I love my iPhone and I personally have numerous mobile apps that support me in my active lifestyle.

Here’s a list of favorite mobile apps and games for each of the 4 Energy Types, recommended by people of all 4 Energy Types on Live Your Truth team!

Mobile apps for your Energy Type

As a TYPE 3SM woman, I have several fitness and exercise apps. My current favorite is Lolo 7—it’s the best 7-minute workout!

I’m grateful to our awesome team here at Live Your Truth for contributing to this list. I even learned of several new mobile apps from their suggestions!

Mobile apps like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Maps, Weather, and list-making apps like Evernote seemed to be pretty popular across the board. But of course, not everyone has a smart phone these days and not everyone downloads apps on their phone. For those of you who do, I’m curious if you have any of these.

I also want you to add to this list! Share your favorites below. What mobile apps do you enjoy most? And are they true to your Energy Type?

Favorite TYPE 1 Mobile Apps

The TYPE 1SM recommendations were all about fun games and creative apps for happiness!

Balloon Popper – mindless fun, great for distracting TYPE 1 children!

Compass and Maps – know where you’re going

Games: Moonlight Mahjong,  Scrabble and Candy Crush Saga – popular with those who express primary or secondary TYPE 1 Energy

Happier – record your happy moments during the day!

PIP camera – takes fun and creative snapshots

Favorite TYPE 2 Mobile Apps

The TYPE 2SM recommendations leaned towards reading, planning and slower paced game apps.

Personal budgeting: EEBA – an online envelope budgeting system, and YNAB, another app. 

Food Network – for meal planning

Reading & Radio apps: iBooks, Kindle, Audiobooks, and Public Radio – to listen to favorite talk shows with detailed conversations

Slower paced games: Words with Friends and Crossword puzzle app.

Wunderlist – to plan and organize your life

Favorite TYPE 3 Mobile Apps

The TYPE 3SM mobile app recommendations are practical, athletic and movement-oriented.

DailyBurn – fitness app

Lolo 7 – 7 minute intensity workout (see more lolofit apps here)

Shopping List apps – check things off your list at the store

theScore – a sports news app (my TYPE 3 son-in-law Tanner’s favorite!)

Yelp – a quick at-a-glance way to see what’s close by

Favorite TYPE 4 Mobile Apps

The TYPE 4SM recommendations focused on artistic apps, apps to stay on track and organized. Game apps were more intellectual puzzle games.

Games & Puzzles: Tetris, Trainyard

Journal: Day One, a simple journal app to keep track of your day

Organization apps – Reeder (to organize blogs you read), Calendars and budget apps

Photography & Art: Polaroid and Museum of Modern Art

Workout and health apps – to stay on track with your goals

What would you add to the list? Share your favorite smart phone apps or games with us in the comments below. And if you don’t have a smart phone, that’s OK!

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