly restricted from modifying storage files on micro SD cards. Apparently, even this restriction did not eliminate micro SD card problems like the one that you have.

We think that the Sandisk card that you have may an inherent defect that was triggered when it was inserted to your wife’s Note 4. We tried to contact Sandisk support asking them to shed light on the matter but even their customer service team cannot give a specific answer for your issue. They do acknowledge that some of their micro SD cards do have some issues when used with other devices. If you want to contact them, we recommend that you provide these details so you can also demand for a replacement SD card:

Your contact number.

The Product code (Alpha Numeric Code ) which is on the back of the card.

Your complete physical address (No P.O. Box).

Place of Purchase.

Exact or approximate Date of Purchase in the format of MM/DD/YYYY.

Any important data on the product?

Just visit this link for options on how to contact Sandisk customer support.


Mobile data is disabled while Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is on a conference call

Problem:  Hi. Recently, I noticed that while on a phone call that data is disabled. This makes it impossible to multi-task and research while in a conference call. What happened to cause this problem? This is not the case with Wi-Fi. There was recently a firmware update, but I believe this may have been occurring before. Thanks for any advice or solutions to this problem you may have. Gratefully. — Berry

Troubleshooting: Hi Berry. This problem is caused by your service provider network’s limitation rather than your phone’s features. Please double check with your carrier how to go about the problem.


Samsung Galaxy S5 restarts everytime the battery gets warm or if Wi-Fi is turned on

Problem: Hi Droid Guy. I’ve been having some problems with my Galaxy Note 4. It has been randomly restarting but it only happens when my Wi-Fi is turned on. It’s weird though because it doesn’t happen all the time. It works fine when my phone is pretty cool but when it starts to warm up even slightly it freezes. Sometimes it will respond and then my Wi-Fi gets automatically turned off. Other times it will just restart itself. I’ve tried doing a factory reset to no success. I would really appreciate some help. — Parker

Troubleshooting: Hi Parker. Have you considered the possibility that your phone may be overheating? If you notice that the device gets uncomfortably hot, that’s a good indication that the phone is about to shut itself down because it is overheating. Now, overheating is not a problem in itself. It’s just one of the signs that something is wrong with the hardware. The most common reason why a phone gets warm is due to the central processing unit going beyond its heat threshold. Most smartphones and electronic devices have a certain heat tolerance, built-in to protect itself from heat damage.

Sometimes, malware or other third party apps can keep running demanding more CPU resources. If this situation goes for an extended period of time, the CPU may reach its heat threshold, tripping the switch that will automatically shut the phone off.

You can boot the phone in Safe mode to see how the phone behaves if no third party apps are running. If you cannot replicate the issue while in safe mode, that means one of your third party applications is the problem. You need to uninstall each app starting from the most recently installed. Make sure to observe if the problem persists after removing an app so you can isolate which app is causing the issue.

If you cannot isolate the real cause of overheating via Safe mode, you must bring your phone to local shop to have it checked or you can call your service provider or the retailer where you bought the phone from to get a replacement.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fails to send SMS and MMS showing “Send fail notice”

Problem: Hi. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have an extremely hard time sending any kind of message, whether it be a simple text or an MMS. The circle in the lower corner of the message will continue to spin for up to a minute.  Then get a message “Send fail notice”. Sometimes the recipient does not receive the message at all and sometimes they receive it 80 times! Even when I have only attempted to send the message once. I am beyond frustrated. I have tried the texting system that came with the phone and also a texting app. Both have had the same issues. I have read some of your posts, but have not found a solution to this problem yet.  I am in the 49849 area if that helps. Thank you so much! — Jill

Troubleshooting: Hi Jill. This problem can best be resolved by your service provider. An issue like this happens when there’s network problems like congestion or latency, causing the messages to become stuck in your network’s system for longer than usual.

Try to ask friends in your area if they are experiencing the same problem so you can let your service provider know of a possible emerging problem.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 music app showing incorrect name of songs

Problem: Hi Xavier here! I recently updated my Samsung Note 4 to the latest version of Lollipop. Upon completion, I noticed that the name of certain songs weren’t shown correctly at the music player. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter and I look forward to your favorable reply. Attached are screenshots of the mentioned problem. Thank you! — Xavier

Troubleshooting: Hi Xavier. We noticed this problem before when a reader reported it but it was because the original name of the song was written in non-English characters (Korean). The music player had a hard time translating the name of the songs resulting to gibberish special characters when played. Try to delete the cache of your music app and see how it goes.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 showing “severe failure-modem” and a yellow triangle

Problem: I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 4. and receive this error. The phone can either have the screen off and will suddenly turn on or reboot with a black screen and says “severe failure – modem” in small letters at the top of the screen then a yellow triangle. Then it says phone didn’t start correctly. Connect phone to computer and run Verizon repair software. I tried that, tried a factory reset but neither work. I checked the internet but can’t find a solution. I would appreciate any help. — Er65nsunny

Troubleshooting: Hi Er65nsunny. Frankly, this is the first time that we encounter the error. Our blog only deals with software issues so please have this phone checked in your local shop or by Samsung. It appears that the problem is hardware in nature. If a factory reset did not eliminate the error, that’s a strong indication that you need professional help to fix your phone.

