Famous love stories are those heart-touching tales of true love that can come from a point way back in time or as recent as last decade. While there are so many of them, we set our goal on sieving through all of them and retaining the top 15 famous love stories (our favourites!). We have stuck to real life ones so that they are more relatable. So let’s begin with your dose of inspiration with a list of 15 famous love stories.

Love Stories Of The Present

Let’s begin with what is fresh and new.

1. Barack Obama And Michelle Obama

Until or unless you are cut-off from the world, you will definitely be knowing that the POTUS* and FLOTUS* have been madly in love with each for 27 years. They first met at a law firm in 1989, and coincidentally did their law course from Harvard but had never met. Their love has stood the test of time, and persevered in spite of the pressure of being under spotlight all the time. They are indeed the textbook example for a successful marriage.

* POTUS – President of The United States

* FLOTUS – First Lady of The United States

“Obviously I noticed she was cute, yes.” —President Obama on meeting First Lady @MichelleObama

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) March 7, 2014

2. Victoria Beckham And David Beckham

Here is a celebrity couple that has proved that every famous wedding does not always end up with an expensive divorce lawsuit. It is a mushy love story of the British pop music princess and the king of modern football. The two first met at a charity football match and shared their first kiss at a car park of a restaurant. They have been together for 20 years, and their bond has been strong just like it was on day one.

So excited to be celebrating David’s birthday x #DB40 x vb ?￰゚ホノ?¬ンᄂ️✈️ x vb pic.twitter.com/58e26bFn9a

— Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) May 1, 2015

3. Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan

This is another famous love story that proves that even celebrities have hearts. Shah Rukh and Gauri met at party in New Delhi and soon started dating each other. In spite of commanding a thriving female fan following, King Khan remained loyal towards one lady and made her the queen of his heart in 1991. They have been happily together since then with a flourishing family life.

Thx for all ur wishes. Bt Thx is due to Gauri,for 32 yrs or Patience Perseverance Forgiveness lov & 3 beautiful kids pic.twitter.com/Kk6qoCKg5P

— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) October 25, 2015

4. Narayana Murthy And Sudha Murthy

This is the first couple of India’s tech industry, and are famously known to have supported each other even during trying and testing times. The founder of Infosys met his lady love way back in 1970s and spared no time in letting out his feelings. They have been together for over three decades and are a classic example of the poetic point that love grows stronger with time.

5. Sachin Tendulkar And Anjali

It is a famous love story of a cricketer being wooed by the girl next door. Anjali first saw Sachin at an airport and was bowled over by his super cute looks. In spite of the fact that Sachin was five years younger to her, they got married in the year 1995, and rest is history. Here is the tweet of the couple chilling out in London.

Friends are forever – with @Amit_Bhatia99 and Vanisha, enjoyed the @NeilDiamond show! pic.twitter.com/aTqZBscUtY

— sachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) July 16, 2015

6. Prince William And Kate Middleton

Now here is a famous love story fit to be a fairy tale. A simple average girl is wooed by a prince and goes on to become the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William first saw Kate at a fashion show and was stunned by her simple yet pretty looks. William wasted no time in getting more details about that runway model, and soon there were images of him with Kate all across the British tabloids. It can be considered one of the famous romances of the 21st century.

7. Jyothika And Suriya

The shy Suriya met the vivacious Jyothika on the set of his fifth film but it was only after two years that they became an item. In spite of their cultural differences, they tied the knot in the year 2006. In spite of not knowing Tamil earlier, Jyothika now speaks fluent Tamil, which actually is a great indicator of the couple’s deep bond.

@ USA Last week!

A photo posted by Suriya Sivakumar (@surya.sivakumar) on
May 19, 2016 at 6:38am PDT

8. Riteish Deshmukh And Genelia D’Souza

The Konkan beauty met her Marathi beau at the airport, and initially had no intentions of even being friends with him since she assumed him to be arrogant as he was a politician’s son. But soon after their first movie, their love took off, and to their surprise they realised that they were having a hard time living away from each other. The couple got married in 2012 and now are blessed with two sons.

With my Valentine – hope you guys are having a great day –#HappyValentinesDay pic.twitter.com/WpbQqyPUtk

— Riteish Deshmukh (@Riteishd) February 14, 2016

Famous Love Stories From The Past

9. Cleopatra And Mark Antony

Okay, let’s start with a classic. Surely this one has to be THE most famous love story of all times. After all, it inspired none other than the legendary William Shakespeare to write a play of the same name. This famous love story is a tale of a powerful woman seducing an equally powerful man only to realise she has fallen in love with him. So much that she ends her life just on hearing the false news of his death. Tragic love tale that captures our imagination even after 2000 years!

10. Napoléon Bonaparte And Joséphine de Beauharnais

This is the famous love story of Napoléon Bonaparte, the French military ruler, and Joséphine de Beauharnais, a widow who was older to him by six years and had two children from a previous marriage. Although their marriage went sour right after they got married and eventually Napoleon divorced Josephine, but she remained the true love of Napoleon till his last breath.

“France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine.”

– Napoléon Bonaparte’s last words

11. Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal

Guess this is one famous love story which every Indian knows. It is that poignant tale of love that gave the world a wonder called Taj Mahal. When Shah Jahan’s third and most favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal passed away during childbirth, Shah Jahan was so shattered that he decided to make a mausoleum that the world would see and take notice of.

12. Prithviraj Chauhan And Samyukta

Most of us in India are familiar with this one thanks to the number of shows made on this real life story. Samyukta was the daughter of Jaichand, the King of Kannauj, who was very much fascinated by Prithviraj Chauhan’s persona (the King of Ajmer and Delhi). Her father did not approve of this and the pair later eloped. When Prithviraj was captured by an invader king, Samyukta performed Jauhar and killed herself, proving that she always belonged to her soulmate.

13. Bajirao And Mastani

This famous love story has been made more famous thanks to the popular Bollywood film Bajirao Mastani. Peshwa Baji Rao was a powerful and famous military general of the Maratha empire. Mastani was the daughter of a Hindu King who had a Persian wife. It is said that Bajirao was so in love with Mastani that he turned a deaf ear to the opposition of his family.

14. Razia Sultan And Yakut Jamaluddin

Here is another historical love story that was made famous by a Bollywood film. Razia Sultan was the pre-eminent woman ruler of Delhi in the 13th century AD. She was a multi-talented ruler who was adept at being a warrior as she was in being a just and sensible ruler. The young Queen’s heart fell for her African slave Yakut Jamaluddin, which shocked the nobles of her court as well the people of her kingdom. Yakut was eventually killed by one Prince Altuniya, but their love story was etched in history and the story of the couple who broke all social shackles to fall in love with each other became popular in the later years.

15. Pierre And Marie Curie

This is the famous couple from the world of science that we all have heard and read about. It was their love for science that brought them close to each other, and marked the beginning of a relationship that lasted a lifetime. The couple is known as much for their lasting love as much they are known for their joint efforts in the field of radioactive substances.

Those were the famous love stories that remind us that love can last forever as long it is true. In case we missed some, do share them with us.

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