Alternatively, you can also call your service provider and seek assistance.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 slow internet connection when connected to home Wi-Fi

Problem: Good Evening. My name is Ava and I just recently purchased a Note 4. It works perfectly fine except when I am connected to the Wi-Fi at my house. I have Comcast Internet and everything else (like my laptop, PlayStation even another cell phone) work just fine and super-fast when connected to the Wi-Fi but my Note 4 drags when I’m connected to the Wi-Fi but only at my house. When I’m out at a public place an connect to the Wi-Fi it works great. I even tried connecting to my friend’s Wi-Fi at her house and it worked fine but for some reason when I’m home an connect to the Wi-Fi it takes about 5 minutes to load any app or Web page. I switched my Comcast modem and had the service checked and they say everything is running perfect. I am lost as to what to do next. Thanks for your time. — Ava

Troubleshooting: Hi Ava. Good thing you tried connecting your phone to your friend’s Wi-Fi network. That only confirms that the problem is isolated to your phone only. An issue like this can be resolved by following these solutions:

Boot up the phone in Safe Mode. Third party apps or malware can cause intermittent connection issues. Kindly follow this link from our tutorial page so you’ll know how to power on your phone is safe mode. Once in diagnostic mode, try to connect to your Wi-Fi again and observe how the phone connects. If the problem is gone while in safe mode, you must start removing your apps one by one, making sure to check if the problem remains after each uninstall.

Clear the phone’s system cache. If apps appear to have trouble loading most of the time, that can signal that the phone is using corrupt cache to  try to open them. Deleting the phone cache partition will resolve this issue.

Perform a factory reset. A standard solution of any software issue, a master reset or factory reset is the last thing that a user should do. Because it will delete your all data like files, photos, videos, etc, make sure to create a copy of them before you proceed. Just follow this link on how to do a factory reset.


How does Safe Mode for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 works?

Problem: I have a Galaxy Note 4 and my question is how do you fix or run apps once in Safe Mode? And how can you tell what app is causing the problem? I get in safe mode and that’s all I can do. I’m not smart with smart phones. Hope you can help and look forward to read what you have to say. Thanks. — Milan

Troubleshooting: Hi Milan. We discussed how Safe mode should be used as a possible solution for a software issue above (Parker’s problem).


Low data signal for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | Gallery app keeps on crashing on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 | Changing the settings of Notification Toggle in Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Problem: Hi there. I’ve been a fan of your app, Drippler, virtually since the time I bought my first (true) smart phone, my Samsung S3. I’ve since bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and love it, but have had a few issues and thought I’d drop you an email to see if you may be able to help.

Something that I’ve noticed since buying the phone is that at times, just randomly, the cellular reception signal will drop out completely. I think this must happen at some point every day but I would notice it probably a few times a week when I’m actually looking at the screen and it occurs. Very odd – I go from having several bars to just nothing, and then within 1-2 minutes generally it comes back.

I have also noticed that the default Gallery app is very temperamental and if not only slow, will crash regularly, just about every time I use it. I started using QuickPic and like it, but the frustrating thing with that app is that it doesn’t allow me to delete files that have gone straight to the external SD card for storage.

A couple of things that I have noticed since the Lollipop upgrade a week or so ago is that the default messaging (texting) app, amongst other apps, has changed appearance – is it possible to change the ugly orange/yellow banner at the top to a different color? It seems I can only change the backgrounds in the text messages, but not the banner. Anyway that one is a minor problem.

The more frustrating one is that I use Notification Toggle to have quick access to my Torch, alarm clock, etc by swiping down and having those icons available there below the default Wi-Fi/data/GPS toggle buttons. When in lock screen mode, frustratingly, the icons for the notification toggle are always there. Is there any way of removing this?

EDIT: I have just figured out the solution to the above issue – I couldn’t do this through the Notes settings, but in notification toggle settings under preferences and then status bar the notification priority needs to be set to a lower level. It was on ‘5’ by default, I have now changed it to ‘1’ and it has now disappeared from my lock screen but remains in place out of lock screen when I swipe down. I’m leaving this here for your interest because I know users in general have been having issues since this latest upgrade by Android.

Many thanks in advance for any fix(es) that you may have for me and for your patience in reading this email! Cheers. — David

Troubleshooting: Hi David. Thank you for such a detailed description of your concerns. We will answer each one of them below.

Low to no signal reception. The fluctuation in signal strength in your phone may either be due: to your service provider’s coverage in your area, or a malfunctioning mobile data radio (hardware) on your phone. If you have other phones using the same service provider as your Note 4, consider having your phone replaced as you may have a defective hardware. You also want to contact your service provider to verifiy if they have network problems that may be linked to your signal strength concern.

Gallery app crashes. You want to clear the cache of your Gallery app. You can also delete the data of this app to ensure that it runs the stock (clean version). Make sure to back up whatever files you have in your Gallery app before deleting its data.

How to change the color of apps banner in the notification bar. Unfortunately, this is just how Lollipop was designed by Google so may have to live with these banner colors until a major update to Android comes along.

We appreciate your sharing of the solution on how to change the settings in the Notification Toggle. Other users can certainly use this as a reference in the future. Keep up the good work!

